Still doin “quasi-Hulk” for few more posts. CRAM IN MAX INFO 1000 WDS. ADD MAX VALUE 4U!! AlexKurtagic mentions very recent death of Jonathan Bowden, never heard of, appar very powerful orator on New Right in England. Gonna check out some speeches. Like powerful speeches/speakers.

AppleCiderVinegar not helping “perleche”/AngularCheilitis very much, mightBe gettingWorse. May Upgrade To AntiFungalCream EWW. TMI. Haha. CanBe Either Fungal OR Bacterial, haGross. Fungal more common? Vinegar SUX. Now looks DISGUSTING, embarrassing, & more painful. WORSE than pre-vinegar! Will try Listerine (“AntiSEPTIC”), read good review. first try = MUCH less painful stinging than Vineg.

UncleBern yet again making vids faster thanI can watch. Must CatchUp!

Thergothon has ClassicSongs, but not ENOUGH songs, and frustrating production; prefer uberraw prod on “Fhtagn” right now; rub: “Fhtagn” no have “Everlasting.”

Alternative: Checkout “YogSothoth Rising”, huge TRIBUTE album by DoomBands influencedByTherg, incl MournfulCongregation & ASUNDER f John Gossard of WEAKLING, shortlist of Greatest USBlackMetal Bands. RESPECT WEAKLING. IGenEnjoy TributeAlbums to Cult Metal Bands. EspIf Orig Prod left sth 2B desired. Turdathon. SPERGATHON hahaha.

EVOKEN: VERY aware of. Discovered back in THE day (prime time.) Before Therg, after diSEMBOWELMENT. Between “Embrace” and “Quietus”, when Numinas (Krohm) still in band / NJersey. Lost track after Quietus. Later (post-my-prime-time) listened superficially to Antithesis but not Void. Had Moments W Embrace & Quietus but not Antithesis yet. hopeful.

Survival Demands Minimum of ENERGY and WORK. U don’t SUPPLY, U DIE.

IRespect Virtue of HARD WORK, & people who do; but also ENVY & find very hard to do personally.

Dont wanna post too frequently. 1000 word posts M,W,&F, no more. Could EZ write 2000 Wds/DAY.  = queue/stack of drafts pre-done. Hypoth: WATCH THE STACK. Keep THAT DECREASING at Constant Rate.

Might ALWAYS need2 write like Hulk to keep that Rate (of Decrease) NonObsessive & healthy (IE Not Big Magnitude) ha.

wanna keep this at LEAST 60% Men’s Issues, no more than 40% “off-topic.”

Hypoth that bc people change, go thru dev phases, that Female Promiscuity could be GOOD depending on SITUATION; just get it out of system; wild oats; just bc yr promis when young does NOT mean you will be later; re promisc – past behaviour does NOT NECESS predict future behaviour.

My Personal Alt Hypoth / rebuttal: BC of Women’s Uterus, sex inherently riskier for Women than Men; even a brief young wildoats Phase can Permanently Damage A Female’s PAIR-BONDING capacity, leading her not haaaaappy w Beta Provider in 30s, frivolous divorce, divorce theft, broken bankrupt man, disgracefully aging eat pray love cougar. Unhaaaaaaaaapiness aka “problem w no name” comes from HER riding C0ckCarousel too much. HER problem not his. Something’s broken in HER. Broken bc of CAROUSEL.

“WE(They) BROKE UP” = SHE DUMPED HIM. (EUREKA!! Tweetworthy Insight) Not all time, but at LEAST 67% of time. Or More. How does AGE of both man & woman influence?

VERY interested in numbers/statistics to measure/prove SocScience Hypoths, but HATE STUDYING STATS. SO BORING, Doesn’t STICK at ALL. teaching Hard Topics using Titillating EXAMPLES illustrated in COMICS, haha. already have “cartoon guide to physics” etc.

