Also I should mention The Neckbeard Chronicles. He is a “fresh new” manosphere/alt-right guy I noticed a little after Firepower. What I like about him is that, like me, he brings a huge game/sex angle to the table because he’s a “sex addict” like me, and has a very “immature” sense of humor. Also he’s somewhat ambivalent about the WNs that we all naturally cross paths with in the red-pill & alt-right worlds. Although maybe he does Bait WN’s too much, much more than I want to!

As for me, I don’t mind WNs one bit. But let’s Tawk about the term “Holohoax” for 2 seconds. I don’t have any particular reason to LIKE Jews. I like teen Jewish Girls because they’re Teen Girls; AND, most importantly, I have somewhat “internalized” the Bourgeois Brahmin Status Success Education Career Cultural Fetish as exemplified by Western Jewry – top IQs, top schools, top jobs, all wrapped up in an interesting somewhat homogenous (sub?)culture. Which as a White Underachieving “Vaisya” (Is it OK with Firepower if I still like Moldbug? Yes I KNOW he’s a Jew! Or 90% likely to be!) I have resentment towards this success, which I prob shouldn’t. So anyway I don’t believe the Holocaust is a “hoax” and that indeed many Jews were killed.

“That Being Said”, I have no problem making jokes about k1kes being shoveled into ovens, and I have no problem with criticizing The Power Of Jewish Bankers. Hey, I don’t actually KNOW any jews, I live in a Vaisya hood. I have no pressing reason to Defend or Kiss Jewish Ass. However if I met a nice jewish man, I wouldn’t necessarily have a problem befriending him, provided he wasn’t too jewy a jew (note: does not refer to the religious judaism, in fact I’d prob get along well with Hardcore Orthodox Hasids!) !

Or my Moral Laziness and Spinelessness prevents me from Trying Hard on things that DESERVE to be tried-hard-on!

That is why I argue that Men need to satisfy their stupid sexual needs before they can be productive in other areas. Well, us men cursed with an above-average libido. The hotter, younger, better, more teen tail in your rotation, the more of your time, energy, and talent you can devote to the REALLY important things in life. But when you don’t meet that minimum threshhold of teen tail, EVERYTHING else suffers. Working hypothesis.

Wimminz(Blogger, not the actual wimminz) suggests to get a Young Wimminz’s True Number, take her age in Months and subtract 150. This basically means that Modern Wimminz start taking c0x at 12.5 years of age and then continue to do so at a rate of one new kok per month. Probably a bit of an overestimate, but prob not as much of an overestimate as you’d think!

My own estimate would be, and maybe this is just to show my own “prejudice” and bias, ie, that I am MUUUUUCHHH more of a Pedestalizing White Knight than Wimminz!: Girl starts taking c0x at 16, ok FINE, 15, and then takes 3 cox per year until College/18. So, up to 9 cox. In College, it’s 6,10, or 15 Cox per year for 4 years, ie, add 40 cox. So, age 22/New College Grad: 49 Cox. Now you have to adjust that number if they Study Abroad, or go to a Party School, or don’t go Home to The Farm during the Summers, (where there are no Cocqs).

This is why I look for Nonlegal Wives amongst Wimminz who did not Go Away To College, but rather lived with their Parents while going to Unprestigious Commuter Colleges. They prob take only 20 cox during their college years. Not bad!

Just think of it like, how many cox has she SEEN up close and personal, (regardless whether that cok went up her 455, in her mouf, or in the Beef Curtains, it all counts!) versus how many Beef Curtains have YOU seen up close and personal, Beta Boy???

That’s how you can get Beta Pedestalizers to see what Filthy Pigs Wimminz are.

Wimminz also suggests that the New Generation is even MORE decadent because they have smart phones and tech toys to record all this with AND have been raised in Postmodern Immoral Fatherless Families by Wimminz so the promiscuity snowballs. This inspires me to several hypotheses:

1. Among the MiddleSkool/HighSkool Yoof, literally EVERYONE’s “Doing It” and even BETAS are getting tail because everyone’s banging everyone

2. if THIS is true, then guys don’t really CARE if wimminz are slutz, and thus they grow to adulthood with REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS, as compared to guys that are closer to my age and older. Let’s just say late twenties and older as of 2012. Because back in OUR day, which really wasn’t THAT long ago, but was long enough such there’s seemed to be a noticeable shift, Everybody most definitely was not getting tail, ESPECIALLY Beta Nerds. So now we have 30-year-old unemployable manboys whining about sexbots and game and teen tail, hahahaha, rather than having a harem of easily-attained, status-specific, hunger-games nerdwhores to satisfy their urges, which we did through not-as-easily-available, slow dialup Internet Pron or, if you’re on the Upper Cusp, ACTUAL PRON MAGAZINES. THAT might be a good benchmark/barometer!

A. Is GAME only valid for men born before 1988 (approx!), because, with the Current Younger Generation, EVEN BETA DORKS are getting laid at age 16?

B. Do I have to go HIGH SKOOL UNDERCOVER to find out?

Working hypotheses/research questions. I’m SURE 2012 Teen Boys still Beat off to Infinitely-Available Net Pron of all sorts, but how much Real Action, even if it’s “JUST” with “DORK GIRLS” (chubbies, under-7’s), are they getting “on the side”? Are there more such “dork girls” now than 10 years ago? Are High Skool Beta Dorks signif less sexually frustrated than they were in 2000?

More importantly, I’d argue that GAME WILL become more important starting in College and in the Real World beyond as the “playing field” is made “unequal” and Wimminz Natural Biological Predilection towards Alpha Men becomes more and more pronounced.

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