Very Hot Day for some of us, try not too be too much of a tryhard today.

This post was written about one week ago and dives right into the middle of some Fresh New Themes I’ll be talking about in other posts, such as “Career-Is-God” Career-Worshipping Tryhards who elevate their MEEEEEEEEEANINGFUL CAREEEEEEEEEEEEER to far and away the most important thing in their lives. Because they are Narcissistic, Sociopathic, Blasphemous, Materialistic Tryhards who don’t know how to Relate To Other People, Or to Their Higher Power (haha.) I also reveal the identity of my latest Mancrush.

Heh. The REAL HBD people will go around mentioning the name of actual genes which “explain” a certain behaviour. Like oh that’s clearly coming from the R5GH34T7 Haplotype which is concentrated in this area of the world haha. Don’t know my Genetics well enough. Trust me its in my Future Hard Sciences Curriculum. $5 5-year-old Textbook from amazon haha.

gotta strengthen argument that its even more “silly/stupid” to Worship Career than it is to Worship God, after strengthening arg that Wimminz/Millennials are indeed treating Careers as Religions.

Well basically you’re coyly, indirectly worshipping yourself, and there’s no room for Failure. “God” might not exist, but He still accepts your failure as part of your Humanity. He doesn’t want you to be a Tryhard who attempts to take His place. And He wants to Help you. Dunno. Still in the beginning phases here haha. Just Note that I will never try to Proselytize or Evangelize. Not for a few years at least! I respect the diversity of my Treasured Readers! You can be a Hardcore Atheist ALL DAY just as long as you’re not all SMUG like the f4gg0ts on Reddit!

MY Excuse for my “underachievement, output failure, procrastination, amotivation” is 50% DerpRession & 50% Morally-Shamable Laziness. 50/50. The HIGHEST I will grant out on the Moral Laziness is 50%. The End.

See, if a Guy Feeeeeeels like he’s a Loser, that will reflect in his Confidence, and ultimately he will never get Tail. Well, IF he does it’ll be Sh!t-Pv$$y & he won’t like it one bit. Because Young Hot Tail is a Religion/God, haha, it’s very important that Men not feel like Losers!

But srsly, it’s not good for a man’s Personal Health to feel like a Loser. So HOW to Not Be a Loser, or at least not FEEEEEEL like a Loser (even though I USUALLY think FEEEEEEEELINGS are ret4rted, but not in this case) ? Here I bring back our disgraced child-molesting laziness expert Dr Levine. People like to feel they’re accomplishing something worthwhile to them, and they also like getting praised by others for it. Even if he molested 9000 boys, I still agree w Levine.

Rank in terms of How Silly is it to Worship-____-Like-In-A-Religion: God, Career, Young Tail. IMHO, from Least Silly to Most, ie, Best Idea Getting Worse: God, Young Tail way below God, Career way below Tail. What else can we add.

Wimminz mock and diss Men for not manning up & playing video games & not being marriage material, but a large reason Men are doing this is because it’s a BETTER DEAL than spending time with Wimminz! Video Games provide A Consistent, Satisfying Reward Schedule! Wimminz Don’t! BLAME YOURSELVES, WIMMINZ!

Yes, listening to violence, raep, torture, death, mutilation, aids, slavery, cancery, child abuse, slavery, 3g1h, Blown-Out 4N41/Rectal Prolapse (PROLAPSE is the word I was looking for! Don’t even go to the Wikipedia page! Gross!), degradation, sadism, evil worship of The Power Electronics Genre is good for Channeling & Releasing, ie, Getting Rid Of, Anger & Negative Emo. Argubly the “Darkest” form of Music Out There.

