“was the virginia tech shooter sexually frustrated”. Do you even need to ASK?? Many Men ARE, but Not All Men Who Are Sexually Frustrated Go On Shooting Sprees! But I’d argue Most Men who go on shooting sprees ARE sexually frustrated!

MEN NEED TO STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR WIMMINZ, possib even more than Wimminz need to stop making excuses for themselves. YOU’RE ALLOWED to criticize Wimminz for the stupid sh!t they do, it doesn’t make you a HATER, ANGRY, CREEPY, or BITTER….it makes you RIGHT. Honest. A teller of the TRUTH Wimminz don’t want Men to figure out. So then they get mad when you call a PIG a PIG. Typical. STANDARD!

So why work hard if hard work is not going to be rewarded? Theoretically you would because the hard work would nourish your immortal soul and be a form of prayer and gratitude. That’s a stretch, so….only work as hard as you need to to keep from needing HANDOUTS. And don’t forget to SCAM THE SCAMMERS.

If you don’t buy into the Careeeeer-Worship and the mandatory College-Worship that makes you be a huge True Believer Tryhard during College, you’re gonna have a Real Tuff Time Proving yourself to be a Real Team Player who’s worthy of a Good Careeeeeeer. So it’s time to start thinking about Being Your Own Boss. Doesn’t even really matter WHAT you do, so long as you’re your own boss and don’t have to prove yourself to anybody BUT yourself. Being Directly responsible for the very EXISTENCE of your OWN job will give you that “sense of purpose” to do ANYTHING, even serving Hangry McCustomers or Mindless Wimminz Work. Because it’s contributing Directly to YOUR Company.

Yeah, by being such a Grumpy Cynical Apostate to the ColllllllegeCareeeeeeer Religion, I’ve made my own Entrepreneurship Mandatory. Mandatory Entrepreneurship, hahahaha. So, what Good or Service can I Sell You, hahahahaha. Can I Sell You some College Humanities Leftist Claptrap? Sell you some NarcissiBlogging? The Product That Keeps On Adding Its Own Value!

Dunno. Just think that if The Govt is gonna Overreach by Providing Public Education through Grade 12, a huge expenditure, but ultimately useless because College Is Mandatory For Jerbs, then they might as well go all-in whole hog and Provide Free College as well. Obv I’m not TOO hot on this idea, I’m just sliding down the slippery slope. Yeah Nonrich people can actually get some decent Handouts, Pell Grants and such, & you don’t have to take 30 credits at once, and you can take very simple steps to ensure you don’t take on ANY debt to complete college. So extend this even further and provide Free Public College like in Sweden or some sh!t. Already 16 trillion in debt, why not give the people something they actually NEED. Devil’s advocate here, hahahaha.

THAT, or ELIMINATE all education programs based on their uselessness. Eviscerate Humanities and Social Sciences and anything that’s not demanded by the job market. Get rid of the Bachelor of “Arts” altogether, only have Bach SCIENCE degrees EVAR. College will become synonymous with Engineering College. STEM college. If there’s no jobs in that field, Gut The Department. And then provide “Free” China-Funded Engineering programs, and that’s what “College” becomes, rather than a Demonratic Wimminz FukkFest. Actually MAKE the students LEARN something VALUABLE.

In My Ideal World, hahahaha. Also supply Young Comfort Girls to the Hard-Studying Hard Sciences Students to Train Their Game and give them Mandatory Minimum Sex with at least a 7.0 at least once per week while training them on proper Social Skillz, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

In my Totalitarian Fascist Marxist Leftist Maoist Antidemocratic Liberty-Suppressing Brutal Dictatorship, hahaha.


shortee. think I’m reaching end of my Swanberg period. Pretty ambivalent about this one. Maybe I like greta gerwig more than I think, as this one seemed “strange” without swanberg’s familiar faces. compared to his earlier stuff, it seemed more serious, a BIT more artsy. But for me it wasn’t super compelling. I liked “Nights and Weekends” more, might have even liked “Hannah takes the stairs” more!

In this one we have a pair of bathsh!t crazy sisters who both have big problems with faithfulness. It’s like so conservative and creepy and war on wimminz and stuff. I was glad to see the better sister call out the worse sister for her cheating bullsh!t, but, of course, that was the end of it. There were no permanent consequences to her immorality, and, indeed, in the real world, many times there’s NOT. You can cheat and get away with it. But that doesn’t MAKE it Not-Wrong, and in MY Ideal Movie, I would have gone out of my way to make that clear! Besides, the “better” sister is partially mad because SHE’s unfaithfully, immorally in luv with the same guy, she just hasn’t actively cheated….YET. But she’s still an “ACTRESS” whose “job” it is to be a big phony and have fake-sex on stage with strangers in front of strangers.

So most of the characters were unsympathizewithable. My fave was prob the semi-Beta musician Justin Rice simply because he seemed the most honest simply because he was in the movie the least.

But even when Swanberg has a Miss, it’s watchable and it’s Not Overly Long. Just make movies about Men, they’re more interesting and have better life stories than Wimminz, who are nothing but crucibles of uncontrollable and ultimately meaningless emotion, except when they do immoral things that hurt people and don’t get punished for them.

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