some search terms in myStats: “cant we all just get along feminist mra” , “barbarossaaaa too angry.” doesn’t mean people are looking for ME thinking THAT’s me or Think That I THINK THAT, but lemme just make crystal clear w

Official Announcement Of My Unequivocal Solid Opinion/Position:

I’ve said “can’t we all just get along” before, but I am NOT a “feminist” or “feminist MRA.” “Feminist MRA” is RIDICULOUS. NO SUCH THING. When I say “CWAJGA?”, it’s not meant to be overthought too spergerly. Imean it for MEN to get along with EACH OTHER, for the diff threads within Manosphere to realize we’re on same team & not get TOO divisive like recent Youtube MRA/MGTOW “rift.” Both sides have great points & great MEN, now shake hands and Fight Feminism!

And more generally, be nice to people you meet bc that makes life easier, in your best interest, they might be nice to you too. Golden Rule. But DON’T TAKE Sh!T, don’t let yourself get taken advantage of, loudly denounce THAT. But don’t be generally an A55hole D0ucheb4g. Just be nice and CHILL. Unless Feminists are in your face.

And NO, I DON’T think Barbarossaaaa is “too angry.” He is Just Right.  I’ll be liking &respecting Barbarossaaaa for a LONG time to come; & one day I’d like to meet him &shake his hand and Buy Him Booze (if he drinks; I don’t) and THANK him for being his Self. SOME PEOPLE THINK he’s “too angry”, but They’re Wrong hahaha.

So Don’t Call me THE FEMINIST MRA. You can call me a FRIENDLY MRA because maybe I am “less intimidating” or a bit of a”Niceguy(tm)” & I Like being Friendly to people sometimes, but make no mistake, I AM A VERBAL BOOT IN THE FACE OF FEMINIST PIGS. I’m not any “friendlier” than Bernard Chapin eh! One reason I like OL’ UNCLE BERN so much is because he seems pretty friendly & I personally like that quality in people. Maybe You don’t! Different strokes!

When I write Swear Words like C|_|ntRaepN!gg3rF4gg0tK!K3 you might be annoyed by the 1337_h4XXX0R_5p33K, OR by the offensive words themselves. My rationale: I like Really Offensive Words, but I think Profligate Swearing is Uncouth & Crass. AND it’s a small Homage to Uncle Bern bc he never swears in his videos. For Him I think it’s a Cover Your 455 kinda thing so he can have no probable cause of being flagged, and to be Family Friendly. I too wanna get The Message out to people of all ages.

Iwannabe Clear and Open and Honest about my own “ideology.” My Official Opinion on Relationships With Women: Men have DIED. Men have been imprisoned for LIFE and Actually RAPED EVERY DAY. Innocent men who gave it all & were CRUCIFIED. Simply because they LOVED the wrong woman. So Protect yourself. Hold Women accountable & make them PROVE themselves to you. You deserve someone AS GOOD AS YOU. Don’t be cowed by desperation & loneliness, even though it IS much harder for Men to “Get” women than for women to “get” men, to Settle For a Piece of Crap just because she LETS you. It is INFINITELY better to be ALONE FOR LIFE than to get SCREWED LIKE THAT. Enjoy and indulge in your aloneness. Celebrate the company and Beautiful Love of your Family and Platonic Friends, you’re not REALLY “Alone”.  And We MRAs already understand “Not All Women Are Like That”. WE GET IT. If you happen to meet a RelationshipWorthy Woman, then good for you. the chances just are just not great.  Realize she could do a 180 Overnight. & get a Prenup. Better yet, don’t get Married Legally. Know the Laws about Common Law Marriage too. Be Vigilant. Read Dalrock’s how to interview a prospective Rel Partner. Watch for Warning signs. This should all be Common Sense, but Men’s Common Sense can get Clouded by Desperation/Loneliness, which we will always have more of than women. Now, not ALL Men have as much of a desire for Rels with Women. They got lucky! But those of us who DO shouldn’t Shame OurSELVES for it – just don’t let it hurt you.

This has been the topic of MRA infighting. I think some MRAs are gonna want Rels with Women, and others won’t, and each group will be pretty set in their ways and won’t be convinced by the other, and that’s FINE. They see some woman and their brain fires with Powerful Infatuation, Oxytocin, & Love-Chemicals. Yes, this may be an Irreconcilable Difference, but need not be a Truly DIVISIVE Difference if ya get me. Men can Civilly Agree to Disagree on that one point. As men, we should all support each other even if we don’t fully understand “why” some men “still want” Rels with Women. IMHO kinda like being born straight or gay. Some men just WANT Rels more. don’t judge them for it, don’t say they shouldn’t, don’t try to convince them never to try. Those who do want Rels just have to be more CAUTIOUS.

On Left & Right: Uncle Bern is very much of the opinion that MensRights is “A Left-Right Issue” & that Feminism Is a symptom of the bigger problem, Leftism. Barbarossaaaa & Stardusk disagree somewhat and are not as Right-Wing in their libertarianism as UncleBern. Maybe that puts me “left” of Bern and “right” of those other two guys, but I think they’re ALL solid. IMHO MRA is a pretty libertarian issue, but I’m not an expert on libertarianism in the western world. Recently watched sth on CSPAN with Rand Paul and Brian Doherty of Reason Magazine discussing Doherty’s new book on the Ron Paul “Revolution.” Noted how Ron Paul really ignited the Rise of libertarianism in the US and has drawn supporters from both left and right. I can only speak for myself, but I am more right-leaning, and I “feel” majority of libertarians are too. I don’t have anything more to add to this debate, & I feel MRAs would be more productive if instead of infighting about it, they spent their time organizing in-person meetups & Fighting Feminism! But I do react with surprise and “wtf?” if a MRA insists that s/he’s a hardcore leftist/liberal/etc, since IT SEEMS TO ME IMHO that you can’t embrace leftism WITHOUT embracing Feminism. However I AM cautiously optimistic that these people, as they spend more time with the MRM, will gradually move away from the left.

$35 Point: SHOW the Women in your life that YOU ARE AN MRA, & MRAs ARE NOT SUCH MONSTERS. Smart, OpenMinded Women like GirlWritesWhat or TyphonBlue can READ and THINK – so can other women! REAL MRAs are not ANGRY EVIL BOGEYMEN or VIOLENT ABUSIVE WOMAN-HATERS. They’re not the Immature Little Creepers like Manboobz says. They’re Loving Kind Good Men with Wives and Families and Children who don’t want to get Screwed Out of those good things in their lives. They Love Justice & what they want is not unreasonable, when you read and think about what Nonextremist MRAs have written. See why it’s not so appalling to call a Feminist a Pig.

While I don’t think I’m “An Extremist MRA”, I am not a “Feminist MRA” or “Feminist-Friendly MRA” (despite being “Your Friendly Neighborhood MRA” haha.)

So that’s a good Next Step: breaking The Angry MRA Stigma by Coming Out of the “Closet” and Showing Women What Real MRAs Look Like. No, not to WIN WOMEN’S APPROVAL OR PRAISE. But to right a wrong, to stand up for ourselves, to not let people SLANDER us and LIE about us.

NO, MRAs are NOT like “Feminists but for the other side.” MRAs have a sense of humour, we’re not Fascist Sadist Jackbooted Thugs, and we LOVE JUSTICE, PEACE, HUMANITY, HONESTY, INDEPENDENCE, AND EQUALITY.

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