yes obv partially a ref to “it’s always sunny” which I don’t reg watch anymore but that joke is still funny.

Note: read more Captain Capitalism, and WATCH HIS YOUTUBE VIDYAS. This guy Aaron Clarey is VERY UNDERRATED by me and many others! new mancrush coming on if I have the time, and with my faggy calculus class, I might not. But hey. You gotta see all that fagginess as future money in your pocket from a Good STEM Jerb. Paying Dues While Scamming The Corrupt School Scam. Scam The Scammers.

not bad material, no Beef with Calculus itself, beautiful mathscience; and though it IS a “Commodity Course” it’s a USEFUL CommodCourse, unlike AfrikkkanWimminzBasketWeaving&IndigenousEcstaticDance101. Still this doesn’t absolve instructor if they are a Prick intending to be as hard, chaotic, & confusing as possible. That’s called Doing A Shoddy Job and should get you FIRED. Especially when OTHER PEOPLE can present it in an understandable and clear way. Then just do as they do, 4ss. Well, he’s PROB a Good Family Man who unfort has no idea how the modern world works, & without his tenure job he WOULD NOT SURVIVE, and he doesn’t deserve DEATH just because he’s OLD. He’s just blue pill as f00k and he thinks being “tough” like this is helping students REALLY get the material (which it doesn’t). He doesn’t understand that We Are Just Trying To Get Jobs, and he had it 9,000 times Easier in Getting A Good Job, and would not survive as a young man today.

Heh. Firepower clued me into the Slang Term “BINGO WINGS”, which is hilarious.

Wimminz Cost Benefit Analysis. Is Semi-Reg Sex REALLY Worth all the Bullcrap and the POISON? Wimminz are like POISON that SLOWLY KILLS YOU and rots your brain and SOUL just because you’re addicted to Pvssy & Infatuation & Feeeeeeeelings just like I am, just like most men. I just Roundly Refuse to enter into a Lopsided, POISONOUS CONTRACT to get it!

Beta Men: What Love have Wimminz ever shown YOU? So why do you keep loving THEM? It’s always No No No, LJBF, You’re not manly enough, you’re doing this wrong, you had your one strike and now you’re out, this is why I don’t like you, and then even if you were beta enough to “fix” that one thing, then there’s another thing, and on and on and on…. why AREN’T you DONE with this Obvious Bullsh1t??? JUST SAY NO!!! GYOW!!!

60% Of Women are Wimminz-Like-That, and 60% of Men are so Blue Pill they say “Oooookay, I’ll settle for That, Wimminz are RIGHT, I DO have Impossibly High Standards” and then sign up for long-term monogamous contracts with these LOSERS, and then get Taken Over A Barrel before x years, TSHTF and she’s not haaaaaaaaappy.


F00king Idiots.

But I Ain’t Mad. It’s just the way it is, I can’t change it, I can’t do anything ABOUT it, I just ACCEPT it, and use it to my ADVANTAGE when I can. Men don’t pay a PRICE for Sex, other than the WORK they have to do. They don’t pay a Soul/Spirit/Integrity Cost, I mean. That’s why Studs Rule and Sluts Drool, why it’s ok for men to bang lots, not ok for wimminz to get banged lots. because men do all the WORK, said it 9000 times. And every time a wimminz spreads, she Pays The Soul Toll. Again and again. So that now, 60% of Women are Wimminz: BENEATH BANKRUPT. And this is what 60% of men are LEGALLY MARRYING. Don’t marry! And if you do, DEF don’t marry wimminz with no honour!

And yet NAWALT, and I still honestly believe that. That’s why I say 60% and not 100%. (Heh, honestly 60% is “probably” too low!)

Speaking of Things Repeated 9000 Times: Just because you don’t Respect Avg Women doesn’t mean you HATE Wimminz. You can disrespect something coolly without hating.

VIDYAS FOR MY HEIRS: The only 3 things you ever need to remember:



3. Be GOODGUYGREG (in the sense of Kind & Honest & GoodGuyGreg & not a D!ck to people who aren’t a d!ck to you, NOT “nice” in the sense of “stupid” or “niceguy.”)

Lots of people are only two of these, and they suck b4llz. If you’re all three then you are SOLID GOLD T!TS.

Obviously there are EXCEPTIONS. Don’t be a hard worker if you can get the same results with easy work. Don’t be GoodGuy when people are screwing you. Have some self-respect and stand up for yourself.

Story from January 2011 on Phil Anselmo in New Orleans Times Picayune. Reviving my mancrush of my old (first?) adolescent mancrush. Interesting to note that he established what seems to be a Traditional, Monogamous, Long-Term Rel with A MUCH Younger Girl. She was a (presumably under-22) College Student becoming his Assistant/Intern when he was approx late thirties. Her age supports my Women’s Peak Age Is 17-22 Hypothesis. Also, it’s notable that she’s not “Gorgeous” or “Hot” or “beautiful” or “sexy” and is indeed kinda “weird”-looking. Plain Jane. Not ugly, but not super pretty. Really Normal-Looking. HE’s prettier than SHE is.  (Heartiste’s Hugh Jackman Hypothesis) She looks goofy in some pictures. But it’s clear that she has a very nice smile and gives off a real nice, young,  innocent, pure, clean, honest vibe and probably hadn’t taken too Manny Cox before riding Philip’s Big Italian Stallion, and that prob seriously contributes to the success and stability of their Rel. That, and he’s prob a Oldskool Real Alpha Male who doesn’t take Sh!t.

Well Mazel Tov to them. L’Chaim. She SEEMS (looks) like she could be a NAWALT. A Woman and not A Wimminz. Interestingly enough, internet sez she comes from a fairly Brahmin Neighborhood, went to LowerBrahminUpperVaisya University (where the Lower (i.e. nonjewish) Brahmin mix with the Upper Vaisya) and now she’s with a guy who Exemplifies Lower Vaisya.

(internet site high in google results that has Too Much Bio Info on her. And I know those things about her hometown/university only because I’ve lived in that state, & familiar with the areas. And a touching pic of her & Anselmo with RONNIE JAMES DIO.)

So, he credits her with helping him get off drugs for good – she gave him an ultimatum. Usually wimminz don’t do this unless they’re really into you, otherwise it’s one strike and you’re gone: “Go Die In A Gutter While I Jump On The Carousel And Forget You Ever Existed.” So he chose her, and says interestingly Un-Anselmoian beta things like “She’s My Anchor, I Love Her, Don’t know where I’d be without her” etc. Which is cute, seeing this big tatted-out alpha tough guy get soft for a wimminz. I think that’s supposed to be the ideal – He’s not being Emotionally Promiscuous, it’s only for her, only she can get through his tough shell. (Roissy, Chris’s CommentOfWeek.) Also, it’s good they’re not married “despite” having been together for like 6 years. He was already married once, and prob learned an expensive lesson there. Anyway, say she turns bad and dumps him. He’s got a lot Emotionally Invested in her, and would probably get Upset. Given his History, would he Fall Off The Wagon? That’s the key. Don’t give up your HEALTH and WELL-BEING for a WIMMINZ!

In conclusion, she seems like a Nice Girl who wouldn’t do that, don’t want to jinx anything, just whistling past graveyard like I always do.

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