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Still doin “quasi-Hulk” for few more posts. CRAM IN MAX INFO 1000 WDS. ADD MAX VALUE 4U!! AlexKurtagic mentions very recent death of Jonathan Bowden, never heard of, appar very powerful orator on New Right in England. Gonna check out some speeches. Like powerful speeches/speakers.

AppleCiderVinegar not helping “perleche”/AngularCheilitis very much, mightBe gettingWorse. May Upgrade To AntiFungalCream EWW. TMI. Haha. CanBe Either Fungal OR Bacterial, haGross. Fungal more common? Vinegar SUX. Now looks DISGUSTING, embarrassing, & more painful. WORSE than pre-vinegar! Will try Listerine (“AntiSEPTIC”), read good review. first try = MUCH less painful stinging than Vineg.

UncleBern yet again making vids faster thanI can watch. Must CatchUp!

Thergothon has ClassicSongs, but not ENOUGH songs, and frustrating production; prefer uberraw prod on “Fhtagn” right now; rub: “Fhtagn” no have “Everlasting.”

Alternative: Checkout “YogSothoth Rising”, huge TRIBUTE album by DoomBands influencedByTherg, incl MournfulCongregation & ASUNDER f John Gossard of WEAKLING, shortlist of Greatest USBlackMetal Bands. RESPECT WEAKLING. IGenEnjoy TributeAlbums to Cult Metal Bands. EspIf Orig Prod left sth 2B desired. Turdathon. SPERGATHON hahaha.

EVOKEN: VERY aware of. Discovered back in THE day (prime time.) Before Therg, after diSEMBOWELMENT. Between “Embrace” and “Quietus”, when Numinas (Krohm) still in band / NJersey. Lost track after Quietus. Later (post-my-prime-time) listened superficially to Antithesis but not Void. Had Moments W Embrace & Quietus but not Antithesis yet. hopeful.

Survival Demands Minimum of ENERGY and WORK. U don’t SUPPLY, U DIE.

IRespect Virtue of HARD WORK, & people who do; but also ENVY & find very hard to do personally.

Dont wanna post too frequently. 1000 word posts M,W,&F, no more. Could EZ write 2000 Wds/DAY.  = queue/stack of drafts pre-done. Hypoth: WATCH THE STACK. Keep THAT DECREASING at Constant Rate.

Might ALWAYS need2 write like Hulk to keep that Rate (of Decrease) NonObsessive & healthy (IE Not Big Magnitude) ha.

wanna keep this at LEAST 60% Men’s Issues, no more than 40% “off-topic.”

Hypoth that bc people change, go thru dev phases, that Female Promiscuity could be GOOD depending on SITUATION; just get it out of system; wild oats; just bc yr promis when young does NOT mean you will be later; re promisc – past behaviour does NOT NECESS predict future behaviour.

My Personal Alt Hypoth / rebuttal: BC of Women’s Uterus, sex inherently riskier for Women than Men; even a brief young wildoats Phase can Permanently Damage A Female’s PAIR-BONDING capacity, leading her not haaaaappy w Beta Provider in 30s, frivolous divorce, divorce theft, broken bankrupt man, disgracefully aging eat pray love cougar. Unhaaaaaaaaapiness aka “problem w no name” comes from HER riding C0ckCarousel too much. HER problem not his. Something’s broken in HER. Broken bc of CAROUSEL.

“WE(They) BROKE UP” = SHE DUMPED HIM. (EUREKA!! Tweetworthy Insight) Not all time, but at LEAST 67% of time. Or More. How does AGE of both man & woman influence?

VERY interested in numbers/statistics to measure/prove SocScience Hypoths, but HATE STUDYING STATS. SO BORING, Doesn’t STICK at ALL. teaching Hard Topics using Titillating EXAMPLES illustrated in COMICS, haha. already have “cartoon guide to physics” etc.

“Broken Man” fallacy almost identical to “gaping wound” fallacy. shaming language. MISCHAR man as “He’s A Broken Man, too emo damaged to make sense.” NOPE. WRONG. LOGIC FAIL.

Don’t Attack The Man! RESPOND Intelligently to the CLAIM!

maybe not laziness VERSUS “depression”; maybe there can be MIX of BOTH, then hard to tell Which is Which. Laziness is SHAMEWORTHY, Depression not necess. But think both go handInHand. Hard to know where/when the Depr AND Lazy person ought stop Shaming himself. But its NOT bad to Shame self for A Moral Shortcoming. Useful, purposeful Shame. Shame’s gotten bad rap by Amoral-Immoral Leftist Self-Esteem Generation Educators! SHAME SL00TS 4LIFE!

Validity & Respectability of SocialSciences, esp LINGUISTICS. Does Ling EXIST ONLY in Bourgest L33test Univs that itd be reliable signifier of A BourgeLeetUniv? IThink Psych is Cr4p bc its a CulturallyMarxist SoftScience, poisonedByLeftists, BUT ILike EvoPsych. &NonMarxistPsych. Also “Catholic Psych”, see RaymondRichmond SanFran. IFind Linguistics very INTERESTING esp qua race/culture/development of language. Proto-Indo-European, families/hierarchy of languages. Norse & German are obv related, but cant remember which CAME FIRST. Or is there Common Ancestor. Connecting Languages to Tribes & Ethnicities & Regions & ProtoStates & Religious Mythologies. Norse vs “German” “mythology”? Wagner’s RingCycle? wth??? but i DO know Slavic myth is more “differentiated” and has gods like CzernoBog and Perun and sth. Need To read Fraziers “GoldenBough” if didn’t have AdultADD haha. But IBelieve LinguisticInfo shouldBe Available to ALL, notJust BourgeLeetUniv DBags.  “Yknow EVERYTHING’S on TEH INTERNET!” True but where/from whom does prospective Ling Student receive FIRST CONTACT?

done w that, no desire toWrite Dissertation haha. NowThink about SEX W (LEGAL) YOUNG GIRLS again!

IEnjoyed Final HOUSE Episode. NoSignif Complaints, WellDone. House: “Pascal’sWager is FACILE!” HousesConscience: “SAYING It’s facile is facile!” 1 thing that sticks. PWager is prettymuch what I’m doing. May indeed be facile, but I don’tThink it’s BAD/IMMORAL. I Can LiveWithIt.

IDon’t USE RapidShare (hehe) But I HEAR it’s SLOW AS SH!T!!!

Very Interesting Burzum Umskpitar Review. Touches on Aging, PersDev, Musical innovation across The Lifespan, Emo Teenagers vs More Secure Adults, re Varg Vikernes & being “fed quasi-theosophic cosmic stuff by his wife.” Not that reviewer KNOWS Mrs V! Im Interested In Vargs Home Life & speculate its influence. Fact:Wife is French & PROB shares some of Varg’s interests in Mythology & Cultures. Compare W A Wife who cannot even 1% comprehend husband’s interests. Altho IBelieve PhysAttract still MORE important, interest-sharing w yr mate MIGHT be Great Perk!

notetaking Style arguably captures “Microblogging” style of Twitter. NEW PARADIGM: Blog&Twitter HYBRID.  VALUE-ADD.

The 35% off-topics also value-add, differentiate. “THE MRA Blog That Also Discusses MetalMusic, Movies, ItsAuthor’s Neuroses in Annoying Notespeak.” $35 Post.

NiallFerguson’s “Civilization” debuting on PBS. both disappointing yet watchable, haha. 9000YdView Develo Political Philosophy in North vs South Americas.

JimParsons “BigBangTheory” Comes Out. CALLED IT so long ago. my gaydar is top of line! Tho pers pref he were GayActing StraightGuy. would make easier for other G.A.S.G.’s like moi 2Pull YoungTail.

My Interpretation of Pascs Wager is Facile & prob FALLACIOUS too haha.

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((Warning: that title has very little to do with THIS post, although I WILL be glorifying Mr. Chapin in future posts, not too surprisingly!)

When Mincing, Hand-Rubbing, Leering French Paedophiles start thinking too obsessively about Little Boys’ B|_|tth0les, they increase their likelihood of getting overly excited, which leads to them licking and smacking their lips excessively. Not too surprising. This Constant Lip-Licking leads to a Nonfatal but Embarrassing Medical Skin Condition called “perleche”, which is French for “Excessive Licking of the Lips Caused by French Paedophiles getting excited over Little Boys’ B|_|tth0les.” In USA we call it “angular cheilitis” and it can unfortunately occur to Straight, Alpha, Non-Boy-Molesting Men such as Your Humbly Narcissistic Narrator.

This has only been happening in the past year of my life or so. I tend to get very chapped lips during the winter which I treat with liberal amts of Chap Stick, sometimes the tingly “Medicated” variety. I assumed that the dry, cracked corners of the mouth were simply how “chappiness” presents in that region of the Lips. Then it persisted after the exit of winter. A little research taught me about the Paedophiles and that it may in fact be caused by a BACTERIA or FUNGUS because either you DROOL while you sleep, or have terrible HYGIENE, or have low Iron, and sh!t starts FESTERING in the corners of your mouth. And here I was making fun of “Cvntfungus” or “Funguscvnt” or what have you, when I have a filthy festering neckbeard no-hygiene MOUTH teeming with FUNGUS. This, like Thinning Head-Hair, is one of the biggest Tests to your Confidence that an Alpha Male can face, but, if endured, will make you a more successful, dividend-reaping Alpha. Separates the Men from the Boys, the Alpha Pv$$y-Pounders from the Omega Virgins.

My diet is not ideal and my Constant Chronic Fatigue leads me to suspect that an Iron Deficiency / Anaemia might be going on; I’ve also heard that B and “B Complex” Vitamins might be similar to Iron in this respect. So I went to Meijer, despite their MISANDRIC COMMERCIAL about “motivating your lazy, useless husband to get off his useless, lazy, loser @55, sleeping like an unemployed, umemployable BUM in the HAMMOCK to actually make himself USEFUL FOR ONCE and do some Yard Work! He’d better shape up because You’re still 39 And Hot & High-Powered and can Get a Younger, Hotter, More Muscular, More Successful, Bigger, Handsomer, Taller, Stronger, Winninger Man!” but since Meijer is Signif Closer than Walmart, and BECAUSE it’s Close and HAS Everything, it’s basically the Only Place I “Shop”, and purchased some QTips, Apple Cider Vinegar, Vaseline, “Extreme Multivitamin”, and B-Complex Vitamins.

