WARNING: This is 3200 wd post but I had darn good reason. Nice little twist halfway thru! Won’t do every time OBV.

Ordered book from Amazon bc: good price, author was Medical Doctor, had the keyword “Laziness” in TITLE, generally good reviews, &wanted to figure out & solve my own Pervasive, Destructive Laziness.

Only read first 24 pages, just got it yesterday haha. lots of “helpless victim” talk. book focuses mainly on School-Age Children, 5 to 18; Levine is a Pediatrician also interested in “neurodevelopment” and learning & how all people’s Minds are somewhat different. Professor/Research Institute director at UNC; Founder of Nonprofit “A Mind at a time”; seems pretty good credentials. Did not want hippy dippy author with counseling degree from Capella College, haha, & no real research work. Levine got Med Degree from Harvard, good enough.

Anyway he doesn’t blame Lazy Losers for their “moral turpitude”, although from what I’d heard of book, didn’t really expect him to. NO, they’re not LAZY, they have…get this! OUTPUT FAILURE!!!! roflmoa. This sounds damning when I describe it, but Dr Levine’s Compassion is evident from the start of the book. Honestly a Nice Caring Man who became a Doctor because he wanted to Help People. I can actually Respect that!

&Perhaps I wanted to secretly believe I wasn’t to blame for my OWN laziness, that I wanted to shift blame & not be accountable for my own Failure To Launch & Live Up To Potential & Apply myself. Heh. I wanted to “learn more” about the “topic” of laziness.

“When we call a person lazy, we condemn a human being” he sez, or something similarly emotional. “we’re basically saying, ‘I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU.’ It says more about us than about them.” How could I fall for such touchy-feely stuff, but I did. Maybe I was Touched by Dr Levine’s Genuine Compassion, OR I was just actually THAT desperate for an Excuse for my own laziness. Doesn’t matter, that’s my BIAS & I’m announcing it.

But I’m oversimplifying. Levine goes on to discuss Writing & Motor Skills Impairment. Apparently lazy, underachieving, smart-but-“output-failure” kids have great trouble WRITING. they can READ and THINK very smart, but their “Graphomotor” area is underdeveloped; to do any motor function requires 7 steps and breakdown in any can lead to Smart Kids being unable to WRITE, whether it’s forming actual letters, typing on keyboard, or synthesizing the ideas & putting into words. They hate writing bc they just can’t do it. Often they have trouble with other Motor Skills, be it the Gross Motor Skills of Gym/Athletics, or “Fine Motor skills” of drawing. Or something they’re real good at Fine but horrible at Graphomotor.

So book did not give me Vindication & permission to be lazy (there’s a disclaimer in there too, that he does not want children to not be held accountable for their output) especially because I LOVE to WRITE. No Motor Impairment There! Almost ADDICTED to writing over more productive things! Addicted to the Nonproductive! he says the need to Produce & Work & Be Appreciated For Your Work is a  Basic Human Need that contributes heavily to Self Esteem. Maybe I don’t have that Basic Human Need, haha.

But not really, because I DO get ashamed at my “inability” to Produce Enough & Good Enough Output, which is a (small!) blow to Self-Esteem indeed. Haha yes I AM a “Millennial” of the “SELF ESTEEM GENERATION!”

Like the 11 year old fatboy who took 10 minutes to laboriously write 4 lines of illegible printing, but was real smart in science, good talker & thinker, took machines apart & put em back together was all depressed and suicidal because he didn’t like himself & other people called him fat and laughed at his small penis which looked even smaller due to his fat.  Heh. If he were REALLY lazy he wouldn’t have an INTEREST in SCIENCE or MACHINES!

Heh. I’m not Lazy, I just have a Graphomotor Impairment in the Region of my Brain that manages Job Searching. Every element of is Overwhelming and Impossible, from Finding the jobs, to actually Applying for the jobs, to Following-Up, to Interviewing, hahaha. I can write BLOGS but the GRAPHOMOTOR NEURODEVELOPMENTAL BIOCHEMICAL NEUROTRANSMITTER PATHWAY for writing ANYTHING ELSE, ESPECIALLY COVER LETTERS, (Or Graduate School Admissions, or Graduate-“level” papers) JUST CAME OUT WRONG AS MY SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE MIND WAS FORMING.

There’s more stuff sth like people w low productivity are often OBSESSED w their social lives, with other people, what other people think, because they don’t have enough of their OWN WORK to be Focused On, so they focus on other PEOPLE. Like WIMMINZ perhaps? INTRADASTING.

