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So Mindweapon sez : “There’s nothing White Americans yearn for more than a meaningful mission in life; for something to do that matters.” If you’re not comfortable with his “White” qualification, just imagine the word isn’t there, hahahaha. His suggestion is for suburban dwellers to grow livestock feed for meat farmers. This will develop a strong alliance between these groups.

We are Grasping at Straws trying to Cobble together such a transcendent Existential Purpose: by far, IMHO, most Tryhard Moderns do so with Careeeeeeeeeeeeer-Worship. A Much smaller group, namely men interested in Game such as myself, hahahahaha, attempt to do so making Chasing Young Tail our God. For better and worse. Somewhere in the vast middle there’s Religious people. (I daily desperately bargain, pray, & BEG to The LORD for deliverance from this very sucky evil demon; to magically/miraculously transform me from worshipping young Tail to worshipping HIM – it would be SUCH an improvement.)

Each of these Missions In Life is deeply flawed, with the Straight Religious one being the least so.

Be prob even slightly better just to live a Purely Selfish Life: Which combines the Best aspects of all three mentioned above. You want a good Careeeeeer but you don’t worship the careeeeer itself, you’re just doing it to give YOURSELF a comfortable living. And then you worship God so you don’t look like an UNGRATEFUL NARCISSIST. You get a harem of Young Tail to serve YOU and make YOU haaaaaaappy, but you never CHASE it slavishly.

But even this is all WAY too hedonistic and shallow. But it’s better than the above three, hahaha. I guess Pure Honest Religiosity (ie at least 2 StandardDevs ABOVE the Average, where your Faith compels you to choose a Relgious Vocation) would be better than the Hedonism avenue.

Others look to (White) Nationalism. I’m not 100% haaaaaaappy with that yet, would prefer a kind of American Exceptionalist Nationalism, albeit with stronger States’ Rights. Maybe. Mencius Moldbug and Nydwracu point out some probs with pure libertarianism and democracy.

OK, I was wrong, many Westerners clearly use FAMILY as their Purpose In Life. Establishing a strong Nuclear Family, taking care of them and your extended Fam where possible. Protect Your Kin. I do support this. Except, OF COURSE, where the Daddy State interferes and divides the Nuclear Family by giving one party therein a ton of incentive to dissolve said Family. If you want a Nuclear Family, at the very least, just don’t MARRY.

Every Wimminz Ever can avail herself of the “right” to a Nuclear Family because of her Golden Uterus, InDemandedness, & Reproductive Costs. In contrast, not all Capable Men desirous of a family can have one if they don’t exhibit Alpha Social Traits. The worst of the Beta Providers. As Professor Mentu says, EVERY Wimminz, even a 40-year-old one, can get a Beta Provider if they REALLY want one. He’s just gonna get Betaer as she gets older, but his MONEY won’t get more Beta!

IHMO we need to Steer our Cultural Values to support The Nuclear Family; will take a few generations; in meantime, I tentatively suggest that those Beta Men who would otherwise Marry Cougars & Get Cleaned Out REFUSE to do that and just become SINGLE FATHERS instead, bc IMHO what they want even more than “a wife” is CHILDREN. A FAMILY.


Not sure the Mathematical Implications, but I wonder if even 10% of Beta Providers Rejected Wives in favour of this new approach….that the World Would Be A Better Place.

So, be a Single Father. Of course you’ll still want SEX; just pursue it with a ROTATION of YOUNG TAIL!

Caveat: Don’t become a Single Father unless you’re prepared to be a DAMN GOOD FATHER.

Started digging into the Dr William Luther Pierce Audio Archive. Was surprised at how much I agreed with him (80%?) and how much he did not sound like a hateful, angry nutjob. Real Smart Guy!

Here’s a little Social Experiment For Men AND Women: For one week, unfollow or de-emphasize or “mute” the updates on your Fagcebook or Twitter from Wimminz; don’t do anything permanent they would notice and b!tch at you about, just MUTE them for one week and see how you feeeeeeel after not reading their bullcrap every day.

Conclusion: WIMMINZ ARE NOT CHILL. WIMMINZ ARE NO FUN. WIMMINZ ARE ANNOYING. WIMMINZ ADD NO MEEEEEEANINGFUL VALUE (other than possib helping you bang hotter wimminz after being seen as a man-who’s-socially-popular-with-wimminz)

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I “felt” (heh) thereWas a TON of positive hype for this. Didn’t live up. Wanted to really like, but only kinda liked, really had some blatant flaws. Yeah Fassbender as “BRANDON” (heh) is supposed to be “reserved”, but seemed like a copout for him to be Cardboard, Wooden. Although he DOES “act with his face” really well sometimes to show what his character “can’t” say, so. A BIT artsier than Iexpected, BUT not TOO much, and it “comes together” well in pacing&look. Story just wasn’t THAT compelling. It COULD have been MUCH better. Not DESERVING of all THAT good hype. It was ONLY OK. At least not too LONG! And music score pretty good, EVEN THOUGH main theme sounded WAY too much like “Mulholland Drive”, which I mocked initially, but came to enjoy – Sparse Piano SoloVersion during endCredits was notablest.

