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Top Companies recruit only from Top Universities. If you went to a Crappy University, expect to work for no better than a Crappy Company. Problem is, Crappy Universities are still expensive as hell, and gullible kids gamble their lives away thinking they’ll work for a Good Company Eventually, White Knights wanting to find a Good Woman To Marry, etc.

No, I’m just being grumpy and pessimistic bc I’m tired and crabby and sick of seeing people everywhere. To Rebut: I know PLENTY of people who went to Crappy Universities and got PERFECTLY good jobs. So yes it can be done. You just won’t find RECRUITERS from that company at your SKOOL, EAGER to GIVE you a Careeeeeeeeer, like you would at Harvard.

But just because you are a College Grad and are “supposed” to have a higher IQ (110 vs avg 100) doesn’t mean you are SMART, look at all these stupid Wimminz getting “GRADUATE” degrees in “EDUCATION”, hahahahaha. I don’t care if that’s offensive to Wimminz. It offends me that these are the ZOGz shaping our Youf. Home Skool, Baby!

“Class” by Paul Fussell. Looking for a good shortish funnish book on Class In America, this might be a good one.

BRAHMIZOG. Hahahaha. Tired and short of temper. No energy and a disturbing sense of DESPERATION over everything and nothing. Strangely enough, feeling quite libidinous despite this complete lack of energy. Just want to get ballzdeep in a beautiful long-legged bright-skinned 18yo virgin girl and let it rip raw dog, just drain a huuuuuge b4ll-draining l04d that goes ON and ON and ON; then crash into a stupor, wake up to eat a nice meal, go back into stupor.

It is no joke that I enjoy FRIED CHICKEN every bit as much as Blacqs. I will go to a RESTAURANT and order A FRIED CHICKEN DINNER. not chicken STRIPS, mind You. (Although I enjoy Chicken Strips too!)

Fell asleep at 6pm while watching “Soylent Green” (Eradica Recommendation!), it was good, but I was that tired, “pretty much” slept till 5am next morning, so, feeeeeeeeling a bit better now.

So ZOG perpetrates Shady Scheming at the Macro, Structural Level; but I’d argue WIMMINZ Outzog the Zogs on the individual, micro, interpersonal level – wreaking MUCH more havoc in the lives of those around them than individual Zogs ever will. Most average working slobs will rarely cross paths with a Powerful Zog-Person the way they will with Wimminz.

I saw a stupid TV news bit on a stupid story from a stupid wimminz magazine on What Wimminz Find Most Attractive In Minz. Certainly they didn’t say “Alpha”, but it was pretty clear; but my favourite thing was “gets ready quickly”. Whether you’re ready to jump and serve her; jump and get to WORK at your Influential, High-Prestige, Elite Careeeer; aren’t a lazy Bum with no ambition, no productivity, has no energy to be a powerful man.

So Iaughed at that, as I am not a “mornings person” and am very grumpy and surly for the first 3 or 4 hours after getting up at 5am, move very slowly, taking a shower or going to the bathroom is a huge chore, need to drink 2 huge coffees, etc. Almost like being hungover with no alcohol.

But I am not ANGRY or RESENTFUL about it, because it means I HAVE a job and am being somewhat productive. So I drink my gallon o’ coffee and do what I need to do. But it’s not particularly FAST. And I don’t go to the GYM at 4:30am like a REAL TRYHARD.

TITO PERDUE. There’s a name I need to mention more. Published novelist, possibly by Mainstream ZOG Publisherz, who has decidedly nonzog sympathies and is friendly with many of the new rightists. 74 year old alabama man also assoc with “southern US literary tradition”, faulkner and all that.

Where did Greg Johnson get his PhD, what was his dissert, how possibly would it be for him to Be Active in a Leftist ZOGiversity and try to turn the tide?

I might have read somewhere that the “notorious” Prof Kevin MacDonald (Long Beach) is kinda “don’t rock the boat” in his teaching life and does a super vanilla Psych 101 course where probably 100% of the kidz don’t know who he is.

I think Andy Nowicki also teaches kidz English in Kollige. If these guys could get hired despite their Clear and Present Controversial Views, would talking about them in class get them fired?

Maybe set a demarc at 50% of Saved Posts, where don’t intend to publish the older stuff at ALL because it’s still “formative.” That or post 4 times a week with a “bonus post” on Sunday or Saturday.

Good Lord. Mrs Varg Vikernes’s blog has been HACKED by “Morrocan Ghosts.” But I’m still getting the RSS. Mrs V has interesting stuff about Thals (paging Koanic Soul and the seemingly-growing Alt-Right who are interested in Thals!) but she doesn’t post that often and really didn’t need to be hacked. All because the Vikernes-Cachets are far-right “racists” and American Hackers are often OWS-lovin’ Leftists.

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