or “soul.” just a Good Title Placeholder haha.

Wimminz have No Morals or No Morality. Their idea of “Moral Advice” is “The Key To A Good/Haaaaaaaaaaappy Life is: DO WHAT MAKES YOU FEEEEEEEEEEEL HAAAAAAAAAAAAPPY!!” and “it doesn’t really matter WHAT you believe, just be motivated and enthusiastic and 100% about it!!” These types of beliefs are so commonplace you don’t even really THINK about them, it’s Just What Wimminz SAY. But take a Minute and really THINK about it, and the HORRIFYING implications if they actually do BELIEVE this horsesh!t! The fact that so MANY Wimminz parrot this Claptrap, even if each Wimminz is not THAT Evil, if Most of em are even 50% that Evil, that’s a hella lotta evil which poses a SERIOUS threat to Western Society!

Why do Wimminz like to Cut You Off from Sex Immediately and sometimes Irrevocably, but then they also feel Entitled to Hang-Around you and have you be “cool” with their stupid decision? Is it because they’re THAT IGNORANT, or does at some point THAT much ignorance become less plausible than maybe they’re also a little EVIL too? That they just like Abusing Their Power, and then Twisting The Knife In?

Alphas don’t Get Dumped in the first place, they DO the dumping. Or at least they Revoke her Injunction and continue to Bang her afterwards. Being “COOL” about being Cut Off is being a Supplicating Beta, and the best solution here is to say, “You Screwed Me, and I’m NOT OKAY with that, so I’m not gonna be COOL to you, I don’t want to SEE you, I’m gonna go bang broads who APPRECIATE it. Have a nice LIFE. When you’re 35, remember I TOLD YA SO.”

MOONSORROW is so respectable because they do EPIC without sounding CORNY; AND they do 15-minute songs that REALLY NEED to be 15 minutes. There’s no FILLER or PADDING or Boring Overrepetition in these songs.

One of the Founding Members Henri Sorvali, is Such a Productive, Successful, Busy Alpha Male with his Bigboy Moneymaking Careeeeeeeeer in Sound/Music Production that he often does not play shows with the band, but has this other guy substitute for him. Now Henri still plays big one-off festival shows or at his convenience, but I’m guessing on Moonsorrow’s upcoming US TOUR (BE THERE!!!) Henri will not be going. Interesting system they got there. Best of both worlds really.

MOST Jobs that do not really require a College Degree, ie a STEMgineering degree to do very technical stuff, do not REALLY require Any College Degree at ALL. Teacher? Social Worker? Wimminz Work? Admin Assistant? Clerk? Teller? Okay there’s the stuff like Glorified Secretary/Receptionist which they now call ADMIN ASST and you have to have a College Degree and Unpaid Internships in order to get the job, BLATANT Overinflated Credentialization;

But stuff like Teachers and Social Workers and Librarians you say, well they’re a little more SKILLED, more Responsibility; I concede yes that’s true, but I Also Argue that they could LEARN those skills just by WATCHING a skilled practitioner, and not WASTE SIX YEARS in COLLEGE, graduate A HUNDRED GRAND in DEBT for JOBS THAT ARE DISAPPEARING and will take till you’re SIXTY to repay your STUDENT LOAN DEBT.

This isn’t BRAIN SURGERY. Instead of in a f4ggy classroom reading Marxist Bullcrap, just shadow a skilled practicioner for a few years, be a damn APPRENTICE, learn to do it yourself. It’s different if people’s LIVES are on the line.

“But they ARE! What if you get a Troubled Student or a Troubled Client who says he’s gonna Self-Harm or Harm others??”

Then you call the COPS. Doesn’t take a BRAIN SURGEON, ROCKET SCIENTIST, or other STEMgineer to figure that one out.

But this will involve not just STOPPING an ongoing trend, but pushing it BACK. Even many COPS have Bachelors Degrees.

New Sexual Social Study: Paramedics are Lower Vaisya / Upper Dalit: Roughneck Macho Men, (surprisingly usu without a Bachelor degree!) Doctors are High Brahmin, Rich, but also somewhat Macho Men, or can be. Nurses are all over the place: BSN’s and Nurse Practicioners are Upper Vaisya with their Science Education. LPN’s and Nurse Assistants are Lower Vaisya. What kind of Nurses chase the DOCTORS, and what kind of nurses chase the PARAMEDICS? Is there any difference at all? How can Paramedics OUTGAME the Doctors and appeal to Wimminz Hypergamy, ie have strong enough Charisma to outweigh Social Status & Wealth? (Either way the status of the Wimminz, high or low Vaisya, they still TIUTA like Vulgar Wh0rish Wimminz! But will they be Unintellectual or Pseudointellectual about it?)

Maybe 800 words is even better than 900!

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