Stole that DIRECTLY from Firepower. Blogging Gilded Cage pt 1.

Roosh V Forums: working in the Canadian Oil Sands (Edmonton ALB?)  “6 figures in 6 months”

Obvious OIL is an industry where there’s a lot of money, follow the money, usually find jobs. Might be a good job idea for MGTOWs, or for ppl who like to get best ROI, or for lazy underachievers who would prefer to work real hard for 6 months and then just milk the money rather than working hard 100 hours a week till death.

I would live in a Man Camp, work 16 hours a day, 6 months at a time. If it sucked THAT BAD I’d just do it once. Obv there are a lot of Drinkers/Drug Users / Juggalos get into this, I would be nice to them but not use those destructive substances of course, just mind my own business and work and then save/invest a lot of the money, use rest to buy “cheap” car, “cheap” place in country with no neighbors, a few tech toys, some musical stuff, startup capital for biz, etc. maybe take “cheapest” online classes. maybe get a nice dog. I don’t “hate people”, I just really LIKE the idea of having a HOME to RELAX in that’s 50 yards from nearest neighbor. Basically where I can play DRUMS whenever I want & not get complaints, but not SO isolated that I wouldn’t have ANYBODY nearby in case of emergencies. Drive a Toyota Camry or Ford Focus or some ridiculous “consumer reports most efficient, reliable, bang for yr buck” car ever.

Pref in an area that doesn’t snow, doesn’t hurricane or flood, doesn’t have jungle-caliber insects, hahahahahahaha.

Only just now (Aug 2, 2012) realizing the importance of Mencius Moldbug. Heard about him for a few years, never really read. So he’s real smart, reads $500 worth of books a month, good writer, writes (wrote) a lot of posts, and realllllly long book-length posts. The blog is a real long Book.

Just bc it’s LONG doesn’t make it IMPORTANT, but bc it’s Smart, Interesting, & Informed does!

When I can get some relief from my Overbearing S3x-Addiction, I find it very compelling. Printing out at least 10 pages to put in my “Red Pill Book.”

I’m in “survival mode”, my excuse for not being super intellectual. Not satisfied with where I am yet, what I’m doing, view self as unhappy and unhealthy, so that I’m REALLY not at the top of my Mental Intellectual Game, and really quite stressy and anxious and overemotional. Now I am working to improve all that, and I expect my Stuff will get better-thought out as I Fix these Personal Problems, and indeed I still like to play around with some pseudointellectual stuff, I just can’t get as DEEP into it as a more “healthy” person would.

Examples of stuff that would greatly improve my health, ie, “complete” me, make me “at the top of my game” : simple! getting a better (Bigboy) Jerb, improving my Rotation to an Avg 8, getting in good Shape, getting a nice quiet place like I mentioned above, making better progress on my Science degree / careeeeeeer (though I don’t require it to be meeeeeeeaningful, just bigboy!)

So you can see why GAME is moreso my focus now than “Political Science,” haha. It’s serving a very Basic and I would say Fundamental “Need.” (Actually a Cripplingly Strong Want. A Crypto-Need or Pseudoneed if You will.)

Larry King, “How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere”, on Google Books. Update: some reviews say this is more of an “Autobiography” than a legit Making Conversation For Dummies book.

Social Skills. Talking to people. I’m fine being an Introvert, but there is def SOME Social Anxiety in there. MILD, not moderate, haha. Not all Introverts have Soc Anx. I’d say maybe 30%-50% Do. They are not the same thing obv. But both can be bad.

Was just thinking Social Anxiety is The Dreamkiller (Tom Leykis refers to Wimminz as Dreamkillers) because bad enough SocialAnx can REALLY screw you up on INTERVIEWS. Then you NEVER get a good job, then you become a permanent failure. It goes without saying that you never get Young Tail, bc that involves even better Social Skills than doing a good interview. And someone with No Job and No Tail is gonna be a damn unhealthy loser.

You’d have to do REAL good in a technical degree to prove you have strong tech skills to compensate for your weak social skills. Also, some severe SocAnx people can’t even get through COLLEGE. Boom. InstaLoser. Genetic DEAD END. Loser At LIFE.

So you could be potentially really smart & competent, but you end up being a TOTAL LOSER IN EVERY WAY just because of ANXIETY. PATHETIC.

Nydwracu’s style can get a little tuff if that’s all you read. He’s always ON in that mode, full-on smartypants. I greatly enjoy him, but Moldbug is more “fun” and approachable.

It’s a somewhat empowering feeeeeeeeling when an attractive young girl OBVIOUSLY is Into You, it’s like they’re playing their own version of Girl Game with you, they find YOU attractive, and they’re clearly SIGNALLING it to you, saying “You can do no wrong, everything you say is interesting and funny, and I’m going to let you Bang me soon.” And then you do. And then hopefully the wimminz doesn’t go CRAY. Point is, this is an exceedingly rare thing for Avg Betas. Happens maybe once or twice in their lives that they don’t have to WORK like that. That, or the wimminz that likes them is Not Attractive.

Maxim: All Wimminz would do well to remember this FACT. For the Vast Majority of men, Actual Sex is  an INFrequent  AND  UNEnjoyable Activity.

Corrolary (heheh idea of “Corrolaries” and “Maxims” stolen from Heartiste) : The more Frequent and Enjoyable The Average Man’s Fantasy Sex Life, the less Frequent and Enjoyable becomes his already-infrequent and unenjoyable Actual Sex Life.

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