How To Get An Easy Engineering Degree, Continued: (aka Videos For My Heir)

MAYBE take online classes if u can be productive late at night, or if yr underemployment schedule demands it. Can sometimes be MORE WORK than the In-Class Classes. Buyer Beware! however you don’t have to DRIVE or INTERACT with PEOPLE. Check out the rating of the Instructor. Needless to say, a Good Instructor can be a Gift from the Lord, but can be hard to find.

Take 2 classes per term if feeling confident & notlazy. If feeling Burnt-Out, just persist till end of term then take 1-term hiatus, but DON’T get a bad grade. take the next term off & start b34ting-off & praying more. Use my patented b34t-off Chest Muscle Workout Machine to become bigger and butcher while you b34t-off. Ideally, THROW YOURSELF into an Internship during the hiatus. Really Add Value, DO a lot, get great refs, great Resume Bullets. Achievements. FIRST TO ARRIVE, LAST TO GO. OUTSHINE EVERYONE. Unless they threaten you. Then suck it up and lick their 455h013 & say “i’m so sorry sir, I’m just trying to get a good job like you have, so I can pay child support to my b!tch ex-wife and try to get more custody of my child. She’s a promiscuous alcoholic & a bad mother to my poor child, the real victim in this case. I want to gain custody so I can raise the child up GOOD.”

Buy People Expensive Lunches AND Expensive Dinners.

Be the Best-Dressed person there.

Become everybody’s FRIEND & don’t get involved in Petty Office Politics. Make Everybody TRUST you.

Gradually work your way up, baby steps, from banging lower-value strippers in VIP room, to banging hotter strippers, then talk to non-strippers like they were strippers or 4n4l wh0res in yr pr0nos & bang THEM, accentuate yr game w buying them DRANKS until you don’t even need to, then make them FWB so you can get it on the Reg, then get several of THOSE for a full-blown HAREM.

If B!tches give you Sh!t, then Pull Down Your Pants and Fart In Their Face with your BARE HAIRY 455. (Don’t do this w your Managers. Abase & Humiliate yrself before them until one day you’re rich & powerful enough to B4ng the bosses’ teen daughters. that can be yr comeuppance.)

Maybe wine & dine people in Local Government so maybe one day you can get a cushy unionized public sector job where you can be even LAZIER than if you were UNEMPLOYED, AND get a GOOD RETIREMENT out of it! Sm0ke BLVNTZ on your PORCH all day! INCENTIVIZED!

These are the RIGHTS REWARDED to people who took the Responsibility of Doing Good in STEM!

No need differentiating, it’s just STEM, it’s all STEM, one thing, STEM. $TEM = $$$$.


Yes I do have some admiration of the Style of GreatBooksForMen. OBV!


Thinking there HAS to be an Evolutionary Reason So many people find FARTING so HILARIOUS. Working on some hypotheses.

Normal Average People Fart Regularly throughout the day. Farting Relieves Gas Pain so you shouldn’t Hold it in like a f4g. So farting makes your Guts more COMFORTABLE AND it makes you LAFF, thus HAPPIER! More Farting, More Happiness! Fart More!

GirlWritesWhat recently talked about diff bw PAEDOPHILIA and EPHEBOPHILIA. Pedophiles mainly like Prepubescent BOYS & that’s clearly unhealthy, sick, and wrong. Ephebophiles mainly like YOUNG BUT POST-PUBESCENT GIRLS. YOUNGER WIMMINZ ARE BY DEFINITION OF “FEMALE ATTRACTIVENESS”, MORE ATTRACTIVE. SO MUCH OF WOMEN’S ATTRACTIVENESS IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THEIR YOUNGNESS. Thus, Ephebophilia is perfectly natural, normal, & should be UNSHAMED & UNSTIGMATIZED. Nothing CREEPY about a 50  year old man finding 18 year old girls attractive!

Of course the LAW draws a LINE usually around 18. Maybe 17. But Law-Abiding Ephebophiles usually don’t have a BIG PROBLEM sticking to the 18 year old line of demarcation. NOT TOO STRESSFUL.

However, if the LAW made it 17, that prob wouldn’t be too stressful EITHER!

Deathspell Omega: “Drought” has got me listening to tons of “Paracletus” again. def a Grower, but more enjoyable & Cohesive & Coherent, IMHO, than both SMR,C AND Fas. (Except for “Carnal Malefactor”, haha.)

One of Mikko Aspa’s bands is called CREAMFACE. NICE. I know he’s interested in S3xual Sadism & Humiliation & has possibly made Pornographic VIDEOS exploring this (don’t think he APPEARS in them though?) which supports his reputation as a sick, twisted Pervert. Seems like a nice, smart TEDDY BEAR of a guy to me though! Just took a while for me to warm-up to his vocals over Shaxzul’s, though.

Deathspell Omega is going to have an increasingly harder time staying “anonymous” bc their Following is growing, plus they have a somewhat mathy, techy, & progressive Style, so Gear Nerds want to interview them on every piece of EQUIPMENT they’ve ever used.

Also, I’m SURE there’s demand for a DsO Rehearsal Recording. I would be interested! & They MUST rehearse! BUT they would NEVER willingly release a rehearsal rec.

So what’s to keep an unscrupulous fanboy from recording a rehearsal? Or a HACKER? Aspa or Hasjarl must ALREADY have something like this on their COMPUTER!

I’d wager there’s nothing “mysterious” about the recordings, they’re just really good at what they do. Total Professionals making impossible stuff seem easy. No sacrifices or mutilations or satanic sorcery in the studio, just French F4gg0ts confident in their playing ability.

But yeah I do respect & admire their long-standing practice of no names, no pictures, no interviews, no shows. (Though a SHOW would be SICK!) Many metal bands like Mugging For The Camera even BEFORE they’re famous, just because it’s Fun!

The internet STILL doesn’t know what Hasjarl’s real name is, or Who The Drummer is!

&Finally, they’re NOT as “Mathy” as I’ve suggested. Even their “Mathy” riffs end up being very catchy/memorable!

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