Officially gone beyond the point of no return into the World Of Mumblecore.

Joe Swanberg is one of Those names that gets mentioned alot, so now that I’m grateful to have the privilege of Netflix, I figure why not, what’s one more bad movie. See what the hype is about.

Lo and behold, I liked this movie. Didn’t LUVVV it, it wasn’t AWESOME, but it was sure as heck better than the previous movie I watched, “Answer This.”

Andrew Bujalski and Lena Dunham so far have been the extent of my foray into Mumblecore. Bujalksi uses more hand-held, Dunham is very stylized and set-up, both are pretty good. Swanberg, here, is TOTAL DIY, the with most obviously low-budget Mumblecore I’ve see so far. It looks like a Home Video. But it was still watchable. Decently edited, he pays attention to things like Pacing like a competent director should. There’s SOME pseudo-artsy, pretentious blurriness, but not too much to ruin the movie. You might not like the close-ups, especially of SWPL artsy stuff like shots of people’s FEET while they’re talking, but I didn’t mind.

The impression I got was that Swanberg, DESPITE being a SWPL BETA DORK COLLEGEBOY, is also a STRAIGHT SHOOTER, and HONEST. NOT a hypocrite. Swanberg himself is immediately a pretty likeable Beta Niceguy: REALLY dorky looking, nice, no game, just a big dork who likes movies. I can relate!

I have SYMPATHY FOR THE BETA, remember.

As per usual, I liked the Wimminz less than the Men. Even though the Men were Beta as hell. But at least Beta men are nicer, more honest, more honourable than the Hamstery, hypocritical Wimminz. But you can see how Beta Men and Hamstery Wimminz reinforce each other, vicious cycle. See the Wimminz complaining: “He’s like a WOMAN! Always wants to TALK! About WHAT? We’ve ALREADY talked!”

Yet a possible reason these men are “like women” is because Leftist Mothers raised their Sons without Oppressive Gender Roles.

Won’t waste words describing the “plot” of the movie, you can find that yourself, not much of a plot anyway, this is lowest-budget mumblecore. And indeed Swanberg has a MUMBLY voice.

The Amount of Frank Sex surprised me. This is DEFINITELY an “Unrated”, ie, plenty of Penis. Usually I don’t like all this Nudity, from men OR women, but I think it fit well in this movie. IMHO it took a fair bit of Ballz for Swanberg to Pony Up and show his OWN peepee. Though if you had TOLD me that before seeing the movie like I’m telling You now, I woulda said “WTF, is this some kinda Shortbus type real sex garbage?”

The Wimminz think they are EXPERTS on RELATIONSHIPS just because they have a lot of SEX, and often demand Sex Without A Relationship, even though the beta GUY wants one, then the wimminz blames the guy for being too emotional, and seeks and gets validation from her other HamsterWimminz Friends. Swanberg might not be a Red Pill man, but in his goal to Honestly Explore The Lives of Millennials, he’s showing some Red Pill Stuff. This movie was made in 2005 and I think if he keeps doing this, he may WELL come to a Red Pill conclusion: Modern Wimminz Are Phony Bullcrap. If he’s not TOO much of a Niceguy Beta.

At first I thought the f4ggy emo guitar music was cloying and unprofessional and embarrassing and cheesy, then I started to like it. I imagined Swanberg himself playing it, and he probably did.

He’s the most “unprofessional” Mumblecore I’ve seen so far, and I mean that in a positive way: it looks the least like a movie, and/or it makes you think, if he can make a movie, I can make a movie too; and the bonus part is, this movie did not end up being too bad!

There was a “collaborative” element which was interesting: It wasn’t totally Swanberg’s movie, it was the Four Main Actors’ movie, and they all co-wrote and co-directed and improvised a alot. Kinda neat. But I still give Swanberg the “Lead Author” credit in my book because I’m SURE he was the one to come up with the idea and lead his friends in this project.

Once the movie ended, I realized I didn’t really LIKE the main character Ellen. And I think Swanberg wanted us to at least kinda like her….or does he???? I didn’t HATE her, but I just felt I didn’t like her as much as I was “supposed” to, just because I’m a Red Pill man and I can spot that Hamster crap a MILE away and just don’t tolerate it. I would have put her in her PLACE, and said “F00k that sh1t, b1tch!” and got a ROTATION going, instead of being a F4ggy-haired Male Photographer falling back in LUV with some stupid broad who doesn’t even have a Real Job, hahaha.

That was another interesting thing. I don’t know if it’s a Chicago thing – and Swanberg incorporates a Nice Chicago feel I did quite like! – but these people are NOT huge tryhards like the tryhards I use to define tryhards. They don’t have High-Status Good Jobs or Meeeeeeaningful Careeeeeers. They must have not gone to a First-Tier Tryhard Bourge Leet University (would that be Mencius Moldbug’s “Brahmin?”) ! OK, he went to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, that explains a lot. If he had gone to NORTHWESTERN, these losers would not be so laid-back.

But I still think Swanberg is a Good, Honest, Decent guy, (and indeed, I didn’t mean to imply that Third Tier Toilets are not a good place to find Good Guys – indeed, TTT’s are a BETTER place than Leet Univ’s to find Good Guys! The Wimminz are just more baldly stupid and even less pseudointellectual though.)

I loved his look: a dorky, slightly chubby, fair-skinned, long unkempt hair that looks bad but he thinks looks good because he likes long hair, and the coup de grace, a REALLY DORKY long RED chin-goatee, NO mustache. He LOOKS like SUCH an OMEGA VIRGIN, and I like someone who is that comfortable in their uncoolness. Nowadays he looks more “normal.”

Swanberg has a small passive-aggressive edge to him that undermines his likeability and probably comes from him hanging out As Friends with Wimminz all the time. These Wimminz make him less likeable. But I think despite his Beta Niceguyness, he STILL gets Sex much more regularly than Average Beta Niceguys, so….should he NOT be overvaluing the P and thus shouldn’t be so INFLUENCED by Wimminz? OR maybe because he spends more TIME with Wimminz than the Average Beta, he unfortunately becomes more LIKE a Wimminz? Double-Edged sword.

But overall, I like his happy-go-lucky, non-psuedo-intellectual, honest, straightforward personality, and hopefully I’m accurate in ascertaining that, and that this quality makes his other movies ok too. I will be watching a few more to see how he Develops after 2005. (Queued: LOL, Hannah Takes The Stairs, Nights and Weekends, Alexander the Last). Plus I like how he is pretty much My Exact Age (I am Older than my manchildish writing suggests, hahahaha.) Symbolizes the Inability of My Generation to Man Up, hahaha. but seriously, to GROW up.

Also, I thought it was Clever and Creative how he interspersed “documentary monologues” of Real People in the film. Blurring the lines between Narrative Film, Reality TV, Documentary, Mockumentary, & Real Life Itself.

So I’ll give a B+, 3.5/5.

UPDATE: If Swanberg had A Twitter I’d follow him, but he doesn’t; however his WIFE does, she plays Ellen’s friend in KOTM and is more likeable. Let’s see if she Blocks me for being a Creepy Reactionary, hahaha. I like that she changed her name to “Swanberg” instead of doing a gay hyphen or possibly even worse, the new couture of saying “Wimminz MaidenName MarriedName” with NO hyphen, just TWO surnames. BELCH.

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