Good Lord, I’ve been Blogrolled by My Hero Firepower! Was just reading happily along on Sept 7 2012 on an Unproductive day Off, being a lazy pvssy-addicted brandon race traitor not reading robespierre but rather jerking-off to white wimminz getting impaled up the a55 by huge blaq coqs, when I notice I was in his blogroll.

It might be just because I link to him alot, and he thus gets trackbacks alot from me, but if he really read this, he’d know RIGHT AWAY what a LAZY WHINING BRANDON I am!

So I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes it down, but it was/is a nice ego rush, getting Blog Luv from a Blog I Like. Not that I’m into Blog Whoring! But I do like Moderate, and Kind, Attention! What non-self-loathing male doesn’t?? But we do seem to have a lot of self-loathers. I fight it too.

Without saying anything more, I have reason to have a hunch that Firepower and I actually LIVE in a proximal (proximate?) region, wherein a Physical Meetup with Foodinsky and Dranks would be shockingly feasible. I would also slip him an envelope filled with as many crisp benjamins as I could muster to bribe him to get me a 1st-shift lazy office job with healthcare, hahaha. Email me at bkctmoap (no ghow, haha) at ymail if you’d be into that. I gotta get myself up to bare minimum before I can serve the Greater Good, hahaha.

See, it’s that kind of Lazy Mentality. Laziness is nothing to be PROUD of, and I shouldn’t be SEEKING a LAZY JOB to support myself. But my response is, in general, yes, laziness is bad and should be shamed and shunned, but if Work is Itself a Necessary Evil – Albeit Maybe a form of praise and gratitude towards God – then maybe we’re within our rights to desire an EASY job and then just be non-lazy outside of work? But we shouldn’t be Lazy in Praising the Lord! But I’ve already admitted being a Bad Christian. Not the WORST, not even a Bad Guy, but certainly not a great one. At any rate, I’ve always had a terrible work ethic. BUT, paradoxically, when I AM on the job, I DO TRYHARD to do my best, and honestly perform better than the average, because I appreciate the value of Work-As-A-Necessary-Life-Supporting-Evil, ie Resources To Survive.

So here’s another Trackback for ya Buddy, Firepower’s post on Men’s Participation in the Labor Force being the Lowest Ever, whilst Lazy Unemployed Men’s Rights Brandons Whine about SEXBOTS!

That hit very close to home. So these aren’t just even “merely” unemployed, they’re the infamous “DISCOURAGED Unemployed” who aren’t even COUNTED in the LABOR FORCE because they’ve STOPPED LOOKING FOR WORK. This has always been a big interest of mine. “”Losers”” too “”Lazy”” to even continue Looking For Work. (Double-quoted because some are lazy losers, some are not.) Then go on Welfare or to their Mama’s Basement and become even bigger loser parasites. Welfare Queens with 9000 Criminal Babies, Criminal Gangbangers, Crack Addicts, Violent Mobs, or, on the lighter&MARGINALLY morally-“superior” end of the spectrum, fat doritos-eating, mountain dew code-red swilling, comic books, mama’s basement, NECKBEARD virgin omega obese loser males where the best thing they can realistically do for themselves and the human race is to blow their pathetic whining brains out, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

so where do we go from here? me personally I give thanks for having a good fambly not making me go on “ASSISTANCE”, try not to WHINE too much, try to act when I can, and take calculus 1, hahahaha. and do pushups and drink bragg’s apple cider vinegar and pretend I’m Phil Anselmo or Ronnie James Dio or Charles Bukowski or Bernard Chapin or Daniel Plainview or Lloyd Blankfein (ha) and just try to be honest and non-hypocritical. I’d like to think that’s Wot Firepower Likes About Me, hahahahaha. I try not to be a LYING PHONY, unless of course it’s the polite Little White Lies that you tell for the Greater Good of Boosting Your Male Friends Up when they’re Down.

Back on track: Discourageds ARE a huge problem. Men Not Working. Unemployed and increasingly UNEMPLOYABLE. This Bigass Problem certainly hovers over my own life like a huge black cloud, it’s why I’m always talking about jobs and jerbs and careeeeers and bigboys and education. Hell F00king YES this is much more important than “Men’s Rights.” Or, Men’s Rights could become a lot more relevant if they took Employment as their Main Issue. Getting MEN BACK TO WORK.

Yet I still LIKE the idea of SEXBOTS, not gonna lie. In my lazy quest towards Mandatory Entrepreneurship, I’ve thought about what it would take to start my own Sexbot Business. R&D and then bringing a good product to the masses of men. Thought but never acted, “hahahahaha.”

“Love-Hate Relationship” with LAZINESS. LIKE it because I hate expending energy & effort & being a tryhard, hate it bc it’s immoral and weak and wrong and bad & it clearly makes one a Loser At Life.

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