Usually don’t like “steamy” unrated NC-17 Real Sex movies – too gimmicky and soulless and amoral and SWPL – but I was sold on the “sex addiction” angle. Portrayed pretty well. Especially: (SPOILERS THROUGHOUT!!) when he goes into the bathroom at work and they don’t SHOW him jerking-off like they established a previous time, but now you KNOW he’s not just “going to the bathroom.”

YeahYeah, he’s a Sex Addict and can only express himself Sexually &Emotionally with Pornography &Prostitutes and he’s an Emotional Cripple who’s unable to Relate To Real People. REAL straightforward, but I appreciated no tricks there. McQueen seems to be Honest &Frank, but he also does NOT seem to be CONDONING Brandon’s behavior as “anything goes, everything’s relative.” Probably more like Houellebecq: LAMENTING Alienation&Atomization of Modern World.

I thought Carey Mulligan was REAL cute in “An Education”. Now it’s a few years later, not as cute anymore – HUH. But still very bangable. Liked the trashy bleachblond hair. Did NOT appreciate her getting naked (SPOIL). Forget being a True Artist. Classy Actresses don’t do N00dz. EVAR.

Also didn’t appreciate Fassbender’s Peepee in every scene, THAT seemed gimmicky.

He’s KINDA alpha male because he’s top 20% Handsome – horribly handsome and in good shape. Pretty Women check HIM out on subway. can have any woman he wants. BUT he often scares them away because he’s Socially Awkward &Creepy and his Game is bad. IusuallyThink of Sex Addicts as uglier guys who can’t get sex this easily.

Like his Official Date. He Bombed that with horrible game, ie, Just Being His Honest Self. She was clearly put off &On The Fence, but you’d bet he STILL has a chance to Ream That if he changes his game, just because he’s THAT handsome, so he IS allowed ONE Strike, where nonhandsome AverageGuys get NO Strikes. And he does correct his first mistake (SPOIL), by being sexually aggressive, which is the only effective Game he knows. But when he can’t get it up, (SPOIL) he conveys his frustration very effectively. Though she says “It’s no big deal. It’s ok”, You understand that it’s NOT OK, that THIS is the effect of Male Impotence & Shame, that it IS real, because at this point she’s thinking “This guy’s CRAZY, this is big strike two, no matter how handsome he is, HE’S OUT.” So he lost his chance for regular sex with a regular wimminz (and possibly a stupid relship) just because he couldn’t get it UP the first time. THIS is why men are so terrified of impotence, because this is impotence’s “cost”. Movie portrays this well.

Wimminz: you SAY you don’t mind impotence, but do you REALLY? How many d00dz who couldn’t get it up the first few times have you said “SEEYA CREEPER!” to?

Yeah, he has bad Inner Game because of his Shame. And he’s upset because he’s Blue Pill enough to WANT a Rel with this particular Wimmin, despite his Creepy, Misplaced Admission to her on the date that he didn’t see the point of Rels. Which was a good, smart, RED Pill thing to say, and though the movie is good on portraying him getting punished for impotence, it’s NOT so good in that McQueen may be implyingThat these Red Pill Beliefs are Synonymous with Creepy Bad Sex Addiction, even though I AGREE that Sex Addiction is Creepy and Legit Bad, and McQueen is RIGHT to sayThat THIS is wrong.

BUT: Not ALL People Who Think Hetero Rels Are Generally BS Are Sex Addicts Or Creepy! AND Not ALL Monog Longterm Rels are Stupid…..But When They Are, It’s Usually The Wimminz’s Fault! Maybe Shame 2 can talk about THAT, hahaha. Just a Small Quibble, that is so far Advanced Red Pill I wouldn’t expect Any film to ever tackle it.

OK, long enough, like Fassbender’s Huge Flaccid German Pen15. Also, a German guy cannot believably play an American, no matter how good fake accent. Watchable movie at least, but highly overrated.  Not nearly as good as it SHOULD be, not nearly as Bad as it COULD Be. Final Grade: B. NOT B-plus.

And, while I’m spoiling things, there’s a nice image of an Anus “hidden” in there.