However you’d have a better chance Making A Living with B4nging B!tches (successful Salesman/Entrepreneur variety of super-mendacious Pick Up Artist) than with BLOGGING.

Was thinking I’d be a good Pimp or Wh0remaster: Selling Women To Men. But I’d treat the Women Good, be a Good Master. Wouldn’t Torture or Sade them. Might smack them around once in a great while, for Conditioning purposes, like how a Good Parent might Spank their Child, a couple times in life only, to teach a real lesson, and the Parent would get no pleasure from it.

In “GameOfThrones” they have attractive wh0res even in the “boondocks” of Winterfell. The SERVANT BOY Greyjoy can afford to go MULTIPLE TIMES before the age of say 21. Lord Tyrion FLIPS HIM A SINGLE COIN to pay for his next visit. The most valuable piece of Normal Currency we have today is The $100 bill. The Benjamin. The Hundo. The Bill. No question there. How much is that One Coin worth in today’s dollars? how much could a single coin be worth? Unless Pure Gold? I’m trying to argue that coin was worth NO MORE than $100 2012 USD. My bigger point is, if Young Men could get bangs from ATTRACTIVE wh0res for $100 a pop, easily and legally, the world would be a Much Better Place.

Still have 24/240=90% of book to finish reading, ha. Could easily write 500 to 1000 more words once done. Right now: interesting surprises on laziness qua writing and motor control; moved by author’s Legit Concern. He just wants to Help Kids. Wimminz could never be so loving & selfless! & he’d be an Omega Virgin labeled a creep and paedophile if he weren’t a High-Status Harvard Medical Doctor, Tenure-Track Medical Professor. I hope his Wife doesn’t Cheat on him just because he’s a NICE GUY and she could Get Away with it! Heh I always think about The Author-as-a-person when reading a book. Levine comes across as Good Guy Greg. Works hard, produces alot, quality enough to earn leet creds, top bourgeois social status, though STILL remains GoodGuyGreg, DESERVES Huge Harem. A New 18-year-old 9-10 every nite of his life. Wife is LUCKY to have him. She better SHOW her gratitude.

Don’tAgree w everyWord he says, but admire his Compassion. Anyway says “adulthood is 10 times EASIER than childhood because you’re not expected to excel at so many things, you get to pick what you’re good at and just do that for the rest of your life.” Sounds NICE, but often not true. He acknowledges there are plenty of Adults w Output Failure, can apply principles in book. Woulda preferred book was more focused on these adults than children bc I’m an adult who seems like a child cuz I have trouble proving my productivity to productive adults. Find adulthood 1000000000000X times harder than Childhood. was smart & productive enough to Excel at “Challenges” of childhood. Never good in sports/gym, never popular w Girls, target of MINOR teasing about being “Gay” (Ie Beta Who Couldn’t Pull Pv$$y) but no big deal. Did well in all classes, had friends. Didn’t LIKE school, still ANGRY & pessimistic & misanthropic & escapist, but didn’t start Output Failure / Life Failure until AFTER age 18, so, hard to relate to Levine’s characters. Found demands of Adulthood 900000000X more hard than in Childhood. But that’s just one sentence in book, don’t think he meant to be taken LITERALLY.

Levine”Myth” : anecdotal sth like “You don’t know what you really believe until you READ what you WRITE.” Writing as a way of Processing & developing Thoughts & Beliefs. Thinking, Reading, & Writing are all complex, beautiful, miraculous processes. ILike to Write MORE than read. Write about Frustrations, Perceived Injustices, & Wish Fulfillment of Banging Young Tail, Whining. This is not Solving Problems. This is not Scientific Thinking, Deductive or Inductive. In OTHER WORDS, Nothing PRODUCTIVE. LAZY WRITING. What would Levine say about THAT notion? Would really like to have a SESH with him, get professional eval. Ironic that Doing So (traveling to North Carolina, paying for services) would PROB be no more expensive or less feasible or less plausible than paying an Attractive Pross for Bang.

I ALWAYS make distinction bw ATTRACTIVE & Nonattractive Pross. Fat or old or Crackhead or Methhead, vs Young & Pretty. Alot like Attractive Stripper Vs Unattractive Stripper.

Heh. But my “writing” may be Productive if it is the LEAST bit Persuasive or Compelling in its Argumentation. Even 1% would justify. Heh. Don’t wanna Quit my “Writing” just bc it’s “unproductive.” This is FUN for me. Hope book examines distinction bw FUN and PRODUCTIVE. Can Productivity/Work/Output BE FUN, or Mutually Exclusive?

