Like it or not, though I wish I could Lean more towards the Intellectual, I will always be 51% Emotional/Sexual, a bit more beast than man; thus, my energy, resources, effort, work, etc would be most effectively spent by scratching THAT itch FIRST, ie, doing all I can to bang 8’s, and then everything will fall into place after that. It’s not pretty, it’s not ideal, it’s not honorable, it’s not the way I WOULD have it, but that’s the way I was born, hahaha.

(Note: I prob stole “haaaaaaapy” from Dalrock, but I can’t remember where I stole “feeeeeeeeling” from, as many writers have emphasized the danger of relying on Emotion Over Logic! Emotional “Reasoning”, Hamsterization, etc.)

Revision/Backpedal/Excuse #9,000,012,385,382,854,754,492,124: ok, yeah, maybe I am a ScientistIntellectual……on PV$$Y! YOUNG TAIL IS MY SCIENCE!!

In other words, what this entails for This Blog is More Talk on “GAME” and stuff the Big Picture types might find Pvssy-begging or at least Stoopid. Anti-Gamers will not like. I just wanted to make it clear that I AM VERY Aware of the Big Picture, but my LUST (and sloth and anxiety and shame, haha) is RAVENOUS!

Been reading a lot of Nydwracu lately. He argues (and certainly he’s not the first!) that anxiety, narcissism, neuroticism, overemotion, Betaness , these are all SWPL, Bourgeois, Hipster things. Though I have NOTHING but BIG CONTEMPT for SWPL Hipsters, I am still very emo and narciss.Yikes! I don’t want to be a SWPL Hipster, or a privileged, decadent young nihilist!

He also argues that many Leftists become Political Activists not because they REALLY believe in the Social Justice Ideals of Making the World a Better Place (ok, the Brahmin / First Tier convince themselves of that!) but the less pseudointellectual will come right out and say “because it makes me FEEEEEL Whole.” They do it for PERSONAL THERAPEUTIC REASONS. Double Yikes!

They don’t care about SOCIETY, they only care about Themselves and FEEEEEELING HAAAAAAAPPY! Because they’re such undeveloped people that their main purpose is to make themselves feeeeeel haaaaaappy!

My excuse is, I care about Society 49% and myself 51%, ha. Gotta Help the Helper. With Young Tail. So Let’s Talk YOUNG TAIL!!!

Heartiste was talking about the Recent Kristen Stewart / Rob pattinson thing, her Cheating on him, etc, perfect examples of Hamsterization, Hypergamy, etc.

King A /Matthew King comments on that thread, that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking of. Stewart is an interesting example because we’re watching her Flower Wither RIGHT NOW. She started when she was a Young Teen, Peaked at a Typical Peak Age of say 19 or 20 or 21, and then after that, like always, it’s all downhill, even if it’s a slow march downhill at first. We got to see her Pre-Peak, Peak, and now Post-Peak. Sure she’s still bangable, & I’m so beta that adding her to my Rotation – even at her current age – would IMPROVE my rotation’s pretty-weak AverageAttractiveness (ie even post-peak, she’s still Hotter than the Wimminz in my Rotation), but, the Biological Fact remains: she’s still POST-PEAK. She’s not gonna get any prettier. She was at her prettiest a couple years ago. Not Anymore.

Zooming in on this hump of the curve – pre, peak, and post – that’s part of My Science. The brief, brilliant window of time from ages 17-21 approx. Young Is Young.

This is obvious to everyone, but it’s also something that can’t be talked about in polite company. Wimminz go cray DENYING it, Men are too Ashamed to talk about it for fear of being labeled a Creep, Ephebophile, or Pedophile.


This is not to shame men who like to bang cougars. Just saying an Ephebe has Magical Powers that a Cougar does NOT. Anymore. But ALL women have these powers during that Magical Age.

My Printing-Out Blog Pages was the Best Idea of The Month because it has got me Reading Way More (Blogs)! Give it a try if you like blogs but wish you could read them in “book” form! I print em in 8 size font, real small, because I’m technically Taking Advantage of a Printer that is Not Mine. So I try not to Abuse that TOO much, don’t want to get In Trouble. I can get away with 5 sheets, 10 sides, 2 columns, FILLED w size 8 font. Will dedicate one 5-sheet print session to a single author, to try to gain a decent distillation/ sample of their voice, style, ideology, etc.

Next: since I’m focusing more on GAME. try GAME bloggers: Frost, FreshFlyYoung, Danger&Play jump immed to mind. My fave Game bloggers ARE my fave game bloggers because they realize there is more to life than GAME and Young Tail, like moi, but also like moi, they can’t get enough of the young tail.

Been reading Cal Newport’s Study Hacks blog. Though I don’t AGREE with him more than 75% (MIT Grads “sweating” the Job Search because they  couldn’t get a job offer from Microsoft?), I mostly like him, and use it to get Pumped Up for Skool, which I don’t like to tryhard at, cuz there is no POINT. Plus he gave me a great new term for the Affliction I’m Suffering From: DEEP PROCRASTINATION.

OK, Nydwracu is only EIGHTEEN as of right now. IMHO his extreme youth is an asset because he is “boots on the ground” and can tell us exactly what’s happening with Today’s Yoof, but in a really smart & pretty accurate way. By far he is the Smartest, most perceptive person of 18 I’ve ever encountered! I learn more from Him than I do from College Courses! interesting idea of “STEM Technocrats” who have good enough tech skills to get jobs but they don’t really know how to THINK and become “meaningless people leading meaningless lives” just like a Redneck Juggalo. Again, I need to study the Caste System of Moldbug more, bc Nyd uses that (and many other Moldbug readers!) AND adds to it.


Above: Moldbug fan gives nice & needed organization to Moldbug’s blog.

{ ” (summary of MoldbugsCastes by poster at newgrounds, hopefully it’s accurate summary, just wanted to post a SHORT QUOTE here)

1. Brahmins, who define status by “scholarly achievement, success in an intellectual profession, or position of civic responsibility”. If you’re reading this now, you’re probably a Brahmin, unless you’re in high school, in which case you’ll probably be one in four years.
2. Dalits, who define status by “power, wealth, and sexual success” for men and “attractiveness and popularity” for women.
3. Helots, imported peasants who define status by “hard work, money and power” for men and “attractiveness, motherhood, and association with successful men” for women. (This caste is also not all that relevant for electoral analysis; Helots generally can’t vote, and at least according to Moldbug, their children generally turn out Dalit.)
4. Optimates, the aristocratic caste, who pretty much aren’t around anymore.
5. Vaisyas, who define status by social (especially church) participation and, for men, gainful employment. (Moldbug also lists family life, but I’m not so sure about that one; I know quite a few unmarried Vaisyas.)

” }  //end newgrounds quote.

Other Summaries of Moldbug (yes I know “dumbing things down” into “soundbites” is problematic! And that “Cliffs Notes” don’t TEACH you anything, they’re for Lazy “Brandons” (Firepower) , to get anything out of anything you have to work/struggle with it, literally STRETTTTCH your brain around it, it’s not supposed to be QUICK & EASY (Cal Newport.) )


“Condensed Moldbuggery.”

More Later! Have a good weekend, don’t whine or blog too much.

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