PS: Nondrugalcohol “Addictions” especially Sex &Gambling &Love &People &Infatuation are interesting, if not necessarily “addictions.” IMHO they are close enough. Compelling, Terrifying stuff, although withdrawals won’t KILL you. Like alcohol. I don’t even think HEROIN withdrawals will KILL you. IMHO Drugs and Alcohol are a way to Escape your Unhaaaaaaaappy Reality Thru Intoxication, Stupefication, Sensation-NUMBING. And it’s INTERESTING, the other more “sensation-SEEKING” addictions.

Movie sounds worse on paper than it actually is. Acting, pacing, visual style all bring it together well, &suggest Steve McQueen (change your name!) has some serious potential. But I hope this isn’t his Peak.

PPPS: I understand maybe Brandon’s Careeeeeer isn’t part of the story, but I argue that a person’s Jerb is ALWAYS relevant to the STORY of their LIFE Because that’s what you spend the VAST MAJORITY OF YOUR LIFE DOING. IT IS YOUR LIFE.  That’s why I like to have at least a LITTLE explanation there. Brandon needs to have some SERIOUS Caste Credentials to get a Careeeeeeeer in a Manhattan Marketing Agency. As a general rule, I like it when stories explain how the characters GOT their JOBS. And wouldn’t Brandon’s Autistic Awkward Creepiness get in the way of him Schmoozing into a Schmoozy Industry, the same way it defeats his Natural Handsomeness &becomes a Dealbreaker w Wimminz?

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Kaliningrad formerly known as Konigsberg is capital of a tiny oblast that is part of the Russian Federation but on the baltic coast next to poland and lithuania. But populated mainly by russians. East Prussia. Maybe about 100 km west of the main body of Russia. I know Geography, hire me! Gimme A Job!

Also Roosh should go here and report on the Banglife. The Local Talent. Seems like a nice city, prob not a lot of Moocows.

I actually heard a guy say this IRL and had to write it down so as not to forget, as I laughed harder than I had in a while:


What does it mean when you ALWAYS have recurring dreams you’re a student at a Brahmin University where you’re RUNNING to get to class at the last minute, FURIOUSLY trying to find your schedule because you don’t REMEMBER where the class is, then you suddenly realize you haven’t BEEN to that class in AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS and you should probably DROP it to not kill your GPA and you signed up for More Classes than you could handle, that you couldn’t even ace the FinAid FullTimeStudent MINIMUM of a weak TWELVE credits? Or you were just LAZY and didn’t LIKE Skool and SKIPPED so you could SLEEP so now you’re gonna FAIL and your Life is OVER and you’ll never bang Good Young Tail EVER AGAIN because you Blew your One & Only chance to Transform from Vaisya to Brahmin? Weird dreams, maaaaan!

B!tches would look better if they just did NOTHING with their eyebrows. MOST of the time, they BUTCHER them and end up looking like FREAKS. Would RATHER look at a THICK UNIBROW.

WordPress Login screen is RETARDED. Usually several of the “Freshly Pressed” are Blatantly Stupid. There was this one guy who mocked Roosh’s recent “How To Be A Man” posts; it was sad that he is 33 years old and never matured past a sixth grade mentality, that wimminz have more to offer than sex, that he never got over his Big Breakup, etc, and he had tons of comments agreeing w him onwhat a Bad & Immature Man Roosh is. What a stupid Mangina. You must ask Yourself, What Have NON-FAMILY Wimminz REALLY ever done for YOU, except  be Annoying?

Paul Ryan, seems like a good guy. Might be a deciding factor for Mitt.

Since I’m against distributing wealth like a lazy socialist looking for handouts without working, shouldn’t I be against distributing Tail to Young Betas in a kind of extracurricular Comfort Girl program? Well, lemme TALK about that program first, it’s not just a public pity handout, it’s a Skill-TRAINING program and a pvssy-depedestalizing program.

It’s like training wheels. And once you learn how to ride a bike, it’s EASY and you NEVER FORGET. & the training wheels are simple, easy, and ABSURDLY EFFECTIVE. They help A LOT.

Once a week the girls who CHOOSE to be cvmdumpsters will volunteer their services to Beta and Omega Boys who are “dying” of horniness. This is relieve a lot of stress. Then the young wh0res will use their young sex to Train the boys to use progressively more and more game to get the reward of sex, coaching and shaping their behavior from dorky supplicator to confident, outcome-independent, DHV’ing alpha men. Feedback loop. This ties in with my theory that Beta Men often strike out IMMEDIATELY and RealGirls don’t give them a CHANCE to improve their game. One Strike and Out. Here, the girls would say, Noooo, try again, and when you get it right you get to bang me. And you probably will get it right, this isn’t brain surgery or the gulag. Keep trying, get it right, get your prize, and you will get this once a week until you graduate and then your game will be tight enough to pull Non-Comfort Girls.

