Whole Lotta Swanberg Lately. Been wanting him to make a movie where the main character isn’t a crazy annoying unlikeable K00nt, or at least be more blatant in saying these K00ntz suck. But MAYBE his style is to say that without sledgehammering it, because the WIMMINZ are all the sledgehammer you’d ever need, although I think it isn’t Gauche or Crass or Untoward to come out and SAY it loud and clear. I just really don’t want him to say “I LIKE & SUPPORT THIS! THIS IS OK WITH ME!” and he hasn’t yet.

LOL was again good, not great. Swanberg seems to be “A Natural”, ie, incapable of making an unwatchable movie IMHO. So he uses a cheapo camera, tiny crew, no budget, everything on his computer. It’s good enough. Like to see more of this “Super-independent” stuff, because even “Independent” film is Burgher Bullcrap and IFC and SXSW might as well be Hollywood to the Average Joe. But Swanberg gives us hope (in the positive way, heh) that ANYONE can make a good movie, ie get over the Tiny Barriers To Entry. (Also: “Marble Hornets” is a great example of very-DIY but also very enjoyable film series in mystery/horror genre). You don’t HAVE to be Kubrick to make a good movie!

Here the main characters are men, thank god. Greta Gerwig DOES appear as one beta guy’s GF. Crazy as hell again. I think she’s just crazy IRL!  telling example of how men can be BEWITCHED by Manic Pixie Dream Girls. Way more dangerously effective than ZooeyDeschanel. Note Greta’s BF is beta as hell. even has small faggy lisp – Feminization Of  Millennials. If the guy wasn’t Brahmin, he wouldn’t be getting Sex on the Reg in the FIRST place, crazy girl or not, and certainly not as young&cute as Gerwig.

However, beta as MillennialBrahmins are, their one bit of “pseudogame” is their Total Sociopathic Narcissism. Maybe. EG, he isn’t afraid to tell her he doesn’t like her unsexy n00dz, send more &try to be more sexy this time kthxbai. But this-being-“game” IS quite arguable. Also, he totally lays down to her crazy tests, she clearly holds all the power.

main star is “Alex”, Kevin Bewersdorf. He has the “best” game but doesn’t know it. Comes mainly from him being a selfish 4sshole (but legit talented) SPERG allowing supernerdy nonpromisc superyoung Brahmin girl to orbit HIM, and he ruins his pseudogame by getting all pissy. Making unreasonable demands of the fawning girl is good; getting mad when they can be fulfilled is not. But he doesn’t even WANT to bang the girl! He’s a weirdo, an idiot, AND an 4sshole.

Swanberg has another GREAT find in Tipper Newton (watch the extras interview!), a 19-year-old Columbia College student nonactor presumably, a Cute Hipster Girl who has some Credible Innocence about her, UNLIKE Gerwig, who has taken so Manny Cox up the 4ss. See, you can get GREAT performances out of nonactors!

FullDisclosure: IHave Weakness for SWPL Hipster Brahmin Boyish Girls w Short Dykey Hair. But it really HELPS if they’re YOUNG and INNOCENT. Note: Newton was 19 at the time, and pretty innocent-seeming & adorable. Looked better than she does in this photo, haha. HOPE Swanberg didn’t eventually talk her out her clothes on camera like he does with 80% of his stars!

So Tipper falls in luv with Alex, but he’s such a sperg 4sshole it’s doubtful he likes her or even wants to bang! watch this movie for examples of The Girl Giving Clear Signals. He could have easily done a Kiss Close at LEAST 3 times, but he just walks away and leaves her hanging.

If he wants anyone, it’s the skanky internet wh0re he wants to meet in St Louis, who flakes out on HIM, which is apropos, because he flakes out all the time: using that nice innocent girl for her car, saying he’s going on tour when he’s not, calling his friend an 4sshole when HE’s the 4sshole for EXPECTING to just swoop in and play a show on no notice, trying to get internet in Walter’s (the GIRL’S name is “Walter”!) Mom’s house so he can check for email from his Internet Skank, calling Swanberg to make HIM check his email for him, Spergy Unreasonable Demands of Other people. TOTAL Annoying Jagoff.

Plus the technology thing seems dated by now. Texts and Sexts and Smartphones and even more Internet Access. I guess Swanberg’s making the Not-Too-Smartypants point that Modern Tech leads to Miscommunication, but Alex doesn’t know how to COMMUNICATE PERIOD. He’s a Sperg Tool. He doesn’t need Technology to Miscommunicate!

What makes this interesting is that he’s a genuinely talented Musician/Artist, and his video/music project with the “Noiseheads” was very neat and fun and compelling.

Watch the extras and you will see Kevin Bewersdorf talking about Music. He’s clearly talented, skillful, Spergy, and possibly full-blown Intellectual. He DEF went to Music College, but I think this was actually a GOOD move for him. He talks about Pseudointellectual stuff in a way that makes me think he’s an Actual Intellectual! Music Is His Life! AND he doesn’t seem as much an annoying, unempathizewithable sperg tool rude jagoff IRL!

Also that little song he performs at his living-room show where he first meets Walter is neat. “The chill of winter… is nothing… compared to watching your lover… getting murdered…. in the spring.”  True Artists are Selfish, Spergy 4ssholes I guess, and even Innocent 19-year-old Boyish Virgins THROW themselves at them to be deflowered, I guess.

Not a perfect movie, kinda frustrating in its blatant imperfections, yet despite this, much more watchable than it sounds. Thinking by now Swanberg is Just In My Wheelhouse, and I should email him and beg/bribe for an Unpaid Internship, provided I don’t have to show My Peepee On Camera to the Whole World. Try to have NonSwanberg next time. Maybe Aki Kaurismaki finally.  981 wds.

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