Kaliningrad formerly known as Konigsberg is capital of a tiny oblast that is part of the Russian Federation but on the baltic coast next to poland and lithuania. But populated mainly by russians. East Prussia. Maybe about 100 km west of the main body of Russia. I know Geography, hire me! Gimme A Job!

Also Roosh should go here and report on the Banglife. The Local Talent. Seems like a nice city, prob not a lot of Moocows.

I actually heard a guy say this IRL and had to write it down so as not to forget, as I laughed harder than I had in a while:


What does it mean when you ALWAYS have recurring dreams you’re a student at a Brahmin University where you’re RUNNING to get to class at the last minute, FURIOUSLY trying to find your schedule because you don’t REMEMBER where the class is, then you suddenly realize you haven’t BEEN to that class in AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS and you should probably DROP it to not kill your GPA and you signed up for More Classes than you could handle, that you couldn’t even ace the FinAid FullTimeStudent MINIMUM of a weak TWELVE credits? Or you were just LAZY and didn’t LIKE Skool and SKIPPED so you could SLEEP so now you’re gonna FAIL and your Life is OVER and you’ll never bang Good Young Tail EVER AGAIN because you Blew your One & Only chance to Transform from Vaisya to Brahmin? Weird dreams, maaaaan!

B!tches would look better if they just did NOTHING with their eyebrows. MOST of the time, they BUTCHER them and end up looking like FREAKS. Would RATHER look at a THICK UNIBROW.

WordPress Login screen is RETARDED. Usually several of the “Freshly Pressed” are Blatantly Stupid. There was this one guy who mocked Roosh’s recent “How To Be A Man” posts; it was sad that he is 33 years old and never matured past a sixth grade mentality, that wimminz have more to offer than sex, that he never got over his Big Breakup, etc, and he had tons of comments agreeing w him onwhat a Bad & Immature Man Roosh is. What a stupid Mangina. You must ask Yourself, What Have NON-FAMILY Wimminz REALLY ever done for YOU, except  be Annoying?

Paul Ryan, seems like a good guy. Might be a deciding factor for Mitt.

Since I’m against distributing wealth like a lazy socialist looking for handouts without working, shouldn’t I be against distributing Tail to Young Betas in a kind of extracurricular Comfort Girl program? Well, lemme TALK about that program first, it’s not just a public pity handout, it’s a Skill-TRAINING program and a pvssy-depedestalizing program.

It’s like training wheels. And once you learn how to ride a bike, it’s EASY and you NEVER FORGET. & the training wheels are simple, easy, and ABSURDLY EFFECTIVE. They help A LOT.

Once a week the girls who CHOOSE to be cvmdumpsters will volunteer their services to Beta and Omega Boys who are “dying” of horniness. This is relieve a lot of stress. Then the young wh0res will use their young sex to Train the boys to use progressively more and more game to get the reward of sex, coaching and shaping their behavior from dorky supplicator to confident, outcome-independent, DHV’ing alpha men. Feedback loop. This ties in with my theory that Beta Men often strike out IMMEDIATELY and RealGirls don’t give them a CHANCE to improve their game. One Strike and Out. Here, the girls would say, Noooo, try again, and when you get it right you get to bang me. And you probably will get it right, this isn’t brain surgery or the gulag. Keep trying, get it right, get your prize, and you will get this once a week until you graduate and then your game will be tight enough to pull Non-Comfort Girls.

So my program basically takes out the one-strike-and-you’re-out policy, essentially gives the boys unlimited strikes, REGULAR sex, and an opportunity to change their behaviour and get immediately rewarded. Simple Classical Conditioning! Nothing NEW!

Game is SOCIAL SKILLS, but it’s more than JUST social skills, it’s a “very special set of social skills”, hahahahahaha. A Beta can be very sociable & extraverted with his male friends but utterly BOMB with Teh Wimminz.

Anyway those comfort girls would obviously never be good wife and mother material, but they WOULD be doing a vital service and should be compensated for that, not necess slut-shamed. Unless they wanted to Have Their C0ck and Eat It Too, wh0ring it up for alphas but not giving betas the time of day.

Again lemme point out that I DON’T think MRA & Wimminz issues are the MOST IMPORTANT in Western Society, so perhaps I should stop calling myself “An MRA”; I have been sold on Firepower’s Five-Fingered Fist of Liberalism, where Wimminz are just one-fifth of the whole sh!tshow.

HOWEVER: I am most INTERESTED in Wimminz because I am “kinda” a Sex Addict, and need to Scratch the Sexual Itch before I can be more productive Politically.

I differ from a White Nationalist like Ryu in that I’m not too worried The Sh!t will Hit The Fan Soon, if ever. Maybe it will just be a gradual decline: the Sh1t will slowly crawl into the fan. Maybe I’m just another Brandon with my Head In The Sand, BLINDED by my Sex Addiction, can’t focus on the IMPORTANT things. See: Dr William Pierce quote about: those who care mainly about Having Fun/GoodTimes/Hedonism/ShortTerm Pleasure & don’t Act like there’s a Race War On, do not deserve to be saved, they are no better than race traitors, etc.

The Good News: Once I satiate that addiction with more 8’s in my Rotation and Less 7’s, I will prob be ready for Meaningful Action. Till Then, I’m A Race Traitor, “hahahaha”.

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