So my program basically takes out the one-strike-and-you’re-out policy, essentially gives the boys unlimited strikes, REGULAR sex, and an opportunity to change their behaviour and get immediately rewarded. Simple Classical Conditioning! Nothing NEW!

Game is SOCIAL SKILLS, but it’s more than JUST social skills, it’s a “very special set of social skills”, hahahahahaha. A Beta can be very sociable & extraverted with his male friends but utterly BOMB with Teh Wimminz.

Anyway those comfort girls would obviously never be good wife and mother material, but they WOULD be doing a vital service and should be compensated for that, not necess slut-shamed. Unless they wanted to Have Their C0ck and Eat It Too, wh0ring it up for alphas but not giving betas the time of day.

Again lemme point out that I DON’T think MRA & Wimminz issues are the MOST IMPORTANT in Western Society, so perhaps I should stop calling myself “An MRA”; I have been sold on Firepower’s Five-Fingered Fist of Liberalism, where Wimminz are just one-fifth of the whole sh!tshow.

HOWEVER: I am most INTERESTED in Wimminz because I am “kinda” a Sex Addict, and need to Scratch the Sexual Itch before I can be more productive Politically.

I differ from a White Nationalist like Ryu in that I’m not too worried The Sh!t will Hit The Fan Soon, if ever. Maybe it will just be a gradual decline: the Sh1t will slowly crawl into the fan. Maybe I’m just another Brandon with my Head In The Sand, BLINDED by my Sex Addiction, can’t focus on the IMPORTANT things. See: Dr William Pierce quote about: those who care mainly about Having Fun/GoodTimes/Hedonism/ShortTerm Pleasure & don’t Act like there’s a Race War On, do not deserve to be saved, they are no better than race traitors, etc.

The Good News: Once I satiate that addiction with more 8’s in my Rotation and Less 7’s, I will prob be ready for Meaningful Action. Till Then, I’m A Race Traitor, “hahahaha”.

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Heh. In order to become less of a Blogger and less of a Hypocrite and more of a Doer, I intend (heh) to myself follow the advice in


Notwithstanding where I cannot, being a suffering, helpless Victim of Ageism, ha.

If you can’t FOCUS because you’re too H0RNY, then just j3rk-off ONCE a day, early in the day, when your T is highest, before you take your Daily Shower and Go To ArbeitMachtLife. Don’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes. There are WAY MORE IMPORTANT things for you to spend your ENERGY on. So get this “little” distraction out of the way EARLY.

Stuff doesn’t have to be PERFECT. It is better to START something and have it be a PERFECT MESS and then gradually improve it bit by bit, rather than be too much of a pvssy f4ggot to start it at ALL, hand-wringing like an anxious neurotic narcissistic beta swpl b1tchboi.

Then as you improve the chaotic mess, try to make it a Fun Game, like a Skill you’re building. Problem-solving, organizational skill.

Like me trying to organize my 9,000 RSS feeds, haha. My old system of organization stopped working, so I implemented a new one, including a “NEW/RECENT” folder for the current month, renaming folders, migrating from old/bad folders, and it’s now a huger mess than ever before, but headed gradually towards Optimal Organization.

There’s different ways to be Manly. For example, some men find that Redneck Lower Vaisya / White Dalit Buttmetal like PanterA or Disturbed makes them feel like a man who wants to pound some pvssy and beat some fag 4ss. That’s fine, but some men prefer Old-School Death Metal like Incantation, it’s less poseury and anti-intellectual. It’s good to be Anti-Anti-TrueIntellectual, and also good to be Anti-PseudoIntellectual. Nothing wrong with being a Real Thinking Man!

Blacks are pretty manly. They are very confident and have better Natural Game than Swpl beta whites. So Emulate Black Men if your game is weak.

Don’t listen to faggy SWPL music or watch wimminzly TV shows. But some of that Music, though not as widespread as the TV shows, is infinitely faggier! Pure Omega Poison!

Don’t be too pvssywhipped by Wimminz and Brahmins and Leftists to be afraid of calling things faggy and fagz. It’s one of the best words out there! But don’t let yourself get accused of “HOMOPHOBIA” either. You can absolutely use the word fag 9000 times a day and not be “A HOMOPHOBE.”

But tell em you oppose Gay Marriage because you don’t want Gay Men to get SCREWED like Straight Men! (“Sure, I support gay marriage, gays guys should be free to sign-up for Divorce Theft just like Straight Guys!”)

NEVER grow a Goatee/”Circle” Beard, that’s a faggy way of saying “Use My Mouth As A PVSSY”. Grow a Proper Beard Unless you’re a big spotty patchy neckbeard. Then just keep it trimmed short.  Beard Trimmer on “1”. Don’t grow a mustache until you’re 30. Unfortunately the Hispter F4gz took that away from us. Hopefully in a few years under-30 men can enjoy this right once again.

