Might tie this one in with my “about” page since it applies to this whole “blog”. Occasionally I like to Flatter myself by giving unnecessary explanations, clarifications, and disclaimers about my BLOGGING, haha.

Had my first “brush with the big boys” recently, as I was reblogged by my new favourite blogger Firepower. I got pretty excited, because I’d just discovered his blog in the past WEEK through his comment on Roissy’s recent post on Beta Seating Postures (heh). Been trying to read more blogs lately, next step to reading more books, better use of my time than writing nonsense or watching movies. My RSS reader is very disorganized but I started adding more new blogs anyway, and started Following more blogs w the WordPress “Follow”, Ithink that’s how he found ME.

Then I got nervous. Seeing how he ruthlessly mocks Brandon-bloggers, I knew I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of that. Would be uncomfortable, bc no-one likes being called stupid by someone they would call smart, especially since my own Blogging Style atm Superficially seems quite Stupid, ADD, GreatBooksForMen, Teenage Girlish, Glib, Underclass-Raised-on-Vidya-Games, etc. Fiddling while Rome Burns, not getting it, distracted by trivialities, dumbed-down-to-meaninglessness, can’t make a silk purse out of sow’s ear (I like that phrase haha)

He shreds other bloggers I like, calling them stupid, plagiarizers, hypocrites. I don’t get offended by much, but I would not like being called those things!

I like reading big comment threads where they really get into it, but there’s usu so much nastiness  I never wanted to PARTICIPATE in them. Blame my Beta Sensitive Ego.

So, rather than being all coy and disingenuous and Hypocritical in the sense of: why even have the OPTION of comments If I don’t WANT people leaving impolite comments, I am now going to CLOSE COMMENTS for a trial period of 3 months (just because this is my standard Trial Period for almost everything) while I try to figure out what the Real Purpose of this blog even IS. Right now it’s just seat of my pants, thinking out loud, processing what I read, figuring opinions out, all while amusing myself and anyone who chooses to be amused by it. I like the “helping men” bit, but I’m still not sure HOW I’m gonna do that. Teaching by example? Don’t do what I did? Don’t want to self-deprecate TOO much, haha.

on the off-chance a reader REALLY wants to talk to me, which they should really only do if they want to offer me a Bigboy JOB, or have a serious-but-fun discussion of The Issues, or recommend good books, they can do it privately by EMAIL:

bkctmoap (no ghow, haha) at the domain of: y mail daht kom.  not even sure if wordpress has a private message feature, but one could use that too.

I’m flattering myself to think he would spend so much time on Little Old ME, but of course he would find plenty of fodder here, and he’s done Blog Reviews which are hilarious, but again, you don’t want to BE That Guy!

I don’t understand being so mean to people who might not be THAT ideologically different from you. Or ARE they? My first impression is that people like Ferdinand/IMF or Piggy or Dalrock and their readers are very open to The Red Pill. But the Red Pill involves many different things over which hairs could potentially be split. Not everyone shares the same opinion on some of the Racial stuff, for example. And I certainly don’t expect to agree with even my allies all of the time! If I agree with somebody “only” 70%, I say, D4mn, that’s pretty GOOD! And consider them as on “my side.”

However, I concede that Firepower has read many, many more books than I, and has indeed given me some new books to put on my Wish List (eg Robert Bork); and has forced me to think more deeply on Blogging itself. Just trying to understand his meanness. The ratio of me-liking-his-ideas To me-grimacing-at-his-meanness is the most pronounced of any blogger I’ve come across in recent memory. I can understand being mean to Leftists, Feminists, Marxists, Parasites, The Dumbest of the Dumb – but to people who seem more open-minded or at least more in agreement with more of your “side”? – then I can’t understand the hair-splitting. But there might be some personal vendettas on both sides. Don’t know. Got more reading to do.

So I’m shutting down comments for 3 months (approximately, haha), to not even give the IMPRESSION that I welcome comments, because while I WOULD welcome complimentary, polite comments, that’s not a real productive debate. there’s no chance to learn anything that way. But I don’t want to INTERACT with people right now, so, it’s more honest to not even GIVE that impression. If someone wants to nicely give me reading suggestions, compliments, or Jobs, they can email me.

And I guess if you REALLY wanted to call me names, you could use TWITTER.

I do intend to keep regularly posting ADD-ish, Internet Tuff Guy (but one-sided!) Opinions, Mouth-Frothing Hyperbole, just because doing that much is really FUN.

So check out Firepower’s Blog if you want some interesting reading. Can’t guarantee you’ll LIKE it, but you won’t forget it. I’ve been very stimulated by what I’ve read, even if I have reservations about some of his interactions with other bloggers!

Have a good weekend, if you can’t be Super Intelligent at least be Medium Intelligent, and you’ll probably still be safely above average. And don’t take sh!t from people.

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