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Wimminz are SO ST00PID, they will complain if a guy isn’t “INSPIRED” enough. Have you ever HEARD such a stupid complaint? Of course she MEANS he’s too BETA, but still, just imagining that someone isn’t living up to an average level of “inspiration”, SO STUPID.  “Your artistic output isn’t as creative lately, IMHO. No Pv$$Y for you!”

And if Wimminz can complain about THAT, they can also complain that a guy isn’t inspirING enough to HER. WOW. Men are realistic enough to not expect INSPIRATION from a Wimminz, as long as the Tail is Bangable.You get INSPIRED by the Lord or the beauty of nature or the kindness of others, not WIMMINZ. COME ON.

Again, it’s code for the Guy’s Too BETA. But Wimminz can’t articulate what that means, so they deny it exists.

“But where’s YOUR PROOF that Alpha and Beta even EXISTS?”

How about this: guys usually get dumped by wimminz because they weren’t very BLATANTLY MANLY TO THAT WIMMINZ. Not saying that makes the guy weak or at-fault or BAD – just saying Wimminz are less likely to Dump you if you are Manlier TO them.

My Religious Testimonial for the Post: what brought me Closer to the Lord was a recognition and Acceptance of my own WEAKNESS. I realized I wasn’t strong enough to do it all on my own & needed a little HELP. Pretty WEAK, BETA, UNMANLY, & INSECURE, AMIRITE? Then I realized the Lord loves you just as you are. Doesn’t care if you’re Weak, Insecure, or Beta, & He doesn’t Expect you to do EVERYTHING BY YOURSELF. I personally found that comforting, so I took comfort in it. Doesn’t mean You have to! Just sharing an Experience!

Wimminz, SWPLs, and many Millennials Treat Career as their RELIGION and GOD. I will continue developing this point for a while. You’re shamed and shunned if you just want “a job” or recognize the Inherent Value Of WORK as Putting Food On The Table. Now everything has to have a DEEPER MEANING, & if you’re not ACTUALIZING YOURSELF AND SAVING THE WORLD WITH YOUR CAREER, then WIMMINZ find you a LESS DESIRABLE MATE. This is why so many man are going Their Own Way, bc that’s a STUPID way of reckoning Human or even MATE value.

But there’s not enough World-Saving, Self-Actualizing Careers to Go Around, and people will still always have to do the “soul-destroying” grunt work, and that somehow makes them Less Intelligent or Inferior or Lazy or they just didn’t TRY HARD ENOUGH?

Naturally COLLEGES LOVE promoting this Career Religion, it fits into THEIR business model REALLY well. Why WOULD they do something so crass as “guarantee employment”, that’s YOUR job, and paying for this education that helps you “think out of the box” SHOULD, with enough extracurricular tryhardism from YOU, SHOULD get you that Religious, Transcendent, Meaningful, Profound, Challenging CAREEEEEEEEER.

Many men, young and old, are seeing this for the Clear Bullsh!t it is & saying F00k THAT Sh!t, & I can’t blame them!

If you’re not a CO-RELIGIONIST with the Female agreeing Career Is God, Automatic Omega Mate Value.

CareerReligion DOES play in very nicely with notions of STATUS and SUCCESS, though, and those aren’t necessarily STUPID mate value reckoners, I concede, to kinda contradict above where I said it was “STUPID.” Dunno. It just FEEEEEEEEELs a bit more DISHONEST. But this is WIMMINZ we’re talking about, Dishonesty is nothing new there. TO BE EXPECTED! They’re not even honest with THEMSELVES! That’s why they’re DELUDED! I don’t HATE them & I’m not ANGRY at them, but I sure as h311 have NO RESPECT for this type of behaviour, and neither should you, Man!

Notice that Wimminz care more about CareerGod than Men. Men are more likely to think simply and practically, they just want a good and secure job and it doesn’t matter how flashy it is. Wimminz are the ones mainly doing this HAMSTER-RACE. Oh look what I can do! Look what I can do! Obv men don’t care about that sh!t, so the Wimminz do it to compete among themselves, to worship the CareerGod, which, ultimately, is an extension of the SELF. Narcissism.

Men are Loyal as Dogs, Wimminz are loyal like Cats. Wimminz will torture Beta Men, while dumping them, by saying something like “I DID Love You At One Time!” as a way to twist the knife in, usually if the Beta gets some spine & wants to stand up for himself and gets angry when he’s well within his rights to get angry. These can be the flakiest Wimminz who Love you one week and then Just Don’t the next week. And then maybe go on the prowl for some Strange D!ck on the weekend you’re not clinging to her. Got Some News For Ya, that Ain’t “Love”, don’t believe that Bullsh!t.

Promiscuity reflects Wimminz Sexual Values – how seriously you take Sex and how well you need to know your Sex Partners. Men are WELL within their rights to ask about & pass judgment on their Wimminz Sexual History. Ideally Promiscuous Men would pair up with Promiscuous Wimminz, and Nonpromiscuous Men would pair  up w Nonpromiscuous Wimminz. Problem is there’s so much more Promiscuous Wimminz, & so much more Nonpromiscuous Men. Huge Disparity.

When dealing with Wimminz, Men need to be as CONDITIONAL as They Are. Wimminz will dump a man because his CAREEEEEER isn’t Advancing FAST or SMOOTHLY enough. Without realizing, it’s still the same MAN underneath the career.

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