Never LISTEN to Wimminz. Don’t really listen to Women either, because 67% of Women ARE Wimminz.

Don’t be Easily IMPRESSED by Wimminz. In 5 years they will be long-forgotten.

When You’re not getting Sex On The Reg, you FORGET That Most Wimminz are Good ONLY For Sex, and you Idealize/Pedestalize all these Beta Ideals onto them, and turn Sex into this Sacred Beta Luv Wife thing. Spend some time around Most Wimminz post-bang and you’ll see more clearly what they’re REALLY Good For.

Don’t get a Tattoo unless you’ve thought about it for at least a year, like a specific, non-faggy design. Good examples include: patriotic, religious, Grim Reapers, or nationalistic. Barbed wire or the like is never acceptable. Only get it on your upper arm.

Don’t ever Bust a Sag, honestly some Lower-Status Working-Class Whites still do this. The ONLY reason ANYBODY ever did this was to show they LIKED getting f00ked up the ass and being a manlier man’s B!TCH in JAIL.

Then I saw the Pendulum swing, to where men CHOSE to wear pants that were Too Tight. Good Lord.

Organize your Music Library and RSS Library. At least TRY TO. And install a browser plug-in so it shows the RSS right in the address bar or somewhere convenient so you don’t need to go searching all over the page for it, or even worse, searching the URL from your Reader window. Just click and subscribe done.

Hmm. There are actually Smart Men on TUMBLR. Nydwracu and the stuff he links to. Just thought it was for Stupid Psuedointellectual Gurrlls (not necessarily contradicting when I said there were more unintellectual gurls than pseudointellectual gurls; just saying all the pseudointellectual gurls are Magnetized by Tumblr, and generally artsy fartsy SWPL Brahmin (or Brahmin-wannabe) Millennials )

But when it’s used as essentially a Twit-Longer to promote Interesting Ideas, I guess that’s acceptable. But I wonder if that’s more than 10% of Tumbling.

Just as Young Wimminz replace Boytoys, they replace Trends in Fashion and Social Media and Entertainment (IE Faggy Wimminz Bullcrap!);  These things have such a SHORT LIFE CYCLE and HIGH TURNOVER because WIMMINZ THEMSELVES have such a Short Life Cycle: The PRE-PEAK-POST of 17-22. And they too are constantly replaced and refreshed as they move past 22, by loads of new girls turning 17.

So does that MAKE IT RIGHT that they cycle through things, including Men-People, so flightily? Because their Nature is Naturally Flighty? I argue, be smart enough to separate the Meaningful from the Meaningless, and don’t impose your own Ephemerality on Decent Men. And Most Men ARE Decent.

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Ended up linking to 5 diff Firepower/Eradica Pages. Not Intentionally Fishing for a “Pingback”, not sure if I can turn that off, but I’ve been making the most concerted effort to read His Entire Blog  vs other other Blogs lately; really like his straightforward, cut-to-the-chase, no BS, and lotsa jokes style. He might be responsible for eventually convincing me to stop loudly proclaiming myself as “An MRA”, haha (more later.)

Firepower places William Bennett in his First-Tier of Inspiring Chaps, alongside Charles Murray and Robert Bork. Bill Bennett gets a lot of flak in the Manosphere for a few articles calling men to Man Up. Yes, the articles were unfortunate, but not sure they could discredit an entire solid career. Heh. I need to be spoonfed soundbites from Blogs because I’m too ADD to read a WHOLE BOOK!

Plus Today’s Brandons (Firepower heh) DO need to “Man Up” in the sense they need to become less feminine and more masculine…but this is NOT what is USUALLY meant by the term “Man Up”, so I don’t want to confuse the issue further. When you hear “Man Up”, it doesn’t mean the positive thing of “Be more masculine!” it means the negative thing of “Do What Mommy Tells You Or Get 4ssraeped!”

I can’t argue with Firepower’s “Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism.” Very solid. (Summary: “1. Black Fascists 2. Open Borders Supporters  3. Gov’t Unionists & Academics 4. Feminists 5. Homosexual Activists) This is why I shake my head at the “The MRM is Not A Left/Right Issue!” and am more on Chapin’s side than Barbarossaaaaa’s “side”. (Note Well: Chapin does NOT really talk about Race!) Feminist Governance is just ONE part of Leftist Totalitarianism, which is why we need to be focused on MORE THAN Just Men’s Issues!

Attn Blacks and Gay Men: If I AM somehow a “White Nationalist” (by association), I’m prob the biggest Black-Lovin’ (And Gay-Male-Lovin’) White Nationalist there is!

I (And prob most Anti-Leftists) Are WAY LESS RACIST against Nonwhites than Leftists are against whites!

