Defeating Perfectionism by only giving 61% even on Fun Hobby of “Writing”!

HBO’s “Girls”  by Lena Dunham (queued) who seems to be (wiki) huge “mumblecore” SWPL GenY Narcissist Privileged Arm-Tattoo Hipster Brooklyn Billyburg Dyk3 C0CK-HOPPER w more FUNGUS on her CVNT than I have on my MOUTH. “I feel very Culturally J3w15H,” she sez, BARRRRFFFFF. Could do whole post on why I like Andrew Bujalski but why I DISLIKE “mumblecore.” Prob bc he’s a MAN, and a GOOD WRITER DESPITE all this SWPL Cr4p. I suppose same could POSSIBLY be said of Duplass but Ihaven’t researched, don’t like name haha. And I D4MN SURE don’t Endorse MumbleWh0res themselves endorsing MumbleWh0ry! But BEING a FullBlown Member of Narciss GenY ExistentialAngst OverEducated UnderEmployed Lazy Scvumbags, I am basically MumbleCore REIFIED, Like it (or NOT!)

DISTINCTION: While I’m privileged and lazy & overeducated & mumbly: I don’t LIKE Brooklyn SWPL Hipsters Wimminz Leftists / That Whole Culture; Not being Thrown Money by Rich Fam to live underemployed in High Cost Of Living Area. I am Jason Segel Jeff Who Lives at Home (queued; Duplass; stupid mumblecore names, even WORDS/NAMES are SWPL!)

Niall Ferguson’s “Civilization” finished recently. Not bad. I THINK he’s in my ideological wheelhouse. introduces many trolly provocative questions esp re Protestant Work Ethic, Max Weber, why did Northern & PROTESTANT European nations like Britain and Germany and Scand do so well econ, but trad Catholic nations like italy and spain NOT do so good? But now Europe is clearly faithless, & Ferg neglects to mention possible cause of Cultural Marxism, Leftist Atheism, and Welfare-State-As-God. “Porn Killed God in Europe”, he sez glibly. Glib but a bit of a point there, I can tolerate HIS glibness. Then shows how BOTH consumerism/capitalism AND religion are currently thriving in USA. Thought kinda glossed over Godless SWPLs on the Coasts, AND that MegaSuperChurches are a kinda Watered-Down Fraudulent Faith: Consumerism MASQUERADING as religion. Interesting topic on TV though! Then Ferg looked at Christians in CHINA. Now THAT was interesting. Said there may be more practicing Christians in CHINA than in all of EUROPE 2012.

as a Catholic who LOVES Hard Work but finds it IMPOSSIBLE to do, I immed took notice to the implication that Protestants might Work Harder than Catholics. ORA ET LABORA is a CATHOLIC thing, SON.

first heard of Niall Ferguson about a year ago, I THINK thru a favourable Bern Chapin review. I don’t think Ferg is a FLAMING MARXIST, in other words!

He also went to Turkey & Istanbul, i’ve been interested in lately as “a major intersection of east and west.” like 20 years ago Turkey was “very secular” but now they are “re-religifying” w a public movement towards stricter islamism, burkas and headscarves and whatnot. reminded me of Mark Steyn’s Work. Is Islam an INHERENTLY Violent or at least STULTIFYING or Civilization-Paralyzing Force? Is non-watered-down Xianity Better Than non-watered-down Islam? Because, in exporting Western Civ, we ARE making value judgments and saying “hey our culture IS superior!” and That’s OK!

PBS show asked lot of interesting questions. Thumbs up. Queue it. TONS of Total Leftist Crap in the “Documentary” section netflix, this isn’t as nauseatingly leftist.

got 500 movies queued. often will search scandinavian or swedish or norwegian, danish, icelandic, finnish, polish, albanian, serbian, balkan, bosnian, croatian, yugoslavian, eastern european, russian, ukrainian, to get Specifically foreign movies. not ton of albanian. how i “DO” Multiculturalism, ha. esp interested in scand & slav & fmr eastern bloc esp NON-USSR commies: yugo, tito, balkans, poland. hungary haha. eurasian caucasus azerbaijans armenians but not kardashians haha.

the whiter the muslim, the more interested i am haha. specifically “bosniaks”, aka bosnian muslims. moderate relig, not violent jihadist Wahhabist Imams. wish angelina JOLIE had not been person to do recent movie about “The Balkan Conflicts”. Terribly interesting topic done by terribly uninteresting person.

Most Wimminz would cheat on their husbands w Brad Pitt, like he’s a superman god, but most Avg Men couldn’t care LESS about Angelina Jolie. They would take a RANDOM 18-YEAR-OLD BEAUTY ANY DAY over some OLD female celebrity, no matter how “hot”. FEMALE YOUTH EASILY TRUMPS ALL.

read somewhere that working muscle to fatigue is the pertinent thing, just simply lifting heavy weights. ie, you could theoretically become WORLD’S STRONGEST RIPPEDEST MAN just by doing Pushups and Pullups. You would just have to keep doing more &more&more.

catherine breillat = sex-positive feminist artsy film director? still intradast piqued, queued. will take 5 years to watch 350 movie queue. debating upgrading to 2 movies at a time = can prob watch MORE THAN 2 X faster qua mailback turnaround time, by sending ONE back at time, watch other, send it back, receive new, repeat. try to CANCEL ALTOGETHER for “busy” months? will queue stick?

tons o spam comments. more than ever did on blogger. plus, wordpress signin page is SO SWPL, makes me SICK! UGH!

having heirs should be seen as a Moral privilege involving relevant responsibility. how can man get the best heirs & best heirs’ MOTHERS considering his own Beta Mate Value? Then U just bang hottest & youngest REGARDLESS of Moral Character, then exclude mother; using Healthy Young women as surrogates. Maintain an Ever-Refreshing Harem of 18-year-old Cuties for S3chz. Seek companionship? That’s FINE! Only HUMAN!  Look to platonic friends, family, or Ugly Women W Great Personalities. Expectation of A Crossroads bw Sex and Companionship is a Tragically Dangerous MYTH! Just Say No!

I am pers trying to Follow Advice I would Give to Young Men so I can Become Successful. Just takes a bit LONGER than if I were 18. I AM technically working on a STEM degree/career!!! YES!!! I AM A STEMGINEER!

Alpha Lions spend majority of their time SLEEPING. It LOOKS lazy, but when they are busy, they are BUSY. They NEED to sleep to USE ENERGY MOST EFFICIENTLY. Can’t WASTE energy being awake all day, doing things that will sap energy & not pay off w ROI in the end. SMART!

Also: re “master/slave” morality: think of BOSS/EMPLOYEE. A GOOD BOSS is GOOD to employees. Also its not SLAVERY, it’s VOLUNTARY, with maybe a 40% element of “pseudo-coercion”. (gotta pay the bills & eat.) But noones holding a gun or torturing or enslaving or imprisoning. it’s MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL to BOTH parties. THIS is what Women Really (Avg) Want out of Men: to be their GOOD BOSS.  Comp/Contr w what EstherVilar sez about Men Desperately Wanting to Give Up Their Freedom to their Wives, that Humans are deep down AFRAID of FREEDOM and WANT to NOT be free. Comp/Contr with SLAVERY vs VOLUNTARY SUBORDINATION.


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  1. Reblogged this on Eradica and commented:
    Weird. I learnt a new word today: Mumblecore. It answers many ponderous questions.
    So, with that, the inspiration gets a reblog.

    • Thank You Sir! Just discovered Your blog & have been enjoying, however I choose not to enter into any Manosphere Comment Wars at this time – do NOT want to get involved in any man-on-man bickering, haha. I think Mumblecore might provoke some blogworthy opinions from You on the situation of our culture and our Youth. FWIW I know Half Sigma is currently examining Lena Dunham’s show “Girls”, not sure if he’s on your good list or bad list, ha. I know you criticize the MRM for all talk & no action; what do You think would be some good actions for MRA’s to take? (yeah, I’ve not read all your posts yet.) Keep up your good work & incendiary writing!

  2. keep it up, I noticed that your comments are closed

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