And that’s the 417 word story of me Being The Bo55 of an Embarrassing Medical Condition that could have potentially cost a few 18-year-old B4ngs.

I LIKE sitting here and writing narcissistic nonsense. So why didn’t I take my Interest and hone it into a Skill (i.e., something One is GOOD at) and then develop that skill into a Hot Skill, and then make that my Career? This is a perfect example of the type of Navel Gazing which typified the Old Blog and which MUST not Taint the New Blog. Because “majoring” in “journalism” at a “university” would have been only marginally more useful than what I did Major in, and still No Contest to a Good Hard STEM major. And that Journo Programs are more likely to be a huge joke and Permeated By The Left than they are not, and when I was Young, I was unfortunately very susceptible to Leftist Emotion, and not sure I would have Gone My Own Way without my Grateful, LUCKY Discovery of A NonLeftist Male Mentor, and I didn’t discover Bernard Chapin until well after my College Years. And, finally, because the alternative choice to a writing career outside of Journalism, ie, “Creative” Writing, well I could barely muster up the stomach to write the words, without dying of laughter, or Flipping The Table in a Rage. “Creative Writing” ain’t NO kind of Writing, and even LESS of a Life Worth Living!

I’m sure there are Bourgiversity Writing Students out there who do an Independent Study and have a Huge Blog BE their Honours Thesis, and then they coast into a Dream Career Job writing for The Nation or Harpers or Dave Eggers or NYT or CNN or AP or Reuters or wherever Professional Leftist SWPL Careerist Writers Work (With Benefits!). (Yes, I’m aware that the majority of Professional Writers do Freelance Work.) Still, I would rather be a Shop Rat and Work For My Money, and then try to write in my Free Time, non-free-lance. IMHO, making Writing Your Career takes a lot of Integrity out of it, unless you’re one of the Top 1% Writers. You’re MUCH more likely to keep your Integrity AND make a Good Solid Alpha Living being A STEMgineer, so don’t even take the chance – just SHUT DOWN ALL the Humanities and Social Sciences and Journalism and Arts and Poyetry and Non-STEM University Departments, PERIOD. FULL STOP. END OF STORY. FOREVER.

“Sounds like the talk of somebody who just wasn’t GOOD enough to make it as Professional Writer, to cop-out and say they never Wanted to be a ‘sell out pro writer’ anyway!”

Marxist, Feminist Chicoms!

Yes, I enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh, but I don’t think I “mindlessly parrot” his words, even though I do enjoy USING his words, and other “stereotypical tea party / rightist” jargon. Chicoms, Lamestream Media, etc.

How do you measure the WORTH of a Man? A man gets scored 20% for getting Bigboy Benefits (some sort of health care at least) with his Bigboy Job. The Actual 50 hours of Work per week at your Bigboy Job count for the remaining 80%. Therefore, if you’re a OWS Handout-Seeking Socialist Slob who only “works” 30 hours a week at the Coffeehouse with No Health Care Bennies: -20 for no bennies to get 80%, and then 30/50, then times that by 80, and final answer, 48%. You are 48% Of A Real Man. Your opinion counts for 48%, you get 48% of a vote, etc. Note: you DO have to be a 100% Man to Pull Pv$$y that’s at least a 7. The highest a 99% Man could pull is about a 6.9. So the highest a 48% Man could pull is approx 3.44. Do you want to be pulling 3’s and living in your Parents’ Basement the rest of your 48%-Worthwhile Life??! Then go out there and do what your parents and betters did, and get a Bigboy Job, Scumcvnt! Stop WHINING and Start WORKING!

(go to1:29)

Very Important Clarification: Although an unwashed, Lip-Smacking OWS Might Well use the above paragraph as “Satire”, let me clarify my Complex and Nuanced Position that: A Man should NOT be measured solely by his Work or shamed for his Career “deficiencies”, although We MGTOWs and Red Pillers will see this sentiment in The Real World Everyday Everywhere; and though I may share my belief with OWSers, my similarity with them starts and ENDS right there. I mock them as Pathetic, Lazy, Entitled, Spoiled Leftists and Hippies and Communists, and I DO have a SERIOUS appreciation for the Notion of Hard Work. Which I will have to Enlarge later, because this post is now 1169 Words. Have A Nice Day.

Also, this post is worth $30 because I DID do 2 minutes of editing after the initial 1,000-word Dump. Actually lemme bump it up to $35 because although I’ve made at least $90 of Fake Money so far, BUT I would like to expand and increase that revenue stream slowly but constantly. $90 is good, but it’s not good enough.  1234 not bad! 1000 nextime.

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Getting evenseriouser: 1000Wds Succint.  $37ValueForSURE.

No metal, Men’s Rights today – just 1000W, ONE topic.

Don’t go to movies anymore bc they suck; waste of money, car-gas, time, sleep, energy. More costs than benefits of enjoying theatre envt. HAS to be Big Deal. Avengers was. Warranted expenses. Did IMAX 3D for $15 &SMALL pop $4.50. Too pricey but still wouldn’t forgo.


Ideally woulda watched atleast Thor&CapnAmerica beforehand, prob woulda had backstory, didn’t know if was gonna appear in Avengers. Didn’t. ThrewYou rightInto Mix. One big event after other, lots of PlotPivotPoints, escalating oneUpMansShip. InterestingNoticing the BalanceOfPower: Who held power in each scene, whoWould be “Winner” of each individualScene. StringABunchOfTheseScenesTogether and

There’sYourMovie. SeveralPointsIGotOverwhelmed, hadToTakeABreak&PlayThisGame

WhereITriedToMatchTheExactPercentageOfPopInMyCup ToExactPercentageOfTheMovieThatHadElapsed. OkayTheseLongCamelCaseSpacelessWordsLikeIDoOnTwitter

AreREALLYGonnaMessUpTheWordCountMoreThanIThought. IfIMakeEachWordAnEntirePhraseOf9000Words&Characters

ThenOneCouldEssentiallyWrite9000BiblesIn1000WordsOrLess, TotallyDefeatingThePurpose ButThatsOK LetThisBeALearningMoment Hahahahahahahahaha.

RJD, Ruffalo, and Hiddleston were best ACTORS in movie, whereas Thor/Asgardians/Loki seemed to be most important to STORY. wish Hemsworth played his role more charismatically, or that Thor would have meatier part.  situations Whedon places chars into are interesting, even if every scene could be reduced to “simple oneupsmanship and dissing.” Does keep you guessing on what can so and so do in this situation; who would be the strongest Avenger?  depends on situation.  IMHO weakest CHARACTER was actually Cpn America.  went into Avengers w prejudice against Chris Evans BUT he wasn’t as bad as I thought, no complaints really,  just wasn’t Awesome, or really “inhabiting” the role like Top 3 Actors mentioned above. Was constantly questioning “Well who’s REALLY the strongest character of them all? Who’s The Big Bad and the Big Good? What side is Hawkeye or Stellan Skarsgard really ON, given the blue glint of The Tesseract in their eyes?” Still can’t remember exact name of thing haha. Was clear IT was the source of Absolute Power, that Ring of power that can be used for both good and evil theme which I like so much.

Liked Nihilism of Loki and “Freedom itself is pathetic farce” shtick, nice pure evil villain. Loki was not afraid of the Avengers, liked his boldness. But he WAS afraid of Tesseract. Movie was like Mystery, was asking questions afterwards for 3 hours after ending. Made actually watching movie kind of frustrating, bc it felt shaggydoglike, just adding more&more fuel and threads, so climax actually felt bit rushed! coulda easily ADDED 30 mins to that act, not something I usually say! Buildup to climax (ie ALL of movie prior to) seemed shorter than it was. MAYBE woulda liked more than TWO-ACT structure. wanted 3 at least, haha. Not dealbreaker though. Like caveman HULK STYLE REVIEW DONTCHYA. NOT BAD UH. FUN W WRITING HONING. 430 WORDS. WRITE LIKE THIS ALL TIME! HULK SMRTEST BESTEST WRITER!

JRenner & Johansson Not bad, not great. Sufficient. Again shoulda got backstory on Tisserands Mind-enslaving power. my bad. &who was evil guy on moonlike night planet that Loki consulted? Loki’s “boss”, Loki’s “Client”, or “partner”? Powerfuller?  That’s on me, not Whedon bc didnt see Thor. But THAT GUY was effectively evil, woulda liked to see more. Maybe he was boss of “Alien Army.”

First signif exposure to Dark Knight Rises preview. Like superdark tone, espec impressed w Bane. Very Scary Evil Sadism, possib more evil CHAR than Joker, tho hard to beat Ledger’s PERFORMANCE. Still, looks promising!

Loki’s Consult on nightplanet captured Pure Evil nicely. Liked Partially HUMAN aspect  – outward appearance of once-humanoid figure Driven To Mad Evil by experiencing Tortures Of Damned.

Movie appealed to masculine mind of Ranking &categorizing. What type of being more powerful. GIANTS greater than GODS? (more a Norse & Greek mythos question, questioning Authentic Norseness of Thor backstory – more reason to watch “Thor.” Are Asgardians GODS or ALIENS? How related to HUMANS? LOOK like humans!

Fave char = Hulk. Convinced to watch controversial AngLee Hulk film. Mildmannered Scientist W Uncontrollable Rage Strongly Appealed Personally. But glad to see Hulk get Redemption qua Becoming Boss of Rage!

Does RJD strongly “Owning” Iron Man role influence reading of IMan COMIC? Compare w Hemsworths much less masterful (ButNotBad!) acting. But In Beginning, Both Thor AND IronMan both “actorless”, use imagination to enhance personality, not Acting Starpower.

Like Both EricBana AND EdNorton, also Very open to AngLee’s “controversial” adaptation. From limited prev knowledge, could be theAvenger most in my Wheelhouse. Like RJD’s IronMan, great example of AlphaMale CHARISMA & “amused, aloof mastery”, but pers prefer more profound Internal Conflict & Alpha, Beta, Anger & HardScientist issues over SilverSpoon Natural Alpha Playboy (tho IMan’s sufficiently Bad455 & Smart nonetheless!)

