Heh. In order to become less of a Blogger and less of a Hypocrite and more of a Doer, I intend (heh) to myself follow the advice in


Notwithstanding where I cannot, being a suffering, helpless Victim of Ageism, ha.

If you can’t FOCUS because you’re too H0RNY, then just j3rk-off ONCE a day, early in the day, when your T is highest, before you take your Daily Shower and Go To ArbeitMachtLife. Don’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes. There are WAY MORE IMPORTANT things for you to spend your ENERGY on. So get this “little” distraction out of the way EARLY.

Stuff doesn’t have to be PERFECT. It is better to START something and have it be a PERFECT MESS and then gradually improve it bit by bit, rather than be too much of a pvssy f4ggot to start it at ALL, hand-wringing like an anxious neurotic narcissistic beta swpl b1tchboi.

Then as you improve the chaotic mess, try to make it a Fun Game, like a Skill you’re building. Problem-solving, organizational skill.

Like me trying to organize my 9,000 RSS feeds, haha. My old system of organization stopped working, so I implemented a new one, including a “NEW/RECENT” folder for the current month, renaming folders, migrating from old/bad folders, and it’s now a huger mess than ever before, but headed gradually towards Optimal Organization.

There’s different ways to be Manly. For example, some men find that Redneck Lower Vaisya / White Dalit Buttmetal like PanterA or Disturbed makes them feel like a man who wants to pound some pvssy and beat some fag 4ss. That’s fine, but some men prefer Old-School Death Metal like Incantation, it’s less poseury and anti-intellectual. It’s good to be Anti-Anti-TrueIntellectual, and also good to be Anti-PseudoIntellectual. Nothing wrong with being a Real Thinking Man!

Blacks are pretty manly. They are very confident and have better Natural Game than Swpl beta whites. So Emulate Black Men if your game is weak.

Don’t listen to faggy SWPL music or watch wimminzly TV shows. But some of that Music, though not as widespread as the TV shows, is infinitely faggier! Pure Omega Poison!

Don’t be too pvssywhipped by Wimminz and Brahmins and Leftists to be afraid of calling things faggy and fagz. It’s one of the best words out there! But don’t let yourself get accused of “HOMOPHOBIA” either. You can absolutely use the word fag 9000 times a day and not be “A HOMOPHOBE.”

But tell em you oppose Gay Marriage because you don’t want Gay Men to get SCREWED like Straight Men! (“Sure, I support gay marriage, gays guys should be free to sign-up for Divorce Theft just like Straight Guys!”)

NEVER grow a Goatee/”Circle” Beard, that’s a faggy way of saying “Use My Mouth As A PVSSY”. Grow a Proper Beard Unless you’re a big spotty patchy neckbeard. Then just keep it trimmed short.  Beard Trimmer on “1”. Don’t grow a mustache until you’re 30. Unfortunately the Hispter F4gz took that away from us. Hopefully in a few years under-30 men can enjoy this right once again.

Never LISTEN to Wimminz. Don’t really listen to Women either, because 67% of Women ARE Wimminz.

Don’t be Easily IMPRESSED by Wimminz. In 5 years they will be long-forgotten.

When You’re not getting Sex On The Reg, you FORGET That Most Wimminz are Good ONLY For Sex, and you Idealize/Pedestalize all these Beta Ideals onto them, and turn Sex into this Sacred Beta Luv Wife thing. Spend some time around Most Wimminz post-bang and you’ll see more clearly what they’re REALLY Good For.

Don’t get a Tattoo unless you’ve thought about it for at least a year, like a specific, non-faggy design. Good examples include: patriotic, religious, Grim Reapers, or nationalistic. Barbed wire or the like is never acceptable. Only get it on your upper arm.

Don’t ever Bust a Sag, honestly some Lower-Status Working-Class Whites still do this. The ONLY reason ANYBODY ever did this was to show they LIKED getting f00ked up the ass and being a manlier man’s B!TCH in JAIL.

Then I saw the Pendulum swing, to where men CHOSE to wear pants that were Too Tight. Good Lord.

Organize your Music Library and RSS Library. At least TRY TO. And install a browser plug-in so it shows the RSS right in the address bar or somewhere convenient so you don’t need to go searching all over the page for it, or even worse, searching the URL from your Reader window. Just click and subscribe done.

Hmm. There are actually Smart Men on TUMBLR. Nydwracu and the stuff he links to. Just thought it was for Stupid Psuedointellectual Gurrlls (not necessarily contradicting when I said there were more unintellectual gurls than pseudointellectual gurls; just saying all the pseudointellectual gurls are Magnetized by Tumblr, and generally artsy fartsy SWPL Brahmin (or Brahmin-wannabe) Millennials )

But when it’s used as essentially a Twit-Longer to promote Interesting Ideas, I guess that’s acceptable. But I wonder if that’s more than 10% of Tumbling.

Just as Young Wimminz replace Boytoys, they replace Trends in Fashion and Social Media and Entertainment (IE Faggy Wimminz Bullcrap!);  These things have such a SHORT LIFE CYCLE and HIGH TURNOVER because WIMMINZ THEMSELVES have such a Short Life Cycle: The PRE-PEAK-POST of 17-22. And they too are constantly replaced and refreshed as they move past 22, by loads of new girls turning 17.

So does that MAKE IT RIGHT that they cycle through things, including Men-People, so flightily? Because their Nature is Naturally Flighty? I argue, be smart enough to separate the Meaningful from the Meaningless, and don’t impose your own Ephemerality on Decent Men. And Most Men ARE Decent.

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