MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. At least 60% of my Blogging About Movies will contain Big Spoilers! for courtesy will try White Text within {  }, must hilite to read. YOU’RE WELCOME.


I’ma TOUGH GRADER. A-, MAYBE A. (Edit: Final: B+). 3.5/5 stars. More than “I Liked it” but not QUITE “REALLY Liked it.” Lived up to at least 80% of its Potential. But it DID have potential to be “Really Liked.” No MAJOR complaints really, but minor quibbles keep from attaining Classicness. honestly thought Logan Marshall-Green was Tom Hardy. OR Jonathan Rhys Meyers. LOOK LIKE IDENTICAL TRIPLETS. thought Rafe Spall was Guy Pearce because in first appearance of Guy Pearce Hologram, unrecognizable. face-confusion a bit distracting.

Ilike Sir RidleyScott but don’t LOVE. SmartGuy, perhaps “Thinking Man’s Michael Bay”, but goodLord “RobinHood” BORING. He’s done really good work though, can occasionally achieve True Epic Art. Several scenes of that in “Prometheus”. Opening Titles Scene was. Great Start.

Maintained tension & momentum very professionally. Never got boring. Boredom Risk re runtime 2hrs 3 minutes. Michael Bay woulda made 2 hours and 35 minutes, eg, THAT woulda been TOO long; most 2 hour movies are TOO LONG; but not THIS one. No dragging, good pacing. Actually mighta liked 10-15 extra minutes in Final Act, almost seemed tiny bit rushed there. Not too noticeable though.

Rapace = good female lead. Reminscent of Young Ripley but not as unattractive as Sigourney. deserves to be USA Movie Star, this one might do that.

Fassbender: lotta recent talk about “Shame” & his performance there & Big German Schwantz. Don’t like D!ck-exposing Actors but I’ve bought Shame hype, #20 Queue. Might make HIM  bigger star too. Handsome , didn’t look like Prometheus Promo interview where he has Red Beard. Good Cyborg role. 2001 Hat Tip near beginning where he talks to Computer. He is essentially an extension of. Human-Shaped HAL. HaveTo ReWatch “Aliens” bc maybe few nods to Lance Henriksen’s Bishop too. { Esp re a “head.” }

Haven’t seen “Alien” recently enough to comment on “SPACE JOCKEY” beyond very blatant Prometheus visual connection. Did you ever see the Unmasked Jockey in Alien?

“Engineers” very well designed, ie, lookswise. Very satisfied.

Have NOT seen Pearce “TED Talks” “VIRAL CLIP”

interesting. esp (SPOILER) { how you NEVER see him as anything BUT SUPER old man in the movie. } Other viral clips too, introducing Fassbender. GREAT MARKETING!

Pearce stole show in movie. Great actor further proving talent. Even though character only in for few minutes. Needs another meaty Memento-sized role soon, needs Oscar. Or maybe he’s just Gary Oldman rip-off. Everybody Looks The Same.

Hammy dialogue introduced early, I was very OK with. Since established right away rather than “degenerating” into. Remember this is guy who wrote LOST. Lindelof. Good show, good to get him on board. Story aimed high but didn’t quiteTRANSCEND into Timeless Profundity like it wanted. GOOD ENOUGH though. got my $5 worth. PROB see again, don’t HAVE to.

Idris Elba pleasant surprise. So far only know him as “Black Heimdall” from Thor. Here he was TheMacho Black Ship-Captain, like TheBlackGuy in other Alien movies. Filled role’s shoes very convincingly. Handsome Black Man too, nice Moustache. LOCK UP YOUR WHITE WIVES! WHITE WOMEN PREFER BLACK MEN TO WHITE MEN BECAUSE BLACK MEN ARE MORE ANIMAL ALPHA THAN WHITE MEN!

Good to finally Jump that Political Correctness Shark!

Can’t REMEMBER last time went movie on Opening Day, not even Avengers. Speaks to Effectively-executed Hype building pretty high expectations. Didn’t quite reach, but I appreciate they tried!

“Dark Knight Rises” WILL have more hype & SHOULD be Better, just to put in context. Another worth seeing Opening Day.

Went to 1:20pm showing, 50 minutes early. Actually peeked in theatre, saw nanosecond of FINAL SCENE, tried to erase it from memory. { “Well NO SH!T did you think they WEREN’T gonna have an Alien??!” }  Waited 15 minutes, went in, took Best Seat. Expecting Huge Line. Decent turnout, nothing remarkable. PACKED in evening tho, guarantee.

Liked “God Complex”, have small one myself, goes well w my Napoleon Complex. Titan Prometheus, stealing fire from gods, hubris, arrogance, narcissism. Icarus, etc. Pearce tries, RIDLEY SCOTT tries, def most appropriate choice, even disregarding that He Did Original “Alien.” Symbolizes Ridley’s whole career & style. capable of Good Epic Stand Test Of Time Movies like Alien, The Abyss (Oops that was James Cameron haha), Gladiator, BLADE RUNNER. (Older Brother of Tony “Top Gun” “True Romance” SCOTT. #TIL!) Liked first 40 minutes “American Gangster” but didn’t hold interest. Same Robin Hood. LOOKED GREAT, & give him points for Epic EFFORT, but overall very boring. Went into Prometheus WELL AWARE of this tendency. Thankfully this will be remembered as one of his Memorable Movies.

Thanks Wikipedia. he did  Iconic 1984 Apple commercial. (GOOD.) Forgot about “Body of Lies.” actually LIKED that even if no-one else did. Also “Hannibal”, def liked that, tho ridic. Haven’t seen “Black Hawk Down”. 1492 Conquest of Paradise, holy cr4p Turd.  thought Bernardo Bertolucci did.  shouldn’t talk, haven’t seen in full. Not really interested.

appreciate Hubris from 74-year-old Director, he’s Almost Auteur, works hard (“TRYHARD”, one of my current fav words) although will never be Personal Favourite because his movies aren’t Personal Favourites way Kubrick’s are. But he’s clearly Kubrick fan.

Seeing not-fellating reviews on metacritic makes me more comfortable in giving A-. Maybe B+ .

Ridley gets Kudos for Pioneering “Sci-Fi Horror” hybrid genre in “Alien”, almost as hard to do effectively as “Horror Comedy.” Alien Saga continued respectably w Cameron & David Fincher, then TOTALLY CRAPPED OUT into several Huge Embarassments which ALMOST overshadow, & which Prometheus goes good way in overcoming.

RidScott gets bonus points because clearly cares about Entertaining His Audience with Thrilling Film almost as much as cares about making “Good Film.” Because Mainstream Audiences too Stoopid Understand True Cinematic Art & only know explosions and robots and aliens and sex and dumb jokes and guns and carchases and zombievampies and YoungAdult books. Hard to find  good director who tries to reconcile both worlds. Spielberg? Peter Jackson? James Cameron? “Popcorn Movies” not my forte. Ok, CHRISTOPHER NOLAN. He’s prob current best at combining “high art” and “low art.”

Also good that the hype WORKED for me. Most times EVEN THE HYPE SUCKS.

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