First Of All, Happy Fourth of July / Independence Day to all, and Thank You to everyone ever in our armed services. Yes I buy into those “cliches” now. Even if one disagrees with some of our military choices, we should all respect the people with their BOOTS ON THE GROUND. They were just trying to do some Good with their Lives and not be Lazy, Handout-Hungry Losers & representing a Country with a Liberty-Loving Way Of Life that attracted millions of people away from their Oppressive Homelands.

This post will not have anything to do with that, was written a few days ago & I have too many posts “backed up” so might start “releasing” them marginally more frequently.


Can’t really give a “grade”, but if I HAD to, probably A. Absolutely recommend for EVERYONE to see at some point. Very moving, unforgettable story.

can’t really talk of “SPOILERS” because these are REAL PEOPLE’S LIVES. Not sure how much is “given away” on the box/sleeve or what Kuenne “wants” you to know going in, however he presents a CRUCIAL piece of “new information” about 80% through the movie, and the trailer at least doesn’t tell you what that is.

I knew the “spoiler” going in, and I’m GLAD I did, because not knowing it, this movie would have been UNBEARABLY traumatic at the end. You would have begun to feel a shred of the RAGE that David Bagby felt, which was maybe Kuenne’s point.

I don’t think Kuenne was “manipulating” or “exploiting” because he clearly LOVES Andrew & Zachary & the Bagbys, and he was just presenting the story as it unfolded for him, and how the purpose of his movie changed as Shocking Events Actually Occurred in Real Time. AS he was MAKING the movie ABOUT one unimaginable tragedy, ANOTHER unimaginable tragedy occurred.

I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU THE “SPOILER” RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I JUST CAN’T IMAGINE NOT DOING SO. THE MOVIE WOULD BE EVEN MORE PAINFUL, but maybe that’s the point, is, We can never begin to imagine the UNGODLY pain that David & Kate Bagby felt, so. I don’t think knowing the “spoiler” RUINS anything, it just makes the movie less painful. Also Ithink even THINKING the WORD “Spoiler” is obnoxious & vulgar & crass when dealing with THIS, but…

HERE’S WHAT HAPPENS ULTIMATELY: { 80% of the way thru, you find out that once Shirley Turner gets out of jail AGAIN & is finally awaiting final extradition to the US, she takes Zachary and drowns both herself and him in the ocean. Although you could probably predict this was gonna happen by maybe 65% through, it’s so horrendously ungodly tragic that you’d be BEGGING for it NOT to happen, and when it inevitably does, you’d be CRUSHED. But SHOULD Kuenne have clearly stated this outcome at the BEGINNING of the documentary?   }

So yeah, I’d almost recommend reading what happens, bc it makes the movie easier to watch & will only ruin your DAY as opposed to your WEEK!

If Transformers can be 2.5 hours long, SERIOUS movies like THIS SHOULD be!

Also liked topics of Anger, Vengeance. SPOILER: {  David saying that the first thing he wanted to do when he heard Andrew was dead was to kill both himself and Kate bc life wasn’t worth living anymore. AND that his biggest regret was that he did not kill Shirley, which would have saved Zachary’s life & likely Kate would get custody; David had no hesitation in going to Canadian prison for the rest of his life if it meant saving Zachary.  } Even during filming he breaks down in sorrow and anger screaming about the “evil f-cking b-tch”, & if your concepts of good&evil are so situational&relative that you don’t agree with him or try to dismiss it as “he’s just under the stress of grief”, then GTFO.

“But the film’s BIASED, it was made by a FRIEND of Andrew, of COURSE it paints a rosy picture of him as a saint and her as a monster bla bla”

“But SHE clearly had Bipolar & Borderline so it’s not so bad or her fault that she killed her child, besides, her body her choice, it’s the same as a late-term abortion”

I liked the film exactly BECAUSE it took a moral stance and said this is good and that is evil, and if that’s too black and white for you, Harvard Boy, GTFO.

yeah wish it were a little LONGER, giving more depth on how the Bagbys were saints and Shirley Turner was a monster.

Like little teaser in the Extra Scenes w Kate and David in Church, David saying he was an agnostic while Kate was religious. Priest talking about Forgiveness, David’s still plenty angry, and how could he NOT be; a religious person would say G-d has never TESTED anybody the way He has tested this family, who has suffered more cruel turns of fate than you could imagine.