80% of ThisMovie is Buildup. SEEMS like premeditated to be TwoParter; contrast “Tacked-On MoneyGrab Superfluous Sequel.” ie, GOOD. Majority thisMovie was asking constant questions; part2 hints to answer. IMHO adds evenMORE significance, possible hype to Pt2. LOT to live up to. All Eyez on Whedon. Hopefully brings in more overarching mythology emcompassing/explaining Whole Cosmology including Asgardians, whoSeem to be TheBoss in ThisOne. NeedToExplain Rel BW AsgardGods & BlueCube. Didnt do Homework. my bad. Didnt even know who mysterious EndingEasterEggGuy was. &Lots prob explained in ACTUAL COMICS. there’s an idea: read comix, dont just watch movies! &I do Like Reading comix moreThan Dense Turgid Melvillean Prose.

worried Ruffalo would be big loser sissy pansy JosephGordonLevitt Style Omega SWPL hipster. Nope he pulled it off. Portrayed Banner’s Dorkiness tastefully &endearingly, didn’t overdo.

Hulk talk really just sim to notetaking shorthand. no bigdeal. calm hulk. still squeeze max info into 1000 words. MaxEffective AND MaxEfficient.

Hadnt heard New Soundgarden yet. First guess MASTODON. “soundsLike Stonerish Prog DoomRock, touch of Mainstream, thus Mastodon, Baroness, Or TheSword. Hope no DaveGrohl!” Credits Confirm Soundgarden. Not MY Cuppa, but not horrible. Good, relevant, appropriate, effective HardRock.

IMHO Whedon better fit for thisMovie than Favreau. Curious how Branagh handled Thor. Ultimately not overly impressed w CaptAmerica. NotBad, but just THERE. Blame Evans. Comic Prob Good. Never big comic guy, always preferred comSTRIPS & GraphNovs. Havent Had my MOMENT.

Complexity to Newbs Demands Second Viewing, but not IMMEDIATELY. measure of “classic” = amt time bw first ending & second volitional viewing.



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Heh. One part of that title may be more relevant than the other. Work In Progress. General Rules of Thumb: Approx 1,000 Words Per Post. (May change to 1,200.)  Write 10 Drafts In Advance If That’s What It Takes, just Break It Up. Now I don’t really CARE if people read this – in fact, I’d rather have LESS people read it than more, considering it is CAREER POISON/CANCER/SUICIDE; BUT I do want to Hone All The Valuable Skills I possibly Can, and IF I were to become a Freelance Writer, it would BEHOOVE me to keep the posts closer to 1,000 words than 3,000 words, simply because No One wants to read Huge Long Posts. I shy away from watching 20 minute + videos on YouTube, I would shy away from reading 3,000 word articles. Just say what you want to say. You can “still” absolutely make it funny, just break it up some. Spread it out. I used to post 10,000 word posts once a week, thinking it was a Big Occasion; in reality, no-one, not even me, wants to read a 10,000 word post, even when it’s About me, hahahahahaha.

Also, some WordPress Help File recommends to use no more than 10 Tags per post. So I’ll try that. I’ve been using more tags than abs necessary, thinking it will Increase My SEO. Maybe I AM trying to Gain Readers, that’s not really the point. The Point is Helping Men, Crushing The Arguments Of and Shaming FemiFascist Pigs, and being Funny, without being Cutesy Internet Faux Nerd Girl Funny. Good and Proper Alpha Man Funny. Not Man Show Lamestream Media Misandry Funny, just str8 up old school classic undeniable timeless Trendkilling funny. Not Gurrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllllllllllssssssssssss talking like thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssss with Self-Photos and Skrillex and puking rainbows and kitties and Steampunk Cthulus (HT: Guy I Used To Know Whose Blog I Still Read!) That’s what I mean when I say “Girly” Qua Funny Comedy.

About 700 words left. When I have a SERIOUS topic I’d like to give SERIOUS analysis to, that should take 1,000 words focused on that one thing alone. Like a laser. But I can talk for 650 Words about Doom Metal, Absolutely. At LEAST.

SKEPTICISM of Finland is a Pioneer of the Funeral Doom genre, starting in the early 90s, around the same time as THERGOTHON. I have this “Theory” that the Music We Discover from ages… say 5th grade to 16th grade leave the biggest impact on us and our lives and shape 99% of our Musical Tastes For Life, and, like it our not, this will be our favourite music. Every so often I’ll “discover” some music, and say, I wish I would have listened to less X and more Y back in those days, I would have liked to have a deeper connection to what is probably “Better” Music, or have it be magically osmosisally influential to my own Music-Making Artistic process.

Anyway I DID listen to Skepticism during Those Formative Years, so that’s probably why I still enjoy them so much. I DID have a big Doom Metal period before I entered my “current” Black Metal period, and now I’m revisiting Doom once again. And maybe even One Day I’ll have a Death Metal phase, indeed, I’m appreciating some Solid Death Metal right now too. Mainly Incantation. Old-School Stuff with tons of Integrity and Atmosphere. Whether it’s Black, Doom, Or Death, “Atmosphere” is the thing that ties all my favourite Metals together. Skepticism’s got it; Burzum’s got it.

Skepticism used to be very private, never releasing their names or photos, kinda like what Drudkh did later. (Although we’ve since discovered Who the guys in Drudkh are.) Around 2008ish, around the time of “Alloy”, during the time when I was Avoiding Metal, Skepticism had their Coming Out, and started playing Shows regularly. At first I was shocked, but now I’m happy and thankful. I would LOVE to see Skepticism Live. That would be a SICK show. I enjoy watching the Youtube vids.

What is their Hook? How do they Add Value? Differentiate? They have the “tribal” sounding drums due to playing with Felt Beaters rather than sticks. This gives a big epic echoey Timpani sort of sound as well as a “old-school ceremonial” thing. Very Solemn. I like lots of Solemnity in my Doom. Doom is very varegiated, if you look at people’s Top Doom Albums list, you’ll see more Stoner/Weed Sabbath Style Doom than Funeral Doom. Though I love Sleep, I prefer the Slow Solemn Funeral Doom. They probably still smoke tons of W33d, they just don’t blatantly worship it in their lyrics or themes. There will often be an Open High Hat being hit once every couple of seconds to create the slowest tempos imaginable. That’s my area of expertise. It HAS to have a rhythm or beat though, it HAS to have that impossibly slow but regular High-Hat (like the Hands Of Death’s Clock Slowly Ticking Towards Your Imminent Doooom!), and it CANNOT be “formless” Sludge with No Beatkeeping, eg Stephen O’Malley I’m Lookin At You. No disrespect but I just can’t get into that stuff. I need a beat, however slow it may be. In fact, the slower the beat, often is the better the Funeral Doom.

Skepticism has Solid, Non-W33d-worshipping stuff, solemn, atmospheric, Drenched in Nature and Foresty Atmosphere like a Scand Black Metal Band, but they have that Offbeat Not-QUITE-Scandness that comes with being from Finland and Not Sweden. Or at least that my racist mind associates with Finland vs Sweden. They’re not quite as slow as I hinted at above, plus the beats have less High-Hat emphasis, but they’re still plenty slow, slow enough to be called Funeral Doom. The Church Organ doesn’t hurt either.  I like that they are pretty much First Wave funeral doom. And that they are Normal-Looking Mid-Thirties Finns with Short Hair and No Tattoos. Just Normal Average Everymen, probably Hard-Working stiffs with Children, hopefully not being Raeped in Finnish Family Court. I’m def intredasted in the State of Finland, specifically: its Metal and Culture and Politics and its Modern Westernism and comparing it to, especially, its interesting neighbours of Scandinavia and more Eastern European /formerly Communist states. What Differentiates Finland and makes them Unique Modern Finland? How bad is their Feminism and Socialism? My initial Feeeeling is that they are not as “far gone” as Sweden/Norway and keep it a bit more Real, but I could be proven wrong. I never met any real-life Finns. (Other than when I meekly said “Hi” to the drummer of SENTENCED 10 years ago during one of their few US tours – now gimme a minute to get rid of all these excess 18-year-old girls storming my Harem to get a brush with My Brush With Fame; I cap The Harem at 50 Girls, and they have to be no older than 18 and no lower than 8.8;)

To wrap up: Skepticism is Probably my Favourite Funeral Doom band, over Thergothon (ThergPros: great classic songs; cons: sorta unhelpful production; not as much of quantity OF quality as the much longer-lived Skepticism), over Mournful Congregation (haven’t fully listened to their discog, or for long enough of my life, but “The Waterless Streams” is my (Non-Formative-Years) Song Of The Month May 2012), over disEMBOWELMENT (IMHO “better” than Thergothon; possibly just as important as Skepticism; but I wouldn’t call them “FUNERAL” doom to the same degree as Skep, hahahaha. But they are Slooow, AND they are classic/timeless/legendary and Absolutely Essential for any fan of non-ridiculous True Doom.) I would almost like Skepticism to be more “f4ggy” with flowery (metal-flowery at least, I’m actually thinking of Mournful Congregation’s more “soaring” Iron Maiden Leads) Epic Guitar Harmonies or something, but they don’t really NEED to be, and being Primitive and Minimalistic is part of what makes them Skepticism. Besides shaping my concept of Funeral Doom, Skepticism has also shaped my concept of Finland. Funeral Doom is IMHO the Purest Form of Doom and should wrestle the power away from more ridiculous “Stoner” Doom. That’s kind of a unspoken understanding, SOMEWHAT like if Bob Marley wrote ALL his songs/lyrics about “partaking ganga.” You don’t need to SAY it. (Note: I have No Beef with Stoner Doom Per Se, as I think SLEEP is Outstanding and Transcendent. They got it Really Right.)  Also I should probably talk about Candlemass and so-called “Classic” Doom too. For some reason my mind recently wanted to compare and contrast Candlemass and Crowbar. In the sense that each is not super-sub-differentiated Doom; they are both straightforward Riff Machines of Big, Catchy, Super-Heavy, Sorta Slowish Riffs that build into great songs. But all that other doom stuff is another day’s discussion; Today, I am honouring SKEPTICISM.