I just have MANCRUSH on Mikko Aspa. Going through Top Power Electronics Albums on RateYourMusic. Whitehouse’s “Bird Seed” “Out-Nicole12’s Nicole12”, thought that was funny. Sampled some of latest Nicole12, also some Sutcliffe Jugend, & some Grunt. Maybe I like the Subject Matter more than the actual Music. An Interesting Aesthetic. TABOO. Watching the NatGeo show Taboo joking “THAT’s NOT TABOO!” like Taboo:Booze & a bunch of drunks getting into a fight. True Taboo seems like the stuff many PE Artists deal with, all that HORRIBLE stuff.

Maybe Mikko is just an EPHEBOPHILE but he feels STIGMA of Society telling him he’s a sick paedophile. Or very possible he just likes making Music about Sick Things. Again, I would THINK most PE Artists have a Moral Opinion on their disgusting subject matter. Maybe a way of Releasing their own disgusting, taboo, shameful thoughts, without needing to ACT on them. Separating the THOUGHT from the ACTION from the PERSON from the ENDORSEMENT.

Possible Rebuttal to my “Wimminz Worship CareerAsGod” Hypoth: NO, they DON’T, they’re just taking HEALTHY INTEREST in SIGNIFICANT PORTION OF THEIR LIVES. It just SEEMS TO ME that they “WORSHIP” it bc IAMA LOSER who doesn’t like WORKING or TRYING hard.

Is that an Ad Hominem? Really it just attacks my def of “worship” vs “normal healthy nonworshipful reasonably prioritized interest.”

You can’t say “Gimme A Job Because Everybody Needs A Job”. You gotta Have Career FOCUS. and DEMONSTRATE why you are THE BEST PERSON for the Position AND the Organization because being A Human Resources Middle Manager in THIS Player In The Hospitality Industry is an INTEGRAL PART OF EVERY FIBRE OF YOUR BEING!

R1mming 455 for free as Gopher B1tch Boy & begging to be Free Intern, Paying to Svck D1ck isn’t CAREER-WORSHIP, it’s just MANDATORY MINIMUM for getting a RESPECTABLE JOB. Like, if you ever want to Pull, Own A House, Have Children, or Associate with people who aren’t Drug-Addict LOSERS. It’s simply Doing What Humans DO: ADAPTING OR DYING.

I’m BLOWING IT OUT OF PROPORTION because it SEEMS so different from my INFERIOR perspective, so I’m trying to SHAME THEM when it’s ME who should be shamed!

But you gotta be careful about self-deprecation, because that not only pushes away stupid sh1t like Young Tail, but Important, Essential Stuff-you-want like Bigboy Employers and Male Friends!

Feel an Appropriate sense of SHAME, then WORK to FIX THE PROBLEM, THEN once you get that balancing act PERFECT you can FINALLY be within your rights to pull Young Tail, otherwise you never will, & will only pull Gross Seacows At Best & Never stop Obsessing about Better Young Tail!

PERFECT example of BENEFITS of PORNOGRAPHY: Effective&Efficient Release of THAT kind of Nervous Sexual Stress, which DISTRACTS you from PRODUCTIVE (“Meeeeeeeeeaningful”) WORK.

Healthy people stay BUSY. You think Mikko Aspa sits around and MOPES all day or even Molests Innocent Young Ephebes? NO! he spends 16 hours EVERY DAY running his record Labels, Doing Mail-Order, (If you order something from Northern Heritage / Freak Animal, he’s prob the one wrapping it up and mailing it to you!) Record Store, & Working on 10 different Musical Projects! I don’t know HOW he stays so Productive!


for example, the cover art for Nicole 12’s most recent album “Black Line” IMHO perfectly captures the “creepy horribleness” of N12 & PE in General:

That’s Just Not Right, Amirite?

credit: guy on Nuclear War Now forum


I don’t think you’re a Creep, Mikko, And I would be happy to buy you Dinner, Dranks, & sth from Your Store next time I’m in LAHTI, FINLAND! Would also like to do a Fancy-But-Fun Interview/Convo for my “Late Night With BKC” Talkshow, and Collaborate with You on One Perverted, Disgusting Song. OPEN INVITE!


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