Ended up linking to 5 diff Firepower/Eradica Pages. Not Intentionally Fishing for a “Pingback”, not sure if I can turn that off, but I’ve been making the most concerted effort to read His Entire Blog  vs other other Blogs lately; really like his straightforward, cut-to-the-chase, no BS, and lotsa jokes style. He might be responsible for eventually convincing me to stop loudly proclaiming myself as “An MRA”, haha (more later.)

Firepower places William Bennett in his First-Tier of Inspiring Chaps, alongside Charles Murray and Robert Bork. Bill Bennett gets a lot of flak in the Manosphere for a few articles calling men to Man Up. Yes, the articles were unfortunate, but not sure they could discredit an entire solid career. Heh. I need to be spoonfed soundbites from Blogs because I’m too ADD to read a WHOLE BOOK!

Plus Today’s Brandons (Firepower heh) DO need to “Man Up” in the sense they need to become less feminine and more masculine…but this is NOT what is USUALLY meant by the term “Man Up”, so I don’t want to confuse the issue further. When you hear “Man Up”, it doesn’t mean the positive thing of “Be more masculine!” it means the negative thing of “Do What Mommy Tells You Or Get 4ssraeped!”

I can’t argue with Firepower’s “Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism.” Very solid. (Summary: “1. Black Fascists 2. Open Borders Supporters  3. Gov’t Unionists & Academics 4. Feminists 5. Homosexual Activists) This is why I shake my head at the “The MRM is Not A Left/Right Issue!” and am more on Chapin’s side than Barbarossaaaaa’s “side”. (Note Well: Chapin does NOT really talk about Race!) Feminist Governance is just ONE part of Leftist Totalitarianism, which is why we need to be focused on MORE THAN Just Men’s Issues!

Attn Blacks and Gay Men: If I AM somehow a “White Nationalist” (by association), I’m prob the biggest Black-Lovin’ (And Gay-Male-Lovin’) White Nationalist there is!

I (And prob most Anti-Leftists) Are WAY LESS RACIST against Nonwhites than Leftists are against whites!

And I (and prob most anti-leftists) would be happy to welcome nonwhites with anti-leftist views! Not All Anti-Leftists are WhiteNationalists, Not All WhiteNationalists are Hateful, Violent Extremists, etc.

Heh. See I am too easily influenced. Gullible Brandon. Automatically took a neg view of Bennett just because MRA’s don’t like him. Didn’t even know he had a Daily Radio Show.

Of course next think you know I will be a hardcore anti-democratist because I’ve been reading a lot of Moldbug lately. But that jives well with my Core Belief that People Are Average Stupid, and that Average Intelligence is located somewhere no higher than the 45% percentile.

So one of Bennett’s newer books is called “The Book of MAN: Readings on the path to MANHOOD”. INTRADASTING. Esp in light of his unfortunate MAN UP comments. Wonder if MRAs have actually read this book. OK GreatBooksForMen did, writing a low-on-the-GBFMSpeak Serious, Negative review, calling Bennett a Judas selling out for Fiat Butthexed Bernanke Dollars to Gamble Away, all to use Young Men as Cannon Fodder Fiat Dollar Fodder. Not surprising given GBFM’s strong anti-TheFed stance, but I still like GBFM, wouldn’t argue against him, however I AM willing to give Bennett a chance, haha.

But what’s WRONG with being a Workhorse, a Protector, and a Provider for a Woman?

Maybe it’s acceptable IF AND ONLY IF the Woman is NOT a Wimminz, AND the Woman treats her man with love AND respect AND Loyalty AND works hard to serve him and the family just as much as he does.

Pretty tall order, uh? That’s because it SHOULD be. It IS. A Good Wife is Even Harder to find. So Just Don’t Marry. You can even get decent COMPANIONSHIP out of Harem/Rotation. You won’t get A Good Wife, but you can still have Heirs, provided you’re willing to do All The Work yourself. & it Can be done.

Firepower sez DON’T join the military because you’d be supporting our corrupt government, our Leftist Nanny State, and Saudi Greed for Higher Oil Prices. Whereas I’ve said DO join the military as more of a positive individual-development thing, ie, be trained in how to be a Successful Alpha Male.

Maybe join the military, get trained, become alpha male, bang rotation, get money for college, then be sure to LEAVE military and not become a Career Militarist. Although I wouldn’t blame you for being Swayed by the Attractive Benefit Plan!

search term getting hits here: “is mikko aspa a child molester?” No, he just wants Morons to Think so, hahaha. I get what he’s doing. He’s Totes My Kind Of Provocateur. I HOPE he’s not a child molester, hahaha. feel like listening to some CLANDESTINE BLAZE RIGHT NOW as a matter of fact.

“mikko aspa sociopath.” NOPE. You want a SOCIOPATH, look for your avg Brahmin (or Brahmin-WANNABE – seems that is the New Way of the Upper Vaisya!!) Hipster SWPL Millennial, or an Avg Modern Wimminz. Pretty sure Mikko knows how to Genuinely Empathize with other people. Probably even TOO much!

“ora et labora JOKES.” Funny how that corny Ora Et Labora post is my biggest Hitmaker. Had very little to do with O et L, certainly nothing Informed. But I wouldn’t mind seeing these jokes either! Jokes can be educational as well as entertaining!

A Low, Droning, Low-Brassy “War Horn” can sometimes be heard in some Grim Black Metal (clandestine blaze:“call of the warrior”, burzum “keliohesten”, graveland something off “1000 swords”), playing nothin’ fancy….AND I LIKE IT.


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