“The March And The Stream” at a Doom Superconcert in A Church, gotta put that in here too!

1337 Words. Heh Heh. 1337.

Teasers: in addition to Doom-related Candlemass and Crowbar talk, I’d still like to hold some attention on Finnish Metal, this time Death(ish) Metal, namely Very Old Sentenced and Very Old Amorphis. Not “kinda” old, but old-old. Old-School Death Metal Old.  (SOTP album cover comparison)

Overlap between Doom and Black Metal, In My Perspective. Doomy Black Metal? Black Doom Metal? Depressive Suicidal Black Metal? vs Doomy & Slow Non-Suicidal Black Metal? Black Metal With Doom Riffs, Doom Metal With Black Riffs, Nortt, (Bethlehem?), but espec The Ruins of BEVERAST. Maybe I’m just bored with the New Burzum Album, but I’m taking a Little break from Black Metal and I don’t mind. A smidgen of Old-School Death Metal in there too, which is not altogether not raw or doomy. Autopsy is a fine example of one of Those Bands I would have liked to listened to more during my Tastemaking Formative Years.  1521 words, hahahaha.

It seems my Long-Awaited End Of “Educational & Career-Helping” Classes has influenced my Lazy Choice to Blog/Write More, when the WHOLE POINT was to use this time to Improve Career More. LAZINESS IS A MORTAL SIN.

This is absolutely a $30 post. And that last one I said was $20 – that was probably $30 too. So despite being Lazy, the good news is, I’ve already produced 60 Theoretical Dollars Worth Of Product as a Quasi-Freelance Writer!

1731 words. Next post will be closer to 1250. Then 1000.

Not sure if I will make metal/music posts a Regular Thing. If I had Another Blog this would go on there. Heck Yesterday I got Kinda Anxious and thought about SHUTTING DOWN both this new blog AND Twitter!

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This post is worth $20 cash in your pocket. At least. A Crisp Jackson. This is my quick estimation of the Cost/Value Time and Skill required to write a post of This Quality. Now I’m not charging you prices comparable to a Legal or Medical Professional, not least of all because I’m not sure Blogging is as inherently valuable a skill. But I would say it’s definitely above Minimum Wage, if only slightly. I know there’s Over 9000 Google Search result pages listing Writers For Hire who will write posts for less than $20 a pop. And on actually important topics. And probably better quality: more “professional” looking for your business reports and whatnot. No sentence fragments, pure MLA, APA, Strunk and White, revisions, proofread, etc. None of this writing-how-you-would-talk Youtube-style informality. But at least I can promise 90%-correct Spelling! Prove me wrong on that!

Prompted by the Lamestream Wimminz Media (The Talk, The View, Chelsea Handler, E!, Anderson Cooper, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, G-d knows how many others!) spotlight on “Fifty Shades of Grey” I have come to the big question of ABUSIVE DOMINANCE VS RESPECTFUL, DIGNIFIED DOMINANCE.

My initial reaction, and I posted a tasteless&Offensive Tweet about it, was that this book was a way of Normalizing Deviant, Depraved Sexuality on the part of Women, and to be Hella Hypocritical while doing it. Something like: “I’m entitled to like getting beat up in the bedroom, and Rape Play, but don’t you DARE say Women like being Raped or Beaten or Dominated! In the Bedroom, it’s a Sophisticated Complex GAME or DANCE, and while it may give credence to the Game Science Fact WINK WINK that Real Women Prefer Dominant Men You Beta Lickspittle Supplicator, it does NOT mean Women Like Being Subjugated or DOMINATED!!”

I compared it to gross and dehumanizing forms of Cruel, Perverted, Sociopathic Torture Abuse, like getting F!sted down the throat, or getting P0unded and F!sted up the 455 so brutally that the R0sebud/C0l0n puffs out outside of the 4nu5! (Although Plenty of People DO like this stuff; my focus right now is on this Popular Book and the Sex Portrayed Innit. Note: I should probably go and actually read the Sexy Bits so I know what I’m dealing with, hahahaha. )

But maybe the “loving, emotional BDSM” of 50 Shades is NOT such a slippery slope to this more sadistic stuff, and I’M setting up a strawman!

I was Working Peacefully By Myself, Just a Man and his Work and his Thoughts, (I am thankful to do “mind numbing” repetitive labour because this actually Frees My Mind to think of Writing topics!) when I thought, is there such a think as ETHICAL SLAVERY? Where one person can control and Own another person, but do so in an ethical, just, fair, humane, nonhumiliating manner?

I thought of Black Slaves, I thought of Typhon Blue’s perennial “Draft Horse”, of A Man and His Dog, and, most convincingly, I thought of Humans Submitting Themselves To God. Whether the God is Yahweh/Jehovah, God/Christ, or Allah.

(And then I thought of the more “Flawed, Sinful” Polytheistic Gods, and how since I was obsessed with both Sex and Religion, that I should start a Sexual Religious Cult and fashion myself as a God Of Sex, like Eros or something.)

Anyway, back on track: obviously “God” wants to look after his children more like a Good Patriarchal Father would, rather than a Sadistic White Devil Starving and Beating and Fisting and 3Guys1Hammering his Subhuman Property To Death!

(And then I thought of creating my own personal Patriarchy: Men Raising Men Raising Men, with as little involvement, interference, or relevance from Wimminz as possible.)

Or, within the confines of a Loving, Egalitarian, Complementary Rel, would it be okay to have Raep-PLAY and 3G1H-PLAY and Throat-Fisting-PLAY in the safety of The Loving Bedroom? Ok, that’s intentionally a Troll question, because it’s PROBABLY not what the book is talking about. CERTAINLY, by this logic, a little light whips and chains and zippermasks would be acceptable. Rationalizeable.

Come on. This is Lamestream Wimminz Media we’re talking about, how deviant and violent could it actually BE? A few ropes, some leather, maybe some trampling – there’s a reason we have the term “LIGHT” Bondage! Of COURSE the Mainstream is gonna lay claim to that. It’s Everything AND Nothing.

I like and am thankful for WordPress having the Word Count right in the bottom of the window, as I figure 1,000 words is a pretty reasonable goal for Posts on the New Blog. None of the Over 2000 (heh) word posts of the Old Blog.

I still don’t care for the Trolly, have your cake and eat it too, rationalization hamstering, equivocating, situational, nyah-nyahing notion that Average Modern Western Women can enjoy Bondage and it’s (STANDARD!) Liberating and Freeing and Empowering, and NOT a sign of a Sex Freak. While it’s equally TrollDaddyish of me to say, “So you’re saying you LIKE Getting Tortured and Being Called A Filthy Wh0re!”, I am not above fighting fire with fire at this point.

If I were to revise and Tighten-Up this post, then it would certainly be $50. But it’s a beautiful day outside and I’ve already gotten MY $50 worth, as I’ve rediscovered that The Writing Ritual is a Fun and Soul-Nourishing one. For me.

I had switched to writing in the Third Person partially because I was sick of seeing I this and I that and I I I I I I I I I I I I I all over the place. While it IS good to “own your opinions”, I also wanted to not Overshare TMI, and, like Barbarossaaaa says, to not put too much of my own personal experience out there, because I believe my arguments and opinions should stand on their own, without anecdotes, and have solid Face Value. And to protect, if not Advance, my Economic Career.

39 words to go. As of late I’ve been finding myself watching the George Lopez show, of all things. Brought on by them doing an episode on a Female Sex Offender moving into the neighborhood and the “Double Standards” of Male vs Female Sex Offenders. George suddenly stopped being the White Knight (“Let’s Lynch this male pervert!”), and shifted to coaching his Unpopular Beta Teen Son with Misandrist Cliches: “Us men would consider ourselves LUCKY to be ‘molested’ by a Hot Teacher!” while it’s up to his WIFE to be the Voice of Reason and say, “No, that’s ridiculous, this is equally bad as if it were a Male Paedophile molesting boys!” I was prepared for a 100% Misandrist Sh!tShow where I’d be sitting there with my

Permaface. (I am usually either this or Yao Ming, an average state of “wth”, expressed according to either a Negative or Positive Mood. Of course, it’s healthier to be less of goatee guy and more of Yao. And yes I am aware these Rage Faces are very, very old, but I’m not trying to score any cool points with the Youth, and IMHO, many of the basic Rage Faces have a great deal of Relevance to Everyday Life.)

But the episode was a Strange Brew of Lies mixed with Truth. More lies than truth, of course, but enough truth to get my interest and to turn me into a SemiRegular George Lopez Show watcher. As I’ve been a watcher of “King Of Queens” (that show is even more baldly Misandrist!), this is not so surprising. I attribute it to a basic interest in Family/Home Life Sitcoms. I also enjoy Everybody Loves Raymond, as you’d then expect.

It’s not an obsession, as I usually get about 3 months of entertainment out of each show, then get bored and move on. Still, I look forward to 3 months of “fun” out of Jorts Lopez, and especially to the chance to watch it with my Red Pill Eye. It was disturbing how GL portrayed men as stupid and women smart; and the MAN was being misandrist and the woman Voice Of Reason; BUT it was good that there was a voice of reason at all to counter the misandry; BUT I don’t think it was that effective, because George is always going to be The Male Idiot in Every Episode; BUT George gave some decent, true-to-life Game Advice to his son (“be ridiculously bold and confident!”), BUT the fact that this pearl of wisdom was dispensed by The Idiot, then that somewhat negates it.

At any rate, George seems less Bullied by his wife than Kevin James is by HIS wife in “King of Queens”; Plus I like how GL has the Whole Family dynamic – trying to raise well-adjusted Children in the face of Complicated Western Adolescence. There is lots of talk of Men and Women and Sex; and some light treatment of Real-Life Themes (Finances, “Work”) that doesn’t often get touched in The Sitcom. To My Knowledge. As I say, I’ll be lucky to get more than 3 months of entertainment out of George, but I was pleasantly surprised by the show.

