So Mindweapon sez : “There’s nothing White Americans yearn for more than a meaningful mission in life; for something to do that matters.” If you’re not comfortable with his “White” qualification, just imagine the word isn’t there, hahahaha. His suggestion is for suburban dwellers to grow livestock feed for meat farmers. This will develop a strong alliance between these groups.

We are Grasping at Straws trying to Cobble together such a transcendent Existential Purpose: by far, IMHO, most Tryhard Moderns do so with Careeeeeeeeeeeeer-Worship. A Much smaller group, namely men interested in Game such as myself, hahahahaha, attempt to do so making Chasing Young Tail our God. For better and worse. Somewhere in the vast middle there’s Religious people. (I daily desperately bargain, pray, & BEG to The LORD for deliverance from this very sucky evil demon; to magically/miraculously transform me from worshipping young Tail to worshipping HIM – it would be SUCH an improvement.)

Each of these Missions In Life is deeply flawed, with the Straight Religious one being the least so.

Be prob even slightly better just to live a Purely Selfish Life: Which combines the Best aspects of all three mentioned above. You want a good Careeeeeer but you don’t worship the careeeeer itself, you’re just doing it to give YOURSELF a comfortable living. And then you worship God so you don’t look like an UNGRATEFUL NARCISSIST. You get a harem of Young Tail to serve YOU and make YOU haaaaaaappy, but you never CHASE it slavishly.

But even this is all WAY too hedonistic and shallow. But it’s better than the above three, hahaha. I guess Pure Honest Religiosity (ie at least 2 StandardDevs ABOVE the Average, where your Faith compels you to choose a Relgious Vocation) would be better than the Hedonism avenue.

Others look to (White) Nationalism. I’m not 100% haaaaaaappy with that yet, would prefer a kind of American Exceptionalist Nationalism, albeit with stronger States’ Rights. Maybe. Mencius Moldbug and Nydwracu point out some probs with pure libertarianism and democracy.

OK, I was wrong, many Westerners clearly use FAMILY as their Purpose In Life. Establishing a strong Nuclear Family, taking care of them and your extended Fam where possible. Protect Your Kin. I do support this. Except, OF COURSE, where the Daddy State interferes and divides the Nuclear Family by giving one party therein a ton of incentive to dissolve said Family. If you want a Nuclear Family, at the very least, just don’t MARRY.

Every Wimminz Ever can avail herself of the “right” to a Nuclear Family because of her Golden Uterus, InDemandedness, & Reproductive Costs. In contrast, not all Capable Men desirous of a family can have one if they don’t exhibit Alpha Social Traits. The worst of the Beta Providers. As Professor Mentu says, EVERY Wimminz, even a 40-year-old one, can get a Beta Provider if they REALLY want one. He’s just gonna get Betaer as she gets older, but his MONEY won’t get more Beta!

IHMO we need to Steer our Cultural Values to support The Nuclear Family; will take a few generations; in meantime, I tentatively suggest that those Beta Men who would otherwise Marry Cougars & Get Cleaned Out REFUSE to do that and just become SINGLE FATHERS instead, bc IMHO what they want even more than “a wife” is CHILDREN. A FAMILY.


Not sure the Mathematical Implications, but I wonder if even 10% of Beta Providers Rejected Wives in favour of this new approach….that the World Would Be A Better Place.

So, be a Single Father. Of course you’ll still want SEX; just pursue it with a ROTATION of YOUNG TAIL!

Caveat: Don’t become a Single Father unless you’re prepared to be a DAMN GOOD FATHER.

Started digging into the Dr William Luther Pierce Audio Archive. Was surprised at how much I agreed with him (80%?) and how much he did not sound like a hateful, angry nutjob. Real Smart Guy!

Here’s a little Social Experiment For Men AND Women: For one week, unfollow or de-emphasize or “mute” the updates on your Fagcebook or Twitter from Wimminz; don’t do anything permanent they would notice and b!tch at you about, just MUTE them for one week and see how you feeeeeeel after not reading their bullcrap every day.

Conclusion: WIMMINZ ARE NOT CHILL. WIMMINZ ARE NO FUN. WIMMINZ ARE ANNOYING. WIMMINZ ADD NO MEEEEEEANINGFUL VALUE (other than possib helping you bang hotter wimminz after being seen as a man-who’s-socially-popular-with-wimminz)

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