I would like to strike a balance between  an unscripted, off-the-top-of-my-head, stream-of-consciousness, talking-to-the-Youtube-Camera style of rambling, && reasonably coherent, Readable Writing, all while doing a minimum of revision: Being Maximally Readable with a Minimal amount of EFFORT, in other words. Because we are all busy people without a second to waste!

My chosen topic for today is Infatuation, and I will certainly revisit it in the future, as I’ve been consistently interested in over the long-term past; it was a signif topic on my previous blog, and it underscores some of my interest in Game. Recently I’ve been viewing Infatuation through the lens of a Biochemical / Neurochemical Process which produces a panoply of Emotional Results. (Ok I am not succeeding in writing Terse, Hemingwaylike prose!)

In short (TL;DR), In My OPINION, I believe Infatuation is very much like a Drug, and the Oxytocin or Serotonin or Dopamine or Whatever floods the Human Brain whenever the Object Of Infatuation is around, creating an emotional high so potent it feels physical, transcendent, and transformative; but, much like other Drugs, much like The Power Of Young Female Beauty, it contains potential for Awesome Highs and Soul-Crushing Lows, and is thus not a thing to be trifled with. Serious Business.

It’s very probably some men are naturally pre-wired with different tolerance levels to Infatuation, or, as Stardusk so aptly terms it, “Resistance to Kryptonite.” And that we may, at different points in our lives, react to and handle Kryptonite differently.

What I’m getting at is there is a large Emotional Component that seems beyond our control, and as men of Logic and Reason, it can be pretty frustrating when we have trouble Controlling our Emotions Using Logic. What’s going on here. Is our logic faulty? Or is it not Strong enough? Or are We not strong enough? I think part of it has to do with Infatuation itself being so fundamentally powerful – it creates an emotion so strong that it often can get the better of our otherwise super-strong logical faculties, and bring otherwise strong men to their knees.

At worst it can be like a “monkey on the addict’s back” or the “black dog of depression” or the “unwanted parasite”, something dreadful and destructive that’s dug itself into every fibre of your being and you long to be free of. You know you somehow must possess the power to free yourself, through strength of will and intellect, but you clearly haven’t succeeded, because you certainly don’t feel free yet.

It is something that there can be no equivocation about. If it’s there, you know it’s there. No maybes or sort ofs. Just yes or no. Black and white. All or nothing. And this sense of absolute certainty can be both comforting in the good manifestation, and crushing in the bad.

Trying to get to an ultimate Thesis Point here, hahaha: I’d argue that it’s this sense of Infatuation, which obviously is quite synonymous with “Obsession” and “Pedestalization”, which has driven men to Commit and Sacrifice for Certain “Special” women in their lives. It is the Madness which Makes “True Love.” Many say there’s a big difference between Infatuation and “Love”, although I would personally disagree, and suggest that The Terrifying Power of Infatuation is what best lays the foundation for Long-Term Love. Well, between non-blood/genetic relations, of course.

Combine Infatuation with Sex and it becomes even more powerful. Wrap it all up in the package of a Young (18 thru Early Twenties), Fresh-faced, Radiant-Skinned, Low-Mileage, Bright-Eyed, “Angelic” woman, and you get the most powerful combination imaginable, which can easily sustain over the course of a human lifetime.

The vast majority of human beings have to some extent been “burned” by Infatuation Gone Wrong. Some unfortunate souls are even completely destroyed. To me, this points to the fact that Infatuation Is Powerful and must be Respected as Such. Like The Young Fertile Uterus. And we should NOT try to “nurture” this natural force into a new way of being. While what-is-natural-is-not-always-RIGHT — and I think part of The Dignity and Honour of Being Human is rising above our more base, violent, angry, emotional, lustful, short-sighted, selfish animal natures — in other ways we can’t and shouldn’t escape that animal nature; or at least we should use it as A Wise Warning: don’t waste Female Youthful Sexual Power (indeed, Infatuation-making Power) on a C0ck Carousel and call it “Liberated” or “freedom.” And don’t pretend that Infatuation is just some primitive destructive urge that we must ignore or eliminate. We must consciously avoid it when it works to our disadvantage, but also “nurture the nature” when it does work to our advantage. (And yes, that is selfish, so I AM contradicting myself on that thing I said about the dignity in rising above our selfish animal natures.)

Ok, Ok. It’s fine to be selfish as long as we are not HURTING other people in the process.

No I’m not Imposing My Morality, I’m simply Expressing My Moral Opinions, which are strong enough that I would call them Beliefs, hahahahaha. You don’t have to agree with them. But if you DO, then I would probably get along with You better than if You didn’t!