Generally speaking, though, it’s a Lamestream Media Abomination dispensing a Coma-Dose of Blue Pills, but I think if you’re A Smart Red Pill Man, you MIGHT be able to use it as a Launchpad for Red Pill Discussion with Your Children. Or not. YMMV.

(I am overusing the term “Lamestream Media” in reference to a recent “Family Guy” where Peter joins the local Tea Party, and of course the Pompous Smug Leftist Brian has to “school” him that Tea Parties are just Shills for The 1% Koch Brothers; and the Tea-Partiers are portrayed as a bunch of Racist Rednecks overusing the term “Lamestream Media” and waving “Don’t Tread On Me” Flags, all while being Duped by the barely-disguised Carter Pewterschmidt who’s using the TP as a tool to Overthrow The Gov’t so he can release tons of toxins into the Env’t via his Corporate Greed. I probably should have been more offended at these Offensive Stereotypes, but I’ve not lost my ability or desire to chuckle at R3t4rded Low Comedy.)

1660 Words.

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That will be my starting point but I fully intend to go off on a few tangents. I might even talk about Finnish Funeral Doom Metal because I haven’t started my “off-topic” blog yet. Or my YouTube channel, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Upon listening to Paul and Dr T’s show “Sh!t Tests”, what seemed obvious to me, and which the people weren’t saying but it HAD to be on their minds at least implicitly, was the concept/emo of DESPERATION: How DESPERATE for Pv$$y do you have to be to sacrifice your self-respect and let yourself get taken advantage of?

I was eavesdropping on a conversation the other day where a Young Girl appeared to be debating the merits of Breaking Up with her Boyfriend. I wish I could have gotten more details or even inserted myself in the dialogue without being “CREEPY”, but, it still reminded me of some Power/Life Experience/Demand Differentials and prompted me to recognize a few generalizations that you can either agree with, or get all uppity about:

Regarding Young Couples, it’s USUALLY the woman who DUMPS the man;

The Man USUALLY takes it harder because he has a more pressing fear that he’ll never be able to Pull Pv$$y THAT good ever again, and in many cases, he is RIGHT;

The Woman has a Moral Obligation to Let Him Down Easy;

The Woman wants to Get Out of the Rel more than the Man does; She is less attached/infatuated with him than he is in her; she has invested less than he has; the balance of power tips in HER favour.

These are all slightly different ways of saying the same thing.

Many times, the Woman already has her eye on another Viable Option, if she’s not already sexting photos back and forth with his L04d on her smiling face, hahahahahahahahaha.

“That’s Bitterness! That’s Anger! That’s Little Boy Rage!”

Or that might just be the shrill cry of a short-sighted Sl00t who was burned because she foolishly sexted photos of her with 104d on her face, haha.

But with that “immaturity” out of the way, you can still comprehend my point. The Young Woman has a world of options, and she’s got a case of “The Grass Is Probably Greener”.

The guy, more likely than not, is not “coming” from this same “place” of privilege and has a vested interest in holding on to the “good thing” that he’s got. “Good” in terms of it’s a Beautiful Young Body that keeps him in an Infatuation High. Not Good because she’s giving him the Runaround and Not Respecting him as a Man or even as a Fellow Human Being.

One of my favourite euphemisms for Female Dumping is “I had to LET HIM GO”, as if it’s so PAINFUL for the Woman, but she has to Do The Right Thing for them Both, and both of them will ultimately be happier for it. It’s a Win-Win!

More likely she will be ecstatic in the short-term and he will be crushed and angry and desperate!

I think this all boils down the idea of desperation and options. The man would not be NEARLY so upset if he had a Harem of Options. So what if One Beautiful Young Girl Flakes Out? He’s got others to take her place. Otherwise, the man might feel burned at what he interprets – very ACCURATELY! – at him being REPLACED with a Better Model.  If he has the power – the HAND – to replace HER with a better model, he’s not going to be even 1% as angry. He’ll just keep on doing what he’s been doing: B4nging Young Tail and Winning.

I see this more of a Young Person’s Thing. It’s the difference between Twenty and Thirty between Men and Women. Hopefully by the time he is Thirty, the man will have his Affairs and Life and Career more in order and he too will begin to enjoy the privilege and power of OPTIONS. Enhancing this power is also the fact that Thirty Year Old Women do not have even 1% of the power that Twenty Year Old Girls do. There is a difference in the quality of the SKIN and the FACE and the ATTITUDE that signifies that Father Time has left his inexorable mark. Even if Women do not notice, men most certainly do. Even if they’re not CONSCIOUS of it.

I’m very interested in the idea of The Power Of Options – Sexual CHOICE, in other words – so I like Game Writers like Heartiste who articulate this topic. Of course, Not All Game Writers Are Like That, that’s just a Game-Related interest of mine.

In New Blog, Posts Are About This Long. The type of thing you could give a quick 8-to-10-minute YouTube-length Speech about, so I’ll think about Wrapping it up. I just wanted to Open the topic permanently. I will certainly be discussing it more in the future. Maybe even appending to this very post in the Near future.

One last analogy: You could almost compare it to an Excruciating Job Search. I don’t know Any Man who LOVES the Job Search process. Every part of it is excruciating. But it’s gotta be done. I imagine that once one secured a Halfway Decent Bigboy Job  – although it might not be one’s “Dream Career” that Careerist Wimminz tremble over in hushed tones as if they were in the presence of A Very Sexy Alpha Man-God – but enough to pay the bills and the debt and health care and live in safety outside of an Underclass War Zone, the man might breathe a grateful sigh of relief that he can stop Looking For A New Job, and just focus on doing well at the job that he HAS. He’s already done more than enough Due Diligence and invested enough of himself up to this point. And now Working Hard has become its own reward. The LAST thing he wants to hear is “YOU’RE FIRED!” and then have to start the long hard road all over again from the beginning!

Semi-related is this Eureka Moment I had, where when a Wimminz wants to DUMP a man, they have to NEGOTIATE A CONTRACT which basically includes a Schedule Of “Severance Bangs.” No man is going to take it lightly when the woman essentially says, “You’re immediately cut off, as of right now, from my body, ever again.” Unless he has Options, Hand, Sexual Choice, whatever you want to call it. It would be a lot easier to take (see “Moral Obligation To Let Him Down Easy”) if she said, OK, Since I’m unilaterally ending this and I probably have more options than you – (Essentially She is the Management or “The Employer!” ) – I’m going to Pay Out 50 more Bangs to you, which will end on such and such a date.  (For the sake of example, no sooner than three months in the future. Just because IMHO I think The Fiscal Quarter of Three Months is not too short and not too long and a period of time everybody should be able to live with for most things, hahahahahahaha. Not talking about Cancer or more extreme things of COURSE.)  This would be more Compassionate and Just for the Beta, and I certainly don’t think it would be causing undue Emotional Damage to the Wimminz either.

Yes, this is similar to the notion of Guys “Hooking Up” with Their “Exes”, but I think there’s much more dignity, honor, honesty, justice, etc in the much more unambiguous Contract version outlined above. Yes this is all theoretical because if we could write and enforce contracts like this, we wouldn’t have The Marriage Problem in The West Today. Wouldn’t It Be Nice.

And NO, I’m not speaking from Personal Experience, because I have enough Self-Respect that I will always stand up for Myself even if the Options situation is slightly less-than-ideal – any lack of hand will not coerce me into being a Lickspittle Supplicator! Although I do think, in general, we should have More Sympathy For The Beta, because we’ve all been there or can at least visualize and empathize with Being There.

That’s all for now, Have A Productive, Peaceful, Powerful Day.

And, As Usual, If You don’t have anything NICE to say…..


Pure Narcissism Edit, Next Day: I call it that because this may not add anything Substantive to the original post, but is just me going through my daily writing Preening Ritual: I want to write something, and for a not entirely articulable narcissistic reason, I want to Publish it, although I’m not claiming it’s Awesome Profound writing (although I hope it will be!), so does that still make it Narcissistic?

I would really like to talk about Funeral Doom, specifically Mournful Congregation, but I would also like to talk about something, anything, more “on-topic” first. Because, this is first and foremost, and I should really have a Mission Statement, a Men’s (And Fetuses, haha) CIVIL RIGHTS Blog!

That is my idea of “Humor” or “Comedy”. I was just driving along minding my own business, just trying to get away from the other drivers, when I thought “How’s that for a pickup line for the Bourge Marxist University Activist Pv$$y: I’m a CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST. Or HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST. But just for Men and Fetuses!”

This makes it sound like I care more about Young Tail than I do about Genuine Men’s Rights. That is a unsettling thought, though I admit from the outset that I am abnormally obsessed in Young Tail. This is perhaps what makes me a “Larval” or “Pupae” or “First-Stage” MRA – I’m still too much what Philip Roth in “Portnoy’s Complaint” so pithily termed “Cvnt Crazy” that I can’t see the forest through the trees; my judgment, logic, emotions, and skills are impaired by my Libido; I am a prime candidate for being Brainwashed through my S3xual Desire, etc.

Then I was thinking “Average Modern Western Women Just Don’t Respect Their Uteruses/Uteri.” Though AMWW have the most severe long-term penalties/costs for Sexual Miscalculation, they still seem to act “unnaturally” in favor of the Short Term, ignoring the Long Term Consequences altogether, probably because they have been Enabled in their Poor Choices by: The Average Modern Western Government & Culture & Lamestream (hehe) Media which says they can do no wrong.

But I keep thinking about the Uterus. This Natural Organ is itself a Long-Term Thing, where A Fetus can Grow for 9 months. Yet AMWW are throwing it around like a Horny Young Man Beating-Off into a Sperm Sock: having Babies with extremely “irresponsible” False Alphas.

It sounds like I’m making the Traditionalist, Social Conservative, White Knight, Man Up, Protector/Provider, Captain Save-A-H0 Argument of Women Good, Men Bad; Women are Holy Sacred Cows who must be protected at any cost, and Men are the Brutish Fodder, who, just because Sperm is Cheap and Eggs are Very, Very Expensive, then it only Naturally Follows that Faceless Men should be Lining Up To Die To Protect The Holy Pv$$y, Gladly Sacrificing their Lives, which are clearly Worth much, much less.