And I (and prob most anti-leftists) would be happy to welcome nonwhites with anti-leftist views! Not All Anti-Leftists are WhiteNationalists, Not All WhiteNationalists are Hateful, Violent Extremists, etc.

Heh. See I am too easily influenced. Gullible Brandon. Automatically took a neg view of Bennett just because MRA’s don’t like him. Didn’t even know he had a Daily Radio Show.

Of course next think you know I will be a hardcore anti-democratist because I’ve been reading a lot of Moldbug lately. But that jives well with my Core Belief that People Are Average Stupid, and that Average Intelligence is located somewhere no higher than the 45% percentile.

So one of Bennett’s newer books is called “The Book of MAN: Readings on the path to MANHOOD”. INTRADASTING. Esp in light of his unfortunate MAN UP comments. Wonder if MRAs have actually read this book. OK GreatBooksForMen did, writing a low-on-the-GBFMSpeak Serious, Negative review, calling Bennett a Judas selling out for Fiat Butthexed Bernanke Dollars to Gamble Away, all to use Young Men as Cannon Fodder Fiat Dollar Fodder. Not surprising given GBFM’s strong anti-TheFed stance, but I still like GBFM, wouldn’t argue against him, however I AM willing to give Bennett a chance, haha.

But what’s WRONG with being a Workhorse, a Protector, and a Provider for a Woman?

Maybe it’s acceptable IF AND ONLY IF the Woman is NOT a Wimminz, AND the Woman treats her man with love AND respect AND Loyalty AND works hard to serve him and the family just as much as he does.

Pretty tall order, uh? That’s because it SHOULD be. It IS. A Good Wife is Even Harder to find. So Just Don’t Marry. You can even get decent COMPANIONSHIP out of Harem/Rotation. You won’t get A Good Wife, but you can still have Heirs, provided you’re willing to do All The Work yourself. & it Can be done.

Firepower sez DON’T join the military because you’d be supporting our corrupt government, our Leftist Nanny State, and Saudi Greed for Higher Oil Prices. Whereas I’ve said DO join the military as more of a positive individual-development thing, ie, be trained in how to be a Successful Alpha Male.

Maybe join the military, get trained, become alpha male, bang rotation, get money for college, then be sure to LEAVE military and not become a Career Militarist. Although I wouldn’t blame you for being Swayed by the Attractive Benefit Plan!

search term getting hits here: “is mikko aspa a child molester?” No, he just wants Morons to Think so, hahaha. I get what he’s doing. He’s Totes My Kind Of Provocateur. I HOPE he’s not a child molester, hahaha. feel like listening to some CLANDESTINE BLAZE RIGHT NOW as a matter of fact.

“mikko aspa sociopath.” NOPE. You want a SOCIOPATH, look for your avg Brahmin (or Brahmin-WANNABE – seems that is the New Way of the Upper Vaisya!!) Hipster SWPL Millennial, or an Avg Modern Wimminz. Pretty sure Mikko knows how to Genuinely Empathize with other people. Probably even TOO much!

“ora et labora JOKES.” Funny how that corny Ora Et Labora post is my biggest Hitmaker. Had very little to do with O et L, certainly nothing Informed. But I wouldn’t mind seeing these jokes either! Jokes can be educational as well as entertaining!

A Low, Droning, Low-Brassy “War Horn” can sometimes be heard in some Grim Black Metal (clandestine blaze:“call of the warrior”, burzum “keliohesten”, graveland something off “1000 swords”), playing nothin’ fancy….AND I LIKE IT.


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Took the Hit Counter off bc don’t want to give the impression I care about HITS. Sure it’s nice if people actually ENJOY this, but obviously I’m not TRYING too HARD towards that end. Eschaton, hahaha. This is pure Narcissibation, no better than playing a mindless gaym. Not aspiring to greatness here. Other than trying to pump self up to DO things. Today: do some “Upper Body Work”, but not TOO much. All about Upper Body lately, as IMHO is has the best ROI re Game and Quality of Young Tail Pulled. Aiming for 8’s remember.

Thinking about growing the Neatest, Shortest, most Professional-looking of Beards to emphasize Masculineness, prob per a suggestion from Danger and Play. As a Short, Small-Framed Man, I have to Compensate. Make up the difference.

This is challenging and often dashes initial high hopes. Obviously have to keep the neckbeard gone. goog “best way to shave neckbeard”. one guy at least cautions against shaving TOO HIGH. In the past I would go pretty high due to trying to avoid the stigma of the dread NECKBEARD as much as possible.

Remember: even the Strongest Men can break down for a Crazy Wimminz if she is YOUNG, ATTRACTIVE, AND INTO YOU; that if it turns out she is “too” into you, and/or “too” crazy, you will look past it because the Young P-ssy is So Good. I can caution you against it, but I can’t even be certain I could be strong against a Young 8 or god forbid 9!

