Right now my ShortTerm Queue is alternating among: Mumblecore, Aki Kaurismaki, Hiyao Miyazaki, Foreign Horror, Werner Herzog, Tarkovsky, LarsVonTrier, GayOfThrones.

B+, maybe even A-.  Much Better than I expected. prepared to tear it apart. I ALREADY HATED Lena Dunham& everything she stood for, the evil effete ennui privileged SWPL Decadence & Laziness of Arts Grads Avoiding WORK. BUT I figured should actually WATCH SOMETHING she’s done before Ijudged. “Tiny Furniture” was  most efficient&effective starting point.  Wanna watch “Girls” but not privileged or employed enough to have HBO, because I didn’t get my Medical Degree from HARVARD.  Long Post. REALLY TRIED to keep it to 1000 words, but couldn’t stop.

said before Ihated everything Mumblecore & Dunham symbolizes: SWPL privileged hipster first-world brooklyn f4gg0ts, entitled, socialist, leftist, TRYHARD, don’t know meaning of work, neurotic, j3wish, crazy, bipolar, rich, annoying rich pig scum of earth, goto  Bard College. But I let Andrew Bujalski “get away with it” because he’s “actually” good. (Or IS He?) As much as PAINS me to say it, maybe “Tiny Furniture” is “actually good” too, & here Dunham is like female Bujalski.

her REAL sister plays younger sister, and PROBABLY her real mom playing her mom. Interesting. Anyway the sister was beautiful, I fell in infat with her immediately. Pre-peak, peakING, beautiful little high-achieving J3wish Tryhard Cute-Glasses-Girl.

Liked how Dunham portrayed herself as HUGE LOSER. If she’s gonna be NARCISSIST, might as well be SELF-DEPRECATING one. Same excuse Iuse, hahaha. She doesn’t pretend to be tooDEEP or SMART. f00king FAILURE, UGLY DUCKLING who NEVER got pretty, PAST her PEAK & she might even KNOW it, only DOWNHILL from here & she’s “only” 22. She can’t get a good job & will probably be less successful than her mother & sister, went to college for NOTHING. There was a sense of HONESTY I was not expecting. I appreciated that.

I’d never gotten good look at her til now, & I never knew she was so “FAT” and “UGLY” and FRUMPY. & She KNOWS it, making Jokes about her unfortunate Big Stomach and Small T!ts combination. NO, she’s not UGLY, but she’s DEF not PRETTY either. Very Plain and Frumpy, & I can sympathize with those people better than people who ARE pretty, but think they’re ugly because daddy/brother/uncle/teacher raeped them up the 4ss too much.

Extras: conversation with recently-deceased Nora Ephron. Never got into her work so much, but apparently influential for Wimminz Writers and Filmmakers. Mentioned Gloria Steinem. Not sure who’s Hamster Wheel won there. Prob Ephron bc she’s older & hamster’s had more practice. Excruciating but somewhat enlightening talk. Mentioned Woody Allen, they both love, I love, common bond there. Ephron said she didn’t want people to make bigdeal out of her being Female Filmmaker, she was just trying to be a “New York” filmmaker like Woody Allen or Mike Nichols. OK, FINE. I AGREE. But then sez 2 seconds later she sez sth about How Dunham is great role model for Female Filmmakers, & why don’t more Wimminz make Films?


So I think Dunham IS sincere in having being bit by the Movie Bug. I can tell, I’ve kinda been bit by it too, and the Writing Bug. I would “totes” make a movie if it weren’t so damn HARD & took so much EFFORT.

Extra with a short talk by Paul Schrader was Spot-On & summed up everything I’m trying to say here. Dunham’s representative of a cult movie movement that’s become saturated, and she’s brought it to its artistic peak and possibly logical conclusion. Well-written and acted movie with a very intentional Structure/Composition that brings it above average “Mumblecore.”

It was interesting she essentially wrote her Father out of the movie, since IRL she has a Father, but movie doesn’t. I was thinking, “THIS IS **EXACTLY** WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE A FATHER IN THE HOUSE, AND TOO MANY CRAZY C00NTZ RUNNING AROUND IN SWPL TRIBECA.” That Father needs to Man Up because his daughter is going off the rails, she needs a stronger male influence in her life, quite desperately.

& Taking Casual C0cks from the Cute Chef isn’t gonna help, it’s gonna HURT.

Appreciated Dunham’s HONESTY, though. This movie does NOT reflect well on FEMINISM. This is the Modern Western Family Unit & Neuroses enabled by Feminism, & the movie does not CELEBRATE it. Dunham Criticises her “MALE FEMINIST” ex-boyfriend. We KNOW INSTANTLY that she would Get F00ked by that Hot Chef Who Gave Her “Negs” all the Time in a HEARTBEAT, that she would gladly spread for him in a PIPE, no condom, even though he had a girlfriend, AND that she (Dunham) would fall in love with him, and that he would never call her again “See you Soon!” she says excited, “see you LATER”, he says, distracted, running away, afraid of getting caught. This is the effect STRIKINGLY HANDSOME men have on Wimminz. & Honestly, he WAS way too handsome for her.

It’s kinda like Beta Men dealing with Attractive Women, haha. So yeah, Wimminz get this too, only when dealing with the Top 20% Attractive Males, but not YOU, beta boy. They just take it OUT on you after they’ve been RODE HARD & HUNG-UP WET.