Strawman alert! While I do believe Eggs are Much More Expensive than Sperm, and that this IS related to why it’s no big deal for a Boy to Beat-Off 10 times a day & it IS a big deal for Women to Throw Away their Uterus on Thuggish Abandoners, it DOES NOT Follow that I believe Men-As-Humans are Worth Less than Women-As-Humans; on the Human Basis we are Equals. You could have all the Women in the World but you STILL couldn’t produce New Human Life without One Man, One Sperm. In that case, this one sperm would be Priceless, and No One would make the mistake of treating men as Expendable, Disposable, Replaceable Appliances.

As Modern Western Men enter into adulthood, the notion of “Dating” Single Mothers becomes more and more and more of a realistic, and shockingly, even reasonable option. I still avoid doing so on principle. I say Listen To Your Genes. Think With Your Selfish Genes. Many Kind, Loving Beta Men end up Being A Father to Children they have NO Relation To. I’m not saying to Shame these men; to the contrary, I find their Selfless Love very Honourable and Beautiful. But I ALSO Think: Wow, If they’re such a Good Father to a child they’re not even related to, imagine how good of a father they would be to a child that they actually ARE related to! Their Selfless, Sacrificing, Honorable Love has made them DESERVING of a Genetic Heir of their OWN! Yet their time, effort, energy, resources, and love are diverted away from their own genes, and instead used on the genes of the AMWW they’re dating!

I think at this point it becomes more about The Child than the Woman: In other words, No AMWW With Bastard Child is going to be comely and charming and magnetic and infatuation-generating enough to convince even the Kindest Beta Sap to Love Her Kid because SHE’S so awesome. The man is doing it because he has a Good Fatherly Instinct, and my stance is, by that point, he’s Passed The Father Test, and THESE are the kinds of men the AMWW should have had the babies with in the FIRST place.  If they had actually Treated Their Uterus with the Respect it Deserved and really Took the time to Evaluate The Man who was Impregnating Them. They should have Closed Their Legs and Thought for a Minute: Is this man who’s impregnating me Good Long-Term Father Material?

I suppose in those cases, a Good Willy-Nilly Frivolous Abortion might not be such a bad idea. I am still Struggling with my Official Stance on Abortion, this is likely to be Evolving for a while. Although I am probably leaning towards the Pro-Lifer Crowd, hahahaha. But not solely for as much of a Religious Dogmatism as for my rigid SocioBiological Deterministic Dogmatism, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  Sacred Womb, Golden Uterus, etc.

Reminder that I do want to talk about Chivalry and Troubadours and Courtly Love and the Ideas of Which that started in the Middle Ages with the Arthur Legends and songs and all that. Not today. I’m almost done with my Narcissism Appendment.

Anyway to finish up Today’s Thoughts on Abortion: I think AMWW Are, to put it Simply, Abusing Their Uteri. Really Beating It Up Bad Beyond All Repair. Along with The C0ck Carousel comes the Pregnancy-By-Cads Carousel and the Abortion Carousel, and I’m simply stating my Opinion that the Uterus is something quasi-sacred that should not exposed to Carousels of ANY kind! (But not disproportionately Sacred to Men’s Sperm, or, more accurately I guess, Testicles! )

Of COURSE we have to take Social Class into this, and, rightfully, Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart” has generated fervent discussion in the Manosphere and the larger social/political sphere in the 6 to 9 months since its publication. I haven’t read it, but I watched Murray present the main points of the book on CSPAN Book TV, and have read a lot of Manosphere Analysis onnit, hahahahaha.  Anyway, the point I wanted to throw out there: Are too many of the wrong people Getting Abortions, or, put another way, are the people who “SHOULD BE” Getting Abortions NOT getting them? Are The Underclass Hoi Polloi in Fishtown getting knocked up by Caddish Thugs and then giving birth to babies they can’t support, so they rely on (at best!) The Kindness of Betas, or (more troublingly) an entitlement-happy State? Whereas The Urban Hipster SWPL Bourgeversity-Education “Belmont” types in New York (everyone from “Manjawed Lawyercvnts” to Bon-Iver-Loving Zooey Deschanel Wannabes), who are more likely to be Career-Obsessed and to actually HAVE a Living-Wage Career, are also more likely to Abort the Fetuses, which if they had Carried To Birth, would probably be Less Likely to Rely On The State to Support?

So yes I’m taking these SocioEconomic things into account and not just my Born-Again Catholicism into account when considering abortion.

One last thing for today. I was watching TV, too ADD and angstily libidinous to Read, when I came across a “documentary” on NatGeo about Hasidic Jews, something fairly recent called “Only For God” or “One With God” or something like that. It was an Over 9000-Yard View of a day in the life of “modern” Hasids and left me wanting more, but I found this superficial introduction interesting nonetheless. If I were a Jew I would have made a pretty good Hasid. In particular I remember a Young Man who was born to a Catholic Father and a Jewish Mother. His family life was much more Catholic than Jewish and he went to Catholic Schools until age 18. Then he moved to a Hasidic Community in Brooklyn and jumped in the deep end. Yes it screamed “overcompensation” and “Pendulum swing” but I can relate to that. To an extent.  And then there was a Hasidic Wedding, with a Big Smiling Teddybear Chubby Chumpy Beta Niceguy with a Huge Hasidic Neckbeard getting married to A Nice Religious Jewish Girl (who probably wasn’t as big of a Wh0re as non-Hasidic Jewesses, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! )  My initial reaction was quite positive considering it was a Wedding/Marriage! I especially liked how they kept the men and the women separate at the Reception Party, and then finally lifted the bride and the groom up so they could see each other over the Dividing Curtain. I still have to “process” these Initial Emotions to see if I can find the Deeper Meaning behind them. It probably connects to my newfound appreciation for “Extreme” Religious Devotion and how THAT in turn relates to the Religious, Cultural, and Legal aspects of Mawwaige. Recently I’ve argued that Modern Western Men, should they find in themselves an inexorable desire to marry, that, if they feel they HAVE to appease that urge, to do so ONLY in a Religious/Spiritual sense and NOT in a Legal/State sense.

At any rate, the TV Show was as Superficial and Devoid Of Meaning as you expect from A TV SHOW, but it was better than Wh0redashians, and it did leave me with the lingering feeling that I would probably Get Along Well with these Hasidic Men. Then we could each have 1000 heirs with 1000 18-year-old virgin girls, and Give Thanks To The Lord with Really Solemn Funeral Doom.

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Anger is associated with men moreso than with women. If any emotion were “allowed” to men, it would be anger. Allowed, but not approved. While anger is seen as immature and violent (why does anger NEED to be “violent”?) and ineffectual and unjustified, it’s still more “manly” and “strong” than feeling weak or sad or lonely or afraid. Then you’re just a weak f4gg0t who can’t stand up for himself and get things DONE and Own Your Sh!t and Be Accountable for your actions.

There is “justified” anger – the righteous indignation you feel when you witness true injustice. And then there is “unjustified”, immature, “little boy” rage that you may feel when you don’t get Your Way.

Men who want to be Heterosexual with women – and many men do – but who fail miserably, never really getting what they want, may be initially attracted to Game, as it seems to teach them a skill to fulfill a rather immediate, pressing, serious want.

Full-Blown, Self-Identified MRAs and MGTOWs are GENERALLY more attuned to Structural Injustices and broader societal and historical trends of Misandry, than are some of the more myopic students of Game, who seemed to be obsessed with Young Tail even more than I am, or at least voice little concern over anything BUT Young Tail.

I fully understand and empathize with the “little boy rage” of the Gamers, and would like to remove the shaming and stigma attached to this “lesser” form of anger. While I don’t think being angry about “not being able to get laid” has the same level of seriousness as being angry about men’s LIVES being DESTROYED on the job, on the battlefield, or in the family courts, I think Anger-over-Sexual-Rejection still has significantly more legitimacy than its detractors claim.

There is a ton of shame heaped on Betas. Lots of patronization. Not just from Feminists who think Game is Misogynist, but from Regular Women who think Betas (and Game itself) are creepy (“Creepy” will almost certainly be a future post, hahaha), to male game-deniers who see all Game-Readers as short-sighted Pv$$y-Beggars, to the Alphas the Betas idolize. Shame, like Anger, CAN be a good motivator, but too much of it can be destructive. The “best” is when you get shamed for BEING angry, because you’re “too angry”, and for the “wrong reasons”. Methinks the Shamers have never experienced Intense Anger and how debilitating it can make one. When you are really really Angry, you are no good to no one. You can’t get anything done. Nothing. So yeah I guess I can understand how Anger gets portrayed as a pathology.

Rambling in circles again. Is it because I’m too angry? Maybe. I do often struggle with anger, and I can attest that it can become overwhelming and not productive or motivating or usable.

For example, it’s valid, understandable, and even “reasonable” to feel anger when you are rejected, taken advantage of, or simply don’t get what you want.  I think framing it as “little boy rage over not getting what the little baby wants” is a STRAWMAN, because even a little child is far less angry for far less time when his parent says “no ice cream for you!” than when one person rejects another.  That’s a difference in KIND as well as in degree: The next day the child is no longer mad about the ice cream, probably because he knows he will have ice cream again soon anyway, and it will be sweeeeeeet. Being rejected by another person is a bit like being told you’re just not good enough as a person, and you never will be. That kind of Stings more than the ice cream, especially if your interest was anything more than just purely sexual, for example infatuation, or you’d deluded yourself into thinking you respected them as a person.

I argue men are, on the average, much MUCH more intimately familiar with this kind of rejection and disappointment than are women. If women had to put up with as much rejection and failure and disappointment and loss as did men, they might be killing themselves in equal proportion to men rather than just dramatically attempting suicide for show.

Of course, a moody depressed woman will still have much more access to the potential pleasure of sex than a moody, depressed man! Note: I am NOT suggesting that moody depressed women go out and have lots of sex, because that will still make you a whore. Go to a shrink, preferably one who believes in “right” and “wrong.” Yes, this may very well be a privilege not available to you. In that case, you can still Notpray All Day to some sort of Nogod. That is likely to have a positive effect if you do it enough. Try repeating this mantra to yourself as many times throughout the day as you need: “Lord Nogod, please help me. Please give me strength to get through this day, and have mercy on my nosoul.” Over and over and over again.

