Searching for the statistics of the correlation between how quickly you finish exams in Calc 1 vs your Median or even Avg Career Income. F.e., I feeeeeeelt stupid and ashamed thinking carefully about my test while fully 75% of the class was finishing and getting up around me.  I finished at 1 hr 10 minutes, first person done was at about 40 minutes. Either they were failing miserably and Just Giving Up, or they were SAILING thru it. It wasn’t HARD, it just took TIME. No serious doubts, initial “gut feeling” is that I got close to 100% correct. Making sure to show all work, all steps, I still have to THINK about How To Factor x^3 polynomials, etc. When I got done there was, in my defense, an Azn and a bunch of Nerdy Neckbeards taking the test, ie, Judging these People by their Physical Characteristics, you’d guess they were smart. Anyway I just don’t want me getting my 100% Slooooowly to condemn me to a life of basement-dwelling.

I do not like Conspiracies, I think they’re stupid and gay, but my notion of ZOG is not a conspiracy at all, it’s more of a “man behind the curtain” “Wizard of Oz” sort of thing. The little old man in the wheelchair in Mulholland Drive, or the Bum Behind The Dumpster if you will. You never see them doing the controlling, but they’re the ones making the important decisions, while putting a Non-ZOG-looking frontman as a figurehead so nobody suspects. However a Rich Rightist Old White Guy would certainly be a better cover than a Leftist Black Guy, eh?

Trying to determine when Mainstream Media really jumped the shark. I suppose it always has in some way, but for example, 80s movies like “Caddyshack” and 90s TV shows like “Married With Children” would NEVER get made today. NEVER. I’m sure I’m Grecycling this “thought” from elsewhere.

Welfare/”Workfare” reforms under Clinton, compare state of Welfare then to now. Do Non-Phony Rightists support what Clinton did?

“Men Behind The Sun”: cult movie about “Unit 731”, where hostile Japanese occupying parts of China did horrific, horrendous experiments on the Chinese that would make Dr Josef “Angel of Death” Mengele blush. Knowledge base on this is very dim. But the movie was very graphic and up there in shock/gore/disgusting pantheon. But at least it can’t be worse than “3 Guys 1 Hammer” just because it’s not REAL. Although I guess there was Real Autopsy footage inserted, & something about a cat being eaten alive by mad rats. In other words, GREAT Pre-Sex Movie w yer Wimminz!

Private man brings up important points of: what does it say about our society when some of the Smartest, Best Men CHOOSE not to have children & pass on genes? IE Professor Mentu getting a vasectomy. Then PM talks about “going poolside” which he defines as watching the western world decline as you are powerless to help it other than by blogging.

I like PM quite a bit, great writer, but I know Firepower does not like the “poolside” approach, which is not a solidly-defined thing, but arguably it does border on Hedonism. Either way I like the term & will start using it more. Yes, I know Roissy first popularized it. But a notable Conflict in My Life As A Western Male is should I do poolside or non-poolside. Obviously Poolside appeals to my considerable Lazyness and Hedonism, but it seeeeeeeeems very morally sketchy. (Far be it from me to Morally Judge Private Man, as I quite LIKE him!)

Also, some men, Mentu presumably, have no desire to be Single Fathers. But I wonder how many do. I have a SMALL urge as for myself, and certainly in the logistics of how would A Man do this, and the Legal and Social hurdles.

I am Well Aware that I shouldn’t get TOO excited about Mitt & The Republicans, because this Watered-Down Phony Rightism will still be advancing ZOG ultimately. Maybe I’m just easily-persuaded by charismatic Rightish-Lip-Service on TeeVee. Probably a dangerous amount of Normal People ARE!

ukrainian holodomor, forced starvation of 12 MILLION ukrainians in 1932. international verdict still out on whether it’s technically a “genocide.” You don’t hear about THIS in marxist antiwhite history, hahahahaha. ht to mindweapons for schooling me.

Though everyone should appreciate George Orwell for giving us some interesting ways of thinking about things, would Orwell really be on our “side?” I know there’s one blogger whose pet project is talking about how actually uncool and leftist Orwell really was. That if he was a “libertarian”, he was a much more Leftist than Rightist one. Nonetheless he was prob still a fun guy and I would prob enjoy a night of drinking and whoring with him.

turn on the “news” and there are more riots in the arab world, egypt and libya and yemen in particular, re this “islamic innocence” hoax video which I still haven’t seen but is supposedly antiislam and some muslims are pigbiting mad about it. I was switching back and forth from Hannity on FNC and then Madcow on MSLSD to get “both sides,” hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Madcow spoke of a “Right-wing conspiracy” trying to spread rumors that the US was behind the video, ie, that Our Leaders INTEND to incite arab riots. but since arabmuslim riots and potential islamist govts would be very anti-US and certainly very anti-Israel, how in the world does THAT benefit ZOG? What happens if a new Radicalized Muslim Arab World organizes to destroy Israel? would that be a GOOD thing for Anti-ZOGgers and WNs? But the bad news is, the US would certainly get dragged in to back-up its little red-headed stepchild so to speak. THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF WORLD WAR 3.  Heh. Yeah I am very ignorant on all this, I just want an Average Job and some Above-Average Teen Tail.

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