Also will be examining book in relation to: depression & ADD & other Psych stuff.  He makes it sound like Bipolar is often the Final Diagnosis when shrinks go thru a laundry list of other diags that don’t quite fit/stick.

It’s like Playing Guitar. I know how to Move Fingers to Make Chords, know basic scales, know basic idea of Keys and Fifths and Majors and Minors, know diff ways to make chords all over fretboard, know which chords for which keys, have pretty good Ear for Notes, average sense of Rhythm, all at nearly intermediate level, but I can’t PUT IT ALL TOGETHER in a CREATIVE fashion to WRITE my own music. So challenging & unproductive, almost have NO DESIRE to, had I not had some rare, exceptional experiences Writing Songs before. But the output is SO LOW. I could not be like Varg Vikernes or Roman Saenko or one of those guys that writes an ALBUM A YEAR. I write ONE SONG every FIVE years or so.The work was VERY REWARDING, but also very draining. A rare example of when I was at Peak, Ideal Output…but hard to imagine ALWAYS being at that level. Picked up guitar for first time in like 6 months yesterday, kinda like riding a bike, still remembered most of what I know. stuff sounds ok, it’s just elementary & BORING & I’m not sure how to GET BETTER or even if I WANT to get better.

Blame the BOOK for making me NAVEL-GAZE! Priority for posting this is low haha, u won’t see it for another 6 months at least haha.

But yeah. If EFFORT doesn’t seem to PAY OFF, you stop making effort. Carrot & Stick again, here, not a good enough carrot. Juice not worth squeeze. Maybe if I was raised with more Sticks I woulda turned out better hahaha. Not like Abuse, of course,  but more like “we’re KICKING YOU OUT ON THE STREETS on this date” or “We’re CUTTING YOU OFF” or “You WILL become a DOCTOR, & that’s FINAL” or “We signed you up for the MARINES, you’re leaving NOW.”  Had maybe One Spanking when Child, certainly didn’t HURT, wonder if MORE would have HELPED, haha.

Oh yeah. in Levine’s “Laziness” he mentions as a way to increase yr productivity, the classic ADD/Depression technique of doing things at the time of day you have most energy, learning yr circadian and energy rhythms, saving yr work till then, trying to do when tired is frustrating. yeah well harvard boy some of us don’t have that BOURGEOIS LUXURY, hahaha. And he also mentions “take a nap OR TWO through the day to stay well rested & productive when you need to be.” TWO naps. That’s GREAT. I thought who RECOMMENDS TWO NAPS. Then thought who WANTS to take TWO naps a day?

DEF Me. TWO NAPS PER DAY is IDEAL for me. D4mn. want to take a NAP after I finish GETTING READY IN THE MORNING, even THAT is a LOT of WORK, haha. Get ready, nap, go to work, come home, nap, do something productive re career, nap, exercise, nap, do something social w friends, nap, spend quality time with your children & add value & raise em up good & be world’s best father, nap, s3xytimes with Harem, go to sleep for night, repeat till death. So, ideally would take FIVE NAPS A DAY!

When you’re Real Lazy, doing One Official Whole Task is tiring enough to make you want to take nap!



Kinda ridic to write in cursive font to his wife entitled “My Suicide Note.” D4mn this is so weird.

About the only thing to make me lose respect for an Admired Man is if he Molests Children. Kinda weird I didn’t heard about this BEFORE buying the book and admiring him as a Good Guy Greg with Real Compassion for Children.

So you SEPERATE the MAN from his WORKS from his DEEDS, right? Like even though Varg Vikernes is a MURDERER, I still Like HIM!

What’s WORSE? Murder or Child Molesting?

& we’ll never know if he really molested those boys. Eh, he PROBABLY did. even if he said “this suicide note is not an admission of guilt.”

hmm. this svx. was looking forward to reading more soon, now conflicted. have never had this happen before. What do you do when…

well I think if he DID molest the boys, he was honestly deluded enough to think he WASN’T HURTING the boys. Some commenter got all vocal and said he RAPED 40 BOYS & that RAPING even ONE BOY undid all the good he did in his life with his work.

Probably he just fondled their peepee a little bit and didn’t THINK he was really HURTING or RAPING them. I think his Compassion for Children was Genuine, but one component of that was A Little Off.

So it’s Morally Okay to Molest Boys if you don’t THINK you’re HURTING them?