So my point before I got angry was, Rejection sucks and can lead to great anger and instead of getting support and compassion, men are shamed for their anger and just pushed deeper into anger, and then if they “snap” and do something violent, then people conclude that anger ALWAYS CAUSES to violence, anger IS violence, and other nonsense. Its one of those Nuanced Arguments where the Nuances can get too easily confused. I can see how and why people confuse Anger and Violence. But I think that’s a grave miscalculation. A Serious Miscorrelation.

Anger for being Rejected by your Wife and separated from your kids and taken to the Cleaners and Living The Rest of your life in Debtor’s Prison is much, much worse than anger for getting rejected by Cute Young Girls for Sex. But I wonder if some of those in the second group don’t eventually become part of the first group. It’s their own damn fault, though, for being Gameless Betas and letting people walk all over them, isn’t it? True, they have SOME responsibility for that, but I’d place at LEAST 70% of the blame upon the person who does the walking-on. They should really know better.

I recall reading a comment thread somewhere – I know Alek Novy was involved – either at Heartiste or AVfM, where someone did a Venn Diagram of MRA and Game proponents. This might have been during the dust-up of MRA “vs” Game when Paul did his “Chateau Bullsh!t” article and related radio show. I was kinda provoked at that time, and I was a little disappointed in Paul, because I, the bridge-builder, enjoy BOTH AVfM AND Heartiste. Was that because I was a YOUNG man, or at least young enough that my Hormones were raging enough for me to be Obsessed with Young Tail? (But: I can feel myself getting Old, and I am STILL obsessed with Young Tail!)

I’m too lazy to go back and find exactly what was said, but I’d place myself in the intersection of that Venn Diagram. I started out on Game, but then I “graduated” to MRA and MGTOW, however I never fully abandoned Game either. Right now I’m trying to do a synthesis of the entire thing. I want Young Tail AND I want fairness for men in the courts, in society, in the media, and I’ll throw a Mantrum if I don’t get what I want!!!

The good news is that we can Bounce Back from rejection, dust ourselves off and try again as the saying goes; what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, etc etc. I’ve never been a big fan of platitudes but sometimes they’re true. Except when they’re false, except when what doesn’t kill you just makes you weaker and weaker and then eventually the straw breaks the camel’s back, you get a flat tire and then you fall into a psychotic crying weak beta heap in the middle of the street like Crazy Old Nietzsche defending the poor abused horse hahahahaha. But seriously folks. Facing Adversity and Rejection and Just Keeping Living can be a great character-builder, I firmly believe. It makes you a better person, and that’s better than the Hottest Young Tail!

Or is it?

Game, as I view it, isn’t some complicated, esoteric set of routines, and it’s certainly nothing new that was invented as a solution to the “new problem” of Feminism-Empowered Entitled “Average Modern Western Women”. It’s simply charisma and confidence. Good social skills. No big “Mystery” there, hahahahaha. However, it is surprising How MANY Men have Such Below Average Social Skills. Unless, of course, the True Average is NOT to mate. The Real Average is to Have Social Skills So Crappy you’re Unable To Pull Tail. And it may be true (heh, “weasel words”) that, in the Environment of Evolution, 80% of Males died without leaving heirs, and 20% of males – the true alphas – spread their seed among harems of many, many women, and we are the legacy of those very few men combined with those multifarious women. The vast majority of men died alone, angry, afraid, and absolutely Young Tail-less, and so too will they today. Alone and afraid often go hand-in-hand with angry. And Tail-less.

“Mmm-hmm! That just goes to show you WHY anger is sooooo BAD! You push others away with your insecurity!”

I admit  I do have a Pet Peeve for Women who Give Advice. 100% of the time – even more of the time than Most Women ARE “Like That” – even when A Woman gives WELL-INTENDED advice – it comes across as Patronizing and is ultimately less than useless – it’s insulting and angering. Especially when it’s Women advising you on Anger, or How To Change Yourself To Be More Attractive to Women. How about you just STFU because you have NO idea and your opinion is Stupid and Naive and Immature and Insecure and Deluded. The person who does NO Work telling the person who does ALL the work how they should Work Better. Give me a break. How about not being such an Obnoxious B!tch.

Times like that, I will get angry enough to use the B Word!

If Bouncing back from Rejection builds character, and women get rejected far, far less than men, does it follow that women on average have much less “character” than men? I wouldn’t necessarily say that. You can be privileged and Unrejected and still not be an a55 about it! For example, I am the textbook definition of a Privileged White Male, and I try never to forget it. (Yes, I’m aware that much of MRA is about pointing out how Male Privilege is not much of a Privilege. I’m just speaking in terms of personally having a Good Family and Opportunities for College and Career Success. I take full blame/accountability for all the mistakes I’ve made in my life which have brought me to the lowly status I’m at now.)

Men generally place higher value on Honor and Respectability and Morality and Ethics than Average Modern Western Women (AMWW). You can Respect your biological privilege/power of being able to choose your desired mate exactly by not choosing every possible mate and sampling the Schlongasbord during your halcyon days. This is just as “creepy” as George Sodini in a Trenchcoat walking down the street and whipping his Dong out and jerking-off with a big leer to every woman he sees.

Violence is Inherently Wrong. Anger is NOT inherently wrong. Anger does not CAUSE violence or even necessarily LEAD to violence. I argue a very specific combination of anger, ignorance, and evil/immorality leads to violence.  (Yeah I WILL break out the “E” word!) Shaming the Angry as Potentially Violent is just a way to make their legitimate concerns appear illegitimate. This is very low-down, dishonest, dishonorable and disrespectful, and We Don’t Like It.

Those men who do have individual Sexual Frustration IN ADDITION TO “More Valid Anger” about The Broader Issues are in a particularly precarious Shame Triangle, because their opponents will say they’re JUST/MERELY Little Boys Angry That They Can’t Get Laid but they’re too Stubborn and Arrogant to Think “Gee The Common Denominator Here Is Me, Maybe It’s ME who needs to change”, etc etc ad nauseum.

So should those who DO have Sexual Frustration Go Out Of Their Way to DENY they have ANY Anger over that?

I don’t think so.

But I am currently wrestling RIGHT NOW with the notion that the tasteless “jokes” I sometimes make on Twitter wrongly make MRA’s Look Like Women Haters and Women-Violencers. And I do not want to do that to My Brothers. It could be like handing Our Heads to Feminists on a silver platter, and I definitely don’t want to do that, no matter how much I personally enjoy and laugh at Horrible, Evil Jokes about everything from Raeping Women to Gassing J3ws to Eating Babies to Molesting Children to Enslaving and Lynching Blacks, etc.

The best I can PROMISE you right now is that I will try not to make “hateful”, evil jokes every single day, or without a great deal of Thought behind them. Serious, Blogworthy Thought.

But I will NOT promise to not say crude things like “I’ll only b4ng a fat girl if she’s 23 or younger and has a young-looking face and skin.”

I’m honestly flexible on this. I suppose if an MRA I really respected, like Uncle Bern or Barbarossaaaa, messaged me “Stop making childish jokes, it makes us all look bad, it paints us all as violent idiots and sets the whole MRM back”, then I probably would stop.

I’m not gonna lie, when I was listening to the April 2012 AVfM show “All MRAs Are Privileged, Angry White Cis Men”  (not exact title; but great show as always!) I was thunderstruck when they announced the next caller was Barbarossaaaa. I cheered like my favourite sports team made a huge win. He’s one of my favourite MRAs and I’d not-so-secretly hoped he’d be a guest on AVfM one day, and I was/am really happy when I learned he was on a May Episode of AVfM’s new News/Activism show with James Huff & Robert O’Hara. I just didn’t know he had called in to one of AVfM’s other episodes at an earlier time. But it only makes SENSE. All of AVfM’s radio shows are great. I had taken a little hiatus from listening for a few months and I’m glad I stopped that hiatus.

While I do enjoy the Diversity of Opinion and Fierce Independence of MGTOWs, I also enjoy seeing a group of the strongest voices get together and talk. There was a very nice Espirit De Corps when I heard John, Girl, Typhon, and Barb conversing. Naturally in my Fantasy MRA All-Star Radio Show I add Bern and Heartiste to the conversation.

I realize this is pretty far from my starting topic of Anger, but honestly this post got off to a rough start, hahahahaha.

(I will NOT stop saying “hahahahahahaha” even if it sounds “Unprofessional” or “Unserious”, because even though We Are A Serious Movement, I and probably most other men appreciate a sense of humor, and it can be hard to convey a light tone through Sarcasm, or if your Jokes are bad, so I simply say “hahahahahahaha” not as a way to say “don’t take us seriously” but as a way to say “don’t take LIFE so seriously, have a sense of humor sometimes, or you’ll turn into a famously frumpy humorless feminist.” Hopefully everyone has had the experience of having at least one Friend in their lives (usually male!) who always comes across as cheerful, who always puts you in a better mood just by being around them, who is often laughing at their own jokes even if they’re not particularly funny, but not in an arrogant “I’m smarter than you” way, because he always laughs at everybody’s jokes, and improves the lives of everyone around him. I would like to be That Guy. A Real Good Guy Greg. At least with this blog. Since I naturally have a habit of being Debbie Downer in Real Life.)

This blog is a work in progress. Right now I see myself as “practicing” writing, so I don’t – and “The Readership” SHOULDN’T – expect it to be real good at the moment. I haven’t written blogs in a long time. I’m not entirely sure where this one is going to end up, but I know that I DON’T want it to turn into me whining Too Much like an Emotional Beta about my Personal Failures. However I DO feel a need to address my personal emotions to SOME extent, and it’s challenging finding the ideal balance there. But I will TRY to tie them in with Men/Manosphere/MRM. Because I do think it would be short-sighted to claim that powerful emotions such as Infatuation and Anger have NO RELEVANCE to Men. These emotions can be Bad if we don’t Manage them, but they’re not INHERENTLY bad and should NOT be ignored, denied, or shamed.