Men are not allowed to express any dissatisfaction or complain or disgust or contempt for any women without being labeled a Violent Woman-Hater. There’s a big difference between HATE and disapproval, and even a big difference between hate and violence. It’s gotten to the point where a Wimminz can be a total piece of Crap and then when the man calls her out on it, HE’s the bad guy. f00K THAT sh!t!

And it’s gotten so that Average Women are simply annoying and stupid. That’s the norm. Just go on Fagcebook and look at Wimminz’s profiles. They’re stupid and annoying, just as they are in Real Life. Minimize your interactions. Use them for sex then tell them to GTFO, or maybe continue to suck on your D until you can get hard and bang them again, THEN tell them to GTFO so you can have some peace and quiet, or productivity, or whatever YOU want: read a blog, watch movies, play games, do math homework. Of course, Cover Your 4ss so you don’t get a False Raep Accusation.

Of course, some women are better than others, some are less stupid & annoying. Good for Them. & if you honestly enjoy their company,  good for you. Just don’t be a tryhard doing all the work in the “exchange” and don’t think that just because Wimminz are Average Less Cool than Men, that you have to tilt the playing field, so that if a Wimminz is cooler than Average Wimminz but still not REALLY cool, you’ll give her extra points just because she’s a Wimminz, like Affirmative Action. HELL NO. She has to be cool on YOUR terms.

Is it possible to COMPLAIN without WHINING? IMHO, ABSOLUTELY! I LIKE talking about how Crappy Wimminz are, let me count the ways, but I don’t consider myself WHINING about it, like “Waaaaaahhhhhh, why are Wimminz so stupid, I wish they weren’t so stupid and I could find a Nice Girl and Get Married and have Children and we would Love Each Other, waaaahhhhhhh!” F00k THAT Sh1t. Wimminz are just Stoopid C00ntz. On Average. They DO stupid sh-t, they SAY stupid sh-t, they BUY stupid sh-t, they spread their uteri &  anii and get f00ked BY stupid sh-t LIKE stupid sh-t. f00K THAT sh-t!

Do Hairy men need to Shave their Body Hair to pull p-ssy? Hell no. Wimminz jabber all the TIME about how hairy men with hairy backs and shoulders are GROSS. But I GUARANTEE, with a muscular, firm enough body and competent, confident charisma, these men can get these selfsame hair-h8trz wimminz to lick their hairy, dingleberried 4ssholes!

Moonsorrow. Feel self transitioning gradually into a Moonsorrow phase. Finally pulled away from Dio to listen to Moonsorrow’s latest “Varjoina…”. Really SHOULD go to that crappy bar in the crappy (very blaq!) part of town to see them in a few months, even if they are not headliner. They are one of the few Modern, Active, Touring Metal bands I actually really like & respect & am Into, plus their epic, superheavy, headbanging, fist-pumping, spine-chilling music lends itself to a Potential CLASSIC show. Just wish they were headlining & playing at a better venue!

michael phelps is a balllicking f4g. haha. but seriously. that is an alpha male who could & prob does have a rotation of 9’s. He probably would be chill to hang-out with and me getting his SLOPPY SECONDS would be better than the b1tches in my rotation right now!

“Men who regularly substitute the word ‘b1tches’ for ‘women’ are potential WOMEN-BEATERS and abusers! to use those words synonymously is a Big Red Flag meaning they have Respect Issues and Anger Issues and Violence Issues bla bla bla, mmmm lookie,  big blaq cox! mmmm slurrrrrppppppppp! smaq smaq smaq slurrrrrrpppppppp!!”

balllicking f4gs, j1zzguzzling wh0res.

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Whole Lotta Swanberg Lately. Been wanting him to make a movie where the main character isn’t a crazy annoying unlikeable K00nt, or at least be more blatant in saying these K00ntz suck. But MAYBE his style is to say that without sledgehammering it, because the WIMMINZ are all the sledgehammer you’d ever need, although I think it isn’t Gauche or Crass or Untoward to come out and SAY it loud and clear. I just really don’t want him to say “I LIKE & SUPPORT THIS! THIS IS OK WITH ME!” and he hasn’t yet.

LOL was again good, not great. Swanberg seems to be “A Natural”, ie, incapable of making an unwatchable movie IMHO. So he uses a cheapo camera, tiny crew, no budget, everything on his computer. It’s good enough. Like to see more of this “Super-independent” stuff, because even “Independent” film is Burgher Bullcrap and IFC and SXSW might as well be Hollywood to the Average Joe. But Swanberg gives us hope (in the positive way, heh) that ANYONE can make a good movie, ie get over the Tiny Barriers To Entry. (Also: “Marble Hornets” is a great example of very-DIY but also very enjoyable film series in mystery/horror genre). You don’t HAVE to be Kubrick to make a good movie!

