Yes, a deliberately meaninglessly sensational title, that. Misandry can potentially be an “issue” for everyone. But I think it has Special Interest for Libertarians, and might not be best Forced into the Exclusive Domain of The Right.

Feud between Barbarossaaaa and CHAPIN??!



comment: “i have watched serveral dozens, dozens upon dozens actually of chapin’s videos but i must say that i feel we’re watching someone come unhinged. the fact that he has vast stores of knowledge on feminism, anti-feminism and men’s rights is being washed away and overshadowed by his near megalomaniacal fantasies about himself and the polital right. it’s almost sad to watch.”

Is this an example of a “Concern Troll”? “Let’s mock the crazy child” thinly-veiled by “I’m concerned for the Poor Baby?” Totally Patronizing IMHO. IMHO, whether you Like The Right or not, Bernard’s tremendous MRA work is NOT being “washed away.”

Stardusk on Left/Right:

I probably could make time to Get Caught Up here, but my Adult ADD Victimizes me as a Passive Helpless Agencyless Victim to follow & comment on all the sides to this debate in a compelling or even coherent manner. SelfMedicating w Caffeine/TonsOCoffee notReallyHelping. Have Designs to actually consult a Medical Professional, get RX Speed. Anything to make more Productive, Work Harder, haha.

I MAY BE WRONG, but it seems to be the Main Gist of the Debate is, does MRM HAVE to be so left/right?

comment: “I think framing men’s rights as either a left or right wing issue, is folly. Both the left and the right hate men.”

Good example of a Useful, NonTrolly, Discussion-Generating comment. Rare for YouTube!

Another comment paraphrased: Libertarianism is NEITHER LEFT NOR RIGHT, but an entirely different THIRD WAY. It’s not LEFT VERSUS RIGHT where those are the only sides of The Political Spectrum.

That’s the $40 Point of Today’s Post. So where do I stand on this? Still Developing a Final Opinion so help me out plz haha.

I like and respect both Bern and Barb As People, As I have come to know them thru their videos, &IRespect&Appreciate their Arguments. So how do I even KNOW them as people if you HAVE to separate The ARGUMENT from the PERSON? (Ad Hominem) ? Because I’m good at reading people hahaha.

As-A-Person, I might have a SMALL bias towards Chapin because I’ve been listening to him longer & I really like his friendly goodguy personality. But I like both guys and it’s a bit uncomfortable, like watching your “friends” fight. Yes I’m not so much a ForeverAlone, I know they aren’t my real “Friends”!

I’m not in LOVE with how rigid Bern is ie “You’re an IDIOT if you DON’T think Men’s Rights is a Left-Right issue.” He seems totally unwilling to hear alternative arguments on that.

I don’t think those who argue against that line of thinking are even Leftists, in fact, they probably dislike The Left almost as much as Bernard. They’re just trying to break the Political Binary, hahaha, and demonstrate that Libertarianism is a true Third Path that is not “more right than left.”

Me personally, I identify alot with The Right lately, but might I be confused? Perhaps I think I’m a hardcore Rightist simply because I DISLIKE the Left so much. There’s no confusion on THAT point! But maybe disliking The Left doesn’t automatically mean you LOVE the Right?

For example We MRAs must always distance ourselves from The Social Conservatives who are In Bed with Feminists, just as Misandrist as, want to go back to the “tradition” of Male Slavery. Shut Up and Take It Like A Man, etc. No room for MGTOW whatsoever. Pedestalizing Women as Angels. Imprisoning tons of MEN and sending tons of MEN to die in Dubious Wars.

Another commenter paraphrased: the Root problem is not left or right, not even feminism, but MISANDRY. Interesting.

IDon’t Think one could ever pull Bern away from the right. BUT: If I read HALF as many books as Bern I would be a much better man. Yet another reason why I love him. He reads SO MANY BOOKS & talks about them so I don’t have to haha.

Is Barb TROLLING Chapin, just PICKING ON him? “Piling On” similar to how Rocking Mr E got Piled-on? Is this the Fate of FRIENDLY MRAs? If so I may be next hahaha.

Another commenter paraphrased: the “infighting” and internal debate shows that MRM is a Thinking Man’s Movement, it makes the MRM stronger to have healthy debate amongst ourselves, it doesn’t detract from our main goals of fighting feminism & misandry.

Now Bern is getting painted as a RightWing NutJob Insane Lunatic Tinfoil Hat Deranged etc, which is Mean-Spirited & NotGood. “His opinion doesn’t count, HE’S MENTAL!” Patronizing.  I don’t know how I keep forgetting: one of the biggest problems of YouTube is its A55HOLE TROLL D0VCHEBAG COMMENTERS, making divisive and obnoxious and eye-rolling and unproductive comments all the time. There’s good comments sure, but there’s SO MANY bad comments. Maybe that’s what’s REALLY keeping me from starting own YT Channel.

Maybe I just want to see Barb say “Ok Bern, let’s agree to disagree, I still like ya!” But Why am I so concerned with Cool MRA’s LIKING Each other? Prob because of that emo “My MRA Buddies” component, but also because I think BOTH are ideologically sound, and in MY mind at least, both their Ideologies are not ENTIRELY INCOMPATIBLE and they COULD certainly agree to disagree! I want to have a 2-hour Call-In discussion where Bern & Barb are talking to each other live, w some intelligent comments & facilitation. AVfM let’s DO IT!

Is Barb being the bigger A55hole in this debate? Maybe only MARGINALLY. Or is he just marginally more of a SPERG? Again, either one of those Dudes would have to BLOCK me to get me to unsub.

Recap MY 75%-baked position as of now: I DEF dislike the Left for its Marxist ways. This has driven me to an almost reactionary (heh) embracing of the Right. But I have big problems with Social Conservatism & probably just dislike the left more than I LOVE the Right Per SE. I would be comfortable being LABELED as a “Right-Leaning Libertarian.” My phrasing of The Debate is: “Men’s Rights & Misandry is NOT NECESSARY a Left/Right Issue, it’s a LIBERTARIAN Issue.” I will try approaching The Debate with that angle.

Just because Libertarians and Rightists dislike the Left for some of the Same Reasons does not mean that All Liberts Are Rightists!

Now thinking of a Venn Diagram. Liberts PROB, at least IMHO, have more in common w Right than Left. Bigger Overlap. But just because two things have alot in common does NOT mean they are familially, taxonomically, categorially RELATED, ie, descending from / CAUSED by the other.

There was talk about the War On Drugs and Foreign Policy but I’m usually AT LEAST two weeks BEHIND on ALL my YouTube subs, so I couldn’t grasp the point re MRA there. Gotta get with program here.


ABSTRACT: I am very biased towards Bernard, I think of him as my “MRA Buddy”, I bought his SHIRT, I bought his two major BOOKS, I’ve bought books he’s RECOMMENDED, I’ve put my $$ where my mouth is, and have NOT been disappointed. (If Barb had books or shirts I’d prob buy them too.) I know Bern mocks how leftists complain about people’s “TONE”, but Barb’s Tone towards Bernard is a little more Unfriendly than I would have done. Internal Debate CAN BE Movement-Strengthening, but I’d like to see it All in the Open, in real time: One-Hour video/phone call of Barb and Bern talking directly to each other, rather than Response Videos. YouTube commenters are more idiotic and mean and trolly and divisive than not. I still like and respect both guys and want them to Get Along, haha. I concede that maybe in my Dislike of The Left, I’ve confused myself as more of a Rightist than I really Am. Questioning to what extent Libertarians and Rightists are similar vs different, even though they both dislike the Statism of Leftism.

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