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Good Alpha Bullies Must Bully Wimminz Away From Mating With Bad Beta Bullies: SemiTrolly TwitLonger Re “Bullying”

where’s Your source hahhaahahaha. as You know, I sometimes like to stir the pot and shock for the sake of shock, and come to conclusions so extreme they might even cause a wimminz’s rationalization hamster to have a heart attack, and of course sometimes passively-aggressively express My Own Anger throughout my Struggle From Beta To Alpha, and motivate myself to WORK HARDER, hahaha. I think in this case I was angry that day that getting a B- in Computer Programming 2 will delay My Bigboy Career by another 10 years, which will in turn cost at least 1,000 Bangs of 18-year-old girls, hahaha. Just the Stage of Life I’m in, where Banging 18-year-old girls actually competes in priority with Career Goals, but my libido may decrease by age 50 or 60, hahaha. For the most part, my Anger is readily assuaged by 3-A-Day Insanity Workouts, banging a Constantly-Refreshing Harem of 50 18-Year-Old Girls, Working Inhumanly Hard and Tirelessly, enjoying Right-Wing Black Metal, Bullying The Deserving Weak, Helping the Underserving Downtrodden, etc, but if even one element is a bit off kilter, in this case my Homework and the Harem (only temporarily!) being a tiny bit under 50, then something especially offensive might “bubble up” on Twitter, haha.

At any rate, if these “bullies” are indeed Bearding their own Weakness, then they are likely to be bullied to their pathetic demise by a more alpha bully. And, of course, many bullies are not productive to society either, and end up as unrehabilitatable criminals and siring a new generation of little criminial heirs, all an ungodly burden on The Taxpayer to say the absolutely least. Now this is where the sexual selection comes in, where Good Alpha Bullies must Bully Wimminz away from mating with Bad Beta Bullies, hahahahahahaha.

At the end of the day, however, TMOAP has a Soft Beta Spot and believes that both Alpha and Beta qualities have a proper place in the well-rounded individual. But I also concede that there is something vaguely shocking/offensive/annoying about the terms “Alpha” and “Beta” themselves. For me it was my initial emotional reaction along the lines of “things CAN’T BE so black-and-white!” But of course as with many things the truth lies in the middle of two extremes, and we can then accept a world with degrees of alpha and degrees of beta and everything in-between. Although one thing we certainly can be unequivocally black-and-white on is The Slut vs Stud “Double Standard”. Men have to Do WORK to pull Young Tail; Young Women have no comparable mechanism of “pulling” because to “pull” Handsome Men all they have to do is sit there and look young and pretty; and all men can respect one another’s Work in Pulling, and they also prefer Nonpromiscuous Women when opting for Traditional Rels, because Female Promiscuity is essentially a kind of GLUTTONOUS CRAZINESS.

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