Here the main characters are men, thank god. Greta Gerwig DOES appear as one beta guy’s GF. Crazy as hell again. I think she’s just crazy IRL!  telling example of how men can be BEWITCHED by Manic Pixie Dream Girls. Way more dangerously effective than ZooeyDeschanel. Note Greta’s BF is beta as hell. even has small faggy lisp – Feminization Of  Millennials. If the guy wasn’t Brahmin, he wouldn’t be getting Sex on the Reg in the FIRST place, crazy girl or not, and certainly not as young&cute as Gerwig.

However, beta as MillennialBrahmins are, their one bit of “pseudogame” is their Total Sociopathic Narcissism. Maybe. EG, he isn’t afraid to tell her he doesn’t like her unsexy n00dz, send more &try to be more sexy this time kthxbai. But this-being-“game” IS quite arguable. Also, he totally lays down to her crazy tests, she clearly holds all the power.

main star is “Alex”, Kevin Bewersdorf. He has the “best” game but doesn’t know it. Comes mainly from him being a selfish 4sshole (but legit talented) SPERG allowing supernerdy nonpromisc superyoung Brahmin girl to orbit HIM, and he ruins his pseudogame by getting all pissy. Making unreasonable demands of the fawning girl is good; getting mad when they can be fulfilled is not. But he doesn’t even WANT to bang the girl! He’s a weirdo, an idiot, AND an 4sshole.

Swanberg has another GREAT find in Tipper Newton (watch the extras interview!), a 19-year-old Columbia College student nonactor presumably, a Cute Hipster Girl who has some Credible Innocence about her, UNLIKE Gerwig, who has taken so Manny Cox up the 4ss. See, you can get GREAT performances out of nonactors!

FullDisclosure: IHave Weakness for SWPL Hipster Brahmin Boyish Girls w Short Dykey Hair. But it really HELPS if they’re YOUNG and INNOCENT. Note: Newton was 19 at the time, and pretty innocent-seeming & adorable. Looked better than she does in this photo, haha. HOPE Swanberg didn’t eventually talk her out her clothes on camera like he does with 80% of his stars!

So Tipper falls in luv with Alex, but he’s such a sperg 4sshole it’s doubtful he likes her or even wants to bang! watch this movie for examples of The Girl Giving Clear Signals. He could have easily done a Kiss Close at LEAST 3 times, but he just walks away and leaves her hanging.

If he wants anyone, it’s the skanky internet wh0re he wants to meet in St Louis, who flakes out on HIM, which is apropos, because he flakes out all the time: using that nice innocent girl for her car, saying he’s going on tour when he’s not, calling his friend an 4sshole when HE’s the 4sshole for EXPECTING to just swoop in and play a show on no notice, trying to get internet in Walter’s (the GIRL’S name is “Walter”!) Mom’s house so he can check for email from his Internet Skank, calling Swanberg to make HIM check his email for him, Spergy Unreasonable Demands of Other people. TOTAL Annoying Jagoff.

Plus the technology thing seems dated by now. Texts and Sexts and Smartphones and even more Internet Access. I guess Swanberg’s making the Not-Too-Smartypants point that Modern Tech leads to Miscommunication, but Alex doesn’t know how to COMMUNICATE PERIOD. He’s a Sperg Tool. He doesn’t need Technology to Miscommunicate!

What makes this interesting is that he’s a genuinely talented Musician/Artist, and his video/music project with the “Noiseheads” was very neat and fun and compelling.

Watch the extras and you will see Kevin Bewersdorf talking about Music. He’s clearly talented, skillful, Spergy, and possibly full-blown Intellectual. He DEF went to Music College, but I think this was actually a GOOD move for him. He talks about Pseudointellectual stuff in a way that makes me think he’s an Actual Intellectual! Music Is His Life! AND he doesn’t seem as much an annoying, unempathizewithable sperg tool rude jagoff IRL!

Also that little song he performs at his living-room show where he first meets Walter is neat. “The chill of winter… is nothing… compared to watching your lover… getting murdered…. in the spring.”  True Artists are Selfish, Spergy 4ssholes I guess, and even Innocent 19-year-old Boyish Virgins THROW themselves at them to be deflowered, I guess.

Not a perfect movie, kinda frustrating in its blatant imperfections, yet despite this, much more watchable than it sounds. Thinking by now Swanberg is Just In My Wheelhouse, and I should email him and beg/bribe for an Unpaid Internship, provided I don’t have to show My Peepee On Camera to the Whole World. Try to have NonSwanberg next time. Maybe Aki Kaurismaki finally.  981 wds.

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