“Broken Man” fallacy almost identical to “gaping wound” fallacy. shaming language. MISCHAR man as “He’s A Broken Man, too emo damaged to make sense.” NOPE. WRONG. LOGIC FAIL.

Don’t Attack The Man! RESPOND Intelligently to the CLAIM!

maybe not laziness VERSUS “depression”; maybe there can be MIX of BOTH, then hard to tell Which is Which. Laziness is SHAMEWORTHY, Depression not necess. But think both go handInHand. Hard to know where/when the Depr AND Lazy person ought stop Shaming himself. But its NOT bad to Shame self for A Moral Shortcoming. Useful, purposeful Shame. Shame’s gotten bad rap by Amoral-Immoral Leftist Self-Esteem Generation Educators! SHAME SL00TS 4LIFE!

Validity & Respectability of SocialSciences, esp LINGUISTICS. Does Ling EXIST ONLY in Bourgest L33test Univs that itd be reliable signifier of A BourgeLeetUniv? IThink Psych is Cr4p bc its a CulturallyMarxist SoftScience, poisonedByLeftists, BUT ILike EvoPsych. &NonMarxistPsych. Also “Catholic Psych”, see RaymondRichmond SanFran. IFind Linguistics very INTERESTING esp qua race/culture/development of language. Proto-Indo-European, families/hierarchy of languages. Norse & German are obv related, but cant remember which CAME FIRST. Or is there Common Ancestor. Connecting Languages to Tribes & Ethnicities & Regions & ProtoStates & Religious Mythologies. Norse vs “German” “mythology”? Wagner’s RingCycle? wth??? but i DO know Slavic myth is more “differentiated” and has gods like CzernoBog and Perun and sth. Need To read Fraziers “GoldenBough” if didn’t have AdultADD haha. But IBelieve LinguisticInfo shouldBe Available to ALL, notJust BourgeLeetUniv DBags.  “Yknow EVERYTHING’S on TEH INTERNET!” True but where/from whom does prospective Ling Student receive FIRST CONTACT?

done w that, no desire toWrite Dissertation haha. NowThink about SEX W (LEGAL) YOUNG GIRLS again!

IEnjoyed Final HOUSE Episode. NoSignif Complaints, WellDone. House: “Pascal’sWager is FACILE!” HousesConscience: “SAYING It’s facile is facile!” 1 thing that sticks. PWager is prettymuch what I’m doing. May indeed be facile, but I don’tThink it’s BAD/IMMORAL. I Can LiveWithIt.

IDon’t USE RapidShare (hehe) But I HEAR it’s SLOW AS SH!T!!!

Very Interesting Burzum Umskpitar Review. Touches on Aging, PersDev, Musical innovation across The Lifespan, Emo Teenagers vs More Secure Adults, re Varg Vikernes & being “fed quasi-theosophic cosmic stuff by his wife.” Not that reviewer KNOWS Mrs V! Im Interested In Vargs Home Life & speculate its influence. Fact:Wife is French & PROB shares some of Varg’s interests in Mythology & Cultures. Compare W A Wife who cannot even 1% comprehend husband’s interests. Altho IBelieve PhysAttract still MORE important, interest-sharing w yr mate MIGHT be Great Perk!

notetaking Style arguably captures “Microblogging” style of Twitter. NEW PARADIGM: Blog&Twitter HYBRID.  VALUE-ADD.

The 35% off-topics also value-add, differentiate. “THE MRA Blog That Also Discusses MetalMusic, Movies, ItsAuthor’s Neuroses in Annoying Notespeak.” $35 Post.

NiallFerguson’s “Civilization” debuting on PBS. both disappointing yet watchable, haha. 9000YdView Develo Political Philosophy in North vs South Americas.

JimParsons “BigBangTheory” Comes Out. CALLED IT so long ago. my gaydar is top of line! Tho pers pref he were GayActing StraightGuy. would make easier for other G.A.S.G.’s like moi 2Pull YoungTail.

My Interpretation of Pascs Wager is Facile & prob FALLACIOUS too haha.

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