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I am not trying to make MONEY, or HITS/TRAFFIC, quit my day jerb, or make blogging my Meeeeeeeaningful Careeeeeeeeeeer. I am doing this for FUN. Narcissistic fun! I’ve been really behind in reading Manosphere Blogs so I will talk about that in next post. Some are gone (Ferdinand Bardamu!!), there’s some good new (to me) stuff (too many to mention, but will talk about Firepower soon, very controversial);  I recently took a little time trying to get caught-up, still got a long way to go, should def add some more blogs to My Blogroll of people that are WAY better Bloggers/Writers!

Very Few Women are worth taking Seriously or Respecting. Maybe 40% at the Absolute MOST, although almost CERTAINLY closer to 35% or 30%. Prove Me Wrong!

I think Some Otherwise Honest Decent Women get All Over A Guy’s Jock (not in the good way!) because he doesn’t “RESPECT WIMMINZ”, well, Open Your Eyes and you too will SEE that More Women Don’t Deserve Respect than Do. The Majority of Wimminz aren’t Respectable like YOU, Honey. These blue-pill Women are dangerously close to being Team Wimminz and Siding with the Wimminz because they don’t RECOGNIZE there’s a PROBLEM, and THAT’s a problem with THEM.

“You have a VENDETTA against Wimminz! It’s A Creepy Obsession! Don’t you have any desire or ambition to DO ANYTHING other than sit in yr parents’ BASEMENT and BLOG about how BAD WIMMINZ Are?”


I also BLOG about movies, Heavy Metal, Western Civilisation, Religion, Morality, Jerbs, & Sociobiology thank you very much!

One day quite out of the blue Idecided to AtLeast GoThruTheMotions of being A Healthy Adult and go for a Brisk Jog, as the July Heat Wave had subsided to something more hospitable, a beautiful summer’s day to be outdoors. I’ve been attemping Brisk Jogging for the past couple of years, usually give it more of a solid go than I expected, then taper off when it gets too Cold and/or the Results are not forthcoming. Plus Weights/Strength-training gives you more efficient results, Cardio is for f4gz. Then I considered maybe I NEED cardio more than the Average F4g because of my Sinful Sloth, Laziness, and Despair, so the Cardio’s main benefit is in fact NOT in becoming Trimmer (for which it doesn’t work anyway!) but possibly in keeping a more Moral and Active Mindset in General!


prob should do FULL 1000 words, but 700 should be good, if TOIGHT.

Don’t ask how this Evangelical Christian Religious Film came in my Queue. Writer/Director Alex Kendrick and Affirm Films have produced a string of “non-mainstream Hollywood” but Middle American Bible Belt type movies to preach against the immorality of Lamestream Media & promote the Lord and Good Old Fashioned Family Values. Stuff like “Fireproof” or “Facing the Giants.” I recall a Manosphere blogger w a Christian bent, possibly Dalrock, wrote a scathing review of “Fireproof” & how these films, no matter how well-intentioned, blatantly miss a good teaching moment.

I think same could be said about “Courageous.” To its credit, I liked it more than I thought I would. Some of it was as bad as expected, but some of it was better. ALL the dialogue was hammy and heavy-handed and clanky. Honestly INSULTING to the INTELLIGENCE. And the Filmic, Cineamatic Art quality was Nonexistent, it was like a Lifetime Movie. But slightly better. There’s absolutely no purpose for this other than for Kendrick to ram his Blatant Religious Agenda down your Throat. And the Intended Audience will LOVE that, and piously shake their heads and say “why can’t more movies be like this”, and NO SINNERS will be CONVERTED because they’ll be too INSULTED by the heavy-handedness.

These are Megachurch Born Again Bible Belt types, NOT Catholics.

If you wanted a movie that discussed Faith, Religion, God, Life, The Tuff Questions in a meaningful, moving way, you’d look to say Bergman or Tarkovsky or Martin SCORSESE was THIS close to becoming a CATHOLIC PRIEST, he was tortured by where G-d was calling him, to be a PRIEST or to make MOVIES. I hear Robert Bresson’s “Diary of a country priest” was also good.

AND it was too long, at 2 hours and 7 minutes. I agree with Aki Kauriskmaki, no movie should be over 90 minutes.

With all these strikes against it, it’s amazing I “enjoyed” it as much as I did. Prob because some of the actors (esp Kendrick) were believable, and IAMA sucker for some sentimental stuff.

But Liberals and College F4gz will be OFFENDED and INSULTED like CRAZY.

I can appreciate anything that politicall incorrect, but here’s the rub: this is textbook Same As The Feminists Social Conservative Traditionalism at its Worst. Who’s to blame for Society Crumbling? MEN! FATHERS ABANDONING THEIR FAMILIES! NOT MANNING UP! ANY MAN CAN HAVE CHILDREN, but it takes a GODLY MAN to be a GREAT FATHER!

100% of the blame. REFUSES to recognize that WIMMINZ are at least 50% to blame, driving Fathers OUT OF Children’s lives. Taking ADVANTAGE of the Traditional Role of Protect and Provide, trying to LEECH AWAY that protection and provision all while removing Wives and Children from the Men’s lives.

