long post, still working on the terseness, but my excuse is, this is hot-button Issue RIGHT NOW.

as recently as June 26, Paul at AVfM has endorsed some pretty anti-Rocking Mr E opinions. Basically which say, Rocking Mr E is Politically Ignorant, Men’s Rights is NOT Left-Right, it shouldn’t be associated with The Right, Paul seems to be pretty mean to RME. the RIFT now is NOT re Relationships With Women, ok, there shouldn’t be a RIFT about that ANYWAY, but NOW the RIFT is about POLITICAL STANCE: LEFT OR RIGHT. And I’m just failing to see exactly how/why what RME says is SOOO OFFENSIVE. Makes me worry: who’s NEXT? Bernard CHAPIN? Myself (don’t flatter hahaha)? Anyone who doesn’t Hate The Right? What exactly did RME SAY that was SO OFFENSIVE?!

going to the actual YT vid of the tattoo guy Russ Lindquist criticising RME, finding some of Paul’s comments:

This comment has received too many negative votes:

“Get back to me when you have 3000 subsribers. Then you can give me advice on how to make videos because your methods will be tested. If you didn’t understand the points I made then ask about them. The way you made this video was just purely condescending and intellectually dishonest. Response not accepted.”

-RockingMrE 4 days ago

“Oh, it is the subsciber defense, eh? OK, well, I have over 5,000 subscribers, so I’m righter than you are, nah, nah, naaah!!!!!! You just proved that every last word of his video pegged you for exactly who you are.”

-TheHappyMisogynist (Paul) in reply to RockingMrE 4 days ago 12

“Some people can’t handle a tactical disagreement in the overall strategy for men’s rights. Within the scheme of things, there are a lot of things I agree with RockinMrE in terms of the possibility of finding ‘Mrs. Right’, though I would add two caveats: don’t do it in the NATOsphere and don’t think that this is a left/right issue. People are carrying over their RAC/McCarthyite baggage into all of this, and it has no place. But MrE can’t hear a shred of critique, ever. PS love your vids, subbd”

-hep48 in reply to TheHappyMisogynist 4 days ago 3

“Thank you, and I agree with quite a bit of what I have heard from him in the past. Where I don’t agree with him was never an issue. After all, who is stupid enough to to try to brow beat already rebellious men into their own worldview? He has no tact, and a lack of tact implies a lack of intelligence, or an personality problem so pronounced that it renders intelligence moot.”

-TheHappyMisogynist in reply to hep48 4 days ago 10

Sounds like PAUL thought RME was TOO STUBBORN to AGREE TO DISAGREE? But to ME it sounds like PAUL is too stubborn to civilly agree to disagree? Who’s the Uncivil one here?? Just don’t know anymore!

Now “Studying” ThatCyncialCynicism’s somewhat more civil critique of RME

RME’s Blog Post

kinda calls out Stardusk and Barbarossaaaa as being divisive, anti-family, anti-fundamental-female-nature, comments from Paul and JtO & RME & people for and against RME…

RME’s “Leftist MRAs: An Oxymoron” video

in the desc box UPDATE he also calls out Paul Elam & AVfM, sez Paul is a false libertarian playing up the idea of a zero-sum gender war, no individual autonomy, something something.

Paul sez he civilly disagrees with some of RME’s political viewpoints but it’s RME’s stubbornness & unwillingness to listen that’s the problem.

And I’m honestly Just Confused Now, don’t know who’s “right” and who’s “wrong.”

Anyhow there is DEF a RIFT out there. I just don’t know if it’s against RIGHT-LEANING MRA’s or just against RME in particular, because they didn’t like the way he argued, or he didn’t like the way they argued.

I don’t WANT to take a side. I’ve generally LIKED RME & generally LIKED Barb&Star. I’m OKAY with RME being Righter, and others being a little “lefter”. They ALL seemed mainly Libertarian, which made perfect sense to me, and I don’t understand why they’re attacking each other. But don’t expect any Spergy, Didactic, Pedantic Political Debates from ME.

I’m just fearful of Chapin getting attacked because he’s a Rightist & because Chapin was The Guy who Got Me Into The Whole MRM, and I have an Emotional, Personal Connection to him.

Well, even if the RIFT gets TORN OPEN and the MRM DIVIDES PERMANENTLY, I don’t think it will DESTROY the MRM. Like there’s different Strands of Feminism & “Leftism” & those forces are still D4MN powerful, more powerful than the MRM to be sure!

This just makes me think twice about sending MONEY to AVfM.

It puts Bern in a tight spotm because he’s gone on the record as supporting BOTH AVfM AND RME. Plus I’m not sure EVERYONE at AVfM hates RME. GWW for example.

I suspect it’s just TWO STUBBORN INDIVIDUALS being stubborn with each other. Not sure who started it, and I’m not sure who blew it up into a Big Rift BEYOND those two individuals, but that blowing-up is not too cool.

I just wanna state MY Official Current position that:

I Like People on Both Sides; I like & respect RME & his arguments; same with Barbarossaaaa, Stardusk, AND Paul;

however I think it’s kinda SILLY to spend time attacking other MRAs in your videos, so I kinda shake my head when somebody takes an Unfriendly Tone with RME or Bernard. Although RME seems to have attacked AVfM for having a few somewhat “Marxist” articles, which would prob help if I read, to gauge my own opinion on their level of Marxism!

IMHO, SOMETIMES “Marxism” is a Divisive & Meaningless Buzzword; OTHER TIMES it is a Meaningful term describing actually-divisive Radical Leftism. Leftists & Marxists would have You believe that second category doesn’t exist!

