heh. good alpha pickup line. stealing it from somewhere, can’t remember where.

“Big Ups” to Firepower Who decided to Blogroll me, not sure why, but I appreciate the thought, in the sense of being Recognized by a writer whose work I admire, rather than getting Hits & being a Blog Whore, hahaha. In fact dramatically increased hits might intimidate me. Good thing I closed comments, hahahaha. Yeeeee. Anyway I suggest he downgrade me from “Kings”, I’d be very happy with “Jacks” or “Tens”, and put somebody REALLY worthy up there, like Nydwracu who is REALLY smart, or Bernard Chapin, who is the best of the best, his integrity is incredibly admirable & even with his 5000 subscribers he is underrecognized, I will buy every one of his T-shirts & books & hope to meet him someday in a non-stalkerish way.

People are Getting Jobs. Right NOW. Wimminz are leaving your job because they found BETTER jobs, “in this economy”. Wimminz, and/or ppl w Lower IQ’s than you, are LEAVING for HIGHER-PAYING jobs. If THEY can do it, SO CAN YOU. SO MUST YOU. IF FOR NOTHING ELSE, TO PROVE IT TO THEM, AND TO PROVE IT TO YOURSELF.


Wimminz will try to give You this same “advice” only in a totally PATRONIZING, INSULTING tone. I give it to You in a Friendly, Supportive, You Can Do It tone. Don’t LISTEN to WIMMINZ. LISTEN TO ME. I actually WANT the best for You! Wimminz don’t; they don’t care, even though the advice is essentially the same. Sometimes TOOOONE DOES make a difference!

Wimminz tone will be all c00nty and b!tchy bc your low-paying job beneath your IQ level is a Signal of Beta Weakness, which they get all offended and repulsed by. But as a man who has Been Beta, and who is trying to outweigh his Betaness with More Alpha, and trying to help you do the same, I can say “I’ve Been There & I’m def not judging You.” Note I say “outweigh.” You shouldn’t try to eliminate Beta an Gain alpha. It’s not zero-sum. Said this before, say it again. It’s additive. GROW THE PIE. We’re trying to hit a RATIO OF AMOUNTS, not ONE AMOUNT. Some Beta traits are inherently good; some alpha traits are inherently bad. but some are vice-versa. A man needs both alpha AND beta. don’t tell that to Wimminz. not like they understand alpha and beta anyway, they can’t control their own juices. And if they could, they’d LIE about what gets em going.

Rule 1 or 2: don’t LISTEN to what Wimminz SAY.

All of “Game” ie Basic Biological Natural Human Hetero Attraction can prob be boiled down into 5-7 Major Categories. just remember those and you’ll be FINE. Buddy. Friend. Brother! Don’t need to study 9000 pages of game blogs. Sure there’s exceptions to every rule, but that’s why they’re EXCEPTIONS: because they only happen 1 out of every 10 times.

High-IQ Jobs AND Univs, Cognitive Elite, Brahmin, Networks, Tryhardz: Looked on LinkedIn and this guy I knew just started a JD at HARVARD LAW. This is after getting a Engin PhD at a First-Tier, BS at First-Tier. I chuckled and thought, isn’t that PhD GOOD ENOUGH? He already HAD a Great, First-Tier, Brahmin, High-IQ, High-Power Careeeeeer; and NOW a HARVARD LAW degree on top of it all? If I didn’t know he was a Good Guy, I would totes be grumbling. Still, I get the impression that no-one’s FORCING him to do something he doesn’t WANT to do, and here he is Working Very Hard at Achieving High-Status, High-IQ Goalz. Good for him I say, since he IS a Good Guy. Yet the way the Cognitive Elite works, I prob could not bribe HIM for a BBJ. Gotta have the Bona Fides & Bribes can’t buy those.

“Mash-up” Bell Curve’s Cognitive/Professional/High-IQ Elites with Moldbug’s Caste System, that’s exactly where I’m at right now with this Blog Of Ideas, hahaha. High-IQ Vaisyas from originally lower-IQ Vaisya backgrounds, being trained at High-IQ Brahmin Universities to rise from Vaisya to Brahmin….but especially the exceptions where that DOESN’T work, where for whatever reasons these Vaisyas fail. You don’t hear enough about “failures” at Brahmin/High-IQ Univs, but my working hypothesis is that Brahminz have a much better safety net against this compared to Vaisyas. DUH. REAL CHALLENGING IDEAZ. Nonetheless, I don’t think even enough ANECDOTES are told of these exceptions, let alone anything rigorous.

Like that Dude I just mentioned. OBVIOUSLY, THE PRIVACY of both him AND me are PARAMOUNT, so I must tread lightly when talking about our Family Backgrounds. Well, since his Career is Permanently Unkillable – He doesn’t “search” for “jobs”, top Careers COME TO HIM –  and mine is Permanently Dead And Gone, it prob doesn’t matter.

Math Class: Showed up early like a tryhard, only other person in room was a GIRL. Didn’t think GRRLZ TOOK Calc, but at least 45% of the class is Wimminz. (In C++ Coding Class, 100% was MALE.) So I hypoth: Girls take Calc1 because: 1. It’s not really HARD & girls are bad At Math, as we all know; 2. Higher Math Requirements for Non-Math Careeeeeers compared to 1950, packing more useless classes in, $$$, don’t really need even Easy Calc1 to be a Manager or HR, well maybe you do, I think Math is a beautiful and useful thing just unto itself and also to The Real World. I suppose the More People who know More about MATH, the world would be a better place, forget Social Justice Education.

Anyway I’m not mad bro that HEY BRO THEREZ A GURL IN MY MATH CLASS, let alone 50%, I was just a little surprised, plus I generally don’t like being forced to be in environments with Wimminz. Just cuz they CHATTER and SCREECH and CACKLE and TALK ABOUT TEEVEE and are DUMB and ANNOYING. Whatever happened to sex-segregated societies. It’s like the classic Bukowski/Chinaski line, “I don’t hate/not afraid of cops, I just feel better when they’re not around.”  (manly man feelings, not gay feeeeeeeelings)

So there’s one other person in the classroom, a GURL, and she asks ME how to do a prob, and I EXPLAIN it like a Normal Noncreepy Niceguy teaching the material 9000X times better than the instructor. I was not in a talky mood, rarely am. It was only an HOUR later, halfway through the class, that I realized, WAIT A MINUTE, that girl is CUTE and YOUNG, at LEAST a 7, I would TOTALLY put her in Rotation, that would IMPROVE the rotation! Point is, a Gameless Beta would have noticed right away and immediate began SUPPLICATING or being “CREEPY”. So yeah. Nice to get that in the rotation, be a good pick-me-up. But nothing I would throw my White Brethren Under The Bus For, hahahaha. I just like a LITTLE MODERATE Hedonism!

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