TV news reporting on Movie Massacre all weekend, ever since it happened. I’ve been riveted but want MORE info on the shooter.

Was looking for Good Books on Virg Tech and George Sodini, can’t really find. SOME mediocre-looking stuff on VT.

FINALLY checking out “Dio Sabbath” aka “HEAVEN & HELL” with their 2010 (or 2009) album “The Devil You Know.” Immediately sweet. Shoulda listened earlier! Took me a while to warm-up to Vinny Appice & to “get over” legacy of subpar IommiSabbath albums. iThink it was Dio’s last proper album. RIP. (note: do NOT forget about 1992 “Dehumanizer”!)

This is a natural progression of my Summer 2012 Metal Listening, which has taken me thru Later Ozzy Sabbath to Dio Sabbath to Classic Doom ie Candlemass and understanding their at-least Four Stages of Development (Classic, Watered-Down, Sabbathy, Revisiting Classic), then to 2009 Heaven and Hell, which REALLY should be called BLACK SABBATH but I think SHARON had some typical Shylockery. Heavy, Riffy, Doomy (but not sludgy, or funeral, or Deathy), with Soaring, Classy, Powerful Singing, Dio Style.

Obv Solitude Aeturnus might be a logical next step, or Rob Lowe (heh) fronted Candlemass, also looking at Saint Vitus. I only heard their “V” album, which was PROB not the right place to start.


I’ll give it a HIGH Bee Plus! 3.5/5.   = 70%. sounds too low. High B+ is like 90%! Might even say A-Minus. Really cannot even fabricate a quibble with this movie!

I “CHEATED” because I watched 60% of movie with Commentary ON. My impulse. Almost more interested in getting inside Six’s mind than watching actual movie. Commentary was Six and the Star/Maniac, Laurence R. Harvey. They gave a very nice, friendly, funny, informative, interesting commentary.

IMHO, Six is the real star of the THC franchise (third, final movie promised! Yay!). He’s the mastermind, the auteur. The writer, creator, father. Bonus features contain nice interview with. young, boyish-faced, handsome Dutch man seemingly always in Casual White suit and straw hat. I REALLY like that look! seems like Fun Guy to Hang Out With: Smart, Funny, Fun. Quite Charismatic, Likeable.

Blue Pillers and Wimminz automatically assume that the guy who MAKES these movies must be a Creepy Psycho, but I know better, and I was  counterassuming he would be a fun, nice, normal guy, and of course I was RIGHT.

Almost as if to say, “You Don’t Know ME, Wimminz!” he lifts up his pet dog, a Very Cute Pug, during the interview.

THC2 is a very well-done, nearly perfectly-executed movie IMHO, and further establishes Six as a True Artist and True Auteur in my mind, and I hope he doesn’t get pigeonholed into “Gross-Out Horror” or “Torture Porn” or “Gorn”, although he’s very good at that. I know and HE knows he can do more, though.

They mention Bela Tarr in the commentary re Tarr’s bleak, gritty settings. Bonus Points! THC2 was also very gritty-looking, a 180 from THC1, which Six explained was very intentional. And very effective, IMHO. Still very well shot, looks beautiful, KINDA artsy even, but not off-puttingly so.

Ambitious and the next logical step after THC1. Wisely tries to do something COMPLETELY different from the Iconic, Unforgettable Dr Heiter (Dieter Laser) of THC1, arguably the best part of that movie. Dat Jaw, haha. The villain of 2, Martin, still has big shoes to fill. IMHO he’s marginally “worse” than Dr Heiter, but keep in mind he’s not supposed to be “cool.” He’s SUPPOSED to be a pathetic loser, cast out from family and society, abused and damaged, disgusting and ugly, unlikeable, his only Joie De Vivre is THC. And throughout he becomes more likeable in his own horrible way, see his dancing gleefully, his impatience for the big coup de grace. The performance of Harvey leaves nothing to be desired. More of a GROWER than Dr Heiter, though haha. He doesn’t LOOK as evil, but rest assured he’s quite deranged.

Ultimately, BETTER than I expected, possibly an overall better film than the first! I applaud Six and his Honest, Unique Vision, and look forward to the Finale, and especially to his future work. This is a Young Auteur TO WATCH!

SHOULD watch again with NO commentary. Movie was 90% no dialogue, so I figured why not, but the sound effects create what Six describes as a “tone poem.” Basically unsettling ambient “noise” like Silent Hill or sommat. Could be corny for 90 minutes, but seemed effective for the 40% of the movie I watched sans comments. Creepy Sounds Enhanced Grim Tone.

Movie was serious as hell but w moments of Black Humour. Perfect. Yet in the commentary they were Cracking Up Laughing, having a Grand Old Time, even during the WORST parts. Made movie seem less grim, so I was sure to turn off commentary once momentum was obviously aiming towards its peak. Glad this Hilarity did not seep into the film itself, but also glad that they had a lot of FUN making and watching it. Would have it no other way – I expected they did! & the Dark “humour” that DID appear in movie was effective, not out of place. Tom Six is Openly Anti-Politically Correct, and I really appreciate that.

THC1 really was NOT gory or too disgusting. Didn’t show a lot of the dirty details. THC2 DOES. Again, a logical continuation of THC1. Related to, but Different. Six described he wanted the trilogy to flow together…….like a CENTIPEDE. 1-3, 4.5 hours of centipede. I hope he succeeds. Part 2 definitely did. 2 for 3. Ideally you WOULD watch them all together.

Ideally, would like to see Six evolve into more “psychological” horror/suspense, even Mockumentary if he wants; and THEN into non-horror drama/suspense/thrillers/mysteries. He seems too skilled a filmmaker to be stuck in “horror”, even if he shows horrifying things. For me, he MIGHT fit in NICELY alongside Lars von Trier and Gaspar Noe, two of my all-time faves. Wish Netflix had his pre-THC stuff, but don’t think there’s a LOT anyway, ie, THC1 was def his first “big” film. Anyway, hopefully in 5 years he’ll be remembered for more than THC. Kid’s got TONS of potential!

The dialogue with the Shrink was hammy beyond belief, but pretty sure that’s intentional, & not indicating that Six can’t write good dialogue. As I recall, the monologues by Dr Heiter in 1 were good. Been a while since I saw that one!

Summary: enjoyably & effectively artsy, but not overly so; vile, disgusting, & graphic; great performances, writing, direction, vision; great example of an exciting, Smart Young Auteur at the top of his game.

PS: According to Twitter / @tom_six , it’s a semireg thing for WIMMINZ to get HUMAN CENTIPEDE TATTOOS. Obv he’s well within his rights to be flattered, but I am NOT amused. See: Normalization of Perversity; 50 Shades of Gray; Crazy Suicide Wh0res; Tatt Wh0res; Horror Wh0res; but very useful as a SIGNAL saying: “I’m CRAZY and put out EASILY for even novice game, but watch out for False Raep Accusations and other Craziness, DEF DO NOT: give me high position in Harem, OR choose as a mother of one of your heirs, OR choose as one of your nonlegal spirit-wives, OR respect me, OR take me home to meet your fam, etc.”  These Wimminz are into THC for its “5 Minutes Of Fame” and Shock Value. If Six goes on to become a More Serious Filmmaker like I hope he does, in 5 years they’ll forget his name and get a tatt of the Next Variation of Human Centipede, unless they’ve become Born Again Churchians of course.

I  will open comments for this one post just in case TOM SIX HIMSELF wants to comment, haha.

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