Quick and dirty. The objective of this blog is to write posts in….well, less than 30 minutes!

So that’s my stopping point for today. Simply to express My Opinion that Infatuation is Serious, Powerful, and is going to be an Important and Relevant Topic in My Perspective on MRA & MGTOW & Game & Manosphere & Men’s Issues. You don’t have to LIKE it, there are loads of other Men’s Blogs out there, hahahaha. Have A Good Day and hope You can make Infatuation a Positive (or Neutral!) rather than a Negative force in Your life, as it has been the Starting Point for the downfall of many men. But it doesn’t Have to be.

PS: Does the Strange “Natural” Chemical of Infatuation ever present in Women? If so, might it present in different ways / forms such that it is not even comparable to the way it does in Men, much like how it’s difficult to Compare Men and Women generally in an “apple-to-apples” fashion, since there are such significant biological differences? But this is not to say there are NO similarities between Men and Women, because we are all Human Beings, and so can be compared on Some level….right? More questions than answers.

Anyway, my opinion/belief at the moment, and this is not without considerable reading and experience behind it, is that Women are Infatuated by the power, strength, status, social dominance, charisma, influence, & popularity exemplified by “Alpha” Men,  the way Men are Infatuated by the Angelic Beauty and Seeming Innocence exemplified by YOUNG Women. For the ForeverAlone Omega “lickspittle” Friendzone Orbiter Pedestalizer wondering if Any Women have ever known this same kind of Brutal, Sacrificial, Unreturned Luv, yes, yes they have, but just for much more Alpha Men.

The Force of Infatuation may even be strong enough to compete with Men’s propensity to want to Bang Everything That Moves, and to commit himself to the “Special” Someone. Male Commitment, like Infatuation, like Young Uteri, like Female Sexual Choice, is not something that I like to see people take for granted.

Yet Another Edit: I am not speaking from Present Personal Experience, because Thank G-d I have learned from the Pitfalls of Past Personal Experience, and hopefully You can/do/did as well.

“Final” Edit, Next Day: This is by no means my final word on this topic, just a sign of things to come.

It should have been obvious to me yesterday one of the starkest obviousnesses regarding Infat, of the Orwellian Right In Front Of Our Noses Variety: Infat can give one person tremendous power over another, and this power is rife with opportunities for exploiting and taking advantage of the wieldee. This is probably the single biggest problem of infat. “Ideally”, it would be a two-way street of “mutually assured destruction” where each party’s power over their counterpart would cancel each other out, and both people would be equally attracted to each other almost magnetically, but I’d argue the Unilateral, One-Way, Abuse-Of-Power variety is more prevalent, and this is why infat-on-average can seem like more of a bad thing and less of a good thing.

No Sh!t! (I suspect there will be plenty more Cap’n Obvious to come. I am not such a SPERG that I need to be Schooled In The Obvious, but I do think even Non-Spergs need a gentle, man-friendly reminder from time to time!)

Yet another Edit (May 8) because I am THAT serious about procrastinating even more on my real responsibilities like Work and School and Resume-Building:

All other things being constant, a 20-year-old girl is much more likely to generate infatuation in the man than a 30-year-old woman.

I would be very interested in reading the work of Credentialed Medical and Research Professionals who study Brain Chemicals and Neurotransmitters and Hormones and such, as a way to study Infatuation, especially its relation to The Age Of the Women that Elicit it. And, for that matter, the qualities of the Men who elicit Infatuation in Women. It would have to be as unfettered by Marxist Ideological as can be for academic research, OF COURSE, and maybe I’m just naive in assuming that Medicine and Hard Sciences are more immune to PC, Feminist Cultural Marxism than Bullcrap Social Science Departments.

And again I want to caution against those who say things like “Oh that’s not ‘love’, that’s Just Infatuation.” I suggest that at the end of the day, there’s not as much of a difference as these people would like. I argue love is the glove into which infatuation slips its hand, that infatuation is the bedrock of long-term love, the irrational madness (craziness) that can glue people together for life. Defining terms gets pretty tricky I admit. The bottom line is, my definition of infatuation is that it is Serious Stuff, it’s not “just” anything, people have lost their lives over it, history has been shaped according to it, it’s crazy, it’s very powerful, AND it can sustain over a very long time, and it not necessarily just a short-term thing that lasts a couple of weeks, and I think it does the notion a great disservice when it is portrayed as an insignificant, fleeting thing.

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