Title MuchMore approp re Previous Post, measuring Value of Human Life. But WillBe Recurring Topic.

I’m not George Lopez Fan Blog. Just Coincidence/Timing, watching regularly lately. Continuing With Calm Shorthand Hulk. Not even really “HULK”. Get Over It! Don’t get mad. Big Girl Panties. Will return normal coupla days. PRACTICING terseness/word economy. Honing Career Skills. FUN!

Lopez 2-parter: meets his Father first time 32 years. Deadbeat abandoned family when George was 2. Mother’s no saint either. Major part of wholeShow is her being shoddy mother. but deep down loves fam & wouldn’t abandon. Lied to George about father, made father look even worse. Really complicates, makes George&audience question how much of deadbeat he actually was, or is mother lying about everything always? Not sure what George gonna do. George & mother both outrageously stubborn/proud, no charity/handouts. Here Lopezes need 17grand immediately. emergency. George refuses help from bestfriend, RussianMob, WifesFather, &refuses to ask rich estranged dad. Mother(Benny) asks DadsNewWife on Behalf, wife delivers personally to George, he gets emo, but takes check anyway, goes to see dad personally for 1st time.

meeting not played for laughs – good. father ecstatic to see George, apologizes seemingly earnestly. George doesn’t accept; tears up check & punches dad OUT. complicated. much more classy &grownup than if father had been huge 455 in scene. repentance seems genuine, but still he’d not Walked the Talk for all of George’s life, so understand George’s reaction. hope not end of George/Father storyline. part ends w them taking $$ from George’s Wife’s rich Cuban father. “Latino” versions of Pride and Respect prominent.

Relevance to My Helping Men Blog: MANNING UP, DEADBEATS. Doing Right Thing. Surprise Pregnancy, unprepared parents. Abortion. See TheIgnoredGender’s outstanding recent video on abortion:

how feminazis claim men aren’t allowed to HAVE opinion bc they’re men & can’t GET pregnant. Double Standard of Unprepared Mother as Hero, Unprepared Father as Deadbeat. No Pro-Choice and No Rights For Father, just Responsibilities &Penalties. Follow The MONEY. ModernMeaning of “man up” is USUALLY Shaming Language DISGUISED as “doing right thing”, Appealing to men’s sense of honor/ethics, = freebies for AvgModWstWimminz & vicious circle of Men’s Silence – “whining” is not “manly”, Men’s concerns mischar’d as illegit, inapprop, overreacting, extreme, angry, patholog, creepy, WRONG.

Legal Paternal Surrender. Could give Men more Power of Choice. Realistic Likelihood of Lamestream Sitcom: Mother&Child living in poverty, DeadbeatDad becomes rich entrepreneur who just didn’t feel like paying ChildSupport, never coerced by courts or anything! My Own Knowledge Gap re CS Laws, Divorce vs Separation, LA Courts Treatment of Poor Latinas in 1970s.

Horror Stories of Evil Mothers taking CS payments, spending all on shoes/vacations/drugs/alcohol & none on child. GLShow doesnt address this extreme but Seems to Keep It Marginally Really Realer than Avg Lamestream Sitcom. Hence my short-term interest.

454 words & slowing. * 2 = 1000.  Since these 1/2 sentences, then this’d be 1000 PROPER word article. future reference. 1 Topic, 1000 words = goal.

2 topics, 2000 words. Notion of a 500 word topic. or 750 hahaha. what would be, when to do.

random topics:

“almost famous” lester bangs tells young cam crowe (forgot kid’s char name ha) to write 1000 words on black sabbath. rock is dying, rock is dead. lou reed trying to be david bowie, go back to old school, be your self, be lou reed. like the early stuff. stillwater = 70s rock excess, lack of substance. but I LIKE LedZeppelin’s Entire Catalogue! music critics esp lester bangs = huge douchebags. Kid shoulda just became a lawyer like bangs said. good advice. Watched first 30 mins cuz AF on tv at good time. Stopped watching when kate hudson first appeared. dont like her & char is deluded wh0re, not in mood. saw movie 3 times already, still conclude Good Movie, some Good Chars, good Writing, should see if havent. today just wanted the LesBangs/Crowe convos re music, integrity, & writing.

watch very few movies. only on TV. don’t have netflix, xbox, streaming, DVR, ondemand, yes sux, hope fix but lazy. used rent tons dvds from publib, now too lazy. stopped going theatre cuz too expensive + new movies = stream of total crap.  & very rare catch watchable movie basic cable like “almost famous.”

lucky catch “la confidential”, been wanting to see, shoulda seen years ago, randomly read great reviews recently. movie was solid! good! but seemed really straightforward. nowhere near as confusing a “mystery” as I expected. GuyPearce looks REAL young. RussellCrowe was good. I like seeing Good Men’s Morality tested by Complicated Situations. Even tho he’s a Savage & does many unethical things & beats the woman, we can tell he’s Still A Good Man, wouldn’t Beat Women for Sadistic Pleasure.  Usually Slap The Woman Moment = Kick The Dog Moment = unequivocal evil villain, point of no return. movie very masculine in good way, not shaming or one-dimensional way. Feeeel/Tone was good throwback to 1940s HardBoiled LA Detectives / Noir, compare/contrast “Chinatown.” Also seemed nostalgically old by 2012 standards – good for movie, made me feel OLD. worth watching for all. woulda liked more w/out tons commercials.

School might be making me UNPRODUCTIVE longterm. classes over, no summer classes (but good young ideal career-focused students MUST take summer classes; but I’m OLD & CareerChanger, not young eager FirstChancer). Feel great weight lifted. Somewhat More ENERGY, somewhat Friendlier, less anxious, possib less angry – No Summer Classes seems like WIN right off bat. LIKE A SIR!! SKOOL SUX & IS BAD! DONT GO TO SKOOL! DROP OUT!

Related: IBelieve PURPOSE of BUSINESS is PROFIT, NOT be “ETHICAL”. As long as you’re not killing people, “predatory” lending to the IGNORANT is THEIR OWN FAULT. Biz SHOULD take advantage because PROFIT is THAT important. HARD to earn Profit. Most Biz’s FAIL. Conflicting w beliefs that Customers should be treated honestly, fairly, not screwed. 18 Year Olds SHOULD BE mature & informed enough to choose wisely re Education which is BUSINESS. I’m Butthurt bc I wasn’t haha. But SHOULD Edu BE a Business?  generally Ibelieve Businesses serve Common Greater Good more effectively than Taxfunded Beauracracies. But have BIG Knowledge Gap on Expenses&Revenues of running a University. more later!

Great Armageddon1115 Vid “American Wimminz Can’t Argue”:

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