He went to HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL! HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER! Insofar as even a little peepee fondle = Molestation = Hurtful, LongTerm Developmentally/Psychologically Damaging!

So maybe he had great pride/arrogance/hubris to think that HE knew better than the medical research saying so? that he was special? that what he was doing was different?

Well, I guess better to find this out sooner than later.  I was researching the institute he founded, “All Kinds Of Minds”, wondering why he was never mentioned, but he resigned from in in 2009 when the accusations started coming up, killed himself in 2011 when more came up.

As An MRA I am all too aware about the notion of False Rape Accusations which Ruin Men’s Lives and often drive them to suicide. But re that I usually think of a wimminz lying about a man raping her, or a wimminz lying about a man molesting her/their children, not 40 PATIENTS saying their DOCTOR molested them. this seems a bit harder to coordinate for potential Liars. Although not impossible.

g-dd-mn it. Just when I had found a New Hero to champion my laziness or at least be a Good Guy Greg to Respect, I can’t respect him as readily any more. even if he DIDN’T molest those boys. impossible to know for sure.

but that “my suicide note” with the font is SO ridiculous. Seems like an ANAL CONTROL FREAK that WOULD think he’s smart enough to outsmart the system and molest boys and get away with it because he’s the doctor and he’s smart and he’s always right and he can’t POSSIBLY want to hurt people.

okay I just read the comment at:

lotsa comments there, incl one by alleged victim: “I know he’s guilty bc he put his mouth on my p3n15 during an exams, is THAT standard operating procedure?”

and that this wasn’t a one-time thing, he had SETTLED claims before, had other sets of allegations in years past, they “long dogged him.”

Must say the case is not looking good for Dr Levine, altho I’m no criminal defense attorney.

Terrible Woody Allen esque joke that Levine’s style of “Differentiated, Individual-Mind-Tailored” Education has been doing to Traditional Education what Dr Levine had done to all those boys!

well I’d joked about what would I do if someone I had a REAL mancrush on, like one of my MRA Buddies…what would cause me to stop liking them? Probably they’d have to be a HUGE PEDOPHILE. Just molesting SCADS of boys intentionally and unrepentantly over a 40 year period. Which is exactly what Levine got accused of. Like I said, this SUCKS for everybody. Prob still continue reading “myth of laziness” though haha. Still. earlier today I honestly thought about EMAILING him to either THANK him for showing compassion for the LAZY, or even asking him for Advice on my own Laziness! Couple hours later I hear he’s dead and disgraced! honestly haven’t HAD an experience like this.

SWEAR I’m not LAZY. I just have a problem READING. AND ABSORBING NEW INFORMATION. I learn my Hard Sciences best by looking at pictures or videos or comics.

I don’t approve of MURDER, It’s Morally Wrong, but I don’t think of Varg Vikernes as “A MURDERER.” Plus I think HE honestly thinks it was still Self-Defense. Plus I’m pretty sure he won’t be murdering anyone else anytime soon & will be content to live the rest of his (hopefully long!) life in PEACE and QUIET on his FARM with his FAMILY.

But what about Woody Allen? Wasn’t he accused of not just sex with the underage Soon-Yi but with possibly fondling one of the other even younger children?

I think with Hardcore Pedophiles, you eventually get a LOT of accusations, like 40, of stuff that happened habitually for a long time. Happens w Priests a lot too obv. Basically saying if Woody Allen were a TRUE pedophile, a LOT MORE of these accusations would have come up against him, esp as he is super old now.

better go to bed before I learn any more disappointing facts!

but see how I’ve already CONVICTED Levine in my mind! “Facts?” Idunno, my initial reaction is, I’m not happy about the DURATION of time and the NUMBER of allegations. seems real hard to lie about.

wonder how this impacts his BOOK SALES hahaha. no wonder got book for a good price.

Does this make me Always Bad At Judging If A Man is a Good Guy Greg or not? I HOPE not, Thought I was USUALLY pretty good judge of that character.

Jeez. Was looking at the Author Photo last night. “He looks a little goofy. Maybe he secretly Molests Boys, HAHAHAHA. He’s got DUCKS on his tie. well he really likes animals, gotta h4rd0n for animals, he’s got a FARM full of animals. Maybe he secretly molests boys too, HAHAHAHA.” HOW IRONIC.

So does this discredit his IDEAS? I was starting to like his Learning/Education related Ideas, esp that I might not be Morally Lazy.


(And I never even mentioned anything about “MELVIN LEVINE” being Obviously You-Know-What!)

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