Took the Hit Counter off bc don’t want to give the impression I care about HITS. Sure it’s nice if people actually ENJOY this, but obviously I’m not TRYING too HARD towards that end. Eschaton, hahaha. This is pure Narcissibation, no better than playing a mindless gaym. Not aspiring to greatness here. Other than trying to pump self up to DO things. Today: do some “Upper Body Work”, but not TOO much. All about Upper Body lately, as IMHO is has the best ROI re Game and Quality of Young Tail Pulled. Aiming for 8’s remember.

Thinking about growing the Neatest, Shortest, most Professional-looking of Beards to emphasize Masculineness, prob per a suggestion from Danger and Play. As a Short, Small-Framed Man, I have to Compensate. Make up the difference.

This is challenging and often dashes initial high hopes. Obviously have to keep the neckbeard gone. goog “best way to shave neckbeard”. one guy at least cautions against shaving TOO HIGH. In the past I would go pretty high due to trying to avoid the stigma of the dread NECKBEARD as much as possible.

Remember: even the Strongest Men can break down for a Crazy Wimminz if she is YOUNG, ATTRACTIVE, AND INTO YOU; that if it turns out she is “too” into you, and/or “too” crazy, you will look past it because the Young P-ssy is So Good. I can caution you against it, but I can’t even be certain I could be strong against a Young 8 or god forbid 9!

Men are not allowed to express any dissatisfaction or complain or disgust or contempt for any women without being labeled a Violent Woman-Hater. There’s a big difference between HATE and disapproval, and even a big difference between hate and violence. It’s gotten to the point where a Wimminz can be a total piece of Crap and then when the man calls her out on it, HE’s the bad guy. f00K THAT sh!t!

And it’s gotten so that Average Women are simply annoying and stupid. That’s the norm. Just go on Fagcebook and look at Wimminz’s profiles. They’re stupid and annoying, just as they are in Real Life. Minimize your interactions. Use them for sex then tell them to GTFO, or maybe continue to suck on your D until you can get hard and bang them again, THEN tell them to GTFO so you can have some peace and quiet, or productivity, or whatever YOU want: read a blog, watch movies, play games, do math homework. Of course, Cover Your 4ss so you don’t get a False Raep Accusation.

Of course, some women are better than others, some are less stupid & annoying. Good for Them. & if you honestly enjoy their company,  good for you. Just don’t be a tryhard doing all the work in the “exchange” and don’t think that just because Wimminz are Average Less Cool than Men, that you have to tilt the playing field, so that if a Wimminz is cooler than Average Wimminz but still not REALLY cool, you’ll give her extra points just because she’s a Wimminz, like Affirmative Action. HELL NO. She has to be cool on YOUR terms.

Is it possible to COMPLAIN without WHINING? IMHO, ABSOLUTELY! I LIKE talking about how Crappy Wimminz are, let me count the ways, but I don’t consider myself WHINING about it, like “Waaaaaahhhhhh, why are Wimminz so stupid, I wish they weren’t so stupid and I could find a Nice Girl and Get Married and have Children and we would Love Each Other, waaaahhhhhhh!” F00k THAT Sh1t. Wimminz are just Stoopid C00ntz. On Average. They DO stupid sh-t, they SAY stupid sh-t, they BUY stupid sh-t, they spread their uteri &  anii and get f00ked BY stupid sh-t LIKE stupid sh-t. f00K THAT sh-t!

Do Hairy men need to Shave their Body Hair to pull p-ssy? Hell no. Wimminz jabber all the TIME about how hairy men with hairy backs and shoulders are GROSS. But I GUARANTEE, with a muscular, firm enough body and competent, confident charisma, these men can get these selfsame hair-h8trz wimminz to lick their hairy, dingleberried 4ssholes!

Moonsorrow. Feel self transitioning gradually into a Moonsorrow phase. Finally pulled away from Dio to listen to Moonsorrow’s latest “Varjoina…”. Really SHOULD go to that crappy bar in the crappy (very blaq!) part of town to see them in a few months, even if they are not headliner. They are one of the few Modern, Active, Touring Metal bands I actually really like & respect & am Into, plus their epic, superheavy, headbanging, fist-pumping, spine-chilling music lends itself to a Potential CLASSIC show. Just wish they were headlining & playing at a better venue!

michael phelps is a balllicking f4g. haha. but seriously. that is an alpha male who could & prob does have a rotation of 9’s. He probably would be chill to hang-out with and me getting his SLOPPY SECONDS would be better than the b1tches in my rotation right now!

“Men who regularly substitute the word ‘b1tches’ for ‘women’ are potential WOMEN-BEATERS and abusers! to use those words synonymously is a Big Red Flag meaning they have Respect Issues and Anger Issues and Violence Issues bla bla bla, mmmm lookie,  big blaq cox! mmmm slurrrrrppppppppp! smaq smaq smaq slurrrrrrpppppppp!!”

balllicking f4gs, j1zzguzzling wh0res.

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