Great Firepower post explaining Why He Is Suspicious of Blogging/Bloggers:

part 2:

Boils down to: all talk, no action. rehashing the same stuff ad nauseum. echo chamber, circle-jerk, keyboard warrior, ritalin ranger (I’m plagiarizing that one from FP!), pretending the obvious is profound, repeating the same things over and over and over again and pretending it’s new and they’re so smart for coming up with it, when the ideas are basically Charles Murray’s.

I don’t like his Mean Tone, but I do like his POINT: that at some point BLOGGING becomes pointless. If you really believe what you’re writing, the time comes to ACT on it, and no-one’s ACTING, they’re always “one outrage away from action.” (FP comment) and their actions prove they are more interested in being Internet Celeb Bloggers than actually Practicing what they preach.

Needless to say FP’s words have been resonating with me. What IS the best way for MRA’s and Red Pillers and indeed Patriotic Americans to ACT? He says some pretty extreme stuff about being in Foxholes and knowing how to use a Gun and I’m not sure where he’s going with that. He clearly thinks the Shit will Hit The Fan soon, and that will involve violence against Average Americans, that we should know how to protect ourselves from. Will the violence come from Angry Ethnic Mobs? Blacks? Muslims? Albanians? Poors? Domestic Terrorists? Angry Young Unemployable Men? State-Controlled Jackbooted Thugs? A combination of all?

Within the limited context of Men’s Rights, I Believe Game and MGTOW ARE two routes of effective ACTION. One is to meet your sexual needs with the least risk to yourself from Wimminz (ideally, although Not All PUA’s Are Like That, and either take Pvssy-Slaving Risks, or are Big Sell-Outs trying to Fleece Desperate Omegas); MGTOW is how to generally live your life in the best way possible, with as little interference/thievery from Wimminz as possible.

Now, there are many different ways of doing each of those things, which leads to a lot of Unproductive Typing.

Also, not enough talk (or action, heh) on Legal Action against feminist laws. Even as ridiculous as a MRA March On Washington would be, it would be a more visible and productive action than Thomas Ball burning himself to death at the courthouse.

So. FP is saying, and I agree to an extent, that Typing the same things over and over is a form of pseudointellectal masturbation, and simply not a productive use of energy anymore, if all we’re doing is regurgitating old ideas because we are too AFRAID TO ACT.

FP said it much more succinctly & beautifully in the linked post.

But I STILL don’t approve of attacking Dalrock, GLP, or Ferd so much. While the acronym HATSOFF (Heard All That Sh1t on Fox, Ferdinand) is funny, Ferdinand certainly served a few Red Pills in his day. Sometimes the first place we hear about other people’s Old Ideas is through bloggers being the messenger.

And doesn’t Dalrock do a fair amount of “Original Research” with his Graphs and Survey Data? I certainly don’t try that hard!

But FP WANTS us to Try Hard to save our country. To wake up from the Ritalin, ADD, derpression, laziness, TV, media, opium of the masses, bread and circuses, tunnel vision, etc. and save our country & make it better for future generations. That’s the Real Red Pill.

In other words, I should spend less time BLOGGING; take that time and energy to get a Minimum Bigboy Jerb, THEN use THAT position of power to secure myself & my future, & if I can manage to do that, use the remaining time and energy to help other men secure THEIR futures. Of course a big problem is that many men can’t even begin to secure their own futures; I might not even get to that point of making MYSELF strong enough to help others. Many man DIE before reaching that point. Because it IS so hard to “make it.” To BE a Bigboy, if not a True Alpha.

Doing BARE MINIMUM is HARD, VERY HARD. That’s why Butthurt Basement Dwellers complain & whine on blogs. Is the best thing to do here just to blow your brains out and stop Being A Big Buzzkill who doesn’t DO anything? Because The Founding Fathers had it WAY HARDER. Dying of diseases we can now easily cure, life expectancy of 40, 10 mouths to feed, doing back-breaking, spine-shattering labor in the fields 23 hours a day, couldn’t BLOG, couldn’t READ, tiny number of people, no technological tools compared to today, and yet they managed to Establish America. & Today we have so many more people, so much more potential power, yet people are so LAZY they don’t CARE if it all goes down the TOILET. How and why did THAT happen, FP asks, and How and What can we do to ACT?

FP’s strong words have forced me to reconsider why I am “blogging”. If it’s just for Selfish Personal Pleasure, why publish it at all? Isn’t that another level of disingenuity / dishonesty beyond wanting people to post only “backslapping, you blog brah!” (FP) complimentary comments & censoring the rest? Because I want to PROVE I’m Smarter than WIMMINZ who don’t blog because they’re busy with their Meeeeeaningful Careeeeeeer? Which I should be TOO, in the sense of Spending A Lot more Time WORKING, even if I prefer doing REAL HARD WORK at a JOB.

The reality is, Blogging is LESS Meeeeeeeeaningful than these Wimminz Careeeeers because you’re not getting PAID.

It’s legit to have HOBBIES in Your life. But I Wonder if Bloggers are just the TYPE of guys who like Blogging In Circles and who easily let it become more than a hobby, then it becomes unproductive & an energy-waster. It’s FINE to have FUN. I just don’t want to ESCAPE into FUN all the TIME.

I guess the ideal would be to have something be fun AND productive; so you could have Fun While being productive with your life. But blogging probably ain’t it.

It’s too SAFE, it’s Hiding in your Comfort Zone, Avoiding Discomfort.

Firepower has in the past day moved that On Blogging post to the top of his front page, a fitting seeming mission statement, and Discussion (hehe) is increasing on Actual Tangible things People can DO to improve our lives & culture. FP and Ryu talk about “WHITE NATIONALISM” a bit, which to many sounds “extreme” or “racist”, but I don’t really mind it. It doesn’t mean you Hate Blacks. IMHO, It’s not much different from saying Men and Women are Biologically Different and That’s OK.  I’m not sure HOW different races/ethnic groups are from each other, biologically, but, regardless of nature/nurture, it does seem some groups are very resistant to assimilation, and NOT in a good, healthy, productive way.

Heh. After 1100 Words, time to Drop The Hobby, it’s more productive/overall better to look at or go for a Brisk Jog. While those things aren’t FUN like BLOGGING, they are indeed truly meeeeeeeeeaningful.

So have a Good Day, we had another Mass Shooting at a Dark Knight Rises showing in Colorado, approx 13 dead. I do find Mass Shootings very fascinating. It def gets people’s attention for a while, then you forget about it, until another one happens x months later. Most times it seems the shooters are trying to Make A Statement about The Decline Of American Society using “Domestic Terrorism”, but I don’t think they’re going about it the right way. I do not support violence! Unless in Self-Defense! (Yes, I UNDERSTAND how the concept of “self-defense” and “standing your ground” is a MINEFIELD.)

Good actions you CAN take include: Working Out, and Openly & Publicly & Nonviolently shaming & shunning Bad Behaviours of All Sorts.

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