I was thinking that Women become SWPL Hamstery Wimminz because of REJECTION. Women aren’t Good at taking rejection over and over and over again like MEN are, it actually WEAKENS Wimminz and makes them Crazier and Weaker and WORSE. Every time a Wimminz gets pumped and dumped by a really handsome guy, she becomes more crazy.

Though I DON’T think the movie is Criticising Feminism Itself. In this sense Dunham herself is still Solid Blue Pill Wimminz. She’s “Sentient” enough to know she doesn’t like Sensitive Feminist Men (BETA!) & Prefers Cocky, Distant, Neggingm Handsome, Charismatic Men, & she goes thru with Stupid Decisions KNOWING they’re stupid, but she still Prattles on about WOMEN-IN-FILM & Gloria STEINEM.

But I thought the scene where she gets humiliated by her LITTLE SISTER was very effective. Sister is 17 years old, BEAUTIFUL, PRE-Peak, Tryhard, won a national poetry award, about to get into a LEET BOURGE UNIV & most certainly SHE won’t be coming back home afterwards because she will be a SUCCESS like the Successful Mother, Not a LOSER like the coming-back-home Frumpy Older Ugly Duckling Post-Peak Daughter Who Never Got Pretty & Will Only Get Uglier. That scene was hilarious, honest, and sad. Older sister was JEALOUS of younger sister (and she has every REASON to be!) & then younger sister b!tchily calls her out “look at you, so DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION from 17-YEAR OLD BOYS you parade around in your UNDERWEAR!” is a naked slap in the face, although what I just said 2 lines above would have been even worse!)

& she DOES parade around in her underwear too much. I don’t know if this is supposed to be “Fat-Acceptance.” She’s not even “fat”, she’s not hideous or really UGLY or anything, she’s just an average non-pretty, non-ugly girl, a perfect 5-6. So I do sympathize with her realizing her cruelly diminishing mate value, and juxtaposed with the even more cruel shining radiant increasing beauty of the younger sister – who is her Real Sister! – it’s especially Poignant. Also she never goes around narcissistically telling everyone she’s “beautiful” or anything. I think she might just be Comfortable with her Average Body, and I’m actually ok with that, if that’s really what she’s doing.

So she probably DOES know that that Chef is TOO Handsome, that he Won’t Call, that she IS making a stupid mistake, but she can’t HELP it, because he’s just THAT hot. Not sure Feminists would love that! They’d want to interpret it as “You Go Girl! You BE Accepting of yourself, You Bang Whoever You Want, Whenever You Want!” (I don’t even WANT to look up feminblogs/jezebel reviews of TF/Girls/Dunham, bc I’m sure they’re GUSSSSHHHING.) But it’s clearly not portrayed as that. I don’t think. She needs a Moral Center. She needs a Father!

Doesn’t Examine Reality that a GUY with Equal Sexual Marketplace Value (ie Beta Male, 80% of Men) does not get to have even ONE one-time hook-up with a COMPARABLY HOT WIMMINZ (comparable to the Hot Male Chef that is). He’s DESPERATE to EVEN BE “Pumped & Dumped” Emotional Condom for some Girl, meanwhile, a “Beta” Woman could get Pumped and Dumped like this ONCE A MONTH if she wanted! hahaha.

Also, that Beta Male would NOT have the PRIVILEGE of having a “College Girlfriend” like Aura Freeman (Lena Dunham) had “The Standard College Boyfriend”, just like her Flaky Artist Mother before her. She’s either being dishonest in saying she doesn’t miss him, OR she’s being immoral in discounting his human value & viewing him as a Disposeable, Replaceable ENTITLEMENT.

And also Alex Karpovsky, the guy who’s in EVERY Mumblecore movie, the consummate annoying SWPL Brooklyn Obnoxious UGLY Harelip J3w, and he’s playing that role TOO well once again. He treats her like garbage too, & she wants his hideous disgusting nutz FOR it. Usually I don’t like stuff that’s so Insecure and Self-Deprecating (“oooh I’m garbage and I deserve to be treated like it, beat me, raep me, boss me around, pull my hair & choke me & slap me while I TIUTA”), but I just didn’t expect Lena Dunham to be Self-Deprecating, but I think in a way she MIGHT BE sorta criticizing the Empty No-Values of SWPL Mumblecore Crappy No-Life-Experience Millennial Generation just the same way I am (although I do so much more blatantly!), and maybe I had Gotten Her Wrong all along.

Or at least a LITTLE bit wrong. Not in LOVE with her though.

But this is just ONE movie. I will reserve my final judgment because I don’t have ENOUGH INFORMATION regarding her views on Feminism, Millennial Narcissistic Immorality, Sexual Marketplace, Men. (Though the ACTIONS of her CHARACTER Shames Betas & Luvs Alpha C0ck,  not a good sign) I hear she Jumps The Shark with “Girls”, hahaha. (The one comment I’ve allowed so far was actually by a SWPL Brooklyn Girl-Blogger who criticizes Dunham for not being realistic re Financial Realities in “Girls.”  &She probably stupidly takes too many c0x as well in the show!) At any rate, “Tiny Furniture” was better than I expected, and I would unhesitatingly recommend it.


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