How Many Math Classes Must You Take, before you are Competitive Enough in the Job Market, that you are SO In-Demand, that it’s SO EASY for you to get a Bigboy Job, that the HARDEST thing you have to do is to DECIDE between MULTIPLE ATTRACTIVE JOB OFFERS????

In High-IQ West, Jobs Find YOU!

Yes, being somewhat facetious, since this is not necess a causational/causal? relationship bw Highest Level Of Math Completed, and Easiness of Total Job Search Per Job Offer!

Does a REAL Sex Addict have to Jerk-off uncontrollably several times a day? Hell YES! So If you don’t do that, then you aren’t a Sex Addict. You might just be a PedestalPerson Oneitis Infatuation Addict! So try jerking-off uncontrollably 10 times a day to break yourself of THAT! That, or constantly getting down on your knees and praying and begging. Obviously Vigorous Physical Strength Exercise is the Best Route here.

It seems to me that those who find Drudkh Boring might find Blood Of Kingu Less Boring. More Compelling.

Don’t Make Excuses for Wimminz! If they do nothing but Be Stupid and Annoying and Suck D’s that aren’t yours, don’t make excuses for them! Don’t HANG OUT with them and listen to them TALK about all those D!X! WEAK! Talking about the Alphas who are Gaming them, or TeeVee, or hair, or the latest “50Shades” type Thing, or how to make the Creepy Betas in their Friendzone Squirm Cuz It’s Fun To Make Betas Suffer. These Wimminz are INFERIOR HUMAN BEINGS! No WONDER they have no problem Murdering Their Babies! Damn! How can You even want to BANG that trash?! You’re better than that!

So basically, if your degree is not on this list (“Best Undergrad Degrees By Salary”), which you should check at least once a year, then just DON’T GO TO COLLEGE. It’s just that simple. They shouldn’t have to make a LAW Outlawing All Arts Degrees. Aerospace Engin, Chemical Engin, Computer Engin, Electrical Engin, Economics, Physics, Mech Engin, CompSci, Industrial Engin, Environ Engin. Period. The End. OK I might make an exception for Biomedical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering! Memorize that list from your first day of Grade School.

But what if you get a “High-IQ Degree” from a “Low-IQ” (Fourth-Tier Sewer, Third-Tier Toilet, Second-Tier Sh!tter, etc) Skool? Is that worth any more than a low-IQ degree from a High-IQ Skool?

It Boooooooothers me that there has to be High-IQ vs Low-IQ Kolliges at ALL!

Being A Lazy Loser, I always look for Shortcuts. But it’s smart to look for Shortcuts if the Prescribed Way is Wack and a Scam – like CareeeerCollllige. So how do you know if you’re real lazy, or just smarter than 98% of people, hahahahaha.

Anyway, Poors and Working-Class can DEF get into Harvard with a generous FinAid package, if they’re a good enough lil’ Tryhard. Heh. I should cared more about going to Harvard back in the day. Then I REALLY coulda majored in something Useless and still got a good cushy gummint union jerb, or something in the Top Fortune 400-500 Best Companies To Werk 4. Compared to if you had gotten the same Useless Degree at a Second-Tier Crapper. (Because is there REALLY any difference between Second and Fourth? Either you’re in the First or you’re NOT.) The Bell Curve Part 2, 2012 by BKC.

Is “Manjaw” for Wimminz synonymous with “Well-Defined Jaw”? Dunno. Like if you even NOTICE their Jaw for whatever reason, does that automatically make it a Manjaw, or does it actually have to be a BIG, SQUARE, GI Joe MANLY MAN Jaw? Don’t really CARE, a Wimminz can still be very attractive with a Manjaw (would totes TEAR IN HALF Emily Deschanel a couple times), I’m just concerned about the fidelity/cuckoldry angle. I CARE about my HEIRS, and I WANT them to be MINE, or else they ain’t gettin any o’ my HARD-EARNED money, honey.

Read somewhere that EIGHT SETS of Reps of Strength Stuff is Ideal. Seems like a lot of sets. I guess it depends on the type of exercise, hahaha. Dunno. Just want a Shortcut to a Huge Muscular Manchest & Manshoulders.

I had to finally HEAR Blut Aus Nord for myself, just stop reading reviews. Turns out a good 80% of All BaN’s stuff is surprisingly right up my alley, despite any pseudo-association w Art Or Hipsters or Swpls. To my ears, this is Pure No-Joke Trippy Atmospheric Modern Black Metal that might go VERY well with Medicinal Herb. Mind-expanding but not DIFFICULT to listen to. very DARK, but also very FUN. The guy’s too productive though, hahaha. He CLEARLY ENJOYS MAKING MUSIC. It’s not an EXCRUCIATING CHORE for him.

Was reading on Kratos Power or KratosBlog or KratosSomething (selfImprovement/PersDevelopment blog I found thru RooshForums) talk on Mastery/Learning Curve, and that the biggest thing is just Slogging Thru the Learning Curve of most things, which will be Tuff, Frustrating, and Unrewarding. But one day in the distant future, you will be real good at it and it will be easy. The main thing is to PERSIST and NOT GIVE UP. So maybe just do a LITTLE BIT every day, but not so much you get BURNED OUT. Apply to learning the Hard Maths and Sciences and Skills that will get you Multiple Job Offers.

If I were around Wimminz as much as Other Wimminz are, I might well be Batsh!t Cray TOO! Just Dump The Dead Weight! If someone SUCKS, simply REFUSE to let them into your Life! You’re only as good as the people you choose to associate with! DEF go for Quality NOT Quantity in the Social Life Dept! But try not to be a Recluse either. But it’s better to be a Recluse than have a Large Quantity of Shoddy Quality. Err on the side of Recluse.

WIMMINZ GET THEIR NEWS AND POLITICAL OPINIONS FROM JON J3WART. This is SO Commonplace, that me saying that doesn’t raise any eyebrows: “Yeah, so what? I watch Jon Stewart almost every day too.”

Heh. We need to get You to the point that you Never WANT to watch Jon Stewart ever again, and seeing his smug swpl face on TV makes you change the channel immediately.

I wonder if even reading the j00 york SLIMES would be better than watching jon j00wart?? Time Mag? J00zweek? ZOG Today??

Hahahahaha I can still Joke about Serious stuff because I don’t have any HEIRS yet I want to protect. I can Joke because I have too much Privilege and Protection.

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