getting way ahead of myself here re scheduling posts. might even forget about this one. but it DOES have a good title!

try testing mem sticks in slots 1 & 3 only. chipset is same as “motherboard” or “mobo.” MAYBE. I don’t get a HARDON for this nerddom, even though I am sloooooowly getting a BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, that’s just so I can GET A JOB someday. I’m just SICK of the COMPUTER CRASHING.

Just Call Me MR NO ENERGY. Mr CantGettaJob. Mr CanBarelyGetOuttaBED, hahahahaha. Would DEF not be FIT enough to SURVIVE back in the DAY.

The Sexeperience means too MUCH to Betas-and-below, and too LITTLE to Sluts/Wh0res/Pigs/Wimminz. Ironic, then, that it’s with Huge Sluts that Betas&Omegas prob get most of their Sexperience!

How to Indicate on your RESUME that you have a high IQ, if you didn’t go to a high-IQ college And Get High-IQ Degree that serve as “screens” for the IQ because you can’t test for IQ directly? What little nudge-nudges and wink-winks can you get away with? Uhh say you got A’s in CALCULUS 3 AND COMPUTER SCIENCE 3 AND PHYSICS 3. That should do it. Maybe ORGANIC CHEMISTRY while you’re at it, that one has a reputation sometimes. Try not to LIE, but if you HAVE to lie, lie about things that can’t be CHECKED. Which is…..?? Put MENSA on your RESUME.

If WIMMINZ don’t ANNOY you, then they’ve BRAINWASHED You (and prob for a price too low, ie not enough Sex – and ANY quantity AND quality of sex is a price too low for the Integrity of your Moral Mind)! Force Yourself to take a look at Wimminz VALUES and ask yourself, do I REALLY AGREE with These VALUES??

LIE and say you’re an EXTROVERT when you’re REALLY a HUGE INTROVERT. They can’t PROVE it!


2 Spanish guys, same who did Rec 1 thankfully, this should be standard for sequels. Not bad. Not overly long. Watchable. Prob not as good as 1 but def still watchable. Not overly corny. Gotta stop using “overly”, that’s pretty much a Wimminz Word just like “pretty much.” No major complaints. Well done, well-made. All Horror movies should be this good. Actually, All Horror movies SHOULD be better, and you should be able to say “DAM THAT MOVIE WAS SCARY!” but that very rarely happens. So mere entertainment is Good Enough. Wimminz will find it scary sure, weird since they aren’t terrified about the idea of Tearing Their Ever-Living Children out of their Uterus & Murdering them!

When I was a Leftist, what used to Offend me about The Right was that The Right Falsely Protrayed the Left as LOVING the ACT of Abortions. That Pro-Choicers had FUN when they went in to get an Abo, when in REALITY, NO ONE, Right Or Left, ENJOYED the procedure in any way. It was a TRAUMATIC, HORRIFYING experience for the Poor Beleaguered Wimminz who had it done, so let’s not make a mockery of them by making people think they LIKE doing this!

My Response As A Born-Again Rightist: Who CARES how the Left Feeeeeeeels what people THINK about them. Yeah, in REALITY they probably don’t have FUN getting abortions, but they still “Rationalize” (ie Hamsterize) the experience more than they Should, and go back to Stupid Behavior of Uterus-Spreading, rather than Learning From Their Mistakes. Also it’s good to just Offend The Left solely for the sake of offense & ridicule.

Note: Price Check Blockbuster vs Netflix. for 2 discs at time, 12 vs 14 $, netflix better.

what is the SINGLE BEST BOOK for learning good social skills, namely Business Networking, stuff that will improve your JOB. Because that’s MONEY, that’s SURVIVAL. You can then just extrapolate from there, once you get there, to improve your social and sex lives.

What I keep forgetting to say: MUMBLECORE is just the current version of NOAH BAUMBACH. There. Although I find Baumbach more Soulless and Stiff than most Mumblecore I’ve seen.

So What exactly happens when TSHTF? Who will be the most likely party to storm your home and Kill You? Of course the Fed Gummint could always Poison the Food you buy at Walmart every week.

Just because I HAVE a High IQ and like to MOCK low-IQ people for Blatant annoying Stupidity does NOT mean I generally PREFER the company of High-IQ people, who can often be MORE ANNOYING in their own pseudointellectual, tryhard, maoist, chicom, antiwhite, spergy ways! You can’t be a TRUE INTELLECTUAL if your IQ is below 140! (which mine is below, hahaha).

Avg ID for MD’s and PhD’s is 125. Yaaaay I R SMRT ENUFF!  http://www.assessmentpsychology.com/iq.htm

Yes I DO like to BRAG about my HIGHHHH IQQQQQ to a reasonable extent! The real issue becomes, DON’T WASTE IT!

You don’t need a High-IQ to be MORAL or Matewithable! Although I would PREFER to mate with high-IQ-but-immoral, if given a choice, bc I believe IQ is more heritable than morality, and in this case I would be assuming Primary Care of the child anyway. Just assume BabyMama is out of the picture permanently. Just a HIGH-IQ HIRED WOMB.

Rotation of Young Tail can be used for BOTH sex AND Companionship! Now THAT’s an Archimedes Moment! Once their companionship sucks, switch em up!

Henry Rollins and Janeane Garofalo need to have a Leftist Barely-In-The-Closet Gayrriage. THAT SAID, I still enjoy Hank’s stories about his Youth and Adolescent Angst-related Struggles. And I Queued one disc of his TV show because he talks to Werner Herzog and Paul Thomas Anderson. Just wished he’d talk less about Politix and more about Sex, like in the good Old Days. He does not make a great leftist; of course, I can’t think of any leftists who do.

What about Rightists who like to Rock-out to Rage Against the Machine? I know there’s more than a few! I just pretend their passion/energy is devoted to The Right and Not the Left. The Cost of Living This Lie does not outweigh the benefits of the rocking music.

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