For the record, I do NOT dislike Messiah Marcolin in Candlemass, though I do prefer the EDM singer atm. Lindqvist or Langqvist or whatever.


(this is a new thing where I plan on making 100 hours of videos for my future heir to watch, because when they are Adolescent and need my Fatherly Guidance MOST, I will prob be very old and demented and dying or dead bc I don’t plan on having heir till age 60, but I still want to be a Good Father to them, so I will do that until I’m forced to go to the Deathbed, and then leave behind these vidyas to help guide them down the Right Path, possibly made when I was 30-40, so my heir could also get to know me as a younger-than-old man.)

Hello Son or Daughter. Right now I’d prefer a son because  even though it’s harder for men to become winners and sire heirs, it’s way easier for Women to go down Sh1t Creek and be Easily Spoilt by their BRIEF Peak of Beauty. Plus I’d need to WORK EXTRA HARD with a daughter. Also because I’m a man, I relate better with other men. However, rest assured that if I ended up having a Daughter, I can confidently say I would Grow to Luv her as much as I would a son.

Heh. I’ve said all this before so I better just make the vidjyaz: Develop Good Habits YOUNG so you Win Young. The good thing about being a man is that you can get a second chance, it’s just that everything takes so much LONGER and is much HARDER WORK when you’re older, hence you can only have heirs at age 60 rather than 40.

Be very physical from a young age, if you don’t like sports, do karate; do basically military training; JOIN the military;

don’t drink the University kool-aid, do as much as you can at a Cheapo Community College despite the STIGMA, get a STEM degree, do Internships, kiss 4sses, first to arrive, last to leave,

be THANKFUL, volunteer at homeless shelter to see how good you have it, don’t do drugs except the OCCASIONAL Herb for Religious purposes; go to church, pray every day with GRATITUDE even if you don’t believe, you don’t really NEED to believe, just don’t be a smug atheist nihilist idiot. If you start swinging that way, go back to the homeless shelter.

Don’t eat crap too much, get strong, use “game” ie develop extraverted charisma at a young age, get a rotation/harem going at a young age so you never grow up putting the p on a pedestal; however don’t ABUSE people;

read read read read read neverever stop reading;

develop a healthy skepticism of Mainstream Media, hollywood, celebrities, tv at an early age;

don’t take sh1t from anyone unless it’s to advance your jerb prospects; jerbs don’t have to be meeeeeaningful, they just have to support you, that’s Meeeeeaningful ENOUGH; save for retirement and healthcare;

don’t smoke too much, maybe no more than 10 cigarets a day; don’t DRINK too much, everybody underestimates how bad drinking is and can throw their lives away without even KNOWING it;

realize there are exceptions to every rule and don’t be so bitter and cynical that you push away good things and people; be friendly and don’t start sh1t just to be an 4sshole, being nice to others USUALLY makes them be nice back to YOU, which makes LIFE EASIER.

Don’t be a Marxist; look at the Return On Investment of EVERY big purchase like EDUCATION; if you’re going to college for something that is at all questionable and even some STEM is starting to get questionable unfortunately. just DON’T GO if there’s any doubt, or better yet, learn a TRADE even if you lose a bit of young tail in the SHORT RUN, because in the long run, you’ll be laughing last and getting more young tail than you know what to do with.

Don’t Marry, always have a Rotation, you MIGHT meet One Special Lady, but there’s ALWAYS more than one. ALWAYS.  100%. So just don’t marry. I think you CAN be Monogamous if YOU think you can, and you meet one of Those Special Ladies, but don’t COUNT on it.

Get really good at your talents and then start a business with them, be your own boss, don’t hire wimminz, do all you can to get around business-stifling regulations, hire hard-working men, mentor young men.

Know how to survive in the wilderness, but don’t become a gonzo nutjob survivalist, just be adequately prepared.

The End. Hahaha. Of course MY 100 hours of Videos to my heir are going to be Individually tailored to MY heir, even if I don’t really KNOW them. I’ll SORTA know them, might even continue making some after they are born – remember, the WHOLE POINT is for me to “be there” when THEY are adolescents but I am unfortunately dead or dying. THEN they watch the videos. Of COURSE I will be active in their lives for the whole time pre-deathbed! AND Home-schooling them. One of the classes will be me taking them to public school to GAME the grrrrlz.


On Nature and Nurture: I still debate it EVERY DAY. I think so many people wouldn’t debate it if it weren’t SO CLOSE. It’s like a superclose presidential election. It’s split RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE, FIFTY FIFTY.

Also, I’m like Freud in that I believe that the Nurture you get as a CHILD STICKS much more hardcore than the nurture you get as an adult, so it SEEMS like it’s Innate Nature when it might be Nurture. Except Freud says you get all your foundations before age 5, I disagree and say probably age 5 through age 18 is the most important. At this point Nature and Nurture are indistinguishable and debating it might not even matter.

So, 5-18, everything STICKS better, so develop good habits THEN and it will be MUCH easier to become a WINNER.

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