All MRAs should have a Friendly Tone with each other because we ALL have the common enemies of Feminism, Misandry, & Parasite Wimminz…..Right? And now we’re screaming at each other whether Leftism, Statism, Marxism should be added to that list.  I pers think probably yes. Can you have a Marxist MRA? A Statist MRA? A Leftist MRA?  I think there’s prob some ANARCHIST MRA’s out there who, because they are SO into OWS & Anti-Capitalism & Class Warfare & Proletariat vs Capitalists & Worker’s Rights, they think that makes them Leftists, and so then they Balk at the idea of Totalitarian Statist Leftists, while to MY Mind, The Leftist is Almost Synonymous with Totalitarian!

So WHAT if it doesn’t matter if we Defeat The Left because It’s Female’s Innate NATURE that’s the problem, so we should become Separatist MGTOWs & not even try to Defeat The Left because that doesn’t matter???  Just like MGTOW does not mean celibate or isolationist, IMHO it doesn’t mean Separatist From Women. IMHO, Without the influence of the STATE, Women would be ABOUT AS  Naturally, Inherently Corruptible by Selfishness & Powerlust as Men. Well, maybe a LITTLE moreso, but with a minimalist State, Men could Make Their Own (Nonviolent!) Ways to mitigate/disincentivize the negative effects of Wimminz’s Marginally-Greater Selfishness.

Although ThatCynicalCynic had this useful image in his vid, NOT TAKING SIDES THO, it is useful to see that Libertarian is NEITHER LEFT NOR RIGHT. But how do these two Axes Relate To Each Other? if they’re not related then why put them together? Well, because Every Spectrum has to measure TWO qualities, and BOTH of those two qualities can go TWO ways… 2X2… umm…. can’t TRY this HARD….

Dunno. Just me personally I am not a Separatist because I Enjoy The Company Of Women Too Much, as ridiculous as THAT sounds. Even if it is Less Than 5 Women in the Entire History Of The World!

AND I am currently CONFUSED at this Political Rift. Maybe it’s “just” Libertarian Right vs Libertarian Left methinks.

But once I did nervously ask if there were any connection between The Right and Libertarianism, like Libertarianism Came FROM the Right & was more related to the right. But does it just SEEM that way because there’s more LibertRight than LibertLeft at the moment?


OR IS THAT PICTURE A FALSE DOUBLE DICHOTOMY by suggesting there’s NO CONNECTION between the two “axes” when there IS?

Thinking and Reading Both Sides of this for a few hours hasn’t brought me closer to any conclusions, just want to watch George Lopez & Be Lazy & Relax & not be such a d4m TRYHARD.

But I do feel Rocking Mr E is being A BIT unfairly attacked. But didn’t HE unfairly attack Paul with McCarthyite Tactics? ANd that’s why Paul is mad, because Paul feels RME is being dishonest about THAT? I don’t even KNOW. However, I refuse to unsubscribe from ANYONE. I refuse to STOP LISTENING to anyone.

Maybe its because Logical Two-Way Mature Arguments are impossible to have with your TRUE Ideological Enemies, ie Feminists, so MRAs find ways to split hairs with each other? OF course now people are saying RME is impossible to have a Rational Argument with.

Anyway I like when MRAs actually propose Action Against Feminism And Misandry beyond “Just Go Your Own Way, Whatever That May Be.”  not that that’s BAD! I just like to see more Focused, Blatant, Anti-Feminist Action! Seems like Girl Writes What is doing a lot of it. She will be the one most likely to get my Activist Donation, haha.

ABSTRACT/CONCLUSION/SUMMARY: My opinion is LibertarianRight-leaning, I am biased against The Left, but we should all try to be civil & polite & courteous & respectful to each other, ESP other MRAs. A Political Rift prob NEEDED to happen bc there are signif numbers of both self-identifying Left & Right MRAs. I position myself closer to Right but I am happy to listen to Polite “Leftist” MRAs. Wonder if “Leftist” MRAs are just confused. I find it hard to conceive of Feminism as anything BUT an Arm/Vehicle of Leftist Statism, however Appealing to Inherent Female Nature as it may. I don’t think fighting Feminism & Statism is Futile because Wimminz will just find another way to be politically & societally horrible. I think Women are inherently MORE selfish than Men, but prob not to the degree that more “Male-Separatist” MRAs think Women are Irreconcilably More Inherently Selfish. However I don’t believe Traditional Manning-Up is the way to Reconcile Female Selfishness. Men&Women need to find a new way to Get Along if they WANT to get along. Lack of Specific Focus beyond “Going Your Own Way” might affect the Effectiveness of The Men’s Movement, however I cautiously argue that “Game”, ie, Horny Men Trying With Various Levels of Success to Get The Tail They Want, IS a “Boots-On-The-Ground” form of Interaction Between The Sexes. Obviously. Men Interact W Wimminz bc they want to Bang Them. These interactions are a f00king MINEFIELD/BATTLEFIELD which MRM would do well not to ignore, not to leave this domain to “Pick Up Artists” only, & why I enjoy MRAs who take a serious look at Game, Mating, The Sexual Marketplace. Feminism, both Small F AND Big F, have made this even more of a Minefield, and this is something that has impacted EVERY man at some point in his life. And MRAs should have at least a several-pronged approach of activism, in both changing Misandric Laws, as well as figuring out ways to Socialize/Teach Youths such that Men and Women generally get along better. Hint: It prob won’t be the Marxist Statist Public Schools to do so, but will involve a Father & Maybe a mother.


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