Also would have liked a little more on the “surrealism” and disgust felt by Bagbys during the period where Shirley was out of jail & essentially splitting custody of Zachary with the Bagbys, and many times the Bagbys would be “hanging out” with the crazy woman who killed their son & who was about to kill their grandson. There’s some “good” recordings of uncomfortable phone conversations though. Like David saying “You will NOT let that child starve, I will COME OVER and drop off food and diapers at the door.” Get a sense of how horrendously manipulative and deranged Turner was.

That is pretty mind-boggling, enough to test ANYone’s faith. One interviewee said as much, as she had “stopped praying” since Zachary died.

I think Kurt Kuenne wanted to show his own shock and grief at how Zachary was killed WHILE he was making this movie, so he couldn’t continue making the movie as a “letter” to Zachary showing him what an obviously wonderful man his father was. So he did the only reasonable thing and then focused the film on David and Kate, sharing all their tremendous grief, and showing love and appreciation for them.

Yeah hopefully we are all fortunate enough to have known at least one person like Andrew in our lives. Not necessarily saying that some people have more Human Worth than others….. but you know what I mean. One of those amazing people that everybody loves and no-one dislikes, type of person that always makes you feel better just by being around them, people of ridiculous amounts of Inner Strength, people that bring everybody together and make you really thankful to know them and EVERYBODY wanted Andrew to be the Best Man at their weddings. People that you consider your Role Model because they’re So Great, you want to be More Like Them.

To be honest, I must have CRIED AT LEAST THREE SOLID, SMALL MAN-TEARS throughout. More emotional types could easily be weeping for hours.

First heard of it on a “most depressing movies” thread on Reddit, or maybe “movies that changed your life.” Then Barbarossaaaa recently recommended it on a vid on his Rants channel. Said OK, I’ll watch. Wouldn’t call it “depressing”, though it its subject matter involves The Saddest Thing That Could Ever Happen To A Person. In fact, kind of INSPIRING to see Kate and David carry on after all this, and to see how Andrew and Zachary changed the lives of everyone who knew them for the better.

Not sure if the movie has “An MRA” angle, even if MRAs HAVE liked it. I think it has broad appeal to anyone With A Heart, basically. But it does show A Truly Evil Woman, which is not something that makes it to film very often.

You wonder, how screwed up her OTHER children have to be. You see one of her other sons for a couple minutes. This movie could have been SEVEN HOURS & I would have watched it all.

&I do wonder more about Andrew’s ex-fiance & their break-up. She seemed nice enough, but sounded like she broke it off & he took it rough. (But Andrew was so Strong, that even when he was Taking Things Rough, he was still Working Hard and being a Successful Medical Doctor.)

&When his friends expressed doubts about his new GF Shirley, Andrew joked self-deprecatingly, “I’m not the most handsome guy, & she’s the best I can do right now.” & his friend said, “you don’t go out with somebody just because they’re the best you can do right now.” Very Sad.

Very fascinating. Even though she was Batsh!t crazy & evil, she still managed to become a Medical Doctor & not totally self-destruct like other Crazies.

Seems like people who become Medical Doctors always want to PROVE how SMART and AWESOME they are, have a TOTAL GOD COMPLEX, want everybody to worship them. Get that from some of Andrew’s Arrogant Doctor-Friends too.

Andrew however seemed to be the Genuine Article, whose “God Complex” is JUSTIFIED because everyone already knows they’re an AWESOME PERSON because they OBVIOUSLY ARE.

(Certainly I’ve entertained the notion of myself becoming an MD just to PROVE HOW SMART & SUCCESSFUL & SUPERIOR I could be & pull the YOUNGEST HOTTEST TAIL, which as I’ve just said, are the WORST POSSIBLE reasons for becoming an MD. You become an MD because you’re both SMART and KIND and want to HELP PEOPLE, which fit Andrew to a T.)

The Parents Kate and David Bagby were also a Much-Needed Positive Example of a Successful Real-Life Hetero Married Relationship. Respectable Woman and Respectable Man making a respectable Family which was taken away from them in an Ungodly Manner, but they still had Each Other and all the friends they’d made, and it doesn’t appear she’ll be doing a Divorce Take The Money and Run on him anytime soon, she loves him (and the children) as much as he loves her (and the children.)

So that was inspiring too. If they can make it through THIS, Anybody Can Make It Through ANYTHING. Powerful, gut-Wrenching, Real-Life (at least filtered through the “biases” of Kuenne, which nobody should have a problem with) stuff you will not soon forget. Strongly Recommended for Anyone With A Heart!

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