not sure if I am “depressed” or not, or maybe just mildly, OR if that’s just a marxist feminist chicom leftist responsibility-shirking self-esteem generation, fat-acceptance, me me me, slut empowerment, everyone’s a unique snowflake, everyone deserves a handout socialist maoist bullcrap, hahaha, but I DEF DO relate/empathize & sympathize with the poor souls on this thread, which was right on the front page of the Main Forum, making me think it’s a popular topic; also was “resentment from parents for being lazy” hahaha. Thankfully I don’t receive this resentment myself, when I SHOULD be receiving TONS of it!

These are Nice People, if a bit pathetic, who DEF do not deserve to be trolled! I WILL have plenty more to say about “Is Depression Real, or is it just a Leftist Invention for the Self-Esteem Generation to Obviate People of Responsibility for their Lives, and enables a bunch of Lazy Losers ? (see immed above paragraph haha, to ID that I steal Chad Daring aka Chef In Jean’s term “Derpression”)” I think Lazy Losers DO exist, but I think Depression DOES exist too, and sometimes they overlap, sometimes they don’t. It makes Non-Lazy People LOOK Lazy, so they get Contempt; & it DEF Saps Energy, Motivation, Ambition, & Productivity. Unproductive at your own life, unproductive in preparing your heirs for the future, and is usu kryptonite to the wimminz anyway so you don’t even get the chance to mate/have heirs, hahahaha.

QUOTE from post on De(r?)pression Support Forum re doing simple tasks that seem excruciating: ”

One strategy I used for getting this done was to ask myself “What is the smallest most tiny step I could take on this task to make some progress?”  In this case, it was to go to my computer and look at my resume.  And from there I tweaked it a little and built momentum.

Also, I have near my desk a reminder that  “The more you try to avoid unpleasant (BKC: ie negative) feelings, the harder it will be to make important (BKC: ie,  positive) changes.” 

What this means to me is that I am going to have to put up with some anxiety as I apply for jobs and if I get an interview.  And that’s OK.  Before I submitted my application I did a deep-breathing exercise to calm myself — which helped quite a bit.  And I acknowledged but did not act on the feeling that I had to work on my cover letter and c.v. for hours to make them perfect.  It doesn’t have to be perfect — just good enough to highlight my skills.  After all, in most cases an HR person is going to spend all of maybe 30 seconds scanning an application for the relevant information.

BTW, the deep-breathing exercise called 4/7/8 is from Andrew Weil MD, but I think it’s based on yoga breathing. Here it is.

You keep your tongue against pressed against your upper palate just by your  front upper teeth throughout the exercise so that your throat is not obstructed.

Breathe IN deeply for 4 seconds/counts with mouth closed.

Hold for 7 seconds.

Breathe out fully with lips pursed (making a woosh sound) for 8 seconds.

Repeat 3 or 4 times.


I bolded that one bit cuz I like it. Essentially Approach Anxiety. Paralyzed by Anxiety. When you should just DO the thing you’re worried about, who CARES if it’s shoddy. Perfectionism leads to Procrast leads to MORAL LAZINESS, hahaha. I have a 139 IQ, I can figure this out!

Wimminz Automatically veer left, like Moldbug’s concept of Cthulhu. Example: Barry’s getting beat up real bad right now in the Media. (Well, so it seems to me, as the only Lamestream News I watch is FNC, OF COURSE, hahaha.) They use him as their whipping post for everything. Blame Barry! Yet Wimminz will just as knee-jerkedly make jokes about Blaming Romney for everything that sucks. Of course, Left Lamestream Outlets like MSNBC and DailyShow blatantly Fellate Barry and Eat His Dingleberries, so I guess this is not surprising.

iDunno, I was pretty satisfied with the RNC. Paul Ryan and Mitt both had good speeches. Clint Eastwood really DID suck, despite a valiant defense from El Rushbo, but it’s a “friendly crowd” as they say. I prob liked Chris Christie &Marco Rubio the most. I’m a sucker for a good speaker. Charisma and platitudes, hahaha. I don’t recall seeing Allen West, but he woulda been a REAL GOOD person to have there. iLike Allen West. He woulda been a sick VP choice. Now there’s a Good Black! Unless he’s just a slave to Washington, haha. Haven’t seen him on the Teevee lately.

Matt Forney sez just don’t vote, the whole system’s f00ked, even the “lesser of two evils” will end up screwing us, even if they’re just screwing us a little less. So just don’t show it any approval by participating. And even a third-party presence would get gobbled up & destroyed in DC, so it wouldn’t matter if Ron Paul (with Mitt’s acceptance is Ron Paul even still an option?) or Gary Johnson won the election anyway.

Even if Repubs & Conservs are a bunch of Pvssy-Worshipping White Knights who think a Wimminz Work is more important and harder than a Man’s Work, maybe this is just them pandering to get Wimminz Votes. Which Wimminz shouldn’t have in the first place, hahahahaha. So Even If A Conserv Wimminz can still be Blue Pill as Hell and still take You to the Cleaners, BUT, A Conserv Wimminz would PROBABLY (odds are) make a better WifeAndMother than a Leftist Standard Avg Demonrat Barry-Analinging Wimminz.

Might try to watch a bit of the DNC after I do my Hard Maths HW, haha. Not too excited about watching Sandra Fluck talk about how her employer should be mandated by fed law to pay for Protection for her new DC-Scumbag Sex Partners every night. But just remember, your Wimminz-Friendz WILL be QUITE excited for this, at least the above-average-“intelligent” ones, ie, who pay cursory attention to Current Events by watching The Daily Show. DON’T REWARD WIMMINZ WITH YOUR TIME AND PRESENCE UNLESS THEY MAKE IT WORTH YOUR WHILE WITH EASY SEX.

OK. Taking Calculus 1 atm. Still gotta take: Calc 2, Linear Algebra, Calc 3 (???), then Differential Equations is last in sequence. Don’t even REALLY know what those ARE, other than it’s Bigboy STEMgineer Math & 1. will prove to employers that I have a High IQ, 2. ???? 3. PROFIT hahaha, hahahaha. Not GREAT at Math but not HORRIBLE, smart enough to pass Calc1.

If you do not do at least 200 pushups every day of the week, #YouDontDeserveToWorkMateOrSurvive.

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