“Melancholia” by Lars von Trier

(Note May 04 2012: I am taking the plunge and starting a New SemiOfficial Blog so I’m going back finding my TwitlLongers and Back-Dating Them to use as blog posts since those things are rather proto-posts, if You will.)

#LarsVonTrier #Melancholia Trying @TwitLonger here for brief commentary. I don’t always pay $9.25 for a movie ticket, but when I do, it’s for a new LVT. How many chars left. 140,000. Finalish Grade: A-. Not the biggest pebble in the shoe he’s created, not much new ground other than the main element of the plot, ie, the planet melancholia and its “dance of death” with earth. Typical VonTrierian Dramatis Personae of Crazy Women, Cowardly Men, dysfunctional relationships. Will make Fanboys like me immediately gleeful right from the introduction. Beautiful use of Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde.” Grandiosity of Kubrick, beauty and depth of Tarkovsky, angst and doubt and Scandness of Bergman, it’s all good. Not a huge leap from “Antichrist” really. LVT regulars like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard, John Hurt, Udo Kier. Gainsbourg is the tender, emo, waifish Bjork type, K. Dunst the passionate younger sister. You might argue it’s heavy-handed the “metaphor” connection Dunst’s spells of psychotic melancholy and the planet threatening earth, but that’s LVT, that’s no surprise. If you like LVT you will like it, if you don’t, you won’t; certainly not his greatest, but not his worst either, only in “the element of crime” did I ever dislike the torture he subjected the audience to, because that one was boring as hell. It is def very VT-ey all the way through. Better than “Antichrist”? Prob on par with. Not as icky ew. Better than “Dogville?” Absolutely not. Plus I felt the ending was a LITTLE rushed. We all know the best thing about LVT is his ridiculous LVT Endings, and despite the movie being Long Enough at 130 mins, I wouldn’t have minded 15 mins being redistributed to that very final act. If you find Dunst attractive you will want to see this, wink nudge. I liked how old and haggard she looked in part 2. This Is What Happens To Women When They Turn 30, hahahahahahahaha. LVT Knows the UnPC Reality.

Nonetheless one gets the feeling we’ve seen these characters before. However as a LVT-Worhsipper And an Ultra-Conservative, I always say, If it Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix it. I mean I loved the “new” Burzum album too. I’ll take playing it safe, rather than new for the sake of new, especially when the result is this enjoyable. However, wasn’t “The Boss of it All” a great example of LVT succeeding with something New, namely, A Light Comedy? SORT OF, because LVT’s ALWAYS been hilarious, he still has “comic relief” and a few jokes even in his bleakest movies. Plus he’s a real funny guy. Absolutely he’s a huge narcissist, but it’s okay for men to be narcissists when they’re this awesome. You could even say that all his movies are not about his characters, they’re about HIM and his own insecurities and neuroses. But his insecurities are both Interesting and Meaningful. It was a little disappointed how Dunst, near the beginning of Part 2, bluntly states What Was Basically The Unspoken Theme of “Antichrist”, and more generally, a kind of doubt LVT himself has been wrestling with his entire life. But maybe this bluntness has its purpose, rather than just LVT being A Lazy Writer. But this begs another question, can a Writer be Great and Also Lazy? Sometimes I think Laziness gets a bad rap. Besides, Dunst and Gainsbourg are a nice contrast in terms of their worldview, and also Dunst does exhibit a bit of transformation or redemption. John Hurt is an excellent Creepy Charming Father, Kiefer Sutherland makes his LVT debut as the Scientific Manly Man with a Weak Conscience (see Tom Edison in “Dogville”), Charlotte Rampling as the Cold Bitch Mother, Stellan Skarsgard as The Arrogant Arsehole Powerful Capitalist, etc etc. LVT joked, in classic LVT sense of humour, about how this is his only movie with A Happy Ending. Seriously this guy is hilarious. Go watch “The Boss Of It All” or “The Five Obstructions” if you think I’m lying. Anyway, long story short, I probably only like LVT so much because I first saw “Dancer In The Dark” at the formative age of 19 and got LVT imprinted on me for life. If you didn’t have a similar experience, well then you won’t like LVT and his movies as much, simple as that. Same reason I’m Irrationally Insane over Burzum or Bukowski or My Golden Era of Music was 90s Norwegian Black Metal, you like what you like when you were an Impressionable Adolescent. Doesn’t mean we still can’t be Logical Scientific Rational Men in the other spheres of of Personal and Professional Lives, I’m mainly talking about the Art that we choose to consume for Entertainment. Okay this is 4566 characters long.

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