And regarding SHAMING, I just wanted to say that Slut-Shaming is FAR more appropriate and effective than Beta-Shaming. Betas are inherently more respectable and honorable than Sluts. Betas are not going around with the trenchcoat exposing themselves to every woman they see. Betas are simply trying and repeatedly failing to get a little action for once in their foreveralone lives. Betas need support, encouragement, help, and yes platonic LOVE from other men who have been there, not scorn and shame from Alphas Who Now Pound Piggish Pv$$y but were once whining, pathetic Beta Virgins themselves.

I’m all for Tough Love and Trial By Fire, but I think a little more Soft Love and a lot less Scorn and Shame from MEN towards OTHER MEN would be pretty damn helpful.

And, Sexual Frustration is Valid Frustration and, in generally, Women should just STFU about it and stop trying to give “advice” or commentary because it’s just obnoxious and annoying. Far more so than my tasteless joke tweets.

Things are gonna be a little disorganized and focused and scattershot around here in the start, so just expect that. However I DO expect my writing/this blog to Get Better in the Medium-Term future. Just Gimme 3 Months, hahahaha.

I was listening to AVfM Radio “Telling the truth about boys” show and the show closed with a very relevant and powerful remark from Typhon Blue: LISTEN to your anger. When Paul asked her what advice she would give to boys on how to educate and train them for The World Of Women, for which Media and School and Society and even well-meaning Families do not fully prepare them. Listen To Your Anger. Your anger is an alert system telling you that something’s WRONG, and you would be smart to believe it. Use your anger to help you find what’s wrong and then try to solve that problem or protect yourself from it. Don’t ignore it, don’t think it’s a false flag. More likely that not, your anger is your Gut telling you that something IS wrong and unjust and potentially harmful. So don’t get harmed. Protect yourself and know that you are WORTH protecting. Don’t let your Hormones steer you into sacrificing your self-respect, integrity, and safety.

Very often we think of Logic Versus Emotion, as if they are Enemies, and Logic must Conquer Emotion every time (Well, I often leap to that conclusion!) but the bottom line is that both Logic AND Emotion can serve us well when balanced properly. A little Anger can save our lives. A little Infatuation can bond us to a mating partner and help us stay Faithful. But you have to have Logic to know when you’re getting a Raw Deal. Like Barbarossaaaa says, men are pretty good at knowing when they’re getting a deal and when they’re getting screwed. The problem is when men keep going back to get screwed, even when deep down they KNOW they’re getting screwed, because their emotions overcome their logic.

I do think the current “rift” in which people are taking issue with Rocking Mr E’s MRA+ is a little bit overblown and it will blow over. I agree partially with RME that Love Between Men and Women CAN exist and can be a beautiful, positive emotion, but I also agree with Barbarossaaaa and Stardusk that Women are predisposed to be more selfish than men and that the odds are stacked against men and to Bet On Love is a Fool’s Errand and that even if you have it good, things could go very bad overnight and you could be permanently screwed, so Know The Risks, and most of the time, the Risk Isn’t Worth The Reward. But RME is a great guy so let’s not pile-on him, hahahahaha.

I find it amusing and somewhat discouraging that MRA/MGTOW YouTube videos are filled with comments with MRA’s arguing viciously with each other over religion, politics, race, how selfish are women naturally, game, relationships, and people become Internet Tuff Guys even worse than I do. I could understand if they were ridiculing a Feminist Troll, but I think, in general, MRAs should give other MRAs a little more slack & be more civil and laugh away any personal disagreements because, at the end of the day, as MRAs, as Men, we have a LOT more in common than we don’t.



Attractive Women have a Moral Obligation to know they are Attractive and to act respectfully with that power, and their Parents have a Moral Obligation to Teach them how to do that.

Leonard Cohen is a tremendous, inspiring, beautiful, transformative, transcendent man.

Black MRAs are Powerful!

PS: I’ve always been wary of Comments, because I hate being criticized! It sounds too much like the Wimminly Advice I described above. When I leave comments, it’s not usually to troll, and usually to give support to the writer. If I disagree with anything they said, then I will say it as nicely as possible. If my disagreement is really significant, then I just won’t say anything at all, as more likely than not, our ideological differences will not be settled by any amount of arguing. If the difference of opinion annoys me enough, I’ll just stop reading the blog.

Basically this me saying that if I get a comment I don’t like, I’ll delete it.  Especially if it’s a Wimminz saying something annoying and pedantic and advicey.

Not that I anticipate a lot of comments. I don’t WANT a lot of comments!

What if anger-as-an-alert-system is just trying to tell us that our Anger Itself is misplaced? That our alert system is Broken, like a Little Boy who doesn’t get his Ice Cream and then gets really really angry for days and weeks and months and years? Well then you can get a whole lotta Xanax and just say “OKAY” passively whenever women withdraw their S3x from you so they can give it to More Alpha men.


LATER EDIT: just ignore this, I’m rambling about Caffeine and Leonard Cohen and no MRA stuff, hahahahahaha. I may end up deleting this because Being A Big Leonard Cohen Fan is something that I am easily Real-Life-Identifiable as.

I enjoy writing every day but sometimes the stuff does not really warrant a new post as it is not really on any topic. Or it may be related to the last topic. Or I just don’t want to have a new post. Like today, where I simply wanted to express Thanks and Gratitude to The Cosmos (hehehe) for having a day off and doing absolutely nothing but sleeping, drinking a nice mix of Iced Tea + Diet Mt Dew, a little modification of The Arnold Palmer which I do not have a name for yet. Normally I get up early and drink a lot of coffee all day long. With the sudden blessing of being able to sleep, I have indeed slept, and avoided Coffee for about 30 hours, unheard of. Took a Tylenol to assuage a small headache, but nothing excruciating. Still a sense of being tired and having no energy though. This is nothing new, so usually I Chug An Ocean of Coffee to make myself do what I need to do during the day. But with nothing to do, a First World Privilege if there ever was one, I decided to “detox” from Coffee for a few days while I had that luxury. I did not find a wave of energy in its place, rather, I just slept ALL DAY and went to bed at 6pm. On This, Day 2 of “vacation”, I still felt tired after a full night of sleep. So I “broke down” and got a little caffeine in the form of the “Super Arnold Palmer.”

And this has absolutely nothing to do with Men’s Rights. I was thinking about making a Second Blog for non-Men’s Rights things.

I have always been a big Tom Waits fan and also a big Leonard Cohen Fan. To me, these Singer-Songwriters deserve just as much recognition as “the mainstream” gives Bob Dylan. I don’t hate Bob Dylan, he just comes in at – at most – third place here. Usually I had always ranked Waits above Cohen, but these days I’m finding I’m ranking Cohen above Waits. Going back and listening to all the Cohen albums I’d not given enough attention: “Recent Songs,” “Death of a Ladies Man”, “Various Positions”, “New Skin for the Old Ceremony”, actually, a good 40% of Cohen’s Oeuvre I’m not as familiar with as I should be. All this is probably brought on by Cohen’s new 2012 album “Old Ideas”, which may just be Classic Cohen. The big problem with Bob Dylan is his inconsistency. If every album he made was as good as “Blonde on Blonde” or his first 4 or 5 albums, then he wouldn’t be at such a distant third place for me. Not that I’m crapping on Dylan’s newer albums either. His old-man voice sounds great. I guess Cohen just speaks to me more personally, and even his “inconsistent” albums are growers. Maybe it has to do with him taking at least 4 years between each album.

And I’ve never been a fan of Lyrics for some reason, I just rarely pay attention to lyrics. Maybe it’s my pessimistic view of musicians, and I don’t think they should try to be “poets” too. Pick one or the other because you can’t possibly be good at both. Obviously I don’t feel this way about Cohen. What I really like is how the first verse of lyrics starts off real simple and straightforward and even banal, but then as the song unfolds, he blows that theme wide open and says something spine-chillingly profound, but still related to the foundation he sets in the beginning. The first song on “Old Ideas” def does this.  Maybe even “Hallelujah” or “Suzanne” arguably.

So I’m thankful I “discovered” that new album “Old Ideas”, it got me back on a pretty serious Cohen kick. I’d like him to live forever and keep making new albums, but really we’re fortunate to get this one, it was uncertain whether he would ever make an album of new songs after “Ten New Songs.” And he’s 75 or 76.  Anyway I hope he lives to 120 and makes a dozen more albums. I was also clued into a recent live album called “Songs From The Road” (classic Cohen album title eh?) which was released after the magnificent “Live In London” and features that same Hot Band. (Many of which have been playing with Cohen since the 70s!)  But included some songs which were noticeably missing from LiL, namely, “Avalanche”, “Famous Blue Raincoat”, “Chelsea Hotel”, “The Partisan”, and, possibly my favourite, “Waiting for the Miracle.” I’ve never disliked that song but until I heard this live version I wouldn’t think of putting it on the same level as those previous songs. This Version gives the song the treatment it deserves, really breathes new life into it.

Back in the Day I preferred Old Cohen to New Cohen because it sounded more Organic and I thought he sounded better with the Old Bob Dylan style production of just a man and a guitar. When he incorporated a band, it was often overproduced, to my ears, in a “Cheesy 80s” sense, and was a bit off-putting. Live In London and Songs From The Road present a full-band approach to the material that is much more timeless, giving me a new appreciation for the stuff that may have “suffered” with a “dated” production on the studio versions. Of course now I can go back & listen to those albums and they sound fine. But it’s also amazing how a guy with a reputation for being an “intimate singer-sognwriter” can put on such a great live show with band.

And now I’m reminded of the semi-recent “Isle of Wight” live album which was pulled out of the vaults, and that was Solid too. That was no more recent than about 1974 (checked: 1970), close to his “Live Songs”, his first official Live Album, early 70s. Those sounded great too. I guess the man can do absolutely no wrong in my opinion.

Heh. So my “underrated” Cohen Songs Of The Moment Are:

“Waiting For The Miracle” (live 2010ish)

“Tennessee Waltz” (included on 2004ish album “Dear Heather”, but a live track recorded in 1990s I THINK)

“Sing Another Song, Boys” (included on Songs Of Love And Hate but clearly a Live recording from early 70s, proving, as on “Live Cohen”, he still put on a Sick Show back then)

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