I don’t like PseudoIntellectuals. At LEAST 60% of people who seem Intellectual are PseudoIntellectual. BUT: I generally like PseudoIntellectual WIMMINZ more than UNIntellectual Wimminz. (not sure if I could say same about the Minz; don’t have much of a prob w Unintellectual Minz.) Well, a PseudoIntellectual Minz is prob equiv to a Full-Blown Intellectual Wimminz, so, chew on that.

In other words, a “PseudoIntellectual” Wimminz, given the average intelligence of Wimminzhood, is prob more like a full-blown Intellectual Wimminz.

Find ONE wimminz who doesn’t care about stupid celebrity, entertainment, fagcebook, fashion, clothes, TV or shopping bullcrap. Troglodyte, UNintellectual bullcrap. You CAN, but it’s not EASY. Then you’ll have a fine (pseudo)Intellectual Wimminz, and that can’t be more than 20% of the whole.


It doesn’t MATTER if more Wimminz are going to COLLEGE or even GRAD SKOOL. You don’t need to be SMART to grad grad skool, believe it or not. Nope. You just need to be a flaky betch and MEMORIZE 9,000 FLASHCARDS and give piles o’ crap to betas, go to the bar, get drunk and take d!x when you get too STRESSED OUT FROM MEMORIZING FLASHCARDS, and be sure to Stay Confident and Secure and have a Healthy Self-Esteem! Parroting Neoliberal College Indoctrination helps too! But you DAMN SURE don’t have to be INTELLIGENT!!! You can be STUPID, and if you’re a Wimminz, you can be MORE Stupid!

GIVING ppl crap leads to you BECOMING a PIECE O’ Crap, which leads to you finally becoming a PILE O’ CRAP.

So GreatBooksForMen actually wrote a post & I think some comments somewhere in Non-GBFM Ritalin Voice. Serious stuff!

It’s real bad when guys/betas look at pictures of attractive wimminz and go “oooohhhhh my gooodddddz” like they can’t BELIEVE HOW HOT She is, and that they could NEVER pull a girl like THAT, they don’t DESERVE a girl THAT HOT, even if it’s just some “classy” pr0n photo of her spreading her uterus or 4nus but giving a coquettish artsy fartsy face. f00K That Sh1T! B1tch is spreading her 4ss for the whole world, and just because she’s young and not fat you think that’s too GOOD for You?

Promiscuous Wimminz are not suitable for (nonlawful!) marriage, & not suitable for heirs, so they should serve as “COMFORT GIRLS” for Betas. (pretty sure Firepower would classify this use of “should” as “Typical MRA Whining”, haha, he’s an 4sshole, but I still like his stuff).  (It was This Comment By Whammer on Heartiste’s post on Aurora Movie Massacre that first signif tuned me into the term/concept of “COMFORT GIRLS”, which is a goodun!) They might be Wh0res, but they’re avg more attractive than Homeless Wh0res in Dalit/Helot Ghettoes charging $20 for a BJ for Crack!

gonna try not to repeat myself TOO much on this Blog. Meaning maybe one day the posts will slow down. Well, I’ll repeat stuff only when I’m saying it in a Clearer, More Powerful, Shorter way. Axioms and “Koans” (Koanic Soul, heheh) that get stuck in your Brain & you never forget.

NarcissAlert: I never played the popular game of “Poker”, despite missing out on potential fun and profit, simply because the Rules of many Men’s Games seem opaque to me. There is a nice thing at where one can “practice” texas hold-em, and my new project is to learn it well enough to play an actual game with actual men. I was winning a good num of hands but my betting style was ALL WRONG.

Moldbug. Why is he important. Because he’s truly GHOW and his passion is serving up Red Pills, in a very fun, provocative, readable package. He would rather do that than work a respectable bigboy job as a Software Developer with a Brahmin degree; he’d rather Milk his Buyout Money as long as possible, and BLOG. Sounds good to me! He also has a wife and child. This could be a trap of course, but it could also be a sign that he is not a “lone unabomberish psycho”, like the so-called “white supremacist” that shot-up the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin after his gurrrlfran dumped him & he prob didn’t have any OPTIONS for Sex On The Reg.


You’re not gonna be able to help others if you’re not healthy and strong. So get yourself healthy and strong first. This could take a while. Drink AppleCiderVinegar. Avoid CARDIO like MARRIAGE. Focus on Strength, Core, MMA, HighIntensityInterval, Insanity, Kettlebells, Chest, Pushups, etc.

Uh you might be allergic to Gluten and not know it, so all that Gluten’s making you Tired as f00k. Avoid it like Wimminz who are being Wimminzly to You without Spreading at your behest and convenience.

As you get in better shape, You will prob find it easier to Pull Young Tail and then establish a Rotation of Young Tail. It might not have as high an Avg Attractiveness as you’d like, but keep Working Out and not putting the Pvssy on a Pedestal, and it will get better.

So after a few months you will be healthy and strong and well-sexed and full of energy and ready to conquer the world. This should be your Average State.

So, if you’re going to a Third-Tier Toilet (or Worse), does it MATTER if you get a Hard Engineering Degree, or an Easy Business Degree? Will the Difficulty in Jobsearching for a GoodJob correspond to the difficulty in Getting Degrees? Or is it More Effective just to coast by and get the Easy Biz Degree because Nobody wants to HIRE from a 4th-Tier Sewer ANYWAY?

Not sure. Heh. Maybe cause I was watching “Office Space” and the guy selling mag subs pretending to be a recovering crack addict was making more money doing that than as a Software Engineer which he’d been Laid Off from. This film prob corresponded with the decline of the IT Bubble, but is it REALLY THAT BAD for CompSci Majors from Fourth-Tier Sewers? Wish they’d talked about their Educations more. In a Fictional Satirical Comedy Movie.

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