Getting evenseriouser: 1000Wds Succint.  $37ValueForSURE.

No metal, Men’s Rights today – just 1000W, ONE topic.

Don’t go to movies anymore bc they suck; waste of money, car-gas, time, sleep, energy. More costs than benefits of enjoying theatre envt. HAS to be Big Deal. Avengers was. Warranted expenses. Did IMAX 3D for $15 &SMALL pop $4.50. Too pricey but still wouldn’t forgo.


Ideally woulda watched atleast Thor&CapnAmerica beforehand, prob woulda had backstory, didn’t know if was gonna appear in Avengers. Didn’t. ThrewYou rightInto Mix. One big event after other, lots of PlotPivotPoints, escalating oneUpMansShip. InterestingNoticing the BalanceOfPower: Who held power in each scene, whoWould be “Winner” of each individualScene. StringABunchOfTheseScenesTogether and

There’sYourMovie. SeveralPointsIGotOverwhelmed, hadToTakeABreak&PlayThisGame

WhereITriedToMatchTheExactPercentageOfPopInMyCup ToExactPercentageOfTheMovieThatHadElapsed. OkayTheseLongCamelCaseSpacelessWordsLikeIDoOnTwitter

AreREALLYGonnaMessUpTheWordCountMoreThanIThought. IfIMakeEachWordAnEntirePhraseOf9000Words&Characters

ThenOneCouldEssentiallyWrite9000BiblesIn1000WordsOrLess, TotallyDefeatingThePurpose ButThatsOK LetThisBeALearningMoment Hahahahahahahahaha.

RJD, Ruffalo, and Hiddleston were best ACTORS in movie, whereas Thor/Asgardians/Loki seemed to be most important to STORY. wish Hemsworth played his role more charismatically, or that Thor would have meatier part.  situations Whedon places chars into are interesting, even if every scene could be reduced to “simple oneupsmanship and dissing.” Does keep you guessing on what can so and so do in this situation; who would be the strongest Avenger?  depends on situation.  IMHO weakest CHARACTER was actually Cpn America.  went into Avengers w prejudice against Chris Evans BUT he wasn’t as bad as I thought, no complaints really,  just wasn’t Awesome, or really “inhabiting” the role like Top 3 Actors mentioned above. Was constantly questioning “Well who’s REALLY the strongest character of them all? Who’s The Big Bad and the Big Good? What side is Hawkeye or Stellan Skarsgard really ON, given the blue glint of The Tesseract in their eyes?” Still can’t remember exact name of thing haha. Was clear IT was the source of Absolute Power, that Ring of power that can be used for both good and evil theme which I like so much.

Liked Nihilism of Loki and “Freedom itself is pathetic farce” shtick, nice pure evil villain. Loki was not afraid of the Avengers, liked his boldness. But he WAS afraid of Tesseract. Movie was like Mystery, was asking questions afterwards for 3 hours after ending. Made actually watching movie kind of frustrating, bc it felt shaggydoglike, just adding more&more fuel and threads, so climax actually felt bit rushed! coulda easily ADDED 30 mins to that act, not something I usually say! Buildup to climax (ie ALL of movie prior to) seemed shorter than it was. MAYBE woulda liked more than TWO-ACT structure. wanted 3 at least, haha. Not dealbreaker though. Like caveman HULK STYLE REVIEW DONTCHYA. NOT BAD UH. FUN W WRITING HONING. 430 WORDS. WRITE LIKE THIS ALL TIME! HULK SMRTEST BESTEST WRITER!

JRenner & Johansson Not bad, not great. Sufficient. Again shoulda got backstory on Tisserands Mind-enslaving power. my bad. &who was evil guy on moonlike night planet that Loki consulted? Loki’s “boss”, Loki’s “Client”, or “partner”? Powerfuller?  That’s on me, not Whedon bc didnt see Thor. But THAT GUY was effectively evil, woulda liked to see more. Maybe he was boss of “Alien Army.”

First signif exposure to Dark Knight Rises preview. Like superdark tone, espec impressed w Bane. Very Scary Evil Sadism, possib more evil CHAR than Joker, tho hard to beat Ledger’s PERFORMANCE. Still, looks promising!

Loki’s Consult on nightplanet captured Pure Evil nicely. Liked Partially HUMAN aspect  – outward appearance of once-humanoid figure Driven To Mad Evil by experiencing Tortures Of Damned.

Movie appealed to masculine mind of Ranking &categorizing. What type of being more powerful. GIANTS greater than GODS? (more a Norse & Greek mythos question, questioning Authentic Norseness of Thor backstory – more reason to watch “Thor.” Are Asgardians GODS or ALIENS? How related to HUMANS? LOOK like humans!

Fave char = Hulk. Convinced to watch controversial AngLee Hulk film. Mildmannered Scientist W Uncontrollable Rage Strongly Appealed Personally. But glad to see Hulk get Redemption qua Becoming Boss of Rage!

Does RJD strongly “Owning” Iron Man role influence reading of IMan COMIC? Compare w Hemsworths much less masterful (ButNotBad!) acting. But In Beginning, Both Thor AND IronMan both “actorless”, use imagination to enhance personality, not Acting Starpower.

Like Both EricBana AND EdNorton, also Very open to AngLee’s “controversial” adaptation. From limited prev knowledge, could be theAvenger most in my Wheelhouse. Like RJD’s IronMan, great example of AlphaMale CHARISMA & “amused, aloof mastery”, but pers prefer more profound Internal Conflict & Alpha, Beta, Anger & HardScientist issues over SilverSpoon Natural Alpha Playboy (tho IMan’s sufficiently Bad455 & Smart nonetheless!)

80% of ThisMovie is Buildup. SEEMS like premeditated to be TwoParter; contrast “Tacked-On MoneyGrab Superfluous Sequel.” ie, GOOD. Majority thisMovie was asking constant questions; part2 hints to answer. IMHO adds evenMORE significance, possible hype to Pt2. LOT to live up to. All Eyez on Whedon. Hopefully brings in more overarching mythology emcompassing/explaining Whole Cosmology including Asgardians, whoSeem to be TheBoss in ThisOne. NeedToExplain Rel BW AsgardGods & BlueCube. Didnt do Homework. my bad. Didnt even know who mysterious EndingEasterEggGuy was. &Lots prob explained in ACTUAL COMICS. there’s an idea: read comix, dont just watch movies! &I do Like Reading comix moreThan Dense Turgid Melvillean Prose.

worried Ruffalo would be big loser sissy pansy JosephGordonLevitt Style Omega SWPL hipster. Nope he pulled it off. Portrayed Banner’s Dorkiness tastefully &endearingly, didn’t overdo.

Hulk talk really just sim to notetaking shorthand. no bigdeal. calm hulk. still squeeze max info into 1000 words. MaxEffective AND MaxEfficient.

Hadnt heard New Soundgarden yet. First guess MASTODON. “soundsLike Stonerish Prog DoomRock, touch of Mainstream, thus Mastodon, Baroness, Or TheSword. Hope no DaveGrohl!” Credits Confirm Soundgarden. Not MY Cuppa, but not horrible. Good, relevant, appropriate, effective HardRock.

IMHO Whedon better fit for thisMovie than Favreau. Curious how Branagh handled Thor. Ultimately not overly impressed w CaptAmerica. NotBad, but just THERE. Blame Evans. Comic Prob Good. Never big comic guy, always preferred comSTRIPS & GraphNovs. Havent Had my MOMENT.

Complexity to Newbs Demands Second Viewing, but not IMMEDIATELY. measure of “classic” = amt time bw first ending & second volitional viewing.



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