I “felt” (heh) thereWas a TON of positive hype for this. Didn’t live up. Wanted to really like, but only kinda liked, really had some blatant flaws. Yeah Fassbender as “BRANDON” (heh) is supposed to be “reserved”, but seemed like a copout for him to be Cardboard, Wooden. Although he DOES “act with his face” really well sometimes to show what his character “can’t” say, so. A BIT artsier than Iexpected, BUT not TOO much, and it “comes together” well in pacing&look. Story just wasn’t THAT compelling. It COULD have been MUCH better. Not DESERVING of all THAT good hype. It was ONLY OK. At least not too LONG! And music score pretty good, EVEN THOUGH main theme sounded WAY too much like “Mulholland Drive”, which I mocked initially, but came to enjoy – Sparse Piano SoloVersion during endCredits was notablest.

Usually don’t like “steamy” unrated NC-17 Real Sex movies – too gimmicky and soulless and amoral and SWPL – but I was sold on the “sex addiction” angle. Portrayed pretty well. Especially: (SPOILERS THROUGHOUT!!) when he goes into the bathroom at work and they don’t SHOW him jerking-off like they established a previous time, but now you KNOW he’s not just “going to the bathroom.”

YeahYeah, he’s a Sex Addict and can only express himself Sexually &Emotionally with Pornography &Prostitutes and he’s an Emotional Cripple who’s unable to Relate To Real People. REAL straightforward, but I appreciated no tricks there. McQueen seems to be Honest &Frank, but he also does NOT seem to be CONDONING Brandon’s behavior as “anything goes, everything’s relative.” Probably more like Houellebecq: LAMENTING Alienation&Atomization of Modern World.

I thought Carey Mulligan was REAL cute in “An Education”. Now it’s a few years later, not as cute anymore – HUH. But still very bangable. Liked the trashy bleachblond hair. Did NOT appreciate her getting naked (SPOIL). Forget being a True Artist. Classy Actresses don’t do N00dz. EVAR.

Also didn’t appreciate Fassbender’s Peepee in every scene, THAT seemed gimmicky.

He’s KINDA alpha male because he’s top 20% Handsome – horribly handsome and in good shape. Pretty Women check HIM out on subway. can have any woman he wants. BUT he often scares them away because he’s Socially Awkward &Creepy and his Game is bad. IusuallyThink of Sex Addicts as uglier guys who can’t get sex this easily.

Like his Official Date. He Bombed that with horrible game, ie, Just Being His Honest Self. She was clearly put off &On The Fence, but you’d bet he STILL has a chance to Ream That if he changes his game, just because he’s THAT handsome, so he IS allowed ONE Strike, where nonhandsome AverageGuys get NO Strikes. And he does correct his first mistake (SPOIL), by being sexually aggressive, which is the only effective Game he knows. But when he can’t get it up, (SPOIL) he conveys his frustration very effectively. Though she says “It’s no big deal. It’s ok”, You understand that it’s NOT OK, that THIS is the effect of Male Impotence & Shame, that it IS real, because at this point she’s thinking “This guy’s CRAZY, this is big strike two, no matter how handsome he is, HE’S OUT.” So he lost his chance for regular sex with a regular wimminz (and possibly a stupid relship) just because he couldn’t get it UP the first time. THIS is why men are so terrified of impotence, because this is impotence’s “cost”. Movie portrays this well.

Wimminz: you SAY you don’t mind impotence, but do you REALLY? How many d00dz who couldn’t get it up the first few times have you said “SEEYA CREEPER!” to?

Yeah, he has bad Inner Game because of his Shame. And he’s upset because he’s Blue Pill enough to WANT a Rel with this particular Wimmin, despite his Creepy, Misplaced Admission to her on the date that he didn’t see the point of Rels. Which was a good, smart, RED Pill thing to say, and though the movie is good on portraying him getting punished for impotence, it’s NOT so good in that McQueen may be implyingThat these Red Pill Beliefs are Synonymous with Creepy Bad Sex Addiction, even though I AGREE that Sex Addiction is Creepy and Legit Bad, and McQueen is RIGHT to sayThat THIS is wrong.

BUT: Not ALL People Who Think Hetero Rels Are Generally BS Are Sex Addicts Or Creepy! AND Not ALL Monog Longterm Rels are Stupid…..But When They Are, It’s Usually The Wimminz’s Fault! Maybe Shame 2 can talk about THAT, hahaha. Just a Small Quibble, that is so far Advanced Red Pill I wouldn’t expect Any film to ever tackle it.

OK, long enough, like Fassbender’s Huge Flaccid German Pen15. Also, a German guy cannot believably play an American, no matter how good fake accent. Watchable movie at least, but highly overrated.  Not nearly as good as it SHOULD be, not nearly as Bad as it COULD Be. Final Grade: B. NOT B-plus.

And, while I’m spoiling things, there’s a nice image of an Anus “hidden” in there.

PS: Nondrugalcohol “Addictions” especially Sex &Gambling &Love &People &Infatuation are interesting, if not necessarily “addictions.” IMHO they are close enough. Compelling, Terrifying stuff, although withdrawals won’t KILL you. Like alcohol. I don’t even think HEROIN withdrawals will KILL you. IMHO Drugs and Alcohol are a way to Escape your Unhaaaaaaaappy Reality Thru Intoxication, Stupefication, Sensation-NUMBING. And it’s INTERESTING, the other more “sensation-SEEKING” addictions.

Movie sounds worse on paper than it actually is. Acting, pacing, visual style all bring it together well, &suggest Steve McQueen (change your name!) has some serious potential. But I hope this isn’t his Peak.

PPPS: I understand maybe Brandon’s Careeeeeer isn’t part of the story, but I argue that a person’s Jerb is ALWAYS relevant to the STORY of their LIFE Because that’s what you spend the VAST MAJORITY OF YOUR LIFE DOING. IT IS YOUR LIFE.  That’s why I like to have at least a LITTLE explanation there. Brandon needs to have some SERIOUS Caste Credentials to get a Careeeeeeeer in a Manhattan Marketing Agency. As a general rule, I like it when stories explain how the characters GOT their JOBS. And wouldn’t Brandon’s Autistic Awkward Creepiness get in the way of him Schmoozing into a Schmoozy Industry, the same way it defeats his Natural Handsomeness &becomes a Dealbreaker w Wimminz?

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