Had to change that from “Best Post Ever” because I would like to keep that possibility eternally open.

let’s make an argument about the Sinfulness of Sin: One lonely omega beating-off to pron all the times in his LIFE is prob not AS SINFUL as One Wimminz Choosing To Appear In One Porno One Time. Chew on that one, Mr. Chew!

You shouldn’t LIKE Wimminz because they will IMMEDIATELY, EASILY Open Their Uterus, and later murder babies from guys who don’t like them and who they don’t really like either, just because they’re Big and Handsome and Sexy, meanwhile make YOU jump through HOOPS just to HANG OUT with them and BUY THEM DINNER, and No Uterus For You, After All That! JUST SAY NO! F00K THAT SH1T!!! DIRTY WH0RES! COST PER BANG is $0.001 for Sexy Men and $9,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 for YOU? NOPE, DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!

PORNOGRAPHY DEGRADES MEN EVEN MORE THAN IT DEGRADES WIMMINZ. These Wimminz already have very little self-respect to lose, doing even One Vanilla Porno scene can wipe out almost all of your self-respect, so subsequent scenes don’t really do much. But some Lonely Omega Dweller, beating off ForeverAlone day after day, chipping away at his self-respect like water torture, now that’s horrible. Gradually comes to believe that the best he deserves is some filthy porno wh0re. That’s the REAL tragedy.

Wimminz are terrible at long-term financial planning and especially housing. They will pay exorbitant housing costs for bullsh1t cultural cachet SWPL Brooklyn “Coolness” that isn’t really worth the money, because being Envied by Other Wimminz is PRICELESS. They are impulsive and will make Major Life Decisions without thinking, always assuming, not even consciously, that some Man will Bail Them Out if things don’t work out perfectly, and, They can usually find a man who WILL! Give them a place to stay, give them a job, etc. WHAT A WORLD OF WIMMINZ! THIS is why I don’t Respect Wimminz! Because they have no HONOR or HONESTY!

Women vs Wimminz. It’s a fuzzy line sometimes. Sometimes you think they’re Women but they end up showing themselves as Wimminz. Oh well. Cut Your Losses and Move On to someone Worth Your Time.

Wimminz always expect Men to “move on” and “get over it” very quickly, because Wimminz are used to “getting over” men very quickly, because they view men as Disposable Sex And Money Machines. When one isn’t PERFECT, dispose of and pick another. Of course Wimminz “get over” THAT easily! Gradually losing this power-to-choose-use-dump-and-replace can make a Wimminz even more Crazy, as can when the seemingly-disposeable man has the B4LLZ to dispose of HER FIRST.

D4MN, this could be a Post Of The Month! Don’t Hold THIS one back!

On Sat mornings, instead of just cartoons for the kids, now they also have Career-God Indoctrinations for the High School students where they interview especially AMBITIOUS young people. Today was a cute, smart 16-year-old girl talking about her Hard Work to become an Entrepreneur in selling Eco-Friendly Sugar Packets. She emphasized the importance of never giving up, believing in yourself, being able to handle rejection and persist on until you reach your goals. 16 years old. Haha, I’m just jelly this indoctrination didn’t sink into my brain when I was 16, otherwise I might have been successful like her.

The more Successful a Man is, the More Co-Ed his Social Circle Is. IE, the more he is seen around Women/Wimminz, and the more likely THEY are to be attractive.

Unsuccessful Nerds rarely hang-out with Wimminz, and when they do, they’re not likely to be Attractive.

Then these nerds b34t-off to attractive but nasty, dirty porno wh0res and think they’ll never be able to pull that “GOOD”, and because they have no confidence, charisma, game, success, social status, popularity, charm, social dominance, and are also probably ugly and fat, then they’re RIGHT. They become right.

There’s a slippery slope and a self-fulfilling prophecy there too.

The major problem with Bribing People to Get A Job is because it’s not a LEGAL CONTRACT, they could send Ethnic Mobsters over to Break Your Legs if you don’t CONTINUE TO PAY after you’re UNFAIRLY FIRED from the job you bribed so much money to get. Problem w Bribes is that you can’t ENFORCE their FAIRNESS.

newSearchTerm resulting in ThisBlog: “bernard chapin loser.” I mention Bernard Chapin a lot, and losers a lot, but I think Bernard Chapin is one of the Biggest WINNERS EVER. Let there be no doubt about that!

I am So Over this MRA Left/Right Rift thing. Let’s just agree to disagree, that some MRAs are Left-Leaning Libertarians and other MRAs are Right-Leaning Libertarians, and that’s its ok for there to be a Libertarian Left AND a Libertarian Right.

But: Feminism is intimately intertwined with The Left. Or with Big Bankers seeking to divide and conquer The Western Populace. And Leftists would take offense to the idea that Big Bankers are Leftists. So maybe we can agree they’re Totalitarian as f00k!

As far as What To Do About Wimminz: B4ng them if you want to, Avoid them if you want to, just take precautions not to get hurt or hosed by them, and know that not-avoiding women carries more RISK because you’re Actually Encountering Wimminz who might Use or Lie About you, put you in Jail, ruin your Life, etc.

Don’t beat yourself up too bad if you can’t get Wimminz out of your mind, or you are always suffering from Infatuations. Some Men just get these more than others. It hearkens back to Our Natural Human Urge to Want To Be With Women. Men have always had these Heterosexual Partnership Urges stronger than Wimminz do, who have no Serious Reciprocal Love for Men, and that’s truly a shame and worthy of some sadness. Just don’t blame yourself.

If you have a very high libido, and many men do, and if you don’t want to go broke using Attractive, Expensive Prostitutes: get the largest HAREM you can so you can get tail whenever YOU want. Build the Harem using Game: Charisma, Confidence, Cockiness, Humor, 455holery, Machismo, etc, and if you don’t want to spend a lot of time & energy Working Out, just work out your Chest, Arms, and Upper Body so you Look Stronger and the B!tches give you the LOW Cost Per B4ng rather than the HIGH. Having a Harem with Lots of Diff Wimminz will make EACH wimminz want to / compete more to get F00ked by you, because they know THEY’RE expendable.

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