Missing a big chance when they introduced one character Shane, who said one-third of his paycheck went to ALIMONY and he only saw his child every other weekend and his x-wife was Poisoning child with Toxic Opinions of him! I said, now THIS could get interesting!

But NO, this guy ends up being The Sinner who ends up in Jail because he didn’t Do The Right Thing and Father Up Enough.

Or the younger man who was being a Deadbeat Dad because they girl he “knocked up” didn’t “take care of it” like he wanted, so he just Walked Away. He ends up Shouldering His Godly Fatherly Burden, sending them a nice $500 check to show he’s serious about Being Part Of Their Lives again, now he’s doing “G-d’s Will”. WTF? In this Universe apparently men don’t have to pay Child Support!

And the Women just stand faithfully by their men & you just assume they are Godly and blameless and it’s up to the man to do everything, never acknowledging that in many cases, the WIMMINZ is the EVIL DEVIL who is 100% responsible for TEARING THE FAMILY APART!

it takes TWO to make a baby! How about not Spreading Your Uterus to Thugs who have a Record of having many children by many wimminz and not supporting them?

Kendrick upholds the White Knight thing were Wimminz have absolutely no Accountability, it couldn’t POSSIBLY be THEIR FAULT!

So that was FAR more offensive than the Religious thing! I have no problem with movies that talk about Good and Evil and the characters Pray to God or are Religious. But this movie is BLUE PILL ALL THE WAY, and refuses to look any deeper, refuses to believe that Wimminz have ANY responsibility for making bad mating decisions, or that Wimminz break up families for stupid reasons because they have more incentive to Leave A Man But Keep taking his Money rather than Stay with him. So the solution is, MEN need to WORK HARDER at being GODLY FATHERS???

This would just Bleed the Cash Cow even Faster, and NOT have the result Kendrick would like to see. I don’t think Kendrick is a Bad Guy or in LEAGUE with Evil Wimminz, but this movie is PERFECT example of how Socially Conservative Traditionalism is not gonna solve our larger Social or Family problems, and it’s sad to see so many think it will.

Yet I think many men, even myself, do have an almost inexorable, primordial desire to “Be Traditional”, to Have a Traditional Family, to BE the Man of the House, to Protect and Provide while A Faithful Good Woman Sacrifices Her Careeeeeeeeeeer for a few years to help raise solid babies. It’s a lot easier, as recent history has shown, for WIMMINZ to Get rid of THEIR “natural traditional” role than for MEN to give up THEIR OWN desire for THEIR Traditional Role, and as long as there’s this imbalance, Wimminz will keep taking ADVANTAGE of men, and SoConTrad Movies like “Courageous” will keep covering it up, blaming men for everything wrong with the world, and failing to hold wimminz accountable at all.

Although I don’t disrespect SoCons like I do Feminists, because I can respect wanting to Do The Right Thing For The Lord. But the Conclusions that come out of that premise are just UNCONSCIONABLE! The only way THESE men can be saved is if they TAKE THE RED PILL. Unlike Feminists or even Traditional BornAgain Wimminz, I believe TradMen MIGHT be somewhat Amenable to The Red Pill.


What I WOULD like to see: a similarly corny religious movie that exhorts WIMMINZ to be Accountable and Moral and Follow God’s Will. Pref something where a beautiful young girl gets indoctrinated into Leftist Statist Career-Religion, Ride The C0ck Carousel, her poor HAMSTER is gonna have a HEART ATTACK, until she miraculously realizes she’s Hit The Wall, Biol Clock ticking, Baby Rabies, She Revisits all the c0Cks from her past, the Alphas who Dumped HER still don’t want her, the Betas who she now realizes are better for Father Material, whom SHE dumped, now want nothing to do with her and already have children and happy non-legal marriages; figures can find a nice Fatherly Man at Megachurch, she pretends to Repent, but somehow all the Men she Dates from church find out about her Past & say “NO THANKS!” and opt for younger, more virginal girls; Then she learns the TRUE value of Repentance and Prayer by NEVER getting married, NEVER having children, and praying to MARY and GOD for FORGIVENESS. Definitely lots of symbolism in there on how MARY is the Ideal Role Model For Women. OR Maybe she becomes an MRA and devotes her life to fighting for Fair Legal Marriage For Men and Ending Alimony or something. Because in her Careeeeeeeer Life she was once a Power, Lantern-Jawed (HT Heartiste haha) Lawyerc00nt. Used to fight for Abortion & also get mad abortions, but now she fights for Men’s & Boys’ Rights.

Dunno. When you do Corny Religious Intelligence-Insulting TV-esque movies, it’s hard to take ANYTHING in it seriously, so I wouldn’t want to make a JOKE of Men’s Rights like that. (haters: “they already do a good enough job making a JOKE of THEMSELVES!”)

Maybe do something Intelligent trying to Reconcile Traditional Religiosity with Traditional Manhood; how a man can be a Traditional Religious WITHOUT Screwing Himself by being a Traditional Husband i.e. HOST for PARASITES.

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