[BKC sept 9, 2012: just to PROVE how much of a TRYHARD I’m NOT, this is an old post written about JUNE 20, 2012, which I SAVED bc I didn’t want to publish more than 800 wds 3 times a week. So now I’m scheduling posts for the month of sept 2012, 3 per week, and reaching back into the tryhardkilling VAULTS for this one. which ultimately gets published on sept 28 2012.]

[sept28: LONG POST WARNING, 1350 wds. Also: won’t sched ENTIRE MONTH in advance anymore prob; now trying one WEEK in advance, & get good MIX of REALLY RECENT and somewhat older posts…but leaning towards the more recent. “Write” too much for own good; abs don’t wanna POST that much!]

WAZZZZZZZAAPPPP, MEN! [Here I come out wearing a Nice Suit and give everyone a Firm Handshake!]

How You Doin FELLAZ? Great to be back again, GRATE-FULL to be here, we are gonna have some FUN TONIGHT!. I’m gonna have some FUN at least, & if you can have 1% of that fun too, then I’ve done my JOB, I’ve been PRODUCTIVE, and successfully combined WORK with FUN.

Never really thought that WOMEN might read, honestly never really thought ANYONE might read until I got A Tweet Recently. Well that’s honestly better than Comments, I might Poop My Pants if I got a comment, cuz it would probably be Snarky or Trolly & I’d have to delete it anyway. So I’m happy with No Comments, I should just BLOCK ALL COMMENTS already.

wasted enough words. 121.

musical guest on show tonight is France’s Own Satan-Loving Teen Wonders, HIRILORN! (pre-Deathspell Omega for non-metal folks. Haven’t sampled yet, but reviews suggest more epic & melodic than DsO’s hateful & orthodox & mathy.) [edit: that’s absolutely right. heh. this post from the vaults thing is like playing with a TIME MACHINE, hahaha. Also I’d now like to bring out Blut Aus Nord. On another show of course. Need at least One Full Season of Shows eh?]

conversation guests are Bernard Chapin, Barbarossaaaa, Stardusk, Armageddon1115, Stardusk, John The Other, Girl Writes What, Typhon Blue, Paul Elam, Heartiste, even some Game whippersnappers: RooshV, BronanTheBarbarian, FreshFlyYoung, Frost, uhh Gmac, Honestly I’ve not been keeping caught up with the Game world as much as MRA & MGTOW, & I’m not even up on those. All Red Pill Men are WELCOME, & OpenMinded BluePillMen of Course.

[edit: I would also have the Eradica “peepz”, Neckbeard Chronicles, & Nydwracu. How bout Moldbug too.]

Special appearances from Mark Steyn & Varg Vikernes. Not to compare those two men, other than I like them both.

Uhh next show we’ll have Alex Kurtagic & the guys from Drudkh, as long as we’re discussing Newish Rightish & Black Metal. [edit: why just kurtagic [ok I was just connecting HIM to DRUDKH thru his record label “Supernal Music” duh], how about some other prominent names from Counter-Currents & Alternative Right. Greg Johnson, Kevin MacDonald, bla bla bla. you can tell this is old haha]

Since I’m the Host, I will also let my Friends come on and talk about things they’re interested in or good at.

No Commercial Breaks, no Irony, no Lamestream Fashion Small Talk, just good clean fun. Would prefer if you dressed up nice and didn’t curse like an underclass “shine-ape” [edit stole that from Ryu, not even sure what it MEANS but it sounds real insulting].

bring together Lars von Trier and Woody Allen to make them do a movie collab.

I might make David Lynch & Gaspar Noe do the same, or at LEAST I’ll just bring them both on and have good talks, good times. I will let David smoke cigarettes on the air like back in the day. Although he better quit soon because he’s too old to be smoking cigarettes, gets riskier at that age.  & my guests can Drink too, just don’t get too sloppy on air.

OK obviously this would be too much for ONE show, this would be a good SEASON’s worth of shows though. You have to agree it would be a SICK show. Never thought of doing a “late night talk show”, thought of doing a “Serious sober radio talk/interview show” but I think I’d also enjoy the FUN aspect of a late-nite talk show, but ALSO plenty of SERIOUS talk. Intermingled with a bit more jokes, though. YOLO after all hahaha.

Anyway it would cause the Entire Lamestream Media to wither and melt away like Ark Ov Covenant. Couldn’t HANDLE so much YOLO or Keeping It Really Real or Smart or Fun or Honour or Honesty.

Can’t bring myself to finish Varg Vikernes’s book “Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia”, although YES I felt COMPELLED to buy it cuz of mancrush. Anyway he emphasizes the point that Ancient Scandinavians, unlike Modern JudeochristianIslamic/”Middle Eastern” religions, were not about mendacious pseudo-faux-“Morality”, but about HONOR. Honor was the The Only Real Morality. While I don’t dislike Xians as much as Vikernes, I do appreciate HONOR quite a bit like he does.

Fantasizing: BKCTMOAPGHOW’s Late Night Talk Show will be more SERIOUS than CharlieRose & BookTV & CSPAN combined, AND more FUN than..Craig Ferguson? (ICanTolerateHIM.) Tom Green? Honestly not an expert, don’t usually LIKE LateNiteTalkShows cuz stuff like Fallon & Kimmel EMBODIES EVERYTHING THAT DISGUSTS ME RE LAMESTREAM MEDIA.

MY show WILL set new standards for SERIOUSNESS *AND* FUN. NEW PARADIGM.

Peter Dinklage is Great Actor, certainly deserved his big award for T&C, great in The Station Agent, aGradeAMovie Everyone should see; BUT what I’d REALLY like to see him in is A Serious Drama where his Smallness is NOT a Factor & You can focus mainly on his Acting Skills. Tho StationAgent did VERYAdmirably @ NOT focusing on smallness.

Hope Dinklage is not a HollywoodDemocrat. Adam Baldwin is one of the Celebs that has reputation for NOT being. Minority in that town.

Yes my show will ALSO include Life Advice on Jobs/Careers, Entrepreneurship, Investment, Networking, Dealing w Wimminz, GYOW, any&all. USEFUL.

With Christ, You Only Live….FOREVER! Like a VAMPIRE! Thus, Christians = Vampires, & Nonatheists = Violent Homophobic Misogynist Redneck Idiots. Heheheheh. But seriously folks. This is the diff between 49% & 51% faith. Not really more sure that a God exists or even CAN exist, but you’re more optimistic/hopeful. Even if you’re just doing Pascal’s Wager. Worse reasons to be optimistic.

Though the Provocateur Contrarian in me still wants to Skewer all Sacred Cows & Offend people for the sake of Offense. Blasphemy. But at my 51% faith, I find vocal Atheists more Offensive than vocal Nonatheists, hahaha.

DSM5: Anger Disorder, Laziness Disorder, Apathy Disorder, Output Failure Disorder, Beta Disorder, Loser Disorder, MGTOW Disorder, Herbivore Male Disorder, Not Manning Up Disorder, hahaha. Everything Ever is a Disorder, It’s not your FAULT, you have no Responsibility or Accountability.

I suppose Wimminz are like TERRORISTS in that you’d be wise never to NEGOTIATE with them. Futile. Like Negotiating With An Infant. They Are Idiots. hahaha jk NAWALT

Don’t ever take Wimminz out on “Dates” because other guys have banged it for FREE, so that is her NEW PRICE CEILING. CEIL-LING. That means the price can NEVER go HIGHER than that. CAP.

Corollary: Men are usually very rational & good at knowing a deal vs a screwing EXCEPT when it comes to Pv$$y.

You COULD argue the PRICE of Pv$$y isn’t even UP TO the Wimminz, it’s up to the MARKET (ie, men) & whatever price it will bear. Meaning all those Free Giveaways when Young, Dumb, & Most Beautiful will NOT NECESS set a Price Ceiling. Because she CAN and HAS and WILL get a higher price for it later even when it’s depreciated INTRINSICALLY.

Sucker born every minute, as long as there’s a desperate sucker out there willing to pay more for it…and there usually is.

So yeah maybe she gave it away on Same Day while studying Human Resources, Public Relations, Communications, Marketing, Psychology or Computer Art in College at age 19, but if she can get a handsome rich doctor when she’s 30 to bankroll her Mob Wife Wannabe Celebrity Existence, well, that’s ON HIM, RIGHT?

And also it’s not ALWAYS about money. Sometimes 5 minutes with a Supremely Charismatic Alpha, were we to put a dollar value on it, is worth MORE than 5 years with a financially stable Beta providing unlimited ATM access.

OR, similar to how men’s Deal-recognizing Pathways are short-circuited by Tail, Women’s Money-Greedy-Grubbing Pathways are Short-Circuited by Hypergamy for Alpha Charisma, EVEN WHEN she’s SCREWING HERSELF out of Future MONEY??


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  1. Bill

    Fa sho. Des gurz be trippin and thinkin their shit be worth so much, but that dolla alwayz makes dem holla!

  2. Johnny

    This show could be used as the gold standard in late night “So, tell me about your latest project” programming. You are correct though, these late night shows are essentially just derivatives of each other. Also, I think it’s time to come out with an app of a very advanced algorithm to determine the fair market value of a woman, monetary or otherwise!

    • Hahaha Thank You. Not sure how advanced that algorithm would need to be, though, hahahaha. (Preview of Upcoming Post / Hint of Algortihm: ” 1 / x “. )

      Yeah I think a little shaking up could go a long way with the Nighttime Talk Show model, namely, having a host who isn’t a f4gg0t with guests who aren’t f4gg0ts, talking about nonf4ggy things; speaking the unvarnished truth, but having a lot of fun while doing it. But Obv this isn’t gonna happen in Zoggywood!

      Heh. So I guess people aren’t wholesale BLOCKED from even TRYING to leave comments. Interesting. Although I do very much appreciate positive comments such as Yours! (Yes I figured out pretty quickly who You were, hahaha. Hope You are good, safe, healthy, and moral!)

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