Armageddon1115 in “Definition of MGTOW” video reminds us of important point that there’s NO ONE CORRECT WAY to GYOW. Why it’s called Go Your OWN Way. Multiplicity, plurality of WAYS. Which is why I disagree w Stardusk that SOME Men’s “Ways” cannot still involve a very CAUTIOUS, RISK-AWARE  brand of personal involvement w Women, if that’s The Way You Wanna Go.

I will now Speak As-A-Man, For-All-Men. Sometimes We will see a Woman who, on paper, SOUNDS like a 7 at best, but, in the fleisch, might as well be a Hard 9. A certain je ne say qua immediately makes you go SPROIOIOIOIOIOING even though the girl may have notable flaws in face, body, etc. Maybe Chubby or not great face or trashy hair, put somehow she pulls it off & you want to Bang Her more than other seemingly-more attractive girls in the immediate area. IArgue that ThatCertainJeNeSezQua is USUALLY YOUTH. You CAN Explain it. Nothing Arcane, mysterious, special, unique.  In 5 & certainly 10 years, you will NOT feel that animal attraction & she will show true colors, appear as the 7 she is (at BEST, by that time). It’s the YOUTH in her SKIN & Face & Eyes. A little extra Firmness everywhere, even if a bit chubby. Her Fat 4rse looks good because it’s YOUNG. In 5 years it will have sagged immeasurably. YOUTH IS WIMMINZ RIGHT BOWER.

(This might make Male Charisma the Left Bower? to draw out the RB early, but you can still Win The Set several tricks later?)

Lamestream Entertainment Critique: FINALLY watched “2 BROKE GIRLS” for first time, immed hooked. Fat Slvttings plays Art Grad can’t getajob, 900,000$ loans. great investment! Then some skinny girl is Trust-Fund Baby recently CutOff and/or fam went humiliatingly bankrupt, forced to WorkForLiving. Become waitresses/buddies/roomies at diner in Brooklyn, possibly Williamsburg, owned by SUPER NERDY, SHORT, OMEGA VIRGIN ASIAN GUY. Open secret that I would bend Fat over and do horrible, unspeakable things to her, for the next 1 or 2 years at least.

Emblematic/Symbolic/Syptomatic of the Worst of Millennial Culture & “Morals” AND Wimminz AND SWPL Brooklyn Hipsters. SOMETIMES makes entertaining jokes regarding all. was pleasantly surprised that Fat is anti-hipster & pro-hard-work, although she’s still a hipster wh0re. But her “feistiness” is STARTING to grow on me only a LITTLE. Parlayed into desire to bend her fat 455 over and give proper R34MING it’ll never forget. Decent avg Sitcom style, which I’ve always liked: laugh-track, nothing’s serious, forget your worries. Between the girls doing something immoral & contemptible, to their enemies The Rich Trust Fund Hipsters being just as bad, to the sex and SWPL and AvgModernWesternWimminz & wimminz vs men jokes & the pathetic sexless omega Asian who’s too embarrassed to say anything related to The Naughty, I found it more amusing & funnier than expected. Could easily turn south though. Could get 3 months of enjoyment out of though!

Gotta have Saturday Nite MRA party where I eat ice cream & watch marathons of 2 Broke Girls and HBO’s “Girls”.

Not making quick progress on Hoffer’s “The True Believer”, George Lopez rescheduled, listening to more MRAs again thank G-d. Barbarossaaaa said sth like “Many MRA’s Are Just ONE BL0WJ0B AWAY FROM TURNING THEIR BACKS ON MEN’S RIGHTS”, which Ifound very provocative.

Then IThought, “H3ll, some MRA’s are probably even One Pedestalized, Infatuized MAKE-OUT away from denouncing MR, or at least from Supporting the SATFs (Same As The Feminists, see Barb video)

which is some “NAWALT Deflector” Wimminz on the periphery of the MRM, saying they support MRM & denounce Feminism, but they openly endorse Social Conservative Ideas like MANNING UP and shaming Ghosts and MGTOWs and Chivalry & Men Working To Death to Support Traditional Stay At Home Mom; fashioning themselves as the “Traditional, NonFeminist, Nurturing, Motherly” woman that maybe some inchoate MRA could be convinced to marry, w/out addressing the issue that Western Legal Marriage is ITSELF a huge problem. REAL MRM ALLY WOMEN would be like Girl Writes What & say DON’T MARRY, EVEN IF NAWALT. Bc Marriage ENABLES Women to become Wimminz. Ring of Power waiting for you to take it. As humans are corruptible & open to temptation, & this power is usually too strong to resist.

Girl Writes What gives strong commentary on “The MRM Rift” bw Barb/Star & Rocking Mr E, ie, “Anti-Relationship” vs “Pro-Relationship”

I Agree W Her. This SHOULD NOT Divide MRM. See MGTOW allows plurality of Your Own Ways to go. & I don’t think RME EVER said there was NO RISK INVOLVED. Now I believe we probably CAN train/”nurture” ourselves away from the “natural” desire SOME NOT ALL PEOPLE have for Intimate Infatuation-Based Hetero Nuclear Family Relationships, but for those unlucky souls with that desire, this training can be just as much WORK as Managing Risk when dealing w Wimminz.

If you naturally have No Desire for Special Rels w Special Wimminz, GOOD FOR YOU. YOU GOT LUCKY. But for some men, this desire, the ADDICTION as Stardusk puts it, & he’s not wrong, is not overcomable. So those of us, & I consider myself as one of those unfortunate “born addicted” types, have to find a way to MANAGE the ADDICTION qua MANAGING RISK in our Rels w Wimminz & Women.

I don’t even KNOW if “The Rift” is still around. Hope it’s not. It’s SO NOT WORTH splitting the MRM over. It’s just splitting hairs.

But Barb makes the very compelling point that Marxism & Feminism are NOT the main problems, it’s female NATURE, “Small f feminism” as Stardusk calls it. The human nature of corruptibility that wants to dodge responsibility & be lazy. You can get rid of Marxist & Feminism & The LEFT, but 50 years later, Human Nature will find a way to express its perversities in ANOTHER SIMILAR MOVEMENT. Whack-A-Mole. I Mostly agree w this, w some modifications: Defeating the Left IS a great short-term strategy & we should try to. But YES, even if we do, something ELSE will pop up in a few generations. Need a Long-Term solution. I’m VERY interesting in Artificial Wombs & dealing w Real Wimminz for Sex ONLY, but as one of THOSE Men who still desires a Possible Serious Rel w Woman, I also want to focus on improving Legal Marriage so that men & women CAN get married without the Ring Of Power dangling there for the woman to grasp.

Lastly: Girl Writes What is gaining momentum, getting more viewers/audience, staying busy as f00k w actual productive MRA Activism Projects (future Book, Canadian MRA Event, interviews w increasingly-mainstream journos, etc.) Beauty part is, she’s not a Watered-Down MRA or SoCon. She’s the Real Deal, don’t know ANY real-deal MRAs who dislike her, and it will be her, most likely, to break MRM into Mainstream, & we should all support & hasten this. Heh. Wonder what the sleaze at Feminist Blogs say about her!

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