15 Tweets About Female Promiscuity & Longterm Mate Value Strung Together

Twxperimentation Time. Women are Physically Attracted to Social Dominance & Confident Charisma, Analogously As Men are to Pre-Age-24 Radiant Fertile Female Bodies. For Women,GoodGuyNess(NotEven necess NiceGuyNess!) Is A NONSTARTER.

I Argue: Modern American Women Who Aspire to Respectibility Ought, Once Determining A Man Physically Attractive Due to His Charisma, IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS, begin a concerted process of Evaluating The Just-As-Important-as-charisma-secondary Characteristic of: “Is He A Douchebag? OR A (Phony) NiceGuy(tm); OR A Genuinely GoodGuy(tm).” Sure, Probably Not A NiceGuy(tm)(i.e.,Passive-Aggressive Beta) Because “Niceness” – AND EVEN “Goodness” ! — CANNOT Trump Social Dominance & Charisma in generating Female Attraction. S.D.&C DEMAND A Certain Baseline Of “4sshole”.

HOWEVER: A Guy CAN Be Charismatic AND&& Merely Moderate in his 4ssholeness, being moreso a Genuinely Good Guy (Greg). The key to Separating Wheat From Chaff Is: Wait &Get;to Know the Guy first (10Date Rule) ⫬Chug The Single-Barrel Pump-Action Yogurt Cannon, Considering Women are Biologically, Naturally, Traditionally,and Culturally The SUPPLIERS Of Heterosexual Sex — DESPITE what PC Drones, Mainstream Media, and Feminists Tell You! — So Women Are OBLIGATED to Be Exponentially More Sexually DISCREET Than Men, Who, At Best, After years of Practice, Will Only Get 15% Success Ratio, and for the Average (Beta) Man, more like .01%!

It Is The SAME As If A Man Takes A Second to Evaluate The Real Personality Of The (Hopefully) Attractive Woman He Has A Chance With: He Asks Himself, “Does She Want ME, or Is She Just A Drunk Dirty Sl*t Who Wants D*CK, & Has She Been Known to Do This Type Of Thing Before?

Men, Even With Their Abysmal Average Success Rate (.01%),are Proportionally MORE Likely to Ask This Personality-judgment Question Than Women Are ; i.e., “Is This Attractive Man (who, ironically enough, I Have A 99% Average Success Chance With, not that that is true or means anything /s) Just Going to Pump&Dump;Me,OR Will He Be a bit More Chivalrous?”

TLDR:AdviceForWomen: NEVER Deviate From A 10DateRule, during which time you must Evaluate The Character Of A Charismatic Man … Unless you Want Your Mate Value Permanently Ruined. (That is the TradeOff for having such a high Success %; for being Suppliers of Heterosexual Sex; for being The Choosers.) Stop & actually THINK About It , Like A Man Would, About A Loose Woman Approaching Him. Chr*st, At Least For The Man, A Same-Day-Lay With A Dirty Slut Has Comparatively Negligible Impact On HIS Lifetime Mate Value, (see Sexual Success % Differential – nothing inherently WRONG with it, just Recognize and RESPECT it) he will STILL have a second thought about it, because he chooses to be more Rational, and to pay more attention to Long-Term Consequences of his actions. http://